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Salitre Meson Costero from ARECIBO Menu

Salitre Meson Costero from ARECIBO Menu

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Journey to the shamans — a journey to yourself. Author’s tour to Bogota to participate in sacred ceremonies

We invite you to go to the Putumayo river valley — one of the largest centers of Amazon shamanism on the border of Colombia and Ecuador. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of the sacred plants of the indigenous peoples of the Kofan and Inga, who have retained simplicity in their relationship with each other and the relationship with nature.


Select dates

April 12 — 21, 2023 nine0003

How best to contact you

Select from the listTelegramWhatsAppEmail

You can also leave a preliminary application so that we include you in the list of potential participants in this exciting journey.

By clicking the button you agree to the privacy policy

Why go to the shamans?

We are going to Colombia to get answers to exciting questions by going through ancient rituals based on sacred plants. Each of us has our own reason for seeking spiritual knowledge and finding ourselves. nine0021 You can put any intention on the ceremony, for example:

  • Get rid of the dependence of both the physical and emotional

  • Punch the «ceiling» in business or career

  • Find love and family happiness

  • Accept and love yourself, raise your self-esteem

  • Cope with the loss of a loved one

  • Bring spiritual practice to a new level

For participants, this is an amazing chance to personally meet hereditary Colombian shamans — keepers of sacred knowledge and learn from their experience. This is an opportunity to plunge into an authentic atmosphere, get acquainted with the culture and heritage of Indian tribes and learn the amazing hospitality of these simple and honest people.

Self-knowledge, healing from physical and mental traumas, unlocking potential — that’s what awaits the participants of our retreat.

Power plant ceremonies bring answers to everyone and help solve a variety of problems, including:

  • Remove psychological blocks and restrictions

  • Find your purpose, your goal is the embodiment of

  • Run the natural self -healing mechanisms

  • Expand the talents (including generic)

  • Clean the organism on the physical and mental level

  • Start natural self-healing mechanisms

  • Know your true Self

The ceremonies are performed by Taita, a shaman-healer with special Magical Knowledge. This is a person who uses sacred plants, solar energy, the earth and all natural resources, including his own body, to help other people find peace and tranquility, relieve pain and feel the care of the Creator.

We have specially designed the program of ceremonies in such a way that the participants could get acquainted with the traditions of the different tribes of Colombia. Alvaro chose the most powerful curanderos, from whom he trained and continues to visit them every year. Hereditary shamans of the Kofan, Inga and Kamentsa tribes will work with you. nine0003

Unlike other countries where ayahuasca ceremonies are held, in Colombia being a tita is not a male prerogative. Ceremonies in Colombia are also performed by women, they are called «mima». And we will just go through one of the ceremonies with an incredible shaman — Mayma Anna from the Inga tribe. This is truly a unique opportunity to fully experience the full power of the female energy of ayahuasca.

The remaining 4 ceremonies will be held under the guidance of male shamans who have devoted their whole lives to this cause:

  • Taita Francisco Jojoa of the Inga tribe.
  • Taita Oscar Kemag from the Pastos tribe.
  • Taita Mariano is a magnificent curandero from the Kamentsa tribe.
  • Taita Gabino Garetta, a student of the elder of the Kofan tribe — Cherubina.
  • Taita Victoriano is the guardian of the tradition of the Sion tribe.
  • Taita Domingo from the Kamentsa tribe (if the roads allow access to Sibundoy).

The final choice of guides for our trip will be announced after the group is complete, taking into account the requests of the participants. nine0113

A deep dive into ancient traditions, surrounded by virgin jungles, with the help of experienced guides who pass on the wisdom of their ancestors from generation to generation. You will be able to experience first hand how sacred ceremonies with plants of power are held in the cradle of Colombian shamanism — the Putumayo region!

Organizational information

  • Duration of trip

    10 days — 9 nights
    (5 ceremonies with shamans)

  • Travel dates

    April 12 — 21, 2023

  • Travel region

    The cradle of shamanism in Colombia is the Putumayo river valley. Citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan do not need a visa.

  • Group size

    Maximum 15 people. The optimal number of participants for a cozy trip with benefits for the body and soul.

  • Cost of the trip

    1850 per person based on double occupancy. Ground handling and guide accompaniment according to the program are included. The cost of the program is indicated without international and domestic flights. nine0021 When booking before February 15, an early booking discount is valid:
    for the first 6 participants — minus 350 ,
    for the next 6 participants — minus 250 .901

  • Accommodation

    During the retreat, accommodation in a cozy eco-lodge Samawe including meals according to the program. In Bogota, we recommend staying at the Click Clack Hotel, as well as at Habitel Prime 5* or Select 4*, located a short drive from the airport. nine0021

Entry into the country

  • Citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan do not need a visa if the period of stay in the country does not exceed 90 days.
  • Citizens of Belarus and Ukraine need a visa. A visa can be issued at the Embassy of Colombia in Warsaw or Moscow. Personal presence is not required to obtain a visa, all documents can be sent by mail.
  • All foreigners need a negative PCR test or vaccination passport to enter Colombia.
  • You also need to register on the Colombia Travel website 24 hours before entering Colombia.
  • Security

    Our retreats follow strict protocols to ensure guests have the most comfortable experience with power plants.

    We care about your safety and well-being from the first interview, where we ask you a few questions to assess your health.

    Also on the eve of the retreat, we will ask you to analyze your condition, fill out a questionnaire and inform us about all medical indications and medications prescribed by your doctor. nine0021

  • Integration

    Every retreat is an incredible experience. However, it is equally important to be able to stay in touch after the end of the ceremony. Plants will work with you for several months. During this period, you can rewire your brain, take control of your life and free yourself from the unnecessary burden of the past.

    It is for this reason that we attach great importance to integration. Each participant can contact us with a question. And we will be happy to help you develop your new relationships with the outside world and achieve the goals for which you came to the retreat. nine0021

Travel program

Map of route

Post -Retrite tour

Cartagons: Magic Realism Markes

Learn more than

Organizer Tour

Alvaros Proves

traveler with experience, organizer in shamanism in January 2012

I like to reveal people. I love when they are happy. That is what I do through the organization of author’s trips. This is an amazing feeling of energy exchange, which one will never experience. Let’s please each other together — join our journey! nine0003

About us in numbers


as a retrone center




Ceremonies with force



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Group trips to group trips to Colombia


participants come regularly

Video reviews of a trip to shamans in Colombia

  • Marina Gretchen


  • Maxim

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  • 9000 9000 9000

    Tour price:
    1850 based on double occupancy.
    It is necessary to book the tour before 04/01/2023.
    When placing an order, an advance payment of 750 € is made (if the tour is canceled at the initiative of the participant, the deposit is not returned). nine0021 The balance must be transferred no later than 04/05/2023, or paid on the spot, upon arrival in cash.

    Booked before February 15, 2023 early booking discount : for the first 6 participants minus €350 (advance payment will be €400), for the next 6 bookings minus €250 (advance payment will be €500).

    The cost of the program does not include international and domestic flights.

    If for some reason you are unable to travel with us to Latin America, you can experience ceremonies with shamanic medicine at one of our retreat centers in Spain, Germany or Italy — Aluna Retreats. nine0021

    Select dates

    April 12 — 21, 2023

    How best to contact you

    Select from the listTelegramWhatsAppEmail

    You can also leave a preliminary application so that we include you in the list of potential participants in this exciting journey

    By clicking the button you agree to the privacy policy

    trip to Colombia and Mexico
    February 11, 2022

    Live coverage of the trips we are planning for this spring-summer season:
    • Colombia. Journey to the shamans of Putumayo from 8 to 18 March
    • Mexico. Mushroom tour in the Oaxaca region from June 21 to June 28
    • Mexico. New Year of the Seri Indians from June 29 to July 2
    • Mexico. Peyote with the Huychiol Indians from 3 to 8 July
    • Colombia. Journey to the shamans of Putumayo from October 21 to 31

    0021 about a trip to Colombia
    November 9, 2021

    Maestro Alvaro talks about Amazon shamanism and a trip to the origins of shamanism in Colombia — the Putumayo region.

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