Map of culebra puerto rico: Culebra, PR, Travel Guide and Information

Maps for Culebra PR and Town Maps

Maps for Culebra PR and Town Maps


Culebra Location and Road Maps

The Tamarindo Region

Aerial photos of Tamarindo Region

Carlos Rosario Reef

Carlos Rosario Reef («impact zone», from the
days when the U. S. Navy was here) is amazing.
You can swim out from the beach to approach it.
The reef extends to the north for about a mile
and drops to 35 feet deep.
The Tamarindo
Click on the image to enlarge

Snorkeling in the
Tamarindo Region — Click to enlarge

Tamarindo Estates Reef

At Tamarindo Estates we
have our own «private» reef,
protected from the
outside world by the natural topography of
the area. For walk-in snorkeling right off a
beach, Tamarindo Estates is the right spot
in Culebra. Once you cross over the other
side of the shoreline reef, you can enjoy
your swimming in shallow and pristine waters
which are normally calm.

view of the Tamarindo Estates reef.


The Town of Dewey




P. O. Box 313, Culebra, P.
R. 00775, Tel. (787) 742-3343

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Detailed Road Map of Culebra

Detailed Road Map of Culebra

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The Mercator projection was developed as a sea travel navigation tool. It preserves angles. If you wish to go from Culebra to anywhere on the map, all you have to do is draw a line between the two points and measure the angle. If you head this compass direction, and keep going, you will reach your destination.


Administrative classification

administrative region (level 1)




18° 16′ 35″ N


18° 21′ 3″ N


65° 23′ 36″ W


65° 13′ 14″ W

Minimal elevation

0 m

Maximal elevation

0 m



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City Puerto Rico




Aguadillarafael Ernandes


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Current water temperature in Culebra in the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico


Culebra, Puerto Rico | © Bo Cheng Cui

The most detailed information about water temperature in Culebra in Caribbean Sea (Puerto Rico). Forecast of changes in water temperature for the next 10 days. Statistical data by months for the last years. Information about neighboring resorts. Weather forecast for Culebra next week.

Analysis and forecast

The water temperature today is about the average for this day in recent years. Its value has grown both in the last 20 days and in the last week. Exactly one year ago on this day, the water temperature in this place was 26°C. The range of water temperatures in Culebra in March is from 25 to 28 degrees.

According to our forecast, the value of water temperature in Culebra will move in different directions, in the next few days the water will become warmer, but in 10 days it will still be slightly colder to 26. 3°C.

Feb 26 25.8°C 26.0°C Feb 27 26.2°C 26.3°C Feb 28 26.3°C 26.8°C Mar 1 26.3°C 26.3°C Mar 2 26.5°C 26.5°C Mar 3 26.3°C 26.3°C Mar 4 26.0°C 26.0°C Mar 5 26.8°C 26.8°C Mar 6 26.5°C 26.5°C Mar 7 27.0°C 27.0°C Mar 8 26.5°C 26.5° C

* Actual — Actual water temperature
** Average — Average water temperature on this day in previous years
*** Forecast — Our forecast water temperature

Actual water temperatures close to the shore may differ by several degrees compared to the indicated values. This can be noticeable after heavy rain or after long periods of strong winds. Some downwinds cause cold deep waters to replace surface waters that have been heated by the sun.

To develop a forecast, we use our own mathematical model, which takes into account the current change in water temperature, historical data and main weather trends, wind strength and direction, air temperature in each specific region. We also consider data for other resorts in Puerto Rico.

Uglovoe, Crimea | ©

Annual graph of average water temperature in Culebra

Monthly Culebra water temperature

Culebra is located in the northern hemisphere, south of the northern tropic, at a latitude of 18 degrees. The swimming season in this place lasts all year round. The average annual water temperature on the coast in Culebra is 28.0°C, according to the seasons: in winter 27.0°C, in spring 26.9°C, in summer 28.8°C, in autumn 29.2°C. The minimum water temperature (25. 5°C) in Culebra is in March, the maximum (30.3°C) in October.

You can find out detailed data on how Culebra water temperature changes in any given month:

Data for seawater temperature in Culebra and neighboring towns and resorts collected from various sources, using buoys, uses satellite map of temperatures provided by the NOAA.

To provide a more accurate representation of temperatures, we use data from various local services in each specific region of the world.

The nearest airport in a straight line is 1 km away. This is Benjamin Rivera Noriega Airport (CPX). We do not have information as to whether it is active and what flights it accepts or sends.

Kulebra: Weather forecast

Weather forecast is shown by local time in Kulebra



21.8 ° C


is felt as 21.5 ° C, Clear (Clear Sky)
Humidity: Humidity: Humidity: 74%, clouds: 3%


21. 5°C


feels like 21.5°C, Cloudy (scattered clouds: 25-50%)
humidity: 74%, clouds: 33%




feels like 23.1°C, Cloudy (scattered clouds: 25-50%)
Humidity: 69%, clouds: 27% Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 61%, clouds: 5%




feels like 25.8°C, clear (clear sky)
humidity: 59%, clouds : 2%




feels like 25.1°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 60%, clouds: 0%




feels like 22.9°C, clear (clear sky)
humidity: 68%, clouds: 0%

3 March 2




feels like 22.7°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 77%, clouds: 0%

02:00 2003 9003 9003


feels like 22. 7°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 79%, clouds: 6%


22.2 ° C

11 km/h

is felt as 22.5 ° C, cloudiness (pissed: 11-25%)
Humidity: 79%, clouds: 11%


23.5 ° C

11 km /h

feels like 23.9°C, Clear (clear skies)
humidity: 73%, clouds: 9%



16km/h clear sky)
humidity: 65%, clouds: 0%0002 feels like 26.0°C, Clear (clear skies)
Humidity: 64%, clouds: 0%




feels like 25.3°C, Clear (clear skies)
humidity: 66%, clouds: 0%




feels like 23.3°C, clear (clear sky)
humidity: 76%, clouds: 0%

March 3




feels like 23. 2°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 76%, clouds: 1%




feels like 23.1°C, clear (clear sky)
humidity: 78%, clouds: 5%

3 05:00

23.0 ° C


is felt as 23.5 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 84%, clouds: 22%


9000 24.2 ° C

18km/ h

feels like 24.7°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 79%, clouds: 48%


25.9 ° C


feels like 26.4 ° C, rain (light rain)
Mummy: 70%, clouds: 14%


26.1 ° C


feels like 26.1°C, Clear (clear sky)
Humidity: 69%, clouds: 9%




feels like 25.7°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 71%, clouds: 0%


23. 5°C

°C, Clear (clear skies)
Humidity: 75%, Clouds: 0%
humidity: 75%, clouds: 0%



19km/h 13%




feels like 24.3°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 81%, clouds: 70%




feels like 25.2°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 78%, clouds: 7003 9002 11:00

26.0 ° C

27 km/h

is felt as 26.0 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 74%, clouds: 10%


26.2 ° C

26km/ h

feels like 26.2°C, Cloudy (partly cloudy: 11-25%)
humidity: 73%, clouds: 11%


25.1 ° C


is felt as 25.8 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 81%, clouds: 24%


24. 2 ° C


feels like 24.8°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 83%, clouds: 27% °C, Clear (clear skies)
Humidity: 82%, Clouds: 8%




feels like 24.4°C, cloudy (partly cloudy: 11-25%)
humidity: 82%, cloudy: 21%



like 24.8°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 84%, clouds: 56%




feels like 25.3°C, Rain (light rain)
: 82%, clouds: 57%0326 humidity: 68%, clouds: 21%




feels like 26.4°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 76%, clouds: 18% 9002 17:00

25.3 ° C


feels like 25.9 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 77%, clouds: 51%


9000 23.

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