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Gilligan’s Island (Cayo Aurora) — Guánica, Guánica Municipio

  • «nice tropical fish!»(2 Tips)

    «… can walk for miles in crystal clear water! A lovely spot.»(2 Tips)

    «quiet crow.»(2 Tips)

    «double kayak at Mary lees by the sea»(2 Tips)

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  • tropical
  • scenic views
  • quiet
  • beach
  • snorkeling

  • Amazing little island beach off of caña gorda beach. You catch a ferry and then you can walk for miles, take some kayaks, or just catch some sun. A truly beautiful spot!

  • This will forever be one of my favorite beaches! You have to catch a ferry to get there, but once you’re there, you can walk for miles in crystal clear water! A lovely spot.

  • This is one of the greatest beaches to go to if you want calm and relaxing waters and see nice tropical fish!

  • This key is so beautiful. Nice place to relax. If you want it all for yourself go during the week. The beach is beautiful.

  • Great place for gathering and snorkeling, one of my favorites!

  • It’s exactly what you think an island in the middle of the sea should be. Shoot for the middle of week and off school vacation period for a less crowded and quiet crow.

  • Crystal clear waters. Tropical porn.

  • Great spot, but make sure you bring your food or order delivery with local water taxis

  • Rent a double kayak at Mary lees by the sea so you can toodle around and avoid the ferry

  • Beautiful clear water. Awesome view

  • Resting and relaxing in one of the clearest water in Puerto Rico.

  • Get here. Enjoy. The end.

  • Suuper, super!!!!

  • Una experiencia que tienes que vivir. Ven con tu neverita y pasa un buen dia.

  • La isla es hermosa, perfecta para snorkear! Pero hay que llegar a las 3am para tener un lugar seguro en la lancha!

  • Vale la pena la espera y el madrugar para ir. ¡Espectacular!

  • ~~ Mi Gente, es unas de Las Mejores Playas del Mundo Disfrutén !!!

  • Esto es vida!

  • La mejor playa de PR

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Gilligan’s Island and Guanica, Puerto Rico: Southern Pearls’ Mini GuideLatinAbroad

As crisp autumn breezes slowly start to caress Florida, my heart is inevitably transported back to my favorite hidden gems at home. Inspired by last week’s San Juan day trips, today I write a mini guide for Gilligan’s Island and Guanica, Puerto Rico!

I’ve previously described some of Guanica’s stunning attractions, such as the 4000-hectare UNESCO Guanica Biosphere Reserve and Playa Santa. Yet, I have not introduced you to Guilligan’s Island, one of its beautiful mangrove islands.

Cayo Aurora (as it is also known) is part of the famous Guanica Dry Forest. By taking the public ferry dock, you will find several mini gazebos outfitted with picnic tables. The surrounding shallow waters are perfect for kids and kayaking.

If you walk around the island or have a private boat drop you off elsewhere though, you will find narrow channels and fun currents. While they are not safe for kids, they are a blast to go tubing or swim against if you are fit enough!

How to Get There

The Caribbean beach town of Guanica, the gateway to Gilligan’s Island, is located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. It is an easy 2 to 2.5-hour drive from San Juan–particularly scenic if you take the southern route through Salinas, my personal favorite.

There are several ways to get to Gilligan’s Island proper. You can either hop on the public ferry, go on a long kayak ride or hire a small boat from wandering fisherman.

The easiest wait to get there is by the public ferry though. Boats leave every hour between 9 AM and 5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday (weather permitting). Better yet? The dock is located by the colorful Restaurante San Jacinto, where you can sample authentic Puerto Rican food as you wait for departure.

For the kayak option, stop by the Copamarina Beach Resort, Playa Caña Gorda or Mary Lee’s by the Sea. You will be able to rent kayaks there and ask about safe routes to get to Gilligan. Prices vary, but rule of thumb is to veer away from the resorts and head to the local Caña Gorda beach for more budget-friendly rentals.

Feeling adventurous? Practice your Spanish and haggling skills by talking to local fishermen! My advice if you go down this route though is to get a fisherman boat ride on the way to Gilligan’s Island, but hop on the public ferry back. If you don’t have a local cell phone or contact information of the fisherman, you run the risk of being cast away.

Best Time to Visit Gilligan’s Island and Guanica

Guanica is a popular southern beach town among Puerto Ricans, particularly between the summer months. Subsidized government summer rentals attract many middle-income families.

This explains the many holidays I spent along its coasts during my childhood–and why you should avoid it then as a visitor!

We are lucky to enjoy year-round summers in Puerto Rico, so I recommend avoiding American holidays and local festivities. This way, you’ll be able to soak in the solitude and natural peacefulness these southern pearls have to offer.

Remember: you have to take a boat to Cayo Aurora (Gilligan’s Island). Check the forecast prior to departure and don’t head there if stormy weather is in the horizon. This why I also advise against traveling there during the hurricane season in general, which runs from June to November.

That’s not to say you cannot be graced with sunny days then, though! If you can only visit Puerto Rico during those dates, I say take the risk and go for it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where to Stay and Eat

Puerto Rico is small: about 110 x 32 square miles. It is quite easy to make Gilligan’s Island and Guanica a day trip from anywhere in the island. I personally recommend staying at night or two on the West Coast of Puerto Rico; it is magical!

Unfortunately, it is forbidden to camp at Gilligan’s Island, so you will have to stay on a nearby town. Don’t be disheartened though: there are so many wonderful options!

My favorite overnight spots include Cabo Rojo, Rincon, and Isabela. You could also stay in Guanica proper, booking a night at a local, family-owned parador. Speaking of which, I highly recommend Parador Guanica 1929 by Tropical Inns. My friends and I love its colonial design, fantastic Puerto Rican food, and location in relation to all of Guanica’s attractions (and beyond!).

A short walk or drive from Parador 1929 is Bodega Andreu Sole. A wonderful farm and restaurant, with decent Spanish food and wines. I love the alfresco dining with water views though, totally my favorite! They offer free tours of the grounds and tastings Sundays between 2 and 5 PM as well.

I also recommend the short drive to Rincon for more food options and nightlife. My favorite spot there? Casa Cofresi! It is another good place to stay on the West Coast, in addition to having a good restaurant and lively vibe on weekends. Great place to mingle with locals, too.

Like this Gilligan Island’s Puerto Rico mini guide? PIN IT below!

One last tip! If you have previously visited Puerto Rico, I advise you fly into into Aguadilla airport (BQN) instead of San Juan (SJU). This way, you’ll be right on the West Coast and enjoy the region without a crazy drive through the capital’s metro area 😉

«I cried when I wrote the last episode of Breaking Bad»


Vince Gilligan: I’m very proud of the final eight of the Breaking Bad season. / Photo: Wikipedia

A month later, on September 29, the American TV channel AMC will show the last episode of the most popular series Breaking Bad, which is known in our country as Breaking Bad. On this occasion, the Pioneer summer cinema in Gorky Park on Saturday, August 24, will show the entire first season of the series on the big screen for the first time. Well, in preparation for these two significant events, we talked to the person who came up with Breaking Bad — screenwriter Vince Gilligan. nine0005

— You are said to have wept while writing the last episode of Breaking Bad. Is it really true?

— True. Usually an episode fits on 48-52 pages, and in my opinion, the most recent episode was 51 pages long. I was right in the middle of the last two paragraphs when I suddenly started to sob. And I did not weep at all because of the realization of the perfection of my work. I guess it was rather the realization that I was writing these characters on this TV show with this crew and with these actors that was the last time I was to blame for my tears. It was the culmination of years of insane work, and I was just touched by the thought that we had reached the end together. The realization came that everything was over and that this was the last time I would write the word «The End». nine0005

— Could you compress Breaking Bad into a 2 hour movie?

— This would be a much less global version. It’s great when you have such a wide range of opportunities and time. Completed in every way, the story told in Breaking Bad eventually required more than 62 episodes. It would be impossible to shrink it down to a 2-hour movie. Maybe a 2-hour version could be made out of it, but it would be a completely different beast. And this basically answers the question, what do I mean when, comparing cinema and television, I give the example of apples and oranges. Even with the same tools, the final result in both cases is completely different. That’s why I love TV — for the fact that I and the authors have more time to develop their characters. nine0005

— Your show is often referred to by critics as a «concentration of the aftermath of a midlife crisis». What made you tell this story?

— I was almost 40 when I first thought about the idea of ​​Breaking Bad and I was 40 when we started filming the Season 1 pilot. I already thought about life in terms of «growing up» and «old age», and about everything that I had not yet managed to do in it. I didn’t plan to tell a story about a midlife crisis, but it looks like that’s where I ended up. In the case of Walter White, it’s not his midlife crisis, but rather something else — the end-of-life crisis, because already in episode 1 he discovers that he cannot have any middle age — he is already in end. nine0005

— What can viewers expect from the last eight episodes of Season 5?

— I’m very proud of the final eight of the Breaking Bad season. I have lived in anxiety and worry for the last year or more. Our Scenario Group has been filled with moments of desperation over the past year. Together we lived through the darkest twilights of the soul… dark nights and noons. .. and even dark mornings… We were troubled by the very thought of the possibility of coming to the wrong end. I still get nervous thinking about what the audience will think and how they will react to it. But he suits me. This does not mean that the ending will be positive or tragic. It just suits me. He did not give me without a fight, and for him I am calm. nine0005

At the same time, I want this moment before the TV final episodes to last forever. But of course I dream that people will finally see them, starting to talk about them. I believe that they can expect an extravaganza of pleasure — a real «roller coaster». There will be no time to breathe. I think any showrunner whose work gets even a little attention from the audience feels a similar pressure to complete everything in the best possible way to please them. In general, I am happy with the final of Breaking Bad.


How to drink shnaps — recipes of cocktails, appetizers, feed


  1. How to choose an original product, and not fake
  2. All variety of shnapse types
  3. Fruit
  4. grain
  5. Walnut
  6. Which schnapps is better to choose
  7. August Weinhof (August Weinhof)
  8. Schladerer (Schladerer)
  9. Kammer-Kirsch (Kammer Kirsch)
  10. The history of schnapps
  11. Harm of schnapps and contraindications
  12. Official resource of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Schnapps is the name of a group of strong alcoholic drinks (38-40 ° C) obtained by double distillation of natural fruit or grain decoctions prepared without added sugar or artificial yeast (baker’s yeast, alcoholic yeast). The taste of schnapps is similar to the taste of ordinary fruit or grain moonshine, but with a more pronounced aroma.

Schnapps is most commonly made from cherries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, raspberries, wheat and herbs, and even potatoes. It is believed that the use of wild fruits is more likely to give the drink an original taste and characteristic aroma. There are about 30 different types of schnapps, depending on the ingredients.

Although schnapps is considered Germany’s national spirit, it is mainly produced in the Tyrol region in the Eastern Alps, which is part of Austria. Germany actively promotes schnapps around the world, and many tourists associate schnapps with Germany. The Germans rationalized the production of schnapps so much that there is an academy in the city of Oberkirch to study the recipe. nine0005

In addition to the traditional one, there is another type called «American schnapps», which is produced in North America at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. In fact, this is a liqueur made on the basis of ordinary schnapps. It has nothing to do with the classic German or Austrian drink.

Schnapps is a traditional German fruit moonshine

How to choose an original product, not a fake

The best places to buy groceries are, of course, in Germany and Austria. The highest quality products cost from 10 to 20 euros, while more expensive ones can cost up to 100 euros for 700 ml. Schnapps of the best quality is sold in the Dr. Kochan Schnapskultur» in the capital of Germany. nine0005

High-quality schnapps should be clear and free of sediment (with the exception of some colours). It is characterized by the characteristic taste of the main ingredient and the corresponding aroma.

The whole variety of schnapps

There are many different types of schnapps. It depends on the raw materials used. Traditionally this category of schnapps has been classified as follows


These schnapps are the most popular due to their well balanced taste and aroma. What ingredients are used? Pears, apples, peaches, apricots, etc. Sometimes we combine fruits with each other to create unique «multi-fruit» blends. You can also add herbs and spices to give the dish a special savory taste. nine0005

The Williams fruit variety is used for the production of pear schnapps. However, many producers prefer to mix different types of fruit. Apple schnapps is a staple of the German spirit industry. Depending on the recipe, you can use sweet or sour apples. There are no restrictions. Apricot and peach schnapps are often used in cocktails. They have a mild taste and do not contain alcohol.

The most popular schnapps are made from wild plums. It has the original name Obstler, common in Germany. After consumption, a rich aftertaste of dried fruits remains. nine0005


This category of berry drinks is characterized by a sweeter, richer taste. You can use a variety of berries.

Cherry Schnapps — Kirschwasser (translated as «cherry water») deserves special attention. It is widely used not only for drinking, but also for making desserts. Well-known brands produce schnapps from raspberries, gooseberries, grapes and strawberries.


Schnapps made exclusively from fragrant herbs is rarely found on the market. As a rule, in recipes they are presented as «delicious». However, gourmets love the famous mint schnapps, sour and very fragrant. It is often used in cocktail blends. Herbal schnapps has a bitter aftertaste. It is not always pleasant to drink it in its pure form, and only real lovers of strong drinks enjoy it. The bitterness is similar to the aftertaste of gin. nine0005


Drinks in this category do not strike the imagination of gourmets and taste like unaged homemade beer. Schnapps is made from wheat, rye or corn. It has a maximum strength and a pronounced alcohol aroma, as if the grain whiskey was diluted with water and not yet aged in barrels. It is usually accompanied with a snack while drinking.


Vegetables can also be used to make schnapps. The potato, for example, is a popular drink; it has a sour taste and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Many brands are made in Germany. Beetroot schnapps also deserves attention. It has a nice color and looks great in a glass. Schnapps leaves a characteristic sweet aftertaste. The taste is very reminiscent of Korean Soju. nine0005


Drinks in this category are usually made from hazelnuts. However, there are also schnapps made from several nuts, including walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts. Walnut schnapps has a rich taste and slight bitterness.

Schnapps made from different herbs, fruits and vegetables

Which schnapps to choose

August Weinhof

Pear, apricot, raspberry and plum schnapps from Williamsbirnen in Austria. Only the ripest fruits are used and no sugar is added during fermentation. The alcohol is aged for another two years, after which it is diluted with mountain water and bottled. August Weinhof has a mild, fruity taste with hints of honey. The alcohol content in it is 38%. nine0005


This is a typical German Schladerer made from Black Forest cherries. The distillery of this company was founded in 1844, which makes it the oldest producer of this liqueur. Since then, Schladerer has adhered to the traditional recipe and uses only local varieties of cherries as ingredients.

We love our pear schnapps just as passionately and choose only Williams barn. The plum variety is made from the «Honey» variety, a dark cherry that grows only in Baden-Württemberg. That is why the price of Schröder Schnapps is twice that of other companies. nine0005


This is a German brand of cherry schnapps. It is made from spontaneously fermented local cherries. The wort is distilled twice and then aged in a cool cellar. It has a complex taste with hints of cherry, chocolate and almonds. We also make Williams Birn pear, apple and raspberry schnapps. Schnapps is 40% ABV.


Austrian schnapps with nuts from the manufacturer of the same name. Taste of hazelnuts, white chocolate and wafers. This manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of its products, which has helped it become a premium brand of spirits. The strength of this liquor is 36%. The brand also offers a range of pear, apricot, plum, raspberry and cherry schnapps. nine0005


Apricot schnapps from the Austrian company Marillenschnaps. It is made from sugar cane, as well as from the pulp of apricot kernels. Apricot schnapps has a bright fruity aroma and a pleasant smooth taste. It is ideal in cocktails and as a clean refreshing drink. Marillen Schnapps also produces its own pear, plum and raspberry schnapps. Strength is 38%.

Schnee Jager

Apple, pear, alice, plum and raspberry schnapps from the German manufacturer Handelshof NF & MS. A distinctive feature of this brand of spirits is slow distillation. Of course, its production takes time, but the sensual quality is worth it. The taste is round and pleasant, with a touch of fruity brightness. The intensity is 38%. The brand also produces herb schnapps called «Bavarian Bitter». nine0005

Beveland Schnapps Liqueur

Mainly used in cocktails. Of course, drinking premium schnapps for cocktails is a real crime. After all, manufacturers have spent years perfecting their recipes to create the perfect taste. American and Spanish schnapps, which are closer to liqueurs, are more suitable for this purpose. In cocktails, they give a bright palette of flavors and sweetness. An excellent choice is the Spanish liqueur Beveland Schnapps. This is the one most often used by bartenders. The range of flavors is quite wide: peach, mango, apple, mint, cinnamon, melon, vanilla, strawberry, banana, lemon, caramel and fig (fig). nine0005

How to drink schnapps

Schnapps is drunk in small portions of 20-30 ml in a regular glass. To experience the taste of schnapps, fruits (cherry, peach, pear, etc.) are served at a temperature of 16-20°C. First, slowly inhale the vapors of alcohol, then tip the glass. Grains that do not have their own taste should be served chilled. Schnapps is served with fruit, Bavarian sausages, frankfurters and herring.

German tradition: to eat schnapps with potatoes, meat or sausages and wash it down with beer. nine0005

Another option is to put a piece of schnapps fruit into a brandy glass and fill it to the top. Take it out of the glass and smell it before tasting. You drink schnapps and pick fruit in a glass. In Hamburg and Hannover, schnapps is often drunk with unfiltered white beer. However, this combination can quickly intoxicate. Therefore, if the schnapps is too strong, it is better to dilute it not with beer, but with mineral water or fruit juice.

What to eat

Of course, fruits are also good, but such an accompaniment will not be superfluous, so the Germans did not limit themselves to eating pears or apple slices. Schnapps can be served with cold appetizers, hot appetizers and even main courses. It is versatile enough to be used as an aperitif, an after-dinner drink, or even a table drink. nine0005

By the way, for many people it is more attractive than vodka. Today, some people try to make their own schnapps, often with success.


Schnapps is traditionally served in a small brandy glass. First you need to inhale the aroma, and then gradually drink the contents of the glass. It’s sweet, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Some compare it to the sweetness of sambuca.

Drunken fruit

A piece of fruit is placed at the bottom of the glass, from which the drink is prepared, and schnapps is poured on it. Before use, remove the distilled fruit with a skewer, inhale its aroma, drink the contents of the glass and pick up the «drunk» fruit. nine0005

Diluted Schnapps

Schnapps can be diluted with mineral water or fruit juice to reduce the strength of the schnapps.

Extreme method

This is a popular method in Hamburg. The meaning of this method is that schnapps should be washed down with beer. However, different types of schnapps require different types of beer. Pear schnapps goes well with light beers, cherry schnapps with dark beers, and apple schnapps with light beers.

Schnapps can also be used in some cocktails

Simple cocktails

Schnapps is rarely used in cocktails. However, here are some interesting recipes to get you started.

Schnapps + Cola

Pour 180 ml cola and 44 ml schnapps into a highball glass. Serve with ice in a glass if desired.

Schnapps + tea

Make your favorite iced tea in a bottle. Add to it 30 ml of peach schnapps and 60 ml of vodka. To prevent the drink from becoming too sweet, add a couple of lemon slices and half a peach slice for texture. nine0005

Schnapps + hot chocolate

Heat a glass (240 ml) of skimmed or whole milk in a saucepan over low heat. While constantly stirring the milk, add 150 g of chopped chocolate. Keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted.

Reduce heat to medium and add 3 more cups (710 ml) of milk of your choice. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. This is due to the fact that chocolate can burn. Then pour the hot chocolate into a small heatproof glass and add 30 ml mint schnapps. nine0005

More complex schnapps cocktails and drinks

In cooking, schnapps is used in desserts and some cocktails. It is the basis for soft and light drinks.

Drunken Watermelon


  • Watermelon.
  • Fruit Schnapps — 20 ml
  • Ice.

This cocktail is made by crushing a piece of the berry of the same name with ice and pouring fruit schnapps.

Fruit Hans


  • Fruit schnapps — 30 ml
  • Cereal schnapps — 30 ml
  • Any fruit juice — 20 ml
  • Citrus liqueur — 10 ml

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake well and drink.

Sex on the beach


  • Persian shnaps — 20 ml
  • vodka — 40 ml
  • Citrus freshness — 40 ml
  • Cranberry juice — 40 ml
  • Creamy liquor — 20 ml

Stir everything together, pour into a glass and decorate the cocktail with a cherry.

Screwdriver with gin


  • Peach Schnapps — 20 ml
  • Gin — 20 ml
  • Orange juice At the end of the cocktail, garnish with an orange slice.

    Effervescent Navel (Effervescent Navel)


    • Vodka — 15 ml
    • Peach Schnapps — 30 ml
    • Orange juice — 120 ml

    Pour all ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake. Stir, pour into a glass and garnish with an orange slice.

    Electric Blue Margarita


    • Kuantro liquor-20 ml
    • Jose Cuerver Tequila-20 ml
    • Persian shnaps-10 ml
    • Likex of Blue Cupher

    Pour all ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake. After mixing all the ingredients, filter the liquid. Garnish with a slice of lemon when serving. nine0005

    Absolute stress


    • vodka — 30 ml
    • ROM — 30 ml
    • Persian shnaps — 15 ml
    • Cranberry juice — 60 ml
    • Pineapple juice — 30 ml

    Cool water and ROM, COLLICA Pour into a cocktail bowl, add juice and mix well.

    Toffee Hill

    Cocktail Ingredients:

    • Irish Cream Liqueur — 45 ml
    • Coffee Liqueur — 45 ml
    • Caramel Schnapps — 45 ml
    • Milk — 60 ml
    • Caramel.

    Place all ingredients in a blender, add ice and blend until smooth. Serve in a Collins glass, drizzled with caramel sauce. This cocktail has a pleasant delicate texture and the same light caramel flavor.

    Schnapps cocktails are very strong



    • Amaretto liqueur — 15g
    • Peach schnapps — 15g
    • Raspberry liqueur — 15g
    • Orange Juice — 60g
    • Cranberry Juice — 60g
    • Sprite — 15g

    Combine all ingredients except soda in a shaker, shake, pour into glass and add Sprite. Garnish the cocktail with mint and sip a little through a straw.

    Devil dog from mountain


    • Gene — 30 g
    • vodka — 30 g
    • Persian shnaps — 30 g
    • Durnish juice — 30 g
    • Orange juice — 30 g
    • Grenadine syrup — 15 g

    Combine all the ingredients for the Future cocktail in a shaker, mix well and strain. Pour the resulting liquid into a bowl, add crushed ice and garnish with cherries.

    Gilligana island


    • Vodka — 30 g
    • Persian shnaps — 30 g
    • Orange juice — 90 g
    • Cranberry juice — 90 g 9004

    Mix the increditers in the Hordial Condemns . Garnish with an orange, pineapple or cherry slice. nine0005

    Yamaisky Sunrise


    • Vodka — 60 g
    • Persian shnaps — 60 g
    • Orange juice — 135 g
    • Brusnice juice — 15 g

    Combine all incredents in shakeshel and well and well, well, well -free stir. This cocktail is perfect for summer parties.

    Snow Valley

    This product contains the following ingredients

    • Cream — 30 ml
    • Any fruit schnapps — 60 ml
    • Ice cream — 2 scoops
    • Mint liqueur — 15 ml

    Pour all liquid ingredients into a shaker and shake. Place two scoops of ice cream in the bottom of a wide glass. Pour the dessert over the cocktail and garnish with a mint leaf and a slice of fruit when serving.

    Brandy and Schnapps


    • Brandy — 10 ml
    • Peach Schnapps — 10 ml
    • Apple Juice — 10 ml

    Pour all ingredients into a shot glass in layers and garnish with whipped cream and berries. nine0005

    Shooting Star


    • Caramel Schnapps — 30 ml
    • Baileys — 20 ml

    Pour the cocktail into the glass in two layers, first the Schnapps and then the Baileys.

    Bartender’s Breakfast

    What you need:

    • Peach Schnapps — 30ml
    • Eggnog — 20ml

    Pour the peach schnapps into a shot glass and carefully «drop» the liquor on top of it.

    Cough tablets


    • Caramel Schnapps — 30 ml
    • Mint Liqueur — 20 ml

    Pour the schnapps into the glass and pour in the second layer of mint liqueur. The density of the schnapps allows the liquor to rise to the surface. A variation is to use vodka instead of schnapps, in which case mint liqueur is used for the first layer. It is decorated with mint leaves and herbs.

    Pure schnapps is poured into special glasses

    The history of schnapps

    It is difficult to determine the exact origin of this drink, since it began to be produced simultaneously in three neighboring countries: Germany (where German schnapps is still very popular), Switzerland and Austria. And it is in the latter country that this drink is a local favorite. nine0005

    Austria’s perfect combination of cold weather and sunshine allows fruit with high acidity and aroma to be grown. Most Austrian fruits do not have the sweetness of sugar when undiluted.

    Like the Czech national drink Becherovka, schnapps has gained popularity due to its medicinal properties. Since undistilled water made people sick, the Austrians turned the fruit into alcohol.

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