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Restaurante El Jibarito — La Voz Latina

La comida es una forma de arte y los propietarios del restaurante El Jibarito Nuyorican, Melissa y Luis Hernández, vieron esta conexión como una oportunidad para incluir un mural que representa la cultura y los ideales de su restaurante. Los Hernández llevaron a cabo un concurso para que los artistas locales presentaran su trabajo y crearan un mural que representara al Restaurante El Jibarito y al origen puertorriqueño de sus dueños anteriores además de su actual propietaria Melissa.

De los numerosos artistas que contactaron a Melissa Hernández, fue Zuleika Miranda, nativa de Puerto Rico, la seleccionada para pintar el mural. Varias exhibiciones de arte comunitario como The Ware Center, Community Room on King y Station One Center for the Arts han presentado el trabajo de Miranda.

Miranda también recibió ayuda de su hermano, Edgardo Santiago, en el mural. Santiago contribuyó al borrador inicial que presentó Miranda, lo que le permitió expresar su amor subyacente por el arte.

“Mi estilo como artista varía,” dijo Miranda a La Voz Latina. “Me apasiona usar mi arte para representar mi cultura,” agregó.

Antes de comprar el restaurante, Hernández pasó un año trabajando con sus dueños originales para aprender el negocio y comprender lo que se necesita para comprometerse con el restaurante. Hernández compró el restaurante en noviembre del 2020 y desde entonces ha cambiado sus horarios de servicio, los elementos del menú e incluyó a su familia en el negocio.

“Mi padre fue una inspiración para mí,” dijo Hernández a La Voz Latina, “Esto será en honoraélyatodoloquehahechopornosotros.”

El Jibarito sirve comida auténtica puertorriqueña que hace la comida perfecta para cualquier momento del día. La cercanía y la energía que aporta la familia El Jibarito aseguran que cada cliente obtenga una comida de alta calidad a un excelente precio.

Manteniéndose fiel a sus raíces neoyorquinas, Melissa Hernández eligió incluir Nuyorican en el nombre del restaurante; sin embargo, Hernández sigue orgullosa de haber crecido en Lancaster.

Hernández también aporta la propiedad del restaurante a sus hijos, Stephanie, Desmond y Sophia.

“Ellos son mi cimiento y me apoyaron con esta decisión de seguir este sueño para mi familia,” agregó Hernández.


Food is a known art form, and El Jibarito Nuyorican Restaurant owners Melissa and Luis Hernandez saw this connection as an opportunity to include a mural that represents their restaurant’s culture and ideals. The Hernandez’s held a contest for local artists to submit their work and create a mural that embodied El Jibarito Restaurant and its Puerto Rican background from the previous owners in addition to its current owner Melissa.

Of the numerous artists that contacted Melissa Hernandez, Zuleika Miranda, a Puerto Rican native, was selected to paint the mural. Several community art exhibits such as The Ware Center, Community Room on King, and Station One Center for the Arts have featured Miranda’s work.

Miranda also received help from her brother, Edgardo Santiago, on the mural. Santiago contributed to the initial sketch that Miranda laid out, allowing him to express his underlying love for art.

“My style as an artist ranges,” said Miranda to La Voz Latina. “I’m passionate about using my art to represent my culture,” she added.

Before purchasing the restaurant, Hernandez spent a year working with its original owners to learn the business and understand what it takes to commit to the restaurant. Hernandez purchased the restaurant in November of 2020 and has since then changed its hours of service, menu items and included her family in running the business.

“My father was an inspiration to me,” said Hernandez to La Voz Latina, “This will be in honor of him and all that he’s done for us.”

El Jibarito makes authentic Puerto Rican food that make the perfect meal for any time of the day. The closeness and energy that the El Jibarito family brings ensure that every customer is getting a high-quality meal at a great price.

Staying true to her New York roots, Melissa Hernandez chose to include Nuyorican in the restaurant’s name; however, Hernandez is still proud to have grown up in Lancaster City.

Hernandez also contributes her ownership of the restaurant to her children, Stephanie, Desmond, and Sophia.

“They are my rock and supported me with this decision to pursue my dream for my family,” Hernandez added.

Food Journeys: Puerto Rican Food Experience in El Jibarito Restaurante

Aside from Forts that are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other remarkable landmarks along its streets, Old San Juan is also a foodies’ heaven.  From authentic Puerto Rican food to Spanish inspired and international fares even food trucks, every corner and every turn has its own culinary delights.  There are budget dining options to upscale restaurants that will fit anyone’s budget.

Since I only have limited time in every place that I visit, I’ve looked up the internet to help me plan my wandering around the streets of Old San Juan more effective and efficient.   I searched for a place where to eat affordable authentic Puerto Rican food and most reviews led me to El Jibarito Restaurante.

But first, what is Puerto Rican Food?

Puerto Rican food is a fusion of flavors from Spanish (use of meat, rice, wheat, garlic and olive oil), African (use of coconut, banana, coffee and deep-fat frying) and Taino Indians (original residents of the island, the use of cassava, corn, tropical fruits and seafood) influences. The locals call their cuisine as Cocina Criolla (Creole Cooking).

All Roads Lead to El Jibarito Restaurante

As I was intrigued and eager to try out some Puerto Rican food for the first time, and to kick off my food journeys for this year, I followed my map to search for the much-talked about El Jibarito Restaurante. I found it tucked at the heart of Old San Juan along Calle Sol about 13 minutes walking distance from the port.

The Look

I’ve reached the place at around 11AM just in time for its lunch opening. The façade was just like one of the regular houses along the neighborhood.  I did not think that it was a restaurant at first, so I double checked the address if I was at the right number and looked for any signage.  If you’re walking on the same side of the street it’s a bit hard to distinguish.  You need to move away to see the signs clearly.

There was a small waiting area as soon as I entered and it was separated to the main dining which was on its right. One side of the dining hall’s wall was painted with vibrant colors.  It resembled the outside of each house in the city complete with the signature entrance door, windows and verandas that were fully accentuated with iron grills.

There was nothing fancy about the décor, the furniture was very homey and its high ceiling opened up the dining area and made it look bigger.  The restaurant has a seating capacity of about 50-60 seats.

Decorated walls resembling the houses in the neighborhood

The venue was not yet fully opened when I arrived and there were only three other tables occupied.   The server said that they were still finalizing the menu and that they’ll be ready to take orders in ten minutes. So, I took a seat at the corner and waited. Fifteen minutes later, the server took my order.

At this time, people started to arrive in pairs, then in groups and in no time the place was packed in less than twenty-five minutes. Some had already left as there was absolutely no seats available but there were others who opted to wait outside the building until they get a seat at the earliest opportunity. I was astounded; it just confirmed how popular El Jibarito Restaurante certainly is.

Inside the restaurant around 11:00 AM, when I arrivedA few minutes laterIn less than 25 minutes – Full House!

The Service

There were only four servers/wait staff that time. One was preparing the drinks behind the bar, two were taking orders and the other one was assisting in serving food and clearing tables. Imagine this, with the number of patrons, both locals and tourists, who were coming in literally by the minute, what could have happened? You guessed it right, the staff was not enough to attend to all the guest needs immediately and service became a bit slow.

I worked in the food service industry myself, both front and back of the house, and I was pretty sure that it was overwhelming to those who were working there too.

The good thing was the servers were systematic and organized and it didn’t really seem to be a very long wait…well, at least for myself.  🙂 It only took about 15 minutes to have my orders served considering the number of people in the venue.

Waiters taking the orders

The Menu  

El Jibarito is known for serving authentic Puerto Rican food. I ordered the Fried Cheese Balls for appetizers. I only realized that I wanted to try the empanadas (turnovers) when I saw the table next to me having one. 🙂 For mains, I ordered the Baked Pork Ribs with Yellow Rice plus as side dish, I went for the highly-recommended must-try Puerto Rican Food, Mofongo. I actually chose to try the Trifongo, thrice the plantain, thrice the fun. Woohoo!

A Simple Menu

Of course, since I was in Puerto Rico, I didn’t let the opportunity to pass without tasting the real Puerto Rican Pina Colada.

One of the famous Puerto Rican foods is the Mofongo, a classic Afro-Puerto Rican dish made of mashed plantains. Green plantains are baked then mashed, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and formed into a dome and deep-fried. The Mofongo had evolved overtime and now have several variations like Mofongo de Yucca (with cassava), Trifongo (cassava, ripe and green plantains) and Mofongo de Amarillo (ripe and green plantains).

Fun Fact

This is EAT! Eating Time!

The drink was served first while the rest of the food was being prepared.

I took a sip at the Pina Colada and it was so refreshing. It had just the right balance between the sweetness of the pineapple juice and creaminess of the coco milk. The rum was not overpowering the rest of the ingredients.  It was perfect for cooling down after a long walk under the sun.

Authentic Puerto Rican Pina Colada

Puerto Rico is the birth place of Pina Colada and it was declared as the National Beverage since 1978. It is a sweet concoction of pineapple, coconut cream or coconut milk with a splash of rum. It can be iced or blended garnished with maraschino cherry or pineapple wedge. Puerto Rico is also celebrating National Pina Colada Day every 10th of July

Fun Fact

Then came the Baked Pork Ribs with Yellow Rice and the Trifongo.  I was surprised when I saw both of it coming my way because it was ginormous!

First, I sampled the Trifongo and dug my fork into it. The outer part of it was crispy, I can hear a crackling sound as I sliced it open.  Inside was a steamy mashed cassava, sweet and green plantains.  On its own, it was just plain in taste but with their home-made garlic sauce, flavors started to burst in mouth on every bite. It was a great compliment to the plain Trifongo.


I shifted my attention to the three huge portions of Baked Pork Ribs that looked incredibly appetizing. I am a meat lover and I was hoping that it would not disappoint.

And my prayers were answered quickly, thank God for a wonderful meal. 🙂

The ribs were fork tender, it was easy to split the meat from the bone. The tender portions very succulent and flavorful, together with the savory and fluffy yellow rice, it was a wonderful match.

Oven Baked Pork Ribs and Yellow Rice @ El Jibarito Restaurante

The fried cheese balls came in last while I was already halfway through my meal, I thought the waiter already forgot about it. It was not like the cheese sticks that we are used to in the Philippines where it is prepared like a spring roll, theirs was fried breaded cheddar cheese formed into a ball. I was not crazy about it because I was already devouring the tender pork ribs and Trifongo. If it could have been served earlier, I may have appreciated it more.

Fried Cheese Balls

I am big on desserts, and I still wanted to try the coconut flan or tres leches that everyone raves about. Unfortunately, I can’t breathe anymore with so much food that I ate so I had to say pass, FOR NOW. 🙂

To Wrap It Up

El Jibarito Restaurante lived up to my expectations for having an affordable price, it’s menu offerings and food taste.

Although El Jibarito Restaurante has good food, service was a tad slow due to the high number of guest count that came in all at one time, which I understood.  So, you need to have patience and be willing to wait. I was glad that I arrived before everyone else did, being early really pays off. 🙂

For me, it was also a plus that the menu changes every day depending on what they have available. It means that the ingredients are fresh.  Down side is you may not have what you’re craving for that you have read on other reviews on the day of your visit.  Well, at least you already have a good excuse to come back. 🙂

Food is an essential part of the whole travel experience.  I mean, who doesn’t like to eat? We all do, right?  What’s the use of visiting one place if you can’t get to take pleasure in any of its local dish?

Don’t be a tourist, try to blend in and do what the locals do. In this case, eat what the locals eat, where the locals eat. You might visit a place once so make it worthwhile and let your experience be as authentic as it can be.

wheninmyjourneys says


Viejo San Juan, Calle Sol #280, San Juan, Puerto Rico (PR) / E-Mail: [email protected] / [email protected] / Tel: 787-725-8375

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How about you? Have you been to El Jibarito Restaurante? Have you tried any Puerto Rican Food? How was it? Do you have any other recommendations? Share your thoughts.


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El Jibarito (Khibarka) or…: dandorfman — LiveJournal

«Don’t you chase the pop for cheapness»

The hut outside.

«El Gibarito» is the name of a very popular restaurant located thirty meters from our hut.
The word «jibaro» itself has no analogues in classical Spanish. («jibarito», which is a diminutive version of this word)
This is a purely Puerto Rican concept that can be translated in many ways, but I prefer the translation «tramp». nine0007 Puerto Ricans consider this term today to embody a special culture. The culture of people who went to the forests and fields, not wanting to live in cities.
While we were eating at El Gibarito, we asked the waitress how exactly to translate this term. The manager came and after painful thought told us,
that this is such a village house.
Then we both yelled — «Shack!».
Later, it turned out that this was not a house after all, but a forest tramp, but we liked exactly «shack».
That’s why we decided to call our modest abode in San Juan «El Gibarito», in other words, a hut.
In a nutshell, why Puerto Rico.

First of all, we have never been there.
Secondly, a direct, non-stop flight, and even at a very convenient time, no need to get up in the middle of the night and go to the airport, we flew out at two in the afternoon.
Thirdly, San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico is rumored to be a very beautiful city with a picturesque coastline and its old part, which began to be built back in the 16th century. nine0007 That is, this is an interesting example of old Spanish architecture.
And firstly and secondly and thirdly it was fully justified.
About this «nevertheless» with a heavy sigh below:

For some time now we do not like organized trips, and if possible, we rent accommodation and buy air tickets ourselves.
In the process of renting a house, we found a completely chic option on the Web, a luxurious apartment right in the center of the Old City in an old Spanish mansion. nine0007 With two bedrooms and all other amenities, including the Internet.
The owner of all this splendor was called Freddie, (in Spanish «Wilfredo», but he introduced himself as Freddie).
We called him and asked if we could rent his luxury apartment for a week in mid-March. He replied, «No problem.»
Then I became insolent and offered him a little drop in price. To my surprise, he instantly agreed and lowered it by a hundred dollars.
As a result, he rented his palace to us for a week for only 450 dollars. Such prices have not been in the Caribbean for a long time, we were in complete euphoria, well, almost for nothing. nine0007 In telephone conversations, he was very courtesy and already fell in love with our dear Freddie in advance. Then «love passed, the tomatoes wilted,» but that’s later.
Arrived, for only 23 dollars a taxi took us from the airport to Salt Street in the Old City.
This street is very close to the Ocean, the next embankment after it.
From the outside, as you can see at the beginning, our palace looks very impressive, Freddie himself lives on the second floor with his family, wife and three daughters.
Well, the first one is half ours. It is divided into two apartments. nine0007 Freddy didn’t really meet us. We stood on the street with the Chumodans and looked in the windows, trying to find out if anyone was alive inside.
Finally, after standing for a long time, they began to call him.
He responded and said that urgent business had delayed him, so he was not at home, but he was already on his way home, literally in a minute he would be with us.
Not a minute passed, but twenty minutes, finally he appeared. He walked slowly, Puerto Ricans, as a rule, are not particularly in a hurry.
Mild climate is not conducive to nervousness and haste. nine0007 While we were waiting for the owner, we realized that we were in for a not very pleasant surprise. The house next door to ours was being renovated.
i.e. not even repaired, but as if built anew. Only the walls remained of the old ruins.
Construction is underway and a renovated palace is being erected on the site of the old walls.
The noise of the construction site, so it will amuse us a little, we thought, but . .. we will not open the windows, turn on the air conditioner and we will not hear.
Freddy opened the door and we finally got in. Nothing, quite nice inside:

Our dwelling was a suite of rather narrow rooms, the last of which was lost somewhere in the distance.

There was some open space at the end. The ceilings were absolutely fantastic height, not less than five meters, ie. like two floors in Khrushchev.
There were two fifty.

Freddie led us to an open space, which turned out to be a tiny patio.

This courtyard ended with another door. To our surprise, it was this door that led to the toilet and shower. nine0007 i.e. amenities were in the yard and you had to go to them «before Vitru».
When we reached the amenities, we were startled by the deafening cry of a child behind the courtyard wall.
Freddie pleased us with the message that this is the baby of his tenants. That the baby is absolutely wonderful and he is only three months old.
And that his mother gave birth to him at home and that’s all, thank G-d, everything worked out. He said this with such pride, as if he himself gave birth to this baby at home.
Well, he most likely considered the healthy cry of a wonderful baby as an additional advantage of the luxurious apartments that we rented. nine0007 I asked for the password for the computer, he said the password, it was his name.
Later, all attempts to use his password and connect to the Internet ended in failure.
The reason, as I understand it, is that he, his wife and all three daughters have computers.
And it is for the connection of five computers that he pays. But the sixth does not pass.
Well, I’ve shown iron willpower and managed without the Internet for a whole week.
After that, he gave us the keys and fled with amazing speed, deciding, probably, that we ourselves will figure out what’s what. nine0007 And so we began to understand. And… oh surprise. The luxury apartments have neither glass nor air conditioning.
Windows are just openings to the street, covered with wooden shutters.
And just under the ceiling, we found an arched opening that was not covered by anything. And all rooms have this opening.
There were no doors between the rooms either. Those. in fact it was a half-dwelling, half-street.
All the sounds and smells from the street swept through without hindrance, through the entire suite, and only the last wall enclosing the courtyard stopped them. nine0007 And an open opening, as well as windows without glass, were needed so that the «salty wind from the ocean» would ventilate the room.
So that in all this enfilade a draft is constantly blowing. Otherwise, it will be hot and no one will be able to survive without air conditioning.
I must say that the wind and draft really made our existence easier, it was not particularly hot in El Hibarka.
But the sounds…
Workers who worked a meter away from our home at a construction site that was in full swing right behind our house came at half past five in the morning,
At first they were very lively and loudly discussing the scope of work, at six o’clock a truck with building materials arrived, now it arrived, I photographed it exactly at six:

And then, with jokes, jokes and a terrible roar, the workers began to unload building materials.
They worked noisily and cheerfully until 12 o’clock in the afternoon, then they left for a siesta and came in the evening.
So from half past five, of course, we couldn’t sleep in any of our eyes.
Further, at night. Since it is hot during the day and even in the middle of the day, during the siesta, many just sleep, by night Puerto Ricans are usually cheerful and cheerful. nine0007 Somewhere around midnight, the fun flares up to the fullest, not only conversations and laughter, but even songs are heard.
After midnight the voices become especially loud and cheerful.
Due to the complete absence of glasses, it seems to us that every phrase in Spanish, which again sounds loud, loud and cheerful, is addressed directly to us.
I even want to say: «Caballero, not so loud, I’m not deaf yet, I just don’t answer because I don’t know the language.»
Right next to us, of course, there was some kind of drinking and catering point, where everyone was celebrating until late at night, until two or three hours. nine0007 In general, it is not for nothing that Puerto Rico is the birthplace of Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.
Here they both sing a patriotic song about Puerto Rico with other fellow countrymen:

A cultural place, not like the dull Boston suburbs.

So we managed to fall asleep at night somewhere around three o’clock, well, we had to wake up at half past five.
If possible, they slept during the day, after the beach.

But it happened that even during the day it didn’t work out very well, because some guy was sitting right in front of the house, vaguely resembling Lincoln. nine0007 When we walked a little further, it turned out that this is really Lincoln, because the building opposite is the school of his darling.

So the school was also cheerful, and at recess the kids broke free and raised such a squeal that daytime sleep was impossible.
Nevertheless, there was beauty all around, and you can sleep in Boston or on an airplane. So Freddie’s hut turned out to be beyond praise. I recommend her address Calle Sol 312.
Near our monastery there was a rather strange house with powerful doors without any blinds and holes to the street. nine0007
An angry dog ​​was painted on the door biting the intruder.

Once we left our palace and found a rather gloomy type who used some words that were completely incomprehensible to us like maser-facker .
This type did not look like a cheerful, contented Puerto Rican. And so it turned out, it was a gringo, the owner of the house with an angry dog.
He approached us and in Gringo language, recognizing us as his own, began to complain that he could not park the car near the house, which cost him more than a million. nine0007 It turns out that a piece of pavement near any house is not at all intended for residents, as is customary everywhere in America.
(if you park and leave, the owner will call tow trucks, the car will be dragged away)
Therefore, some strange car is always standing near his door, there is never a place. There is never any free parking.
Cars stand in an endless line along the street.
But only on one side, the street is narrow, if cars stand on both sides, then no one will pass in the middle. nine0007 The unfortunate man needed to pour out his soul to someone, so we listened to him attentively and nodded sympathetically.
Then, when we had to say something, the gringo neighbor started wondering what our accent was.
Went through Italian, German, Arabic and in the end did not guess right. I had to confess.
For some reason he was delighted and demanded that we call him Sasha, even though his name is Alex.
He said that he bought this house in the form of ruins, bought it not cheap, but invested almost a million dollars when he restored it. nine0007 And then he took us to look at the insides. The insides were a play by Lope De Vega or some other Spanish classics.
In general, a Spanish palace with an inner courtyard. Ancient weapons were hung on the walls and paintings from ancient Spanish life hung.
I do not think that the originals, the originals still cost not one, but tens of millions of dollars, Sasha was hardly that rich. Then we heard rustling.
We took a closer look and in the semi-darkness we discerned how lizards run back and forth along the walls between swords and paintings. nine0007 Probably connoisseurs of beauty.
Sasha said that the living quarters are on the second floor, there are no connoisseurs there. It’s kind of like a museum here.
Then he boasted that in the mountains he had an estate the size of the entire old city. And that there he has everything he needs.
Then he even invited us to his estate for a couple of days, but … we had few days and we could not part with the sea, even for the sake of an estate in the mountains.
Sasha had to refuse. Further it turned out that he is the owner of a telecommunications company and a non-poor person. nine0007 He has two other houses in West Virginia.
He lives with his wife in Puerto Rico for half a year, and during the hot months he leaves for the continent, to his place in West Virginia.
His wife is local, he doesn’t know English, he knows Spanish like a native, but he communicates with his wife in it. His wife is much younger than him. And much prettier.
Well, judging by Alex’s appearance, it’s easy to be prettier than him. Even though I didn’t take a picture of it.
Well, about what we saw in San Juan, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Hacienda El Jibarito 3*. Photos and reviews of the hotel Hacienda El Gibarito USA United States of America, San Juan

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Photo of Hacienda El Jibarito 3*

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