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El Yunque Tours Inc. welcomes you to our beautiful island where diversity and ecology meet in perfect harmony! There are eight ecosystems found on our island that range from inland open water reefs to tropical rainforest peaks known as the cloud forest! Let our well-trained guides show you Puerto Rico’s wonders via guided nature walk tours! Guided tours have a purpose of viewing and interacting with the natural environment to meet our goal of interpretation, education, and conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders!

Meet the Owners

El Yunque Tours owners and founders are a husband and wife team that for the last sixteen years have worked together, pushing daily to bring a professional, quality standard to our guests and clients, and working toward our goal of a fun, safe, memorable experience every time! We work to become known for our concern for the environment and implementation of laws that will help protect it. Michael S. Grasso Jr. President & CEO is a key player on the team because of his ability to develop, create and bring to life all points of Field Operations. Creating and building all tours from the paper to legally operating adventures, he has earned the nickname of “Drill Sergeant” for his unwillingness to overlook the smallest of details. Nilsa Montanez, our Secretary and Treasurer and the heart of the business is the office administrator. She oversees all office-related matters and keeps the day to day operations in line along with one of the most important tasks of keeping bookings and reservations organized and timely. At the end of the day, our most important asset is our guests and that we have met our promise to give them a “fun, safe, memorable experience every time!” We are proud to promote Puerto Rico and its natural and cultural wonders! As the owners we are but only a small part of the El Yunque Tours team; our guides are the true front line of our tours.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure that every guest who comes to Puerto Rico and becomes a part of our tours enjoys an exciting, safe, eco-adventure and develops consciousness of our invaluable natural resources. To deliver a service that meets and exceeds all their expectations and that every one of these individuals leaves Puerto Rico with knowledge of its culture, its people, its natural wonders and the pleasures of visiting our island either for vacation, group incentive travel or as a port in their cruising through the Caribbean. Our goal is to provide our guest with a fun, safe, memorable experience every time! By following international eco-tourism standards and reaching for Green Globe benchmarking and eco-tours certification, Striving to “Leave No Trace” and help make El Yunque National Forest a “Trash Fee Zone,” we believe that our mission will be accomplished. This will keep us seeing our clients year after year and many new clients will come with word of mouth and our well-earned reputation!

Certificates, Awards & Endorsements

We work very hard to promote top-of-the-line Nature and Adventure – Eco-Tourism activities!  As owners of El Yunque Tours Inc. our 16 years of field experience is not enough, we strive to become better educated in all aspects of our industry! This knowledge expands our ability to better train our administrative staff and our guide staff, which leads to a great team! We are proud of the outcome of our time well spent, great service, true passion for education through interpretation, striving for safety first, every time, and seeing positive feedback from our most important asset, our guests! We are very grateful for our guests’ feedback, good, bad, indifferent, the truth, and through social media, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Plus and other review outlets. El Yunque Tours Inc. has been awarded Certificates Of Excellence via TripAdvisor for 2013 – 2014 – 2015  along with a 96% approval rating!  El Yunque Tours Inc. has also been awarded the 2016 Luxury Travel Guide Award for Best Eco-Tourism Outfitter in Puerto Rico! We wish to thank all of our guests for taking the time and effort to write reviews, comment on social media and vote for these very prestigious awards and above all allow us to shape our business via your feedback!

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Island Journeys | Bioluminescent Bay & El Yunque Rainforest Tours

Experience Puerto Rico with Us!

About Us

Island Journeys is dedicated to providing El Yunque Rainforest Tours in Puerto Rico that offer the perfect combination of hiking, nature, water activities, fun information, and relaxation. Weather you want to visit a rainforest or are interested in a combo Bio Bay and El Yunque tour, our adventures are led by passionate local tour guides eager to share the beauty, culture, and natural wonders of their island with visitors from all around the world.

When you book one of our Puerto Rico tours with us at Island Journeys, you enjoy a quality, innovative, and socially responsible excursion delivered with friendliness, safety, education, and fun! We are led by values and core principles to achieve our goals of setting industry standards, promoting local businesses, giving back to the environment and communities, and always placing our customers, employees, and the company above immediate profits. Come join us on a journey today!

Explore Our Five-Star TripAdvisor Reviews

Great Time!

Wow what a way to see Puerto Rico! Really enjoyed the opportunity to see the natural wonder of the island first hand, enjoy some hiking, breathtaking views, and a splash in the pools/rivers of the rainforest. Make sure you’re ready to get wet and you have good footwear that doesn’t mind getting dirty. Friendly guides up to answering any questions you may have about the area.

– Logan F. | TripAdvisor

A Blast!

We had so much fun with Island Journeys! Both people were awesome and sweet! They took us to a private entrance to enter el Yunque forest and took us to the most beautiful spots to swim, jump off rocks and swing on rope swings! I highly recommend going with Island Journeys over trying to explore Yunque on your own! Pictures of the day were provided to remember the memories! Best experience of Puerto Rico we had overall!

– JR S. | TripAdvisor

El Yunque and Bio Bay Combo

A fantastic day and overall experience! Leading up to the trip they were very responsive and made everything super easy. They even gave us a small refund since the Bio Bay was predicted to not be very bright on our day, and even offered a full refund if we decided we no longer wanted to go. They also took one or two photos of us in the kayak. Luis and Nicole were our superb tour guides during the El Yunque portion, and Alex, John, Gabby, and Brian were also superb as our kayaking leaders. Thank you for the great day!

– Katelin C. | TripAdvisor

Challenging But Fun!

By far an amazing time! This is not an ordinary hike, it was incredibly challenging filled with a little trail walking, rock climbing, waterfall swimming, and cliff jumping. The tour guides were incredible, they made you feel completely safe, like nothing was impossible. My tour group included a diverse skill and age range and together we all had a blast! Highly recommend for a truly authentic experience.

– Shereen M. | TripAdvisor

Thank You!

I went to PR with my family for a week, this tour was our BEST day on the Island. The rain forest was beautiful, the water was amazing, and the kayaking Bio Bay at night was so cool and peaceful. So glad we found this tour online, I wish I could tell everyone to do this if they go to PR. We had many tour guides because of two different excursions, everyone of them was so nice and helpful and just wanted to make sure my whole familia had a great time. And we did

– Christina F. | TripAdvisor


We had Luis as our tour guide. He was an awesome guy and had a great personality. He made sure that everybody on trip was satisfied and he held a good conversation. I would recommend this excursion to anyone in Puerto Rico. It was very convenient to be pick up in San Juan since we didn’t have a vehicle. We stopped for fresh fruit on our way to the rainforest with Luis. He chopped up the fruit at the swimming hole we stopped at and he also took a lot of great pictures during our tour. Would definitely do it again. Thank you guys, we had a great time!

– Jeremy D | TripAdvisor

Explore Puerto Rico — «» — an educational travel portal

Puerto Rico is blessed with fabulous beaches, year-round sunshine and numerous opportunities for deep sea fishing, diving and surfing. However, in addition to water sports, here is the coast of San Juan, which is a pristine area with miles of white and sparkling sand. If you explore the island deeper, you can see a rich mixture of African and European cultures in the form of festivals, where the famous salsa was born. Despite its connection to the United States, Puerto Rico is identical to Cuba, remaining exclusively Latino. The island has a striking variety of landscapes, from El Yunque’s misty rainforests to reef-encrusted desert islands and withering dry forests in the southwest. Puerto Rico is home to impenetrable mangrove swamps, one of nature’s most stunning sights. If you rent a car, you can easily avoid the tourist areas, zipping between cool mountain forests and sun-bleached beaches in a matter of minutes. The island is surprisingly safe, and while it can be pricey for budget travelers, Puerto Rico sets itself apart from other areas in the region. nine0003

Many of the beaches here remain wild. However, there are a small number of resorts that can offer the vacationer a comfortable stay. Thus, Vieques and Culebra have some of the most idyllic coastlines in the Caribbean.

Nothing in the Caribbean compares to San Juan. It is one of the largest urban areas in the region. Here is a highway filled with SUVs, the largest shopping centers and the only subway that resembles one of the US metropolitan areas. Indeed, San Juan locals like to compare with Miami. But while San Juan owes much to its ties to the US mainland, it’s the city’s roots, rich racial culture, that provide real appeal. The historic heart of the city, Old San Juan has a seductive blend of Spanish colonial charm. Its cobbled streets are filled with brightly colored houses and balconies decorated with tropical plants. For a city this size, San Juan’s beaches are pretty good for swimming, sunbathing, and a variety of water sports. The best beach is Isla Verde, which is located to the east of the old city, where resorts and boutique hotels are located near a thin strip of sand and clear, turquoise water. nine0003

The mountainous landscape of the island is just as enticing, as the settlements are located on the hills surrounded by coffee plantations. It is here that the Paso Fina horses, which are considered the best in America, live. State forests attract the attention of tourists, which continue to preserve lush jungles, lakes filled with fish and numerous waterfalls.

Puerto Rico is a juxtaposition of old and new rather than a nostalgic throwback frozen in time, so the opportunity to travel here is attractive to today’s tourists. Today, Puerto Ricans use mobile phones, and well-preserved colonial architecture coexists with modern shopping malls and SUVs. Despite all this, Puerto Rico is connected to the USA. The island is not a state, and also does not have independence, since Puerto Rico is an «unincorporated organized territory» that has been dependent on the United States of America since 1952 years old. For Americans, this resort creates all the conditions for a hassle-free holiday in the sun. Although the island lacks the revolutionary chic of other Hispanic nations, Puerto Ricans have created one of the most vibrant cultural regions.

Holiday ideas from travel agency Sveta-Tour

1. Seville, Spain

What to do?

  • Enjoy siesta and fiesta;
  • Go to flamenco;
  • Relax in the shade of tangerine trees; nine0022
  • Experience the finest examples of Spanish Baroque through local architecture.

The capital of Andalusia is one of the most beautiful and most hospitable cities in Europe, which perfectly reflects the Spanish national character. Over the past 10 years, Spanish Seville has undergone fundamental changes from just a historical center to a tourist city with developed infrastructure. And the city will be of particular interest to fans of the «Game of Thrones» — it was here that the events of the fifth season of the popular saga unfolded. nine0003

2. Antwerp, Belgium

What to do?

  • Visit an art gallery.
  • Buy jewelry with a diamond.
  • Get an item from a Belgian designer.

Bruges is not one! Unlike its cousin, Antwerp is a much more dynamic city, honoring its cultural heritage and open to everything new. The Flemish capital will appeal to all art lovers.

Rubens, Antoine van Dyck, Adriaen Brauere, Quentin Macesa and Pieter Brueghel were born here. Also, this city is probably known to all fashionistas, because it was here that the legendary “Antwerp Six” – Anne Demelmeister, Dries van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs, Dirk van Sen, Walter van Beirendonck and Marina Yi – once studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. nine0003

These designers put Belgium on the fashion map of the world, revolutionizing the minds of European fashion insiders.
In addition, Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the «most diamond» city in the world. So keep in mind, if you are going to buy diamonds, Antwerp is the right place to do it.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

What to do?

  • Walk around the Old Town.
  • Visit Columbus Square, which opened Puerto Rico 500 years ago. nine0022
  • Pina Colada is a national treasure in Puerto Rico.
  • Visit the El Yunque rainforest.

The capital of Puerto Rico is one of the oldest cities in America. According to this parameter, it ranks second after the Peruvian Cusco. Nevertheless, San Juan looks quite young — you can hardly find dilapidated buildings here, all historical buildings undergo regular restoration, and ancient pavements are framed by quite modern shops and cafes.

So getting lost in the streets of the Old Town is a great idea, but it is better to avoid the area with the picturesque name Zhemchuzhina. It is located on the very shore of the ocean near the Old City. Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in drug trafficking, but they do not disdain street robberies, so it is better to choose another place for a walk. It is in Puerto Rico that most of the world’s most popular Bacardi rum is produced, and 8 km from San Juan is the world’s largest plant for its production. Definitely worth a trip there! nine0003

4. Oslo, Norway

What to do?

  • Climb to the roof of the Opera House from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city.
  • Visit the Astrup-Fernlia Museum of Modern Art.
  • Go on a sightseeing tour to the fjords.
  • Look at the famous painting «The Scream» in the Munch Museum.

Oslo is the port center of Norway, as well as one of the smallest and most environmentally friendly capitals in Europe. Only about 500 thousand people live in the city. nine0003

The Norwegian capital is located on the shores of a huge fjord of the same name, formed by three «arms» of an ancient glacial valley. The city center is an intricate mix of old and new architecture with an abundance of museums, parks and monuments. This unique city is definitely worth visiting for all lovers of Scandinavian beauties!

5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

What to do?

  • Stunned by the fantastic beauty of the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar.
  • Swim in the ocean and feel like in the Bounty commercial.
  • Go on a safari — meet the wild.
  • Visit the giant turtles on Prison Island.
  • Go on a boat trip to other islands of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Zanzibar is called the African Maldives for a reason: the deserted beaches and the views around are simply amazing. However, Tanzania has not yet been spoiled by the attention of tourists, so here you will be received as VIP guests. If you book a group tour, it is likely that it will be an individual one. nine0003

Zanzibar is not rich in cultural heritage, but there is definitely something to do here: wildlife, turtle and seaweed farms, tropical forests, and even the apartment-museum where Freddie Mercury was born.

6. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

What to do?

  • Learn to surf or practice diving.
  • Visit Timanfaya National Park.
  • Walk through the Jameos del Agva and Cueva de los Verdes caves. nine0022
  • Go diving at Puerto del Capmen beach.

Lanzarote is one of the most curious islands of the Canary archipelago, which is often undeservedly underestimated by tourists compared to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. It is the easternmost and fourth largest island of the archipelago. On its surface there are about 300 volcanic craters, and a significant part of the island is covered with ash and basalt.

7. Tallinn, Estonia

What to do?

  • Get lost in the narrow medieval streets.
  • Arrange a run around museums.
  • Swim in the Baltic Sea.
  • Go to the waterfront to watch the cruise ships arrive and depart.

Think Tallinn has nothing to surprise you with? Throw away your preconceived notions and by all means go for a weekend in this leisurely and cozy city. The Estonian capital will definitely please connoisseurs of ancient architecture — the historical center of Tallinn is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Moreover, the owners of buildings are forbidden to change their appearance, thanks to which even today you can plunge into the atmosphere of a medieval city. nine0003

Tallinn is also worth a visit because the coming year will be full of events. In April, Tallin Music Week will be held here, followed by the Tallinn Jazz Festival, in early July you can catch the Medieval Festival in the city, and the Flower Festival will be held throughout the summer.

8. Marrakesh, Morocco

What to do?

  • Visit the main square of Marrakesh — Jema el Fna.
  • Relax from the hustle and bustle of the city in the shade of the Menara gardens. nine0022
  • Walk along the Yves Saint Laurent route in the Majorelle Gardens and visit the museum dedicated to the great couturier.
  • Stay overnight in a traditional riad, a two-story hotel with a courtyard and swimming pool.

The bustle of a crowded oriental city and the grandeur of centuries-old architecture intertwined in Marrakesh. The cultural capital of Africa has long been loved by creative bohemians. This Marrakech owes a lot to the legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent, and he, in turn, owes a lot to this country. nine0003

The couturier has lived here since 1966 and, in his own words, it was here that he «discovered color», an essential part of his work.

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