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Headed to a national park or forest? You may need a reservation

On the morning drive from my treehouse at Yuquiyú to El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, I looked the part of the Prepared Hiker. I wore durable shoes with thick treads and no exposed toes. My backpack bulged with bug spray, sunscreen and enough water to irrigate a small farm. A brimmed hat was perched on my head. And yet as I approached the main gate, I realized I had forgotten what is becoming the most critical item on a day trekker’s checklist: knowing a park’s special entry requirements.

“Se Requiere Reservación/Reservations Required” read the bilingual sign, puncturing my plans like a thorn in a hydration bladder.

From inside the rental car, I checked for the next available reservation, but on a holiday weekend, the park was fully booked. I ended up in Luquillo, tramping to the beat of reggaeton on the beach instead of hiking to the croaks of coquí frogs in the U.S. Forest Service’s only tropical rainforest.

Really, I should have known better. When I visited Puerto Rico last February, the pandemic had been upending norms for nearly a year. Travelers seeking refuge in nature were flocking to public sanctuaries run by the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, and overwhelming the strained staff and fragile environments. At Great Smoky Mountains National Park, more than 375,000 people hiked Laurel Falls Trail in 2020, an additional 110,000 pairs of feet from the previous year.

A bison crosses Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park, which had its most-visited month ever in July 2021, with almost 1.1 million visits tallied.

(Getty Images)

In 2021, Yellowstone National Park set a record in July for the most-visited month in its nearly 150-year history, with almost 1.1 million recreation visits. Also last year, Acadia National Park in Maine received more than 4 million visitors for the first time. In response to the stampede, officials introduced reservation systems to help them control the number of people who can enter the park or access specific roads or trails in a single day.

“The nationwide trend of changing visitation patterns before, during and after the pandemic requires continual innovation and effective ways to manage visitor use to ensure that these special places, and the benefits they generate, persist for current and future generations,” Stephanie Roulett, a public affairs specialist with the National Park Service, said by email. “As a result, parks are exploring many different tools and techniques that are most effective for their situation to help them improve how visitors get to and experience popular park resources and features.”

The parking fee at the Laurel Falls trailhead in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina was temporary, but it could be revived.

(Getty Images)

In some cases, such as Yosemite’s entry reservation system and the Great Smoky Mountains’ parking fee at the Laurel Falls trailhead, the arrangements were temporary and expired after the busy season or pilot period. Several reservation requirements, however, will return this year, and a few new ones will debut. Many parks could also revive their measures, depending on the crush of crowds or the virus’s trajectory.

For the most part, the rules apply to visitors who arrive by car and plan to exit before closing time. Vacationers who enter by bicycle, foot or public transportation, or who booked an overnight stay at an on-site lodge or campground, are exempt. The permit is typically per vehicle, not per passenger. Many of the reservations are free or cost a few dollars, plus a nominal service fee by Guests must pay the park entrance fee on top of any secondary charges.

Roulett said that, depending on the park or activity, visitors should start planning months to weeks in advance, especially if their trip falls during peak season. She recommends visiting the National Park Service’s Trip Planning Guide, Find a Park resource and its new NPS app, which consolidates all 423 park units in one mobile tool. For national forests and other public attractions, Rodney Foushee, a communications officer with the U. S. Forest Service, suggests searching under “Tickets & Tours” or “Permits” on, the official booking site for a dozen federal agencies.

A few general tips: Some parks ask visitors to display the parking permit on their windshield, so it’s a good idea to print out your confirmation in advance. Cellphone service can also be spotty or nonexistent in a park, so download the receipt on your phone before setting out for the day. For timed-entry tickets, be punctual, because you don’t want to miss your window. And don’t forget your mask: Many federal sites require face coverings for indoor venues and enclosed public transportation and mandate or recommend them for crowded outdoor areas.

Here is a sampling of parks and their reservation requirements for the new year.

Acadia National Park in Maine, home to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse, received 4 million visitors in 2021 for the first time.

(Getty Images)

Acadia National Park, Maine: Between mid-May and October, the park will require timed-entry reservations for visitors who wish to drive Cadillac Summit Road, the three-mile scenic route to the top of the park’s highest peak. Thirty percent of the reservations will become available 90 days ahead of the arrival date, and the remainder will be released two days in advance. The fee is $6 per vehicle.

Visitors to Montana’s Glacier National Park will need tickets and passes to access different parts of the park from late May to early September this year.

(Getty Images)

Glacier National Park, Montana: From May 27 through Sept. 11, day-use visitors will need a $2-per-vehicle ticket to access Going-to-the-Sun Road at the West Entrance, the new Camas Entrance and the St. Mary Entrance. (St. Mary opens closer to late June.) A separate pass is required to explore the North Fork area via the Polebridge Ranger Station. Tickets could become available as soon as March.

Muir Woods National Monument, California: The year-round reservation system for cars and shuttle bus passengers was established in 2018 to reduce traffic and noise in the old growth redwood grove. The parking pass starts at $9 for a vehicle up to 17 feet long. The shuttle, which runs weekends and holidays, costs $3.50 per person age 16 and older; all visitors must reserve a seat on the bus, which boards in nearby Mill Valley. Booking is available 90 days out, with a few spaces reserved for three days in advance.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: Last year, parkgoers needed a $2 timed-entry permit per vehicle for select times between May 28 and Oct. 11. Two types of reservations were available. One permit covered the Bear Lake Road Corridor, which included the entire corridor plus access to the rest of the park, and was valid from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. The second permit was for the rest of park, excluding the corridor but including Trail Ridge Road, and applied to visits from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Officials have proposed a similar system for May 27 through Oct. 10, with bookings opening on May 2. More details to come early this year.

Arches National Park, Utah: The park unveiled a pilot timed-entry system for visits from 6 a. m. to 5 p.m., April 3 through Oct. 3. The $2-per-vehicle tickets will become available on the first day of the month for visits three months ahead. For example, tickets for April entries went on sale shortly after the New Year’s holiday; the next date is Feb. 1 for May reservations. The last round will take place on July 1, for three days in October. The park will also release a handful of tickets the day before.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: To relieve congestion on trails to Old Rag Mountain, the park will test day-hike ticketing. Officials are hammering out the details, but the new system could go into effect in March and cap the number at 800 daily visitors.

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii: To greet the sunrise on Maui’s highest peak, visitors arriving by car will need a reservation between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. The Haleakala National Park Summit Sunrise reservation, which was introduced in 2017, is available up to 60 days in advance and is valid only for the booked day. The $1-per-car permit also allows guests to park in the four sky-high lots — Summit, Haleakala Visitor Center, Kalahaku and Leleiwi — during the predawn hours. In the winter, the sun starts its ascent a few minutes shy of 7 a.m.

Zion National Park, Utah: Hikers headed to Angels Landing, the dramatic 1,488-foot-tall rock formation, will need a permit starting April 1. The park will distribute permits through seasonal and day-before online lotteries. The first seasonal lottery kicked off on Jan. 3 and closed on Jan. 20; the permit applies to hikes from April 1 to May 31. Lotteries for other periods are scheduled to open on April 1, July 1 and Oct. 1. The last-minute lottery runs from 12:01 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mountain time. Visitors pay $6 per application (includes up to six people) to enter either lottery, plus $3 per person if they nab a permit. The program is scheduled to run through at least February 2023. Visitors do not need a reservation to enter the park.

El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico: On Dec. 20, the tropical rainforest reinstated its $2-per-vehicle ticketing system for La Mina Recreational Area, along Route 191. Visitors can choose morning (8 to 11 a.m.) or afternoon (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) entry. Tickets are available 30 days in advance, in addition to a handful of passes released 24 hours beforehand.

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Colorado: The Mount Evans Recreation Area, which includes Mount Evans, a member of the 14ers club (peaks that are at least 14,000 feet tall), is closed for the season. When it reopens at the end of May or early June, visitors will need timed-entry reservations to access the highest paved road in North America. Last year, the fee was $10 per car, plus a $2 reservation fee; the pass was valid for three days.

At Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, about 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, visitors will need a timed-entry permit for the scenic drive starting May 31.

(Getty Images)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada: Through May 31, the Bureau of Land Management park about 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip will require timed-entry permits for the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive between 8 a. m. and 5 p.m. Book up to a month in advance or two days in advance. The day pass for the 13-mile drive costs $15 per vehicle, plus a $2 processing fee.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington state: After closing for more than a year because of the pandemic and a renovation project, the Ape Cave Interpretive Site reopened last May with a new feature: a timed-entry requirement. The $2-per-car reservation covered visits from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the attraction’s tourist season, May 18 to Oct. 31. The booking was good for a two-hour adventure in the Lower or Upper Cave of the third-longest lava tube in North America. Officials are finalizing dates and details for this year.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon: The Multnomah Falls area, which includes the 1925 Multnomah Falls Lodge, hiking trails and the spring-fed water cascade, requires timed-entry tickets from late May through mid-September. The per-person pass costs $1. Last season, tickets were released two weeks before and two days ahead of the arrival date.

Before planning any trips, take into consideration local and national public health directives regarding the pandemic. Travel health notices can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, as well as an interactive map showing travel recommendations by destination.

Information:; click on the Travelers’ Health tab.

Sachs writes for The Washington Post, where this article originally appeared.

Review of El Yunque National Forest | Bolivia

Puerto Rico 191


Russell Kord/age fotostock

Few visitors to Puerto Rico leave without having visited El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. national forest system. Stop at the visitor center to pick up a park map and stock up on bug repellant, ponchos, water, and snacks before heading off on a self-guided expedition of El Yunque’s highlights. These include La Mina Falls and a trip to the top of El Yunque Tower. Along the paths, look for the elusive Puerto Rican parrot, which was on the verge of extinction before its population was stabilized by the Forest Service staff.

El Yunque National Forest

Few visitors to Puerto Rico leave without having visited El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. national forest system. Stop at the visitor center to pick up a park map and stock up on bug repellant, ponchos, water, and snacks before heading off on a self-guided expedition of El Yunque’s highlights. These include La Mina Falls and a trip to the top of El Yunque Tower. Along the paths, look for the elusive Puerto Rican parrot, which was on the verge of extinction before its population was stabilized by the Forest Service staff.

Mon Jul 18 20:40:37 EDT 2016


I thought the rainforest would be a tourist trap but it was everything but that. Quiet, adventurous, educational and BEAUTIFUL is all that I can say. I reccomend getting a tour guide so you dont walk by the plants, trees, flowers and wildlife without acknowledging the hundreds of different kinds life thriving there. This is a must see for sure

The El Yunque Rain Forest

As the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service system, the El Yunque Rain Forest is a must-visit. Take a car and drive the winding road PR 181 into the park. Be sure not to miss the Yokahu Observation Tower and La Mina Falls.

Through the Tower Window

The El Yunque National Forest has been attracting visitors since the site’s opening over a century ago. There’s lots to see and do along the twisting and turning roads. Don’t miss the waterfalls, rivers, and the tower of this photo—especially if you want a fantastic view of the lush jungle and mountains, capped with rolling fog. I suggest visiting on a weekday, in the morning. Be prepared for rainy weather even if it’s sunny prior to entering. You can bypass the entrance, stay on the main road, and continue up till you reach this tower. Anything off the main road is free to visit and enjoy. Look for groups of cars parked alongside the road, that’s where you know there’s probably a little river or waterfall around that area.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:30 EDT 2014

Zip Line in El Yunque

Both my wife and I visited Puerto Rico and decided to give zip-lining a try. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it. We chose Yunkee Zipline Adventures, and our guides Jaime and Roqui were both fun and knowledgeable. We both recommend their company to anyone who wants to give this type of outing a try.

Hiking to Spectacular Views in El Yunque

Hike to waterfalls, climb viewing towers, and snap photos of stunning natural landscapes in the U.S. National Forest Service’s only tropical rain forest. Keep an eye out for coqui, Puerto Rico’s famous singing tree frogs, plus iguanas and all kinds of birds.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:40 EDT 2014

Nighttime Serenade in El Yunque

The island comes alive at night with the sound of thousands of tiny cocqui frogs. There is no better way to hear this than by spending a night in El Yunque National Forest, where the sound of the frogs’ song is deafening at 4am. Camping permits are required (and can be obtained day-of at the park’s Visitor Center) but not in demand: The locals leave before dark for fear of La Chupacabra! We were the only campers in the park the night we stayed.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:41 EDT 2014

Amazing National Forest

Puerto Rico is beautiful. El Yunque is a national forest with unique flora and fauna, and picturesque views of mountains, ocean, and waterfalls.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:53 EDT 2014

On Top of the World

A short hike along the trail will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world. You can see El Yunque in the foreground. In the distance, the beaches and Atlantic Ocean that border northern Puerto Rico stretch along the horizon.

Thu Sep 04 18:55:25 EDT 2014

Waterfall in El Yunque National Rain Forest

You can take a leisurely hike in El Yunque National Rain Forest to several waterfalls, depending on how many miles you want to put into your hike. The one seen in the picture is just a 1.7 mile hike in very nicely kept paths.

Mon Nov 30 13:30:00 EST 2015

Exploring El Yunque

In the El Yunque National Forest, you are completely surrounded by lush, green plants and fresh air. There are trails that you can hike all the way to the highest point of the forest! I only had time for a half-day tour, but I would have loved to spend an entire day exploring the trails.

El Yunque National Rain Forest

Have you been here? Tell us about it below!

Weather the Rain for El Yunque National Rainforest

Encompassing 28,000 acres, El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the entire U.S. National Forest system — thanks in large part to its location on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo Mountains in the northeast corner of the island. Towering above the park, the peaks of this range reach over 3,537 ft above sea level. And since it’s been protected as far back as 1876, the park holds another uncommon distinction as the oldest reserve in the Western Hemisphere. So much uncommon goodness in one place!

Fri Jul 18 03:41:32 EDT 2014

Inside a Cloud at El Yunque

Being from Arkansas, I’m familiar with mountains. But my eyes were opened to a different kind of mountain when I hiked to the peak of El Yunque in Puerto Rico, just as a cloud engulfed the mountaintop. It is like heaven on earth.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:36 EDT 2014

American Rain Forest?

The only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest system, El Yunque is a must-see. Not a long drive from San Juan, you can experience everything a rain forest has to offer, including great views of the island and stunning waterfalls.

Swimming Under a Hidden Waterfall

The Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest system, was also a finalist in the elections for the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Naturally, when my boyfriend came with me to visit my family, I had to bring him. I enjoyed this visit more than any of my other eight to the Yunque—all because of ten minutes spent in the Juan Diego Waterfall. We lucked out: A friend of a friend had told us about the fall. This treasure is so hidden that locals, even the Yunque workers, had never heard of it. We spent our last hour there searching for it. With twenty minutes until the park closed, we found a tiny trail. We climbed it until we came across a waterfall and ran into a pool colder than any water I’d ever felt. It was completely out of sight. And it was our own private waterfall—as exhilarating as white-river rafting, more romantic than a candlelight dinner on a rooftop overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We kept climbing and found several other falls of various sizes, all with pools and all equally private. Next time I’m in the Yunque, I will spend all day here. The Yunque has other natural wonders, including a dwarf forest, breathtaking views, and other waterfalls. The Coca fall is my favorite place to sit with a plate of ribs brought with me from Guavate (mentioned in my “Whole Pig” highlight). Likewise, I love sitting under the powerful rush of the Mina. To find it: Drive up Road 191. A little past the Coca, there will be a tiny trail you should climb to the falls.

Fri Jul 18 03:41:16 EDT 2014

Lush Trails

Mount Britton Trail, El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

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      dense forest, dense forest, dirt road, trail, forest path, foggy, mist, nature, forest, woodland, tree, darkness, HD wallpaper

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      Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Nature Reserve, Mountain Lake, Ming Shan Mountain Range, Asia, China, Tree, Tibet, Sichuan, Reflection, National Park, Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Mountain, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Lake, Desert, Autumn, Water, nature, HD wallpaper

    • 2048x1152px

      brown and yellow tree leaves near body of water, Yosemite National Park, California, Yosemite National Park, California, USA, landscape photography, brown, yellow leaves, trees, body of water, California, geotagging, landmark, landscape, national,natural, nature park, photo, photography, reflections, river, rocks, sky, sony a7, sun, sunlight, travelling, usa, village, voigtlander, water, forests, YOSEMITE national park, usa, autumn, nature, forest, tree, Scenics, outdoors , season, beauty in nature, HD wallpaper

    • org/ImageObject»>

      sky, tree, castellón, spain, coastal area, plant, woodland, leaf, horses, nature, river, shore, vegetation, ecosystem, desert, horse, forest, water, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      water, reflection, sunbeam, waterway, green, vegetation, ecosystem, bank, tree, woodland, leaf, river, wilderness, forest, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      Halnaker, tree tunnel, europe, eu, uk, uk, sussex, england, west sussex, photography, forest path, nature, landscape, sunlight, tree avenue, vegetation, deciduous, tree, tunnel, leaves, autumn, forest, woodland, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      reflection, nature, water, desert, mountain, lake, nature reserve, rock, tree, national park, sky, mountain scenery, tarn, landscape, stream, HD wallpaper

    • org/ImageObject»>

      forest, nature, woodland, path, forest path, redwood forest, wilderness, redwood national forest, california, usa, tree, sunlight, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      dirt road, path, forest, sunlight, sunbeam, sunbeam, rays, tree, woods, nature, woodland, ecosystem, morning, light, path, forest path, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      blue flowers, UK, England, bluebells Woods, bluebells, bluebell, forest bluebells, field of flowers, sunlight, flower carpet, woodland, trunk, tree, spring, wild flower, bird, vegetation, forest, woods, nature, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      forest, barrington tops national park, vegetation, ecosystem, nature, tree, nature reserve, woodland, rainforest, beech, hunting valley, grove, barrington tops, national park, HD wallpaper

    • org/ImageObject»>

      forest aerial photography, woods, aerial photography, forest, scotland, loch lomond, trossachs, national park, landscape, nature, tree, outdoors, woodland, conifer, green, spruce, HD wallpaper

    • 2048x1365px

      California, Yosemite National Park, California, Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, forest, PATH, trail, trees, Nature, HD wallpaper

    • 3840x2160px

      dusk, forest, crimea, stones, trunk, alupka, nature, tree, trees, woody plants, crimean peninsula, woodland, vegetation, desert, HD wallpaper

    • 3840x2160px

      nature, forest, woodland, forests, tree, fantasy art, fairy tale art, unicorn, forest path, glow, illustration, fairyland, mythology, HD wallpaper

    • org/ImageObject»>

      mid woods path, revision, path, middle, PA, clinton county, potter county, susquehannock state forest, forrest h. duttlinger natural area, beech, low, hollow, trail, wild woods, hiking, trees, coniferous forest, aging forest, eastern swamps, Tsuga canadensis, undergrowth, ferns, vegetation, footpath, nature, summer, creative domain, forest, tree, woodland, outdoors, leaf, landscape, autumn, scenery, green color, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      woodland, nature, forest, path, forest path, green, vegetation, ramnagar, uttarakhand, tree, india, asia, deciduous, HD wallpaper

    • 1920x1080px

      bench, lone bench, woodland, nature, cairngorms national park, forest, tree, nature reserve, autumn, wilderness, path, uk, scotland, HD wallpaper

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