On the border puerto rico: ON THE BORDER MEXICAN GRILL — CLOSED — Ramal 8, San Juan, Puerto Rico

On The Border (Now Closed)

36 Tips and reviews

  • The 2 waitress that served us were really nice and always looked if we needed anything. Really good service. Found us a table really fast.

  • I hated when they closed the one located in Plaza Escorial. I love the These nachos! 😋👌

  • Excellent Sangría Margaritas.

  • Love the Bigbordorito! The best!

  • Awesome food and coronamargaritas!!! 2×1 on wednesday and thursday!

  • Margaritas are fucking weak. The food is great especially the queso fundido.

  • Patience with some of their wait staff… Zero floor awareness and little charisma to compensate.

  • Loved their Margarita’s and the Chicken Quesadillas

  • Generic but an option for afterwork drinks with friends.

  • 2 for 1 happy hour…load up on your margaritas and coronas from 5-8 pm.

  • Fish tacos Again & Again !!!

  • Awesome happy hour. Maragaritas 2 for 1

  • Good for a Margarita or two, but the food won’t be memorable.

  • Borderitas are the bomb!

  • Guacamole Live!!!


  • Best Margaritas!

  • Nice tortilla soup

  • Good margaritas.

  • Guacamole live is a must!

  • Mecican mojitos, nice.

  • Mexican nom nom nom!!!

  • Try Chicken Tortilla Soup!!

  • Melt Tacos!!!

  • Las mejores margaritas, buen ambiente y «crea tu combo» me encanta (es la mejor opción para comer entre dos). ..

  • Buena atención, buenos precios. Prueba el «Guacomole Live»!

  • Todo, especialmente el Guacamole live

  • Tienen que probar el queso fundido con pollo o chorizo!!

  • Siempre esta bien lleno. Últimamente el aguacate esta verde y el guacamole aunq es el mejor queda rancio.

  • Las margaritas saben a Smirnoff pero se pasa bien.

  • El 2×1 es espectacular

  • Si te gusta lo picante pide la bandera!!!!!!!

  • Margaritas 2×1 miercoles y jueves de 6pm-10pm

  • Buen ambiente!! Margaritas caras!!!

  • Doble fish tacos 🙏🙌

  • No vengan a ese lugar jamas! el servicio es pesimo ! Los gerenciales tienen problemas de actitud, los meseros mediocres y los de seguridad ni hablar. Mejor vayan a la frontera

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Shootout off the coast of Puerto Rico leaves one CBP agent dead and 2 others injured, agency says

US Customs and Border Patrol agents stand outside Centro Médico de Río Piedras where injured agents were taken following a shootout on November 17, 2022, off the coast of Puerto Rico. 



One US Customs and Border Protection agent is dead and two others injured after a shootout with suspected drug smugglers off the coast of Puerto Rico, according to agency spokesperson Jeffrey Quiñones.

“An agent that was transported directly to a hospital in Mayagüez, we were told just a few minutes ago, they have confirmed he has passed away. We cannot provide any other details on the agent until family is notified,” Quiñones said.

The three agents were patrolling off the coast on Thursday morning when they encountered a suspected smuggling vessel, according to agency. The situation escalated when the agents received gunfire, and in the shootout, one agent was killed and two others were injured, the agency said.

One suspected smuggler died and another was arrested, the agency said. The nationalities of the suspects were not provided by authorities.

As of Thursday evening, three people are in custody pending federal charges, said Joseph Gonzalez, the special agent in charge of the San Juan FBI field office. No further details were made available regarding the type of charges or the nationalities of the individuals.

The identities of the agents have not been made public.

Jeffrey Quiñones, public affairs specialist for US Customs and Border Protection, speaks to the media on November 17, 2022, off the coast of Puerto Rico.


The two surviving agents are being treated in Puerto Rico for multiple gunshot wounds, according to Dr. Israel Ayala, medical director of Puerto Rico’s Medical Services Administration.

“One of them was immediately admitted to the stabilization unit and is being treated by emergency physicians and trauma surgeons,” Ayala told CNN in a statement. “Meanwhile, the other agent is in an area that we call minor surgery and is also being evaluated and treated by the emergency room and trauma services.”

Ayala also said that the hospitalized agents are receiving the attention they require and their progress will be observed for the next 24 hours.

Gonzalez said that one agent is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers he was briefed on the situation Thursday morning and offered prayers for the agents and their families.

“We pray for the family of the officer who lost his life and we pray for the swift recovery of those who have been injured,” Mayorkas said during a Senate panel on worldwide threats.

The FBI and Homeland Security Investigations are looking into the incident.

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CNN’s Amir Vera contributed to this report.

Puerto Rico Weather Today, Puerto Rico Weather Today, Pando Department, Bolivia



+27 80

Feels +30 85

Sat, 24 Dec




VS, 25 Dec




40.9 mm

2 00

5 00


000 9000

2 11 00

14 00

17 00

20 00

23 00





+349000 + +2882


Wind speed, m/ckm/h

2-9 7-32

1-10 4-36

2-8 7-29

3-5 3-6 11-22

2-7 7-25

1-4 4-14

2-10 7-36

precipitation, mm

Print . ..

Wind, M/SCM/h

SB, 24 Dec

Sun, 25

2 00

5 00 00

8 00

11 00 3

14 00

17 00

20 00 3

23 00


Pressure, MM HHC. hPa

Sat, Dec 24, today

Sun, 25

2 00

5 00

8 00

11 00 00

14 00

00 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 00









Humidity, 00000078 Sun, 25

2 00

5 00

8 00

11 00 00

14 00

00 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 00









Sun and Moon

SB, December 24, today

Sun, 25,0003

Longitutes of the longitude : 12 h 46 min

Sunrise — 6:06

Sunset — 18:53

Today is the same day as yesterday

The moon is growing, 8%

Sunset — 20:32 (December 24)

Sunrise — 8:21 9002 Full Moon-January 6, after 13 days

Geomagnetic activity, KP-index

SB, 24 Dec, today

Sun, 25

2 00 2 5 00

8 00 9000

11 00

14 00

17 00

20 00 3

23 00









Rio Branco




Cobija / Capt. 0003












Puerto Rico — InoTV Tags

December 2022

An Arizona environmental organization has filed a lawsuit against the United States authorities for expanding the shipping channels of the San Juan Bay to accommodate large tankers that will serve the new liquefied natural gas terminal, ABC News reports. The Center for Biological Diversity claims that the project will negatively affect the flora and fauna of Puerto Rico’s largest bay. nine0003
ABC News

The radio telescope, famous for a number of scientific discoveries and the appearance in the James Bond movie of the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, collapsed «unplanned», reports La Tercera. Astronomers and scientists around the world called the collapse «an absolute disaster» and «a sad day for astronomy. »

La Tercera

It will be extremely difficult to fully restore the regions of the United States affected by Hurricane Ian, given the total area and scale of destruction. This was warned on CNBC by retired Lieutenant General Russell Honore, who in 2005 coordinated military-assisted rescue operations after Hurricane Katrina dealt a devastating blow to New Orleans.


Due to the strong winds and heavy rains that Hurricane Ian brought to Cuba, electrical networks were damaged in many areas — and this led to the fact that the main power system of the island was completely disconnected. As a result, about 11 million people were left without electricity last night, according to WION. Currently, restoration work is underway to gradually restore power supply.

nine0396 September 28, 2022 WION

In 2017, after the devastating Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico, US President Donald Trump made an offer to sell the island, writes The New York Times, citing Elaine Duke, who at that time was acting secretary of homeland security. She also noted that initially the head of the White House thought more like a businessman.

nine0402 July 13, 2020 New York Times

In the business center of Miami, office workers massively evacuated from high-rise buildings: powerful tremors became the reason, ABC News reports. According to the channel, the epicenter of the earthquake was located hundreds of kilometers from Florida — between Cuba and Jamaica.

ABC News

nine0002 The Pentagon intends to redirect about $ 770 million, which should have gone to the construction and modernization of military facilities in Europe, designed to protect US allies from a «possible Russian attack.» These funds will be spent on a wall on the border with Mexico, the construction of which is lobbied by Donald Trump, writes The Washington Post.

Washington Post

In one of the new episodes of The Simpsons, the creators of the animated series showed a fictional scene where Donald Trump is trying to bribe Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is heading the Russian dossier investigation, with a «huge bribe».

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