Alegria alegria alegria y placer: ALEGRÍA, ALEGRÍA, ALEGRÍA — Villancicos



Home Gospel/Religious Villancicos Alegría, Alegría, Alegría

La Virgen lleva una rosa
En su divina pechera
Que se la dio San José
Antes que el niño naciera

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Alegría, alegría y placer
Que esta noche nace el niño
En el Portal de Belén

En un portalito oscuro
Llenito de telarañas
Tuvo la Virgen María
Al Niño de sus entrañas

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Alegría, alegría y placer
Que esta noche nace el niño
En el Portal de Belén

Sopas le hicieron al niño
No se las quiso comer
Y como estaban tan dulces
Se las comió San José

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Alegría, alegría y placer
Que esta noche nace el niño
En el Portal de Belén

Todos le llevan al niño
Yo no tengo qué llevarle
Le daré mi corazón
Que le sirva de pañales

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Alegría, alegría y placer
Que esta noche nace el niño
En el Portal de Belén

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Alegría, alegría y placer
Que esta noche nace el niño
En el Portal de Belén

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    Alegría, alegría, alegría — Villancicos

    Alegría, alegría, alegría — Villancicos — Cifra Club


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    2. Gospel/Religioso
    3. Villancicos
    4. Alegría, alegría, alegría

    Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)


    INTRO: D  A7  D  A7  D  D7  G   D  D7  G   D  A7  D 
    Esta noche nace el Niño,
          A7           D 
    yo no tengo que llevarle,
    le llevo mi corazón,
           A7         D      D7 
    que le sirva de pañales. 
       G                 D     D7 
    Alegría, alegría, alegría,
       G                  D 
    alegría, alegría y placer,
    esta noche nace el Niño,
          A7          D 
    en el Portal de Belén.
    En el Portal de Belén,
          A7            D 
    hacen lumbre los pastores,
    para calentar al Niño,
             A7             D 
    que ha nacido entre las flores.
       G                 D     D7 
    Alegría, alegría, alegría,
       G                  D 
    alegría, alegría y placer,
    esta noche nace el Niño,
          A7          D 
    en el Portal de Belén.
    De Cebreros, que es mi tierra,
              A7            D 
    traigo un jarro de buen vino,
    un cesto de ricas uvas
           A7             D 
    y unos bollos para el Niño.
       G                 D     D7 
    Alegría, alegría, alegría,
       G                  D 
    alegría, alegría y placer,
    esta noche nace el Niño,
          A7          D 
    en el Portal de Belén.  (x 2)

    00:00 /

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      Cebolão em DCebolão em ERio Abaixo

      Afinador online

      Acoustic and electric guitars
      Viola caipria

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        15. Pastores Venid

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        17. Ven a cantar

        18. Dime niño de quien eres

        19. Al mundo paz

        20. Hacia Belén va una burra

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        acoustic and electric guitars

        • acoustic and electric guitars
        • keyboard
        • cavaquinho
        • ukulele
        • viola caipria

        Spray roses — features of the species, descriptions of varieties for growing in the middle lane

        Spray roses — have you heard of these? Really not! But you probably saw in flower shops cute bouquets of small elegant buds one-on-one, jewelry filigree and sophisticated. It’s spray roses! And not only in bouquets, they are beautiful, but also in flower beds, where often short ones are used as borders, and tall varieties of spray roses are worthy of becoming the center of attention. Why are they so remarkable? nine0003

        Description of the spray rose group

        Many consider them a subgroup of the floribunda. But this is wrong. Spray roses are an independent, fairly numerous group of roses with their own distinctive features:

        • long and abundant flowering,
        • unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention and endurance,
        • adapted for growing in central Russia,
        • resistant to frost,
        • little or no thorns on stems,
        • long continuous flowering with timely pruning,
        • beautiful in landscape design and in bouquets,
        • suitable for growing in containers for landscaping balconies and terraces,
        • flowers of some varieties have a slight pleasant aroma.

        The group got its name from the English spray, which means «spray». In the people they are also called «wedding», because they are used to create boutonnieres and bouquets for brides. A miniature or medium-sized scattering of buds can focus on 1 branch, which not only looks original, but is also convenient in creating floral arrangements. Read: «The best varieties of roses by color.» nine0003

        The most beautiful varieties of spray roses

        As a result of the painstaking work of breeders in the second half of the twentieth century, a huge number of varietal varieties of spray roses with buds of different sizes, shapes, colors were bred and registered. Let’s look at the most popular of them, which can be purchased today to replenish your collection with these amazing representatives of the kingdom of roses.


        Alegria (Ruiortro) De Ruiter Innovations BV The Netherlands, 2007

        Spray rose Alegria will not attract with its aroma, which is practically absent. But its unpretentiousness in cultivation and goblet flowers (5 cm in diameter) with orange-pink double petals attract attention. The bush is erect, 60–70 cm high, with stable shoots. Each of them has a button.

        In the season, their number reaches 35 pieces. The rose is frost-resistant, but black spotting can spoil it, therefore preventive treatment is necessary. The variety is very gentle and attractive. Beautiful in bouquets and looks gorgeous in the design of gardens. nine0003


        Kelly is an incredible beauty, according to many gardeners. Spray rose has 10 buds on its stems (70 cm high). Blooming orange-salmon flowers up to 7 cm in diameter do not like direct sunlight.

        Petals lose freshness and turn pale. Spray rose Kelly is not afraid of frost, and pests rarely annoy her. Spectacular beauty bushes will look along the paths, in containers and in flower beds.




        Babe is a stunning spray rose with strong stems and glossy green foliage. Spry Babe differs from other varieties in a huge number of beautifully shaped flowers (4 cm in diameter) with double orange or yellow petals, collected in inflorescences up to 30 pieces on one shoot.

        The length of the stems is from 60 to 90 cm. Unobtrusive aroma and bright colors make it possible to use the spray rose in unforgettable bouquet compositions. According to florists, Babe has a vase stability of up to 12 days. In gardens, the spray rose is good as a border. This is a great option for growing in pots and containers. nine0003


        Natalie is an ornamental spray rose bred for bouquet arrangements and garden decoration. Compact and profusely flowering bush is small — 70 cm in height. Flowers (5 cm diameter) with a light fragrance and pink petals. The plant is not afraid of frost. It will perfectly fit into the landscape design of gardens, and will bring a touch of solemnity to bouquet compositions.


        Yana is an ornamental variety of spray roses. Compact bushes reach a height of 60 cm. The diameter of the flower is 6 cm. The petals are painted in a soft cream tone. A pleasant aroma is barely perceptible. Spray rose will decorate the alleys and will look good as a border plant. Ideal for a bridal bouquet. is in great demand among florists. nine0003


        Mandarin has become a popular variety for its juicy, sunny tangerine-orange flowers. The petals are lighter towards the center. A compact leafy bush grows up to 60 cm. Each stem is decorated with 5 buds, which, when bloomed, reach a diameter of 4 cm. With abundant flowering, the Mandarin rose spray is fragrant with a citrus aroma. Shouldn’t she decorate the gardens?


        Macarena (INTerorto) Interplant Netherlands

        Macarena is popular as a variety of variety bred in Holland. Its blossoming flowers (5 cm in diameter) first have a pale yellow tint, then the petals turn pink. Each stem is decorated with up to 10 fragrant flowers. Compact bushes will not cease to delight you with flowering all season. Macarena’s resistance to diseases and frost is noted.


        Tamango is a red variety of spray roses. The compact bush has a height of 60 cm, in diameter — 50 cm. It blooms for a long time and profusely. Flowers 7 cm in diameter have a large number of velvety crimson petals. Up to 10 buds are formed on the branches. Spray rose Tamango tolerates frost well and is resistant to diseases. It grows equally in the sun and in shady places. The variety is intended for decoration. nine0003

        Reviews of gardeners about rose Tamango



        Orion is a stylish spray rose. Advantages — neat in shape, with graceful lines and a depth of lilac color. These are new colors and a delicate aroma. During the flowering period, the inflorescences on the branches become like a cloud — lush and airy. The size of the flower in diameter is not more than 4 cm. The petals, and there are 35 of them in each bud, are terry, slightly turned outward. The bush grows like a ready-made bouquet (70 cm high, 40–50 cm wide). The flowers literally hide the foliage. nine0003

        The Orion spray rose variety is resistant to frost and grows on any soil. But in order to maintain the health of a lush beauty, you need to periodically carry out prevention. Another advantage of the spray rose is that it is not picky, therefore, it is given pride of place in parks and squares.


        Constance Spry (AUStance, AUSfirst)

        Rosa Constance Spray is an “Englishwoman” that was presented to the world in 1961 by David Austin. The variety can be confused with a peony due to large cup-shaped flowers (up to 17 cm) of a rich pink color. Spray rose petals are coquettishly curled. Flowers emit a fragrance comparable to the smell of myrrh. It differs from other varieties of spray roses in the tallness of the bush — 160–210 cm, and grows up to 180 cm in width. Flowering is long, violent. High winter hardiness and disease resistance. Preventive measures are taken against black spot and powdery mildew. nine0003

        Peculiarities of caring for roses from the spray group

        Every year, many new varieties of spray roses appear on the Russian market. This phenomenon has become a fashionable trend, and every gardener seeks to replenish his collection with these exquisite bushes. There is an opinion that spray roses are capricious and need intensive care. But it’s not. As practice has shown, growing them in Russia is not difficult and does not cost much.

        All they need is a light winter cover, spring pruning, minimal watering and mulching. Spray varieties practically do not get sick, do not freeze slightly, they form their bushes on their own. They are ideal for compact placement, planting in tubs and containers for landscaping balconies and terraces. nine0003

        Bouquets from bunches of dense buds are always in price. It is also a great business solution with a minimum investment. Groups of 3-4 or more bushes create bright accents in flower beds. Multicolored splashes of constantly blooming buds will not leave anyone indifferent.

        Like hybrid teas, spray roses are excellent cuttings. How to do it right, we already wrote here.

        Small-flowered roses, or spray roses, appeared quite recently (second half of the 20th century), but won the hearts of flower growers and florists. Miniature queens are unpretentious, hardy, characterized by abundant and long flowering. Due to their resistance to frost, they are grown even in central Russia. nine0003


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        Perennial herbaceous plant with green, triple-divided compound leaves. Color..

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        Astilbe japanese Montgomery grows as a spreading shrub 50-80 centimeters high. Leaves for..

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        Astilba Pink Lighting

        Pink Lighting — plant height 40 cm, pink flowers, green foliage with a bronze tint. At..

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        Astilbe Rembrandt

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