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93 km east of San Juan, Puerto Rico

86 km east of San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach

Culebra Beach Villas

Culebra Island

Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport


Mamacitas Guest House

Dinghy Dock

Culebra Ferry Terminal

El Eden

Melones Beach

Culebra International Hostel

84 km southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Playa Grande

77 km:   Naguabo, Puerto Rico

68 km:   Ceiba, Puerto Rico

60 km:   Fajardo, Puerto Rico

51 km:   Luquillo, Puerto Rico

40 km:   Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

29 km:   Loiza, Puerto Rico

27 km:   Canovanas, Puerto Rico

23 km:   Carolina, Puerto Rico

These are approximate driving distances from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Search for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. There are many towns within the total area, so if you’re looking for closer places, try a shorter distance. If you’re willing to drive farther, try 143 km.

Not sure where to go? Take a day trip from San Juan, or explore different routes for trips from San Juan. Looking for small towns or communities around San Juan, Puerto Rico? Get a full list of cities near San Juan.

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87 km:   Culebra, Puerto Rico

79 km:   Vieques, Puerto Rico

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18° 27′ 54″ N  /  66° 6′ 20″ W

16 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico to Add to your Beach-hopping Itinerary

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Puerto Rico is the home to some of the longest stretches of sand in the world, and if you’re currently trying to plan a trip to this gem of an island, chances are spending a bunch of time on the beachside is part of the agenda!

If you’re currently planning a beach-hopping vacay, chances are you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed planning your beach bum itinerary. So to make your trip a little more manageable, we’ve put together a list of the absolute best beaches in Puerto Rico. So grab your sunscreen, hat, and towel and dive in!

The gorgeous white sand filled Flamenco beach on the Puerto Rican island of Culebra.

Playa Flamenco

Set on Culebra island, which is about 17 miles east of Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco is a splendid and beautiful beach, so planning a day trip to this tropical gem is a must on any trip; to Puerto Rico!

Aside from its white sand and green-blue-toned waters, Playa Flamenco has much more to offer. If you’re into outdoor activities, the island is surrounded by over twenty caves, home to exciting marine life, and plenty of snorkeling. If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll find lots of thrilling trails amid lush forests at the island’s national wildlife refugee to appeal to your adventurous desires!

Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach

Luquillo is a region of Puerto Rico that resembles a seaside paradise. Luquillo is perfect for snorkeling and surfing alike, with more than twelve miles of stunning coastline. The sand is likely the softest you’ve ever felt, the sparkling water is inviting, and it’s nearby El Yunque (a tropical rainforest). Luquillo is between Fajardo and Rio Grande. So relax on the soft sand under the tall palm trees and enjoy Luquillo the next time you’re in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico beach on Isla Verde, San Juan.

Isla Verde

The Isla Verde beach is a long shoreline framed with tall swaying palm trees stretching several miles. This beach is popular among tourists thanks to its accessible location and airport proximity. In addition, it has been ranked as one of the top urban beaches in the Caribbean (several times), thanks to its diverse food options and fun activities like parasailing and various watersports.

Cayo Icacos

Cayo Icacos is a fantastic small island located off the coast of Fajardo. Its’ perfect turquoise waters are bordered by soft, soft sand. As a result, Cayo Icacos is fun water to explore. The color is spectacular, and a terrific place to explore by boat.

Domes Beach

Domes Beach is well known to be an excellent surfing spot. This beach hosts many surfing competitions attracting professional surfers. In addition, if you feel like exploring, the Punta Higuero Lighthouse is within proximity. The water at Domes Beach is so pretty. Visitors can swim in the shallow parts but be aware of possible strong currents. Furthermore, Domes Beach offers a great selection of shade, sand, and water fun!

Buye Beach Cabo Rojo

Playa Buye

Playa Buye is a hidden gem in Cabo Rojo, making it the ideal place to go if a low-key and relaxing beach experience is what you’re craving.

A day spent at Playa Buye makes for the perfect nature + beach combo with crystal-clear waters and perfect golden sand. Playa Buye boasts mangroves to explore local wildlife, a secret trail leading to a hidden beach, and many options to explore Puerto Rico’s nature.


Located on the nearby island of Isabela, the beach of Jobos is another favorite for visitors and locals alike. Jabos is lined with beach bars and kiosks. Mornings in Jobos are a dream, and the best way to welcome the day is by taking a long walk on its oceanside boardwalk to enjoy the panoramic views of the water. 

Another great activity is walking the Paseo Lineal trail, which leads right to the beach. Moreover, if you’re into water sports, Jobo’s got a ton of them on its menu, including paddleboarding, water surfing, snorkeling, and more!

La Playuela Puerto Rico

La Playuela

La Playuela translates into the “ordinary beach,” but don’t let the name trick you! This sparkling beach is one of the most terrific ones in Puerto Rico.

This beach is part of Cabo Rojo’s natural reserve, featuring mouth-opening views of the ocean and lots of wilderness to explore. As such, it guarantees a quiet escape if a beach backdropped by nature rather than hotels is what you’re after. 

Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay Beach is a fantastic beach to spend time on. It’s free, staffed with lifeguards, and offers public access to bathrooms and a concession stand. However, sun Bay Beach is a bit secluded and therefore not very busy. 

Brava Beach

Brava Beach is the one you want to visit if you’re looking for a private, isolated beach. The gentle blue waters are tucked away in between green rolling hills. Its location makes it a peaceful beach and less of a touristy area. Make sure you wear your good outdoor shoes to go to Brava beach, though, because you have to hike through the thick forest on a path to get to the beach!

El Tuque

El Tuque is an excellent beach for families. Its shore is lined with gazebos and firepits so groups can gather and enjoy each other’s company while hanging! The atmosphere is infectious, and El Tuque is sure to be your favorite beach in Puerto Rico. This beach has a restaurant, kiosks, and a picnic area. 

Peñon Amador Beach

The view that you’ll find when you visit Amador beach is unbelievable. The waters are a mesmerizing deep blue-green, and the sand is sandy white. Peñon Amador Beach is a hidden gem in Puerto Rico!

Tropical Beach

Tropical beach is an excellent beach for families. It’s located near Malecon, which is a famous beachfront boardwalk. Tropical beach has relatively shallow waters making it perfect for kids. In addition, it’s a beautiful area to spend time in. 

Playa Crash Boat

Playa Crash Boat is one of the most popular Puerto Rico beaches on the island’s western side. It’s your absolute go-to for breathtaking sunsets at its pier. Featuring stunning aquamarine waters, swimming here is a real treat, and surfing is a popular activity during the summer months. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for a bustling party scene, Crash Boat’s got it! This beach is known for its lavish parties, with music, kiosks, and food stands lined around the pier.

Resort town and beach of Puerto Rico. Gran Canaria.

Combate Beach

Combate Beach is home to stunning natural vistas and unreal snorkeling and diving adventures thanks to its large-scare reefs. This tropical beach is a favorite for the younger crowds, with a trendy activity of leaping into the ocean from the pier!

La Posita

If you’re looking for a beach that won’t have you struggling against harsh waves, La Posita is that. It’s a tranquil, calm beach in Loiza. In addition, it’s just a 30-minute drive from the city of San Juan.

La Posita’s quiet stretches of sand on the beach make for a peaceful day or evening. Moreover, because long breakwaters stop the waves from crashing into the shore, its waters are pretty calm. In fact, the name La Posita translates into “pool” or “puddle,” which is a play on its pool-like waters.

I hope this list of the best beaches in Puerto Rico helps you plan the best beach-hopping itinerary! Whether you’re looking for a busy beach to enjoy with friends, a calm spot to enjoy with your family, or a quiet escape from the bustle and hustle of the city, Puerto Rico’s got a little bit of everything. You’re guaranteed to find a stretch of soft white sand and sparkling water to fit your needs.

Have you traveled to any of these beaches? Which of them was/is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

city of Santa Barbara and age-old ficuses

Hot, sunny, lively — such associations come to mind when thinking about the capital of the Costa Blanca. Rest in Alicante is swimming in the sea, leisurely walks along the promenade, climbing mountains, yachting, shopping, relaxing in the shade of palm trees and ficuses, and if you’re lucky, participating in traditional festivals. It will appeal to those for whom the provincial villages by the sea are too small and boring.

  • Tours to the Costa Blanca

Did the small fishing village know that one day it would become a popular Spanish resort? At the dawn of the 19th century, the railway came here — and a new era began in the life of the port city — tourism.

Indeed, why would an active traveler not go to Alicante? The city is large, it has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, the airport is almost at hand — only 10 km away, there is a sea with sandy beaches and related entertainment, and as a bonus, there is also a rich history left in Alicante itself and its environs monuments from different eras. As they say, all the cards came together. And the vacationers turned up.

  • Costa Blanca: 7 real ways to experience the atmosphere of the
  • region


If your vacation without the sea is a waste of money, don’t worry, Alicante will not disappoint in this regard. The beaches here are for every taste: there are sandy ones with a convenient descent for children and those who cannot swim. There are sections of rocky shore, near which it is convenient to go scuba diving.

Two of the largest and most popular beaches stand out: Playa del Postiguet and Playa de San Juan . The first one is located right in the center of the resort area and life is in full swing near it: cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and water sports equipment rental points. The second beach is located at some distance from the center, but no less well equipped. In addition, it is 3 km of white sand, on which all lovers of a natural solarium can comfortably accommodate. Both Postriget and San Juan regularly receive the Blue Flag, so you can choose any. Between them there are a couple of more modest bays, which are especially loved by families with children.

Instead of «paaahlavyy» on Spanish beaches, they offer more essential things: glasses and hats. The sun in Alicante fries people with the same quality as don Martinez from the nearest restaurant brings king prawns to readiness. Therefore, take protective creams with you so that you don’t “drive” around the shops in an attempt to distinguish sour cream from sour cream and Greek yogurt.

  • Holidays on the Costa Blanca: what should a tourist know?


What, just like in the movies? Almost, but not quite. The Santa Barbara you’re thinking of is a city in California. Santa Barbara in Alicante is an ancient fortress. If you are going to Spain, knowing absolutely nothing about its history, here is the shortest digression for you: before the Spaniards occupied the lands of the Iberian Peninsula, the Moors ruled here for a long time. Therefore, many Spanish sights are buildings of the Arab period, that is, not a single Juan Carlos was harmed during their creation. This also applies to the famous fortress of Santa Barbara. The Spaniards subsequently improved the bastion, made a “repair” for themselves and named it after Saint Barbara — because they captured the fortress just on the day of honoring this great martyr.

Santa Barbara is an attraction that no tourist who comes to Alicante can ignore. You can climb the fortress on foot through the picturesque La Hereta park or by high-speed elevator. Tourists in cars have a chance to “grab” extreme sports and drive straight up the mountain along the serpentine. The fortress has parking, but during the high season, the risk of getting stuck in a line of cars standing at a dangerous slope is quite high. And yet, this enterprise is worth it, because the views from the bastion are magnificent. It is best to climb Santa Barbara in the late afternoon to get a good view of the city in the sun, and then enjoy the sunset.

  • On the Costa Blanca with children: the best resorts for families

The ancient citadel is located on the top of Mount Benacantil. Perhaps, from this highest point of Alicante, it is worth starting your acquaintance with the resort. In the depths of the city, another hill is visible, which is occupied by another castle San Fernando . It was built urgently, waiting for Napoleon’s army. Napoleon did not come, but the castle remained. Now it looks more like a park than a fortress, but from it you can observe Santa Barbara itself.

port immediately catches your eye by the water, where cruise ships touring the Mediterranean and cargo ships often “rest”.

If your wallet and wife allow, you can take a trip on a yacht or even rent a whole boat. Doesn’t allow? Nothing, you still need to know where the port is, because the main walking street of the city is laid along it — the wide Esplanade Boulevard . Here you can hide from the hot Spanish sun in the shade of palm trees, buy souvenirs or sit on the open veranda of one of the many cafes «looking» at the sea.

At the foot of Santa Barbara is the district of Santa Cruz , which still remembers the 13th century. Narrow streets, low bright houses, tiny balconies decorated with flowers… The quarter is small, but very cozy and cute. And most importantly — it is located at some distance from other tourist places. This means that here you don’t have to give way to hot «teles» in swimsuits, swimming trunks and inflatable circles. Although the place is still popular with tourists.

  • TOP 5 excursions on the Costa Blanca


The historic center of Alicnte is closer to the Postiguet beach and the port. You can start your acquaintance with it with a walk along Rambla Mendez Núñez (Rambla de Méndez Núñez), which ruthlessly cuts the old city into 2 parts. It is known for the fact that various street festivities are constantly held here. For example, parades during the famous Spanish festival of San Juan, which is also called the Festival of Lights. This is something like our Shrovetide, only it is not a scarecrow of winter that is burned, but huge and fantastically beautiful papier-mâché figures (and how are they not sorry?). The holiday takes place on the night of June 23-24, so here’s a good reason for you to come to Alicante in the first month of summer.

From the Rambla you can «dive» into the historical center and see local attractions:

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral,
  • St. Mary’s Basilica,
  • City Hall building,
  • town hall square,
  • Gabriel Miro Park.

All of this can be easily bypassed in one go, so just get lost in the old part and enjoy its flavor.

Alicante has a lot of museums . No not like this. There are a lot of museums in Alicante. Museum of Fine Arts, Fogueras Museum (dedicated to San Juan), Museum of Modern Art, Volvo Ocean Race Sailing Regatta Museum (telling about sailing races), Archaeological Museum, Nativity Museum (dollhouses with scenes of religious content), Water Museum, Bullfighting Museum… By the way, about bullfighting. In Alicante, this centuries-old controversial show is still allowed, so you can visit the Bullring and find out what kind of action this is, dividing modern Spaniards into admirers of tradition and supporters of the prohibition of murderous lawlessness.

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What else? Details, details and more details. You need to pay attention to them in any journey. So, Alicante, for example, is a city of huge ficuses . They say that here they are the largest in Spain. It is also a city of giant mushrooms. If you left the bar, and a fly agaric is looking at you, smiling, it’s not about the drink — you’re just at Mushroom Street . So the city authorities solved the problem of an unfavorable area, turning it into a popular tourist attraction. Ready to surprise the tourist and the yacht port. It is worth coming here to look at a copy of the 18th century galleon «Holy Trinity», which houses a bar, restaurant, nightclub and museum.


What kind of water activities do you prefer: diving, snorkeling, or maybe windsurfing or jet skiing? Choose any — and Alicante will offer it to you. But visitors are not fed up with the sea alone. A certain category of tourists comes here for the sake of … golf. In the vicinity there are wonderful fields for the game. The younger audience prefers regular nightclubs to golfers’ clubs, many of which close only in the morning.

For children there is a small amusement park El Mundo de los Niños . Cooler parks are located outside of Alicante: closer — Pola , more extreme — Terra Mitica . The nearest large water parks are in Torrevieja and Benidorm. Know more about the safari park Rio Safari Elche — it is usually very popular with young travelers.

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Many tourists start their acquaintance with Spanish cuisine according to the standard scheme: a glass of local wine and tapas. The plan is correct and working.

First, visit the bar D´Tablas Alicante to appreciate the unusual serving of snacks: on thick wooden bars. You can also visit the cafe Lizarran for a famous Spanish aperitif — a cozy place in the historical center, where sandwiches are made, it seems, from everything that can be eaten. But you won’t be full of tapas alone, so here are a few more tips for you: for paella, go to El Rincon De Alma , for fish dishes — at Pesca Al Peso , for dining complexes («Menu of the Day») — at La Nyora Alicante .

The Spaniards are great admirers of coffee: they drink it even in the hellish summer heat. Therefore, on the menu you can see such a drink as glace. Usually this is a cold cocktail based on coffee with ice cream, but sometimes you can slip just iced coffee, so check in advance. In general, try a soft drink of local origin, which is called horchata . It is prepared with the addition of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice and barley in different variations.

Melon with jamon is not so strange if you are in Spain

Those who prefer to cook on their own should definitely visit Central Market . The main food marketplace of Alicante is also a kind of attraction. The market occupies a whole block, one of its floors is dedicated to meat, the second — to fish and seafood, as well as vegetables and fruits. There are departments with wines, cheeses and various sweets. The choice of everything is awesome: from jamon to turkey, from mussels to lobster, from watermelon to papaya. In general, eyes run wide, have time to catch up.

The Central Market is also a reference point for a traveler who gets lost in the city. If you suddenly get lost in this area, stop any passerby and say «Mercado Central». This magic spell will lead you to the city market, and next to it there are stops of any transport, including the metro station.


Local residents do not need to be spurred on by the slogans «Buy Spanish», they themselves are very willing to choose things of domestic brands, because they are really good.

In Alicante, look for shops at Avenida de Maisonnave . There is also a shopping center of the famous Spanish chain «El Corte Inglés» (El Corte Inglés). And now information for shopaholics: on the outskirts of Alicante there is a large outlet center called The outlet stores, where discounts reach up to 70-80% regardless of the season.

What to bring from Alicante?

  • Turrone (hard nougat-like sweet with nuts)
  • Ceramic
  • Leather slippers-sandals «albarcas»
  • Flamenco shawls
  • Canned seafood


There are a lot of castles and fortresses in the vicinity of the popular Spanish resort. If Santa Barbara and San Fernando are not enough for you, go to the resort of Santa Pola, in the mountains near the city of Villena or in the vicinity of the municipality of Novelda.

If you wish, you can even turn ordinary riding on the intercity train Alicante Tram into entertainment. This is a cross between a metro and an electric train, only called a tram and departs from an underground station. Ride the scenic route along the White Coast, enjoy the scenery and spectacular coastal views.

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Don’t forget to swim to the island of Tabarka. This, of course, is not Ibiza, Mallorca or the Canaries, but also part of the Spanish kingdom with its turbulent pirate history and no less vigorous tourist present. Tabarka belongs to Alicante, there are no more than 100 local residents here, but this piece of land and its water area are considered a marine reserve.

A colorful fishing village harmoniously coexists with unique nature, and the water is so clean and transparent that it beckons diving. They say that in ancient times, more than one ship with heavy chests sank off the coast of Tabarka. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to find the ancient treasures of Alicante.

Tours to the Costa Blanca

Playa Flamenco — Ato Rei Norte, distance (km, miles), route on the map, time difference

Playa Flamenco — Ato Rei Norte, distance (km, miles), route on the map, time difference time

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      Playa Flamenco — Ato Rei Norte Distance



      driving distance

      76 km

      47 miles

      straight-line distance


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      Other distances

      Playa Flamenco — Maunabo Playa Flamenco — Mambiche Playa Flamenco — La Parguera Playa Flamenco — San Juan de la Maguana Playa Flamenco — Sabana Grande Playa Flamenco — Aceitunas Playa Flamenco — Dorado Playa Flamenco — Martorell Playa Flamenco — Carolina Playa Flamenco — Puerto Rico Playa Flamenco — Hormigueros Playa Flamenco — Canovanillas Playa Flamenco — Jaguas Playa Flamenco — Cucillas Playa Flamenco — Barceloneta Playa Flamenco — Aguirre Playa Flamenco — Atalaya Playa Flamenco — Carrisales Playa Flamenco — Candelero Arriba

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      Ato Rei Norte — Playa Flamenco


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      Whole route

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      If you decide to go on a trip to Playa Flamenco Ato Rey Norte by plane, then you have to fly the distance — 76 km or 47 miles. It is marked on the map with a gray line (between two points in a straight line).

      Flight time

      Approximate flight time of Playa Flamenco Ato Rey Norte on an airplane with a cruising speed of 750 km/h is 6 minutes.

      Direction of traffic

      Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco — right-hand traffic. Puerto Rico, Ato Rey Norte — right-hand traffic.

      Time difference

      Playa Flamenco and Ato Rey Norte are in the same timezone. There is no time difference between them (UTC -4 America/Puerto_Rico).

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      The length of this distance is approximately 0.2% of the total length of the equator.

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