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Where to Eat in Orocovis

The Puerto Rican longaniza at Restaurante La Sombra is worth the wait!

In Orocovis, the local delicacy is the longaniza, a sausage similar to Spanish chorizo.

There you’ll find the «longaniza route,» a collection of more than 15 restaurants and chinchorros (roadside kiosks) that dish up variations of the star ingredient, accompanied by tostones, arroz con habichuelas, mofongo, and other staple sides.

La Sombra is the most iconic restaurant on la Ruta de la Longaniza, and in addition to serving a variety of sausage-based dishes, they sell the sausage raw to-go. Los Naranjos, Cafetín Los Amigos, La Cobacha Criolla, Vagoneando, and many more also serve their takes on longaniza and Puerto Rican criollo (creole) food.

Whether you’re going to Orocovis in search of longaniza or other great local dishes, here are some of the restaurants you should try:

Visit the iconic La Sombra restaurant and try their famous longaniza dishes

Restaurante La Sombra

Restaurante La Sombra is the undisputed king of Puerto Rican longaniza in all its forms: stuffed with chicken, pork, fish, or mixed, and paired with stewed rice and beans, tasty mofongo, or tostones. The restaurant also boasts beautiful mountain views, and prepares homemade desserts that make the perfect finale to a delicious meal. La Sombra is very popular with locals and tourists alike, so it can be busy on weekends; if possible, try to schedule your visit on a weekday, but if you do go on a weekend, just be patient — it’s worth the wait.

Before you go zip lining, fill up at Restaurante Toro Verde!

Restaurante Toro Verde

Restaurante Toro Verde is located inside Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, and is a popular place to fuel up before or after a zipline ride. The menu, which highlights national dishes, pastas, vegetarian items and a range of soups, salads and picadera (tapas), gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from visitors. But perhaps the biggest draw is the outdoor terrace, which offers spectacular views of the mountains. While you dine, you can watch daring souls being launched from The Monster, the longest zipline in the Americas and the park’s main attraction.

Las Cabañas Doña Juana

This affordable, family-friendly eatery has been around for more than 30 years. Las Cabañas Doña Juana serves dishes like the charcoal-grilled ribs, pork, rice and beans, root vegetables, and tostones are what keep the customers coming back. You’ll also find a variety of fritters, including an outstanding alcapurria. 

Roka Dura Wine and Grill is known for its amazing views, natural juices and savory mofongos

Roka Dura Wine and Grill

This quaint wooden restaurant sits at the top of a hill, very close to Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. It is known for its sizzling churrasco, mojitos prepared with natural juices, and savory mofongos. At Roka Dura Wine and Grill the mountain views are breathtaking, there’s a great list of wine and cocktails, and the service is friendly. What more can you ask for?

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Restaurante Puerto Rico — Lincroft [NJ] — New Jersey



So I was driving through Lincroft and saw the former Stamna/Greek Taverna of Lincroft had been replaced by this restaurant. I will definitely give them a try and hope it’s good as it’s not Chinese or Italian!!! In case you can’t read it in the photo the number to order is 732-383-5822.


(Evelyn C. Leeper)


They picked a poor time to open a new restaurant. We will probably try it if it’s still there when we start going to restaurants again. (Although they make it darn difficult to find their menu.)

(One problem is no one’s rice and beans is going to taste as good as the ones my mother made. )

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I heard they opened in April, then lost their chef and recently got a new chef. I look forward to reading about their food.

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I found their Facebook page and i think your right about being open since then. I live in the River Plaza section of Middletown and work in Lincroft and had no idea they were there until today so I don’t think they were advertising at all.

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(Greg Caggiano)


New restaurant with no website, limited social media presence, and zero advertising? NO WAY!


(Greg Caggiano)


Not to rain on the parade, but is there a significant Spanish population in Lincroft? This reminds me of when Inkanto, a Peruvian restaurant, tried to give it a go in Hazlet a few years ago and lasted maybe two years after serious struggles.

What I have observed in–how do I put it?— overwhelmingly white areas in this region, is that when it comes to Spanish food, if it ain’t Mexican or over-hyped empanadas, it ain’t gonna work (this regardless of food quality).

Still, I’d be curious to see what Justin thinks of this food. When dine-in service resumes, I’ll have to check it out. Could be a good post-teaching lunch after I get out of Brookdale (when in-person classes come back).




Lol. I’m thinking my summer class I teach at Brookdale will be cancelled. If not, I’ll be happy to “meet” you there and eat at a table 6 ft from you two.


(Greg Caggiano)


Sounds good to me.

Right now my lectures for their Lifelong Learning and Continuing Ed. program have been through Zoom. And while I miss the classroom and interaction, nothing beats being able to teach without leaving the house. And the dress shirt and gym shorts combo is not quite as atrocious as I thought it would be.


(Mr met)


we should start s thread just for this topic. It’s so sad man…It takes 0 $$ to start a barebones twitter/Ig/FB account to let people know about your spot. It just shows effort and desire…





And the dress shirt and gym shorts combo is not quite as atrocious as I thought it would be.

I’ve been doing a lot of video meetings with multiple participants due to current conditions and with certain groups have been suggesting we stand and have a moment of silence for the folks we’ve lost to the virus. After a pause, I say just kidding, I’m wearing shorts too.


(Mr met)


I’m all for more non-Italian/Mexican/generic Mediterranean spots for our fair county. I don’t think that area is a huge hotbed of Spanish/Latin activity, but perhaps serving an under represented cuisine is the hook? Only other Puerto Rican spot I know of is the food truck in Old Bridge (that is supposed to be quite good).
I’d love to try it out one day- but given the present reality they opened into and the fact that that location is the graveyard of restaurants in Monmouth County, I’m not sure it’s going to be a long haul (hoping very much I’m wrong of course).




I do wonder if (in this case) a language barrier is also contributing to the issue of not having any info out in the world…? Still, if you’re going to open a business, you need customers, so I’d like to think someone would be able to figure out how to set up and use a simple website and social media.


(Evelyn C. Leeper)



when it comes to Spanish food, if it ain’t Mexican or over-hyped empanadas,

At the risk of being nit-picky, “Spanish” is not the same as “Mexican” or “Puerto Rican” when it comes to food. (And “Puerto Rican” is not the same as “Mexican” either.)

They may all speak Spanish, but you wouldn’t call Haitian food French or Surinamese food Dutch.

You probably mean “Hispanic”, which does include Spain, but not (e.g.) Brazil. » Latino» would include Brazil but not Spain.

–Evelyn (who is Puerto Rican and also worked on various AA/EEO committees at Bell Labs that got to navigate this minefield of labels)


(Roz Rappaport)


@gcaggiano, Your contention that Spanish “ain’t gonna work” is belied by the popularity of Albariño, in Shrewsbury. We had several meals there, all of which were delicious. And , if memory serves, other HOs have also been there. According to their website, they are now offering take-out, including two paella kits (though both are currently sold out).

(Greg Caggiano)


I’m in Perth Amboy a lot, which has the best Puerto Rican/Hispanic cuisine in the area IMO (within 20-30 minutes of Holmdel).

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(Evelyn C. Leeper)


Perth Amboy is also almost 25% Puerto Rican. (Before Maria, I think it had the third highest percentage on the mainland.)



I definitely agree about that plaza being a tough spot. I know Luigi’s has a following and seems to be very successful and Queso has been there for years, but nothing else seems to stick. My wife and I loved Saigon 2 when it was in that spot, but when we were there for lunch there was never more than one other table occupied. The Korean place was meh to us and we LOVE good Korean food. The first Greek spot was also meh. Stamna we thought was horrible and obviously didn’t try it when they just changed the name but were the same owners.

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So I don’t know if this would be on the restaurant or the owners of The Lincroft Grove or just not being able to get it replaced due to Covid but I was driving by again today and noticed the sign on the side of the road still says The Greek Taverna of Lincroft.



I would say with a certain degree of confidence that commercial sign replacement companies are not deemed essential and thus not currently operating.

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I’m the owner of this so called not going to make it, no web site, no Puerto Rican a in lincroft place and just so you know, all of your negative opinions on a place that you’ve never visited or eaten at totally suck, I invested in this place to bring something new to the area and yes I speak English and served as a police officer in New Jersey for over 20 years, it pisses me off that uneducated people as yourselves who speak without knowing the restaurant business have any opinion, web site? I mean really, who the hell in our neighborhood in lincroft or Middletown uses a web page to select foods they dint know about? Our customer base is mixed Culture and our reviews in other pages but yours are impecable, not often does a restaurant get constant calls about how great their food was and how they will recommend us to all their friends “ yes that’s us!” Yes we are here, and yes we are all that and then some, unless you have been there personally your opinions are worthless “now that’s our response, Puerto Rican style”

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Heart heat generators from Switzerland for Ukraine

Kyiv, Mikhailovskaya square, December 15, 2022: destroyed Russian armored vehicles. Keystone / Roman Pilipey

Russia continues to shell Ukraine, at the sight of missile strikes Chernihiv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Lvov, Kramatorsk, Kherson, Dnipro, in fact the entire country. We talked to three Ukrainian women who are seeking understanding in Switzerland and who think differently about Russians and the causes of the war. nine0004
This content was published on January 27, 2023 — 07:00

In Kyiv at nights up to -10 Celsius, and in Geneva — plus temperature. There are about 2,500 km from Kyiv to Geneva, seven police cordons, three dangerous zones, but Tatyana K. * managed to overcome them in less than 48 hours. “These drivers know all the roads, 250 euros — and I’m in Switzerland,” a 55-year-old smiling tall blonde tells us. No one will guess that behind her smile lies the worst grief that a mother can go through. nine0004

“Not the kind of opinion everyone is used to hearing in the West”

Tatyana is a twice displaced person: first she moved from the Donbass, where she was born and raised, to Kyiv, and after the start of a full-scale war, from Ukraine to Switzerland. At home, she worked all her life as a teacher of the Russian language and Russian literature. A Ukrainian woman quoting Russian classics is a rarity for the Western ear, but now it is wildness for the Ukrainian ear. In Geneva, one Ukrainian woman called Tatyana «separsh», and all because, Tatyana believes, that after the start of the war unleashed by Putin, she did not switch, like many of her compatriots, to the Ukrainian language. nine0004
Russian-controlled Donetsk region: a transformer substation destroyed by alleged Ukrainian shelling, December 6, 2022. Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved

And she also adheres to the position that Russian propaganda refers to as «not everything is so simple.» “I don’t have the same opinion about the war as everyone is used to hearing in the West. For what happened, but a terrible thing happened — there is a war going on, I blame not only Putin and his clique. I have plenty of complaints about my own power. And not only to Zelensky, but also to Poroshenko and Yanukovych. But I will never demand that someone interfere in the affairs of my state. And I also see that not all Russians support the war, and I do not intend to interrupt communication with people from Russia who consider themselves people of Russian culture. And propaganda, of course, works from both sides.” nine0004

Show more

Show more

Tatyana assures that she “sees the difference” between Igor Strelkov-Girkin (“a stranger sent by the Kremlin”) and Donbass separatists, “alarmed by the situation with Maidan and post-Maidan and supporting the idea of ​​an autonomous status of Donbass within Ukraine.” The first is treated «with contempt», the second — «with understanding». In Switzerland, she completed the documents, received a residence permit category S , health insurance, travel ticket, money for housing and food, the opportunity to learn French and find new friends and acquaintances.

I have plenty of claims not only against Zelensky, but also against Poroshenko and Yanukovych

Tatyana K.

, received at least a hundredth of the attention and warmth of the heart that a foreign country bestowed on me, then he would have remained alive, ”Tatyana fanned her eyes with her hands, as if a light breeze could dry her tears. “In Kyiv, my son and his family were reproached for the Russian language, they were first rented out housing, and then evicted, because, they say, “separ from Donbass,” they did not give him the opportunity to work.” And he claims that “the son had no choice but to return to the east of the country. And then he was killed, but not by the Russian invaders, but by the Armed Forces of Ukraine — during the fighting in the Donbass region in March 2022.” nine0004

Show more

After the tragedy, Tatyana left Ukraine to visit friends in Switzerland, so as not to go crazy with grief. “The first weeks I lay in bed all day long, didn’t eat, didn’t drink, couldn’t talk to anyone.” She puts candles for the dead in the Russian church in Geneva. In Kyiv, she leaves her husband and his daughter from her first marriage. The husband still falls under martial law and cannot travel abroad, the daughter works in a Kiev hospital. Tatyana can contact the family only at certain hours, when they have electricity and Internet in their house. So all three of them again, albeit not for long, find warmth and hope together. nine0004

“Russian liberalism ends at the Ukrainian border”

Almost simultaneously with Tatyana K., two more Ukrainian women briefly arrived in Switzerland — 32-year-old Olena Galushko (she came to Geneva from Warsaw) and 48-year-old Victoria Voytsitskaya from Kyiv. The first is the mother of a two-year-old child. She is a former journalist and today an activist with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter. She left Ukraine immediately after February 24, 2022, so that her child was safe. Our second interlocutor is a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, former secretary of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety. Both women represent the non-governmental organization International Victory Center of Ukraine. nine0004
Geneva in January 2023: a mild winter in a peaceful country. © Keystone / Salvatore Di Nolfi

We are recording the interview in Geneva, in the area where the UN structures are located. “We are meeting with responsible Swiss officials — members of the government and parliament, various parties and ministries. The key topics we are discussing are the protection of Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure from Russian missile strikes and the restoration of destroyed infrastructure. An important topic: the supply of air defense systems that would help us protect our energy facilities. We ask the Swiss to respond to the request of Germany and allow us to send us Swiss-made ammunition necessary for mobile anti-aircraft guns Gepard complexes ,” explains Elena Galushko.

We ask the Swiss to allow us to send Swiss-made ammunition for Gepard systems

Elena Galushko

End of insertion

“Our partners from other countries already provide us with these systems, but their number is limited. In order for them to effectively protect our cities and civilians from Russian aggressors who are killing Ukrainians and trying to leave them without heat and light, we need, among other things, certain decisions of the Swiss government,” emphasizes Olena Galushko. Ukraine also needs other help. For example, far from all Ukrainian schools have generators and bomb shelters. The school where Victoria Wojcicka’s daughter studies managed to buy a generator for 10,000 euros. nine0004

Show more

“But we have a semi-private school, and parents also participated in the purchase. Many schools work online, but when there is no electricity and there are bombings, you don’t have to think about books and lessons. We will try to convince the Swiss leaders to reconsider their position ( on the re-export of weapons , — ed. note), because this is, in fact, not about war, but about protecting civilians from Russian terrorism, ”- she continues. Victoria Voytsitskaya says that Ukraine also needs transformer stations, many of which were destroyed as a result of “arrivals”. nine0004
Victoria Voytsitskaya, former member of the Ukrainian parliament. / Annachubai

In Switzerland, according to her, several large international companies at once, such as Hitachi and GE, produce what Ukraine needs so much now. But even if Kyiv has the money to pay for this equipment, it is not so easy to buy it back. Companies primarily fulfill their obligations to their customers and cannot ensure the fulfillment of extraordinary orders.

Therefore, Ukrainians are ready to take even used or broken transformers in order to return them to service on the spot. “We are currently receiving two such transformers with a capacity of 750 kW each, these are huge machines, from one Baltic country, we recently had a meeting with them,” says Victoria Voytsitskaya. From which specific country she does not specify. nine0004

Generators from Russians

At the end of the conversation, we ask Victoria and Elena if they have met people from Russia who want to help Ukraine. The answer was unequivocal: “No!”. Elena stopped all communication with Russians back in 2014.

Show more

— “You know, Russian liberalism ends at the Ukrainian border. They also believe that Crimea was taken legally.”

— «But there is a majority of Russians who consider Crimea annexed, and in today’s war they want Ukraine to win.» nine0004

— “The problem is that all the Russians that I have seen or read about are not for the victory of Ukraine. The most they would like in the end is not even the defeat of Russia, but the collapse of the Putin regime. And these are two completely different things. Russian society supports this war, the Russians do not protest. Even Russian liberals in their messages — you know that scandal with the Dozhd TV channel? — said live how they contribute to improving the conditions of the Russian army. Russians look at Ukraine through a colonial prism.” nine0004

Show more

A few days after our meeting, the Dozhd TV channel raised 120,000 euros for the purchase of power generators for Ukraine.

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