Caguas puerto rico: 13 Best Things to Do in Caguas in 2023

13 Best Things to Do in Caguas in 2023

Located in the mountain center of the island and known as the heart of Puerto Rico, there are a lot of awesome things to do in Caguas.

Though not frequented by travelers, Caguas is just a short ride from San Juan. It’s home to museums, outdoor parks, and some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico.

I’m a Puerto Rico local that’s been to the city, and I can promise you that if you’re looking for Puerto Rico cities to explore outside San Juan, Caguas has plenty to offer. In this article, we’ll go through the very best things to do in Caguas!

Table of Contents

  • 13 Best Things to Do in Caguas
    • Plaza Santiago R. Palmer
    • Paseo de las Artes Abelardo Díaz Alfaro
    • Herminio Torres Grillo Tobacco Museum
    • Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas
    • Caguas History Museum
    • F.O.K. Brewing Company
    • The Sangria Factory
    • Caguas Real Golf & Country Club
    • Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe
    • Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesus
    • Museo de Arte – Casa Amarilla Dra Concha Meléndez
    • El Salto San Salvador Waterfall
    • Teatro Luis M. Arcelay
  • FAQs About Things to Do in Caguas
    • What is Caguas Puerto Rico known for?
    • Does Caguas have a beach?
    • How is the weather in Caguas Puerto Rico?
    • Is Caguas a good place to live?

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13 Best Things to Do in Caguas

Plaza Santiago R. Palmer

Enjoy a snack while listening to music in the town square

📍 Google Maps 

Caguas’ main plaza is not only beautiful, but it’s also home to frequent festivities the whole family can enjoy.

In and around the plaza you’ll find multiple food kiosks where you can enjoy some of the best Puerto Rico foods like a piña colada in la Almendrita or a warm coffee in Café Palmer. The plaza also has a carousel your toddlers will love! And, every Saturday you’ll find live music in the town square.

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Paseo de las Artes Abelardo Díaz Alfaro

Eat, dance, and buy local crafts at this popular promenade

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) -653-8833 x1800 | Hours: 6 pm – 11 pm third Saturday and last Friday of the month | Entrance: Free

Paseo de las Artes is a promenade in Caguas where multiple cultural activities take place. If you’re an art lover, then you’ll especially enjoy Paseo de Los Artistas on the third Saturday of the month. This activity in Paseo de las Artes brings together dozens of local artists, musicians, dancers, and performers. 

On the last Friday of the month, foodies can attend Al Fresco Culinary Show. Also a cultural activity, Al Fresco Culinary Show has food as the main attraction of the night.

Herminio Torres Grillo Tobacco Museum

Learn about Puerto Rican tobacco history at this museum

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 744-2960 | Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Tue-Sat, Closed Sundays and Mondays | Entrance: Free

If you’re interested in the history of Puerto Rico’s tobacco production and want to check out Puerto Rico’s museums, then make a stop at the Tobacco Museum of Caguas.  

This small museum in the city of Caguas is the only one dedicated to tobacco making in Puerto Rico. Besides learning about the production of tobacco, visitors will also get to see the relationship between Cuban and Puerto Rican tobacco. Cigars are sold as souvenirs here.

Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas

Stroll in a peaceful garden in the middle of the metropolitan area

(photo: Euri Rivera / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 653-0470 | Website | Hours: 10 am – 3 pm We-Fri, 10 am – 4 pm, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays | Entrance: $5, adults, $3 under 12 

The Botanic Garden of Caguas is a great place for people looking for a getaway from the city. The 67 acres of land host beautiful green scenery with endemic trees. 

The garden also has a lake, the ruins of a Spanish plantation, and Taino petroglyphs. Pet lovers can visit with their dogs as long as they are on a leash.

🚗 How to Get There: Although public transportation does reach Caguas, renting a car in Puerto Rico allows you to explore with flexibility. Discover Cars lets you find the best car rental deals in Puerto Rico.

Caguas History Museum

Immerse yourself in Caguas and Puerto Rico’s history

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 744-8833| Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Tue-Fri, Closed Mon-Wed | Entrance: Free

The Caguas History Museum is located in a historical building from 1887 that’s listed in the National Register of Historic Sites of the United States. This museum has multiple exhibition rooms that narrate the history of Puerto Rico and Caguas from pre-Columbian to the modern era. 

The Caguas History Museum also narrates how Puerto Rican identity and culture came to be. History lovers can take a guided tour to explore this hidden gem close to the city hall.

F.O.K. Brewing Company

Enjoy tap beer in one of Puerto Rico’s most popular brewing companies

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (939) 437-0365 | Website | Hours: 4 pm – 11 pm Wed-Thurs, 3 pm – 11 pm Fri-Sat, 1 pm – 9 pm Sun, Closed Mon-Tues | 👉 Book a Tour on Viator

If you’re more of a tap beer lover than a sangria connoisseur, then head over to F. O.K. Brewing Company, one of the most popular places to visit in Caguas. 

This brewery sports more than 18 flavors for beer lovers including one of the original names of the city, Caguax. On Fridays, the location boasts a lively atmosphere with live music and food trucks, with security all over the area.

The Sangria Factory

Get a taste of Puerto Rico’s most awarded sangría

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 747-0000 | Hours: 12 pm – 5 pm Saturday, Closed to the public the rest of the week 

If you’re a connoisseur or mixology enthusiast, then you’ll have plenty of things to do in Caguas. One of the stops you need to make is at The Sangria Factory, a tasting room for Sangría Los Hermanos. 

This homemade sangría has more than 12 refreshing flavors like coconut, passion fruit, and grape. Visitors can enjoy their preferred flavor and a variety of snacks when visiting The Sangria Factory.

Caguas Real Golf & Country Club

Conquer this golf course in the countryside of Caguas

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 653-4653 | Website | Hours: 6 am – 6:30 pm daily, Closed Mondays 

Hidden in the countryside of Caguas, Caguas Real Golf & Country Club offers golfing fans a discreet and relaxing place to practice their skills. The golf course has 18 holes among lakes and trees, all surrounded by a landscape of mountains. 

The site has a driving range for practice, an on-site restaurant, and a golf shop. This parkland-style course is budget-friendly so it’s a great option for visitors doing Puerto Rico on a budget.

Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe

Explore a world of science interactive exhibitions with your kids

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 653-6391 | Website | Hours: 12 pm – 5 pm Thur-Sat, Closed Sun-Wed | Entrance: $9-14, adults, $7-12 under 12 depending on package 

The Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe is a science museum in Caguas worth visiting with your kids. This large museum boasts an impressive structure with interactive exhibitions about science, space, and sustainability. 

One of the main attractions of the museum is its large theater. The building also has a green roof with great views of the surroundings. You can find out about events and workshops on the museum’s social media.

Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesus

Admire a historical cathedral in the town center

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 743- 4311 | Website | Hours: 8 am – 12 pm Tue-Sat, Closed Sun-Mon 

The Dulce Nombre de Jesus Cathedral is a beautiful church across the main town square of Caguas which hosts the remains of the beatified Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. 

The current structure dates back to 1930 when a second tower was added to the original 1830s structure. The cathedral’s facade boasts a neogothic style with multiple arches. The interior is somewhat simple, but it hides beautiful mosaics worth seeing.

👉 Not sure what to bring? My Puerto Rico packing list will make sure you have everything you need for a great trip!

Museo de Arte – Casa Amarilla Dra Concha Meléndez

Tour this small museum with a legacy of Puerto Rican art

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 258-3505 | Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Tue-Sat, Closed Sun-Mon 

One of the best gems of Caguas is the Art Museum of Caguas. Although small, this museum hosts a permanent exhibition with great pieces from Caguas and Puerto Rican artists that highlight the culture and history of the country. 

Inside Caguas Art Museum, you’ll also find an exhibition hall with a temporary exhibition that change every six months.

El Salto San Salvador Waterfall

Hike through the forest until finding a unique waterfall

📍 Google Maps 

While it’s true that Caguas is a concrete jungle, it hides some natural treasures like El Salto San Salvador Waterfall. One of the unique waterfalls of Puerto Rico, El Salto offers a waterfall adventure for the complete family. 

Getting there is a challenge due to the uneven terrain, but travelers can take a waterfall tour with Rocaliza Adventure Tours. El Salto is located inside the Carite Rainforest where you can do rappelling, rock climbing, or enjoy the rainforest zipline park.

Teatro Luis M. Arcelay

Watch a play in this historical theater

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 746-4354

Founded in 1912, the Luis M. Arcelay theater is a charming small theater perfect to enjoy a play while you’re visiting Caguas. The theater presents plays almost all weekends and is home to multiple festivals throughout the year. 

Most of these festivals are free and open to all public. You can find upcoming events and calendars on Caguas city’s social media.

FAQs About Things to Do in Caguas

What is Caguas Puerto Rico known for?

Caguas is known for being home to the Botanical Garden of Caguas, as well as multiple shopping malls and museums. The city is also known as the center and heart of Puerto Rico for its geographic location.

Does Caguas have a beach?

Caguas doesn’t have a beach as it isn’t on the coast. Caguas is located to the south of San Juan and the cities bordering it include Trujillo Alto, Gurabo, San Lorenzo, Aguas Buenas, Cidra, and Cayey.

How is the weather in Caguas Puerto Rico?

Caguas sports tropical weather. It rains frequently during the year and the average temperature is over the 33°F. The temperatures during the winter are colder and the average rainfall diminishes from January to March. See my guide on the best time to visit Puerto Rico.

Is Caguas a good place to live?

Caguas is an overall safe city to live in. The city has many amenities and it’s centrally located among main Puerto Rico cities and just a short ride from Old San Juan. Caguas boasts both a metropolitan and a mountainous side with plenty of places to visit.


Thanks for reading my itinerary with all the amazing things to do in Caguas, one of the best Puerto Rico cities. If you’re wondering what else you can do while visiting the island, here is my pick of the top sites in Puerto Rico you can’t miss.

Enjoy Caguas!

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I have lived in Caguas since I was 2 years old. Caguas is a very beautiful and safe place. The town’s plaza is always lighted up and families go there to have fun and watch movies. Also, on the last Friday of the month, there is a public gathering were craftsmen and food kiosks. The city has a lot of shopping centers but the main one is Las Catalinas. Caguas has sports representation. Caguas volleyball team, Las Criollas, are the 4-time winner of the La Liga superior de Voleibol Femenino. The baseball team won in 2018. The town is very family-friendly. Caguas has a botanical garden, which is very beautiful.

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Caguas is a modern town, is like an small metroploitan area. Everything its close and you can have access to restaurants, malls, parks and a variety of places for entretaiment.

Caguas is nearly at the center of Puerto Rico, and I live at the perfect spot as well. It’s neither too rural nor too urban. You have everything close by, and, minus a few incidents, it’s quite peaceful and accessible.

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Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real

3 stars

Hotel in Caguas

Surrounded by lush mountains, this hotel is located in Caguas, Puerto Rico, just a short drive from downtown San Juan.
The room met and exceeded my expectations. King bed was comfy, a lot of room space and a modern bathroom. First floor gym was a plus to get a quick workout. I only ate once at the hotel, I had the sautéed veggies and a Moscow Mule. Also, you have the casino right next door.




570 reviews

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per night

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Gavidia Guest House


San Lorenzo (Near Caguas)

Located in San Lorenzo, Alojamientos casa de Campo is 46 km from El Morro Mountain. It features a shared lounge and free WiFi.
Overall service was excellent!




144 reviews

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per night

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Gurabo (Near Caguas)

Set 44 km from Fort San Felipe del Morro, 35 km from Fort Buchannan and 37 km from Sagrado Corazon Station, SLEEPS 12! CLOSE TO BEACHES/RESTAURANTS/ATTRACT offers accommodation located in Gurabo.


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€ 241

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Hacienda Cerro Gordo casa de campo

San Lorenzo (Near Caguas)

Boasting a hot tub, Hacienda Cerro Gordo casa de campo is set in San Lorenzo.




2 reviews

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per night

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Cabaña Recordando El Ayer

San Lorenzo (Near Caguas)

Located in San Lorenzo, 49 km from Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, 47 km from Fort Buchannan and 49 km from Sagrado Corazon Station, Cabaña Recordando El Ayer provides accommodation with a balcony and…


Price from

€ 264

per night

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Casa di Alma and Casa Alpina PR


Cidra (Near Caguas)

Located in Cidra, 43 km from Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and 50 km from Fort San Felipe del Morro, Casa di Alma y Casa Alpina PR features accommodation with access to a garden with a terrace.


Check Availability

Hacienda Elena Paraiso Tropical


Juncos (Near Caguas)

Hacienda Elena Paraíso Tropical is located in Juncos. It features an outdoor pool, garden and terrace. San Juan is 44 km from the property.




4 Reviews

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casitas de village

Carolina (Near Caguas)

Located in Carolina, 22 km from Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and 28 km from Fort San Felipe del Morro, las casitas de village provides accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning, an outdoor…




4 reviews

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Large 2-story mountain home sleeps 11

Guaynabo (Near Caguas)

Large 2-story mountain home sleeps 11, a property with a terrace, is set in Guaynabo, 19 km from Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, 24 km from Fort San Felipe del Morro, as well as 12 km from Fort. ..


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El Verjel del Encanto w Jacuzzi/ Enchanted Garden

Guaynabo (Near Caguas)

Located in Guaynabo in the North Puerto Rico region, El Verjel del Encanto w Jacuzzi/ Enchanted Garden has a patio and mountain views.


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€ 96

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