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I’m trying to convert a zip code to an address that resides roughly at the center of that zip code


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I’ve got a database of addresses provided by users. In some cases, the user only entered a zip code that, for a time, we thought would be adequate for our purposes. Now we know that a zip code doesn’t cut it and we need an actual address.

So, we’re looking to convert the zip codes to an address that’s close enough to that location, and then letting the users know what we did so they can go in and change those addresses if need be.

Does anyone know of anything that can provide the data I’m looking for?

  • street-address


I was a developer at SmartyStreets (I have a lot of experience with street addresses).

Unfortunately, ZIP codes cannot be converted into an address.

US addresses are identified (almost uniquely) by an 11-digit number (12 with the check digit) called a Delivery Point Barcode. The ZIP code is typically the first 5 digits of this code. The remaining 6 digits provide even more granularity to pinpoint the address. Note that this does not pinpoint an address geographically, but only logically, according to the USPS’ address assignment system. (They assign ZIP codes and addresses based on what makes the most sense for administration and delivery.) Without those other digits, accurate interpolation is highly, highly unlikely.

Trying to resolve an address from a ZIP code is like trying to scale a 100px bitmap into a 100,000px image, depending on the ZIP code.

Technical unfeasibility aside, I would advise against finding an address then asking users to correct it. From a UX and DBA perspective, why not simply ask your users to fill in the correct address? If you try to guess the address instead, users will be confused, and the database admins will probably lose track of which addresses are bogus and which ones were corrected. In other words, your data will lie to you.

You’d probably rather have incomplete data and know it than having incorrect data and not know it.

Even if users don’t fill out their address, you can, with some more reasonable certainty, assume a city and state from the ZIP code. SmartyStreets has an API for that. At least in this way you’d have an approximate coordinate and city/state, instead of completely wrong address data. The chances of guessing correctly are tens of thousands to one.


You can use https://thezipcodes.com/ Get the API key from account section. Hit the get request.

  "success": true,
  "location": [
      "country": "RU",
      "countryCode2": "RU",
      "countryCode3": "",
      "state": "Орловская Область",
      "stateCode2": "56",
      "latitude": "53. 0747",
      "longitude": "36.2468",
      "zipCode": "302019",
      "city": "Орел 19"
      "country": "India",
      "countryCode2": "IN",
      "countryCode3": "IND",
      "state": "Rajasthan",
      "stateCode2": "24",
      "latitude": "26.7865",
      "longitude": "75.5809",
      "zipCode": "302019",
      "city": "Shyam Nagar (Jaipur)",
      "timeZone": "Indian Standard Time"

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Why Zip Codes Are So Important

Understanding what the five numbers in a zip code mean and why they are so crucial for shipping and mailing

Written on:

We all know those five numbers at the end of our addresses: zip codes. Even though we jot down zip codes as part of our addresses almost every single day, there’s a lot the average person doesn’t know about them! For example, did you know the US Postal Service introduced them in 1963 and that there are nearly 42,000 of them in the Postal Service’s network now? Let’s break down the science behind these numbers, and why they are so important for shipping and mailing correctly.

  • What the Five Digits in Zip Codes Stand For
  • What About the Four Extra Numbers at the End?
  • Don’t Forget the Zip Codes—Ever!

What the Five Digits in Zip Codes Stand For

Believe it or not, the five numbers that comprise zip codes hold more meaning than meets the eye. We’ve broken it all down for you here:

  • The first number of the 5 digits represents certain groups of states
  • The second and third number represents the US Postal Service’s regional “sorting center” within that group
  • The fourth and fifth numbers represent the unique Post Office within that region

When combined, the five digits in a zip code essentially point to the exact Post Office that delivers to the address you’re shipping to!

We’ve all seen those four extra digits at the end of a zip code, and many often wonder what their purpose is. In 1983, USPS introduced an additional four numbers at the end of zip codes in order to allow their systems to pinpoint exact delivery points. They called these extra four digits Zip+4. Theoretically, if USPS has a zip code and these four numbers, they won’t even need to know the full address to make an accurate delivery! That being said, we do not advocate omitting the address information and solely relying on Zip+4 just yet. The world isn’t quite ready for address-less addresses…although USPS may have something brewing in their top-secret labs.

Here’s something to keep in mind: every address in the entire country has a unique Zip+4. Even yours. You simply can’t have the same Zip+4 with any other delivery point. For example, two PO Boxes in the same Post Office will have different Zip+4 sequences.

Don’t Forget the Zip Codes—Ever!

If there’s one thing you take away from this article, it’s to never forget the zip code! Seriously. It could be a disaster. A letter or parcel without a zip code is highly likely to never reach its intended destination. This is because of how the US Postal Service’s automated systems process residential addresses.

Here’s what we mean: USPS’ systems “read” addresses from the bottom up. The first line their machines “see” is the city, state, and—you guessed it—the zip code. If any of this information is incorrect, the street address alone isn’t enough to solve the problem. Think about it… there are probably a gazillion “1234 Main Street” locations across the country. Without the correct zip code, USPS might not have any idea where a piece of mail or a package is supposed to go. In fact, they officially warn the public that letters and parcels “could be delayed or misrouted.” No one wants that…trust us.

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Italy 🇮🇹 — Postcode

This is the Italy Postcode page. This page includes the following content: code method, envelope example and address format, correct spelling of postal code, link for postal code requests.

The first digit represents the postal area, the second digit represents the postal province, the third digit represents the locality, the last two digits represent the delivery area.

nine0022 TV

nine0022 VI

nine0022 39100 (Bolzano)

nine0022 460xx (46010 to 46049)

nine0022 PI


nine0022 720xx (72010 to 72029)

nine0022 801xx (80121 to 80147)



Province Code Region CAP capital towns CAP other towns
Rome RM Lazio 001xx (00118 to 00199) 000xx (00010 to 00069)
Vatican City VA 00120
Viterbo VT Lazio 01100 010xx (01010 to 01039)
Rieti RI Lazio 02100 020xx (02010 to 02049)
Frosinone FR Lazio 03100 030xx (03010 to 03049)
Latina LT Lazio 04100 040xx (04010 to 04029)
Terni TR Umbria 05100 050xx (05010 to 05039)
Perugia PG Umbria 061xx (06121 to 06135) 060xx (06010 to 06089)
Sassari SS Sardinia 07100 070xx (07010 to 07019 and 07030 to 07049) (*)
Olbia-Tempio OT Sardinia 07026 (Olbia), 07029 (Tempio Pausania) 070xx (07020 to 07029) and 08020 (*)
Nuoro NU Sardinia 08100 080xx (08010 to 08039) (*)
Ogliastra OG Sardinia 08045 (Lanusei), 08048 (Tortolì) 080xx (08040 to 08049) (*)
Cagliari CA Sardinia 091xx (09121 to 09134) 090xx (09010 to 09049) and 080xx (08030,08033,08035,08043)
Oristano OR Sardinia 09170 090xx (09070 to 09099) and 080xx (08010,08013,08019,08030,08034)
Carbonia-Iglesias CI Sardinia 09013 (Carbonia), 09016 (Iglesias) 090xx (09010 to 09017) (*)
Medio Campidano MD/VS [1] Sardinia 09025 (Sanluri), 09039 (Villacidro) 090xx (09020 to 09041) (*)
Turin TO Piedmont 101xx (10121 to 10156) 100xx (10010 to 10099)
Aosta AS Aosta Valley 11100 (Aosta) 110xx (11010 to 11029)
Cuneo CN Piedmont 12100 120xx (12010 to 12089) and 18025
Vercelli VC Piedmont 13100 130xx (13010 to 13060)
Biella B. I. Piedmont 13900 138xx (13811 to 13899)
Asti AT Piedmont 14100 140xx (14010 to 14059)
Alessandria AL Piedmont 15100 150xx (15010 to 15079)
Genoa GE Liguria 161xx (16121 to 16167) 160xx (16010 to 16049)
Savona SV Liguria 17100 170xx (17010 to 17058) and 12071
Imperia IM Liguria 18100 180xx (18010 to 18039)
La Spezia SP Liguria 191xx (19121 to 19137) 190xx (19010 to 19038)
Milan MI Lombardy 201xx (20121 to 20162) 200xx (20010 to 20099)
Varese VA Lombardy 21100 210xx (21010 to 21059)
Como CO Lombardy 22100 220xx (22010 to 22079)
Sondrio SO Lombardy 23100 230xx (23010 to 23038)
Lecco LC Lombardy 23900 238xx (23801 to 23899)
Bergamo BG Lombardy 241xx (24121 to 24129) 240xx (24010 to 24069)
Brescia BS Lombardy 251xx (25121 to 25136) 250xx (25010 to 25089)
Cremona CR Lombardy 26100 260xx (26010 to 26049)
Lodi LO Lombardy 26900 268xx (26811 to 26867)
Pavia PV Lombardy 27100 270xx (27010 to 27059)
Novara NO Piedmont 28100 280xx (28010 to 28079)
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola VB Piedmont 289xx (Verbania, 28921 to 28925) 288xx (28801 to 28899)
Piacenza PC Emilia Romagna 29100 290xx (29010 to 29029)
Venice VE Veneto 301xx (30121 to 30176) 300xx (30010 to 30039)
Treviso Veneto 31100 310xx (31010 to 31059)
Belluno BL Veneto 32100 320xx (32010 to 32047)
Udine UD Friuli-Venezia Giulia 33100 330xx (33010 to 33059)
Pordenone PN Friuli-Venezia Giulia 33170 330xx (33070 to 3309nine)
Trieste TS Friuli-Venezia Giulia 341xx (34121 to 34151) 340xx (34010 to 34018)
Gorizia GO Friuli-Venezia Giulia 34170 340xx (34070 to 34079)
Padua PD Veneto 351xx (35121 to 35143) 350xx (35010 to 35048)
Vicenza Veneto 36100 360xx (36010 to 36078)
Verona VR Veneto 371xx (37121 to 37142) 370xx (37010 to 37069)
Trento TN Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol 38100 (Trento) 380xx (38010 to 38089)
Bolzano-Bozen BZ Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol 390xx (39010 to 39058)
Bologna BO Emilia Romagna 401xx (40121 to 40141) 400xx (40010 to 40069)
Modena MO Emilia Romagna 41100 410xx (41010 to 41059)
Reggio Emilia RE Emilia Romagna 42100 420xx (42010 to 42049)
Parma PR Emilia Romagna 43100 430xx (43010 to 43059)
Ferrara FE Emilia Romagna 44100 440xx (44010 to 44049)
Rovigo RO Veneto 45100 450xx (45010 to 45039)
Mantua MN Lombardy 46100
Forlì-Cesena FC Emilia Romagna 47100 (Forlì), 47023 (Cesena) 470xx (47010 to 47043)
Rimini RN Emilia Romagna 47900 478xx (47814 to 47855)
Republic of San Marino SM 47890 (City of San Marino) 4789x (47891 to 47899)
Ravenna RA Emilia Romagna 48100 480xx (48010 to 48027)
Florence FI Tuscany 501xx (50121 to 50145) 500xx (50010 to 50068)
Pistoia PT Tuscany 51100 510xx (51010 to 51039)
Arezzo AR Tuscany 52100 520xx (52010 to 52048)
Siena SI Tuscany 53100 530xx (53011 to 53049)
Massa-Carrara MS Tuscany 54100 (Massa), 54023 (Carrara) 540xx (54010 to 54038)
Lucca LU Tuscany 55100 550xx (55010 to 55064)
Pisa Tuscany 561xx (56121 to 56128) 560xx (56010 to 56048)
Livorno LI Tuscany 571xx (57121 to 57128) 570xx (57014 to 57039)
Grosseto GR Tuscany 58100 580xx (58010 to 58055)
Prato PO Tuscany 59100 590xx (59011 to 59026)
Ancona AN March 601xx (60121 to 60131) 600xx (60010 to 60048)
Pesaro e Urbino PU March 61100 (Pesaro), 61029 (Urbino) 610xx (61010 to 61049)
Macerata MC March 62100 620xx (62010 to 62039)
Ascoli Piceno March 63100 630xx (63010 to 63049)
Teramo TE Abruzzo 64100 640xx (64010 to 64049)
Pescara PE Abruzzo 651xx (65121 to 65129) 650xx (65010 to 65029)
Chieti CH Abruzzo 66100 660xx (66010 to 66054)
L’Aquila AQ Abruzzo 67100 670xx (67010 to 67069)
Bari BA Apulia 701xx (70121 to 70131) 700xx (70010 to 70059)
Foggia FG Apulia 71100 710xx (71010 to 71049)
Brindisi BR Apulia 72100
Lecce LE Apulia 73100 730xx (73010 to 73059)
Taranto TA Apulia 74100 740xx (74010 to 74028)
Matera MT Basilicata 75100 750xx (75010 to 75029)
Naples NA Campania 800xx (80010 to 80079)
Caserta CE Campania 81100 810xx (81010 to 81059)
Benevento BN Campania 82100 820xx (82010 to 82038)
Avellino AV Campania 83100 830xx (83010 to 83059)
Salerno SA Campania 841xx (84121 to 84135) 840xx (84010 to 84099)
Potenza PZ Basilicata 85100 850xx (85010 to 85059)
Campobasso CB Molise 86100 860xx (86010 to 86049)
Isernia IS Molise 86170 860xx (86070 to 86097)
Cosenza CS Calabria 87100 870xx (87010 to 87076)
Catanzaro CZ Calabria 88100 880xx (88020 to 88070)
Crotone KR Calabria 88900 888xx (88811 to 88842)
Reggio Calabria RC Calabria 891xx (89121 to 89135) 890xx (89010 to 89069)
Vibo Valentia VV Calabria 89900 898xx (89812 to 89868)
Palermo PA Sicily 901xx ( 900xx (



Trapani TP Sicily
910xx (


Agrigento AG Sicily 92100 920xx (92010 to 92029)
Caltanissetta CL Sicily 93100 930xx (93010 to 93019)
Enna EN Sicily 94100 940xx (94010 to 94019)
Catania CT Sicily 951xx (95121 to 95131) 950xx (95010 to 95049)
Syracuse SR Sicily 96100 960xx (96010 to 96019)
Ragusa RG Sicily 97100 970xx (97010 to 97019)
Messina ME Sicily 981xx (98121 to 98168) 980xx (98020 to 98079)

Russian postal codes

In this article I will talk about the Russian Post online service, with which you can easily find out the exact index, find your mail address and even solve the inverse problem — determine the region by index — where the letter or package came from.

Postcode is the number of the post office that serves several streets or an entire area.

A very simple, accurate and convenient service for searching the index is on the Russian Post website. This service works for free, 24/7 and gives the result in seconds. nine1341 I will show by example how it works.

How can I find out the zip code for an address?

To find the exact index, you need to enter the address in the search bar. Moreover, you can either complete the address — first the city / village, then only the street, or start immediately from the street, unless, of course, your address does not have Lenin Street, which is in every city.

In my search — the name of one of the streets in Novosibirsk — Kamenskaya street. Enter. The search itself suggests all the missing phrases — country and city.
It remains to write only the house number and the result is ready. Specify 1, click «search» and get the index.

At this address in Novosibirsk there is a theater in the form of a ship with the mysterious name «Globe».

How can I find out the postal address?

We will find out the address of the desired post office in the same way.

Enter the address in the index search bar on the Russian Post website. As a result, an index appears, and a little lower — a blue link «show branch» (it can be clearly seen in the screenshot above). nine0003

How to find out a city or region by zip code?

To find out from which region of Russia, city (or even city district) the shipment came, we will use the same

It would seem that the dynamics and innovations of the modern world have forced it out of use forever. Obviously it has become redundant. Absolutely. Numerous private transport companies do an excellent job even without it with the delivery of boxes, parcels, transfers and letters. And he became an invisible part of the old order, which only a few civil servants and municipal officials know about. No, your grandparents remember him for sure! Learned? Yes, that’s it, the zip code! nine0003

Postal code, or a few words of history

In the former USSR find the postcode
was easy. It was enough to come to the post office and use the huge, weighing about 2 kg, catalog of indexes. And it was even easier to ask a certain index from the operator or postman. Many of these sequences of letters and numbers (at that time!) They remembered by heart! What became then indices of Russia
and neighboring republics for millions of inhabitants? Powerful confidence that the letter will definitely find the addressee. It’s quick and easy too! nine0003

Communication by writing in those days was a matter of… ordinary and customary. And the introduction of the index into everyday life made it possible to facilitate the sorting of correspondence many times over. This makes it easier even now, when the machines are doing it!

Moscow indices came in handy
and other cities in past years, everyone needs them now. Without an index, the post office will not accept a letter, parcel or parcel, they will not be able to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine. Post offices offer dozens of services, and the zip code is an integral part of paperwork. nine0003

Fast and correct, or zip code at

Do you still like to write letters, just like your great-grandmothers? Do you know that sending a parcel costs a penny compared to the current prices for services from private companies? Do you make all payments at post offices and use bank services there? Then you understand the whole need for an index!

But, you see, there are frequent cases when find out the index at the address
preferably in advance. And what could be better than preparing a package, a package or a letter at home, saving yourself from having to fill out forms on the territory of the post office? At home, and even in comfortable conditions find out street index
is now possible!

Now it’s easy to find zip code at
with our help! Our portal provides this opportunity to everyone, freeing you from the need to leave your home earlier in order to find out this sequence in the mail. An easy form to fill out will ask you to enter the city, street name and house. And now, the treasured numbers are in front of you! All that’s left is to write it down!

An interesting fact: those organizations and individuals who receive huge volumes of correspondence are assigned individual indexes. The Finnish Joulupukki, for example, as well as the Canadian Santa Claus, have their own. By the way, you can write to the latter. He will definitely answer! And don’t forget the index — SANTA CLAUS! nine0003

On the territory of Russia, all postal facilities are assigned a conventional numeric designation of the postal
addresses — zip code. Russian postal codes represent a 6-digit postal code, the first 3
the digits of which determine the region, region, administrative center or republic, and the next 3 — the number
post office in this city. When the region is large (region or city), then it is divided into parts,
each part is assigned its first 3 digits. Therefore, Russian post office indices can
have multiple postcode options for the same city or area. nine0003

Why is it important to enter the index correctly?

Postal items are sorted primarily by postal code. Sorting is carried out
both with the use of special sorting machines and manually. The presence of a postal code at times
speeds up the processing of mail, because you do not need to read the address in full to sort the items.
If the postal code at the address in Russia is incorrect, then sending is possible, and the delivery time
or letters along the delivery route increases significantly. Postal items that do not have
index, sorted manually, respectively, increases the time spent on processing. nine0003

Simple and accessible

Finding the postal code is not difficult, just enter the delivery address in a special field on the site,
and the service will automatically determine which branch the shipment arrives at. To find out the mail
indexes of regions of Russia it is more convenient to use the alphabetical search by clicking on the letter with which
area name begins.

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