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Siren Pullover

Spiral Notebook

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Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Artefacto features aesthetic and functional objects designed by local and international makers. True to our name, our mission is to find unique items that both meet their purpose and inspire joy in everyday life. We believe that small batch, quality craftsmanship can enrich the mundane and allow us to inhabit our spaces with intention.



Art & Books


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U Hoops
Regular price$50.00

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Embrace 2-in-1 Earrings
Regular price$52.00

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Mini Quesadilla Bag
Regular price$18.00

Snake Studs
Regular price$22.00

Making a statement is about quality, not quantity. Make every piece count to elevate your look.


Matisse Earrings
Regular price$45.00

Day Star Earrings
Regular price$30.00

Cicada Studs
Regular price$24.00

Ava Signet Ring
Regular price$74.00

Teardrop Earrings
Regular price$45.00

Sculptural Earrings no.1
Regular price$82.00

Sculptural Earrings no.1
Regular price$54.00

Littlle Blob Hoop Earrings
Regular price$40.00

Giant Bobby Pin
Regular price$40.00

California Poppy Charm Earrings
Regular price$90.00

Jewelry Cone
Regular price$35.00

Embrace Bangle
Regular price$56.00

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XO Stud Earrings
Regular price$38.00

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Embrace Wrap Ring
Regular price$52.00

Stone Raku 2-in-1 Earrings
Regular price$56. 00

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Moon Coin Hoop Earrings — Brass
Regular price$44.00

Loop Link Necklace
Regular price$88.00

Window Link Bracelet
Regular price$86.00

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Window Dangle Earrings — Mixed Metal
Regular price$68.00

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«I» Cuff Ring
Regular price$64.00

La Doña
From $40.00

El Chinchorro
From $40.00

Wednesday Axe Pocket T-Shirt
From $35.00

X-Ray Tee
From $35.00

Art created by Puerto Rican illustrator Pedro A. Ballester Talavera (PABT).

Kit-Cat Clock Stickers
Regular price$6.00

Sadness Cap
Regular price$30.00

Molotov Tote
Regular price$25.00

Cat/Dog T-Shirt
From $30.00

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Tacita Cup
Regular price$15.00

Monstera Catchall
From $12. 00

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Oruga Pipe
Regular price$35.00

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Granizado Glasses
Regular price$22.00

This collection includes natural fibers, colorful glass, and smooth ceramics that are sure to bring warmth into any room. Available in very limited quantities.

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Classic Bud Vase
Regular price$10.00

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Elevated Mug
Regular price$30.00

Riley Planter
Regular price$28.00

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Oval Ring Tray
Regular price$25.00

Hexagon Coasters
Regular price$12.00

Incense Cones
Regular price$24.00

Toothbrush Holder
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Papaya Pipe
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Huevo Dish
Regular price$14.00

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Fungi Pipe
Regular price$32.00

Jungle Cup
Regular price$24. 00


Art & Books





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Lluvia Deli bar and Artefacto

  • «Great for breakfast before a hike on el yunque.»(5 Tips)

    «A nice break from the heavy food that abounds in Puerto Rico.»(2 Tips)

    «Their iced coffee is the best around, and the frittata is excellent.»(2 Tips)

    «Absolutely delicious coffee»(8 Tips)

28 Tips and reviews


  • el yunque
  • coffee
  • breakfast food
  • waffles
  • frittatas
  • lattes
  • trendy
  • hiking
  • authentic
  • wifi
  • good for dates
  • cheesecake
  • family-friendly
  • pancakes
  • good for groups
  • gardens
  • healthy food
  • street tacos
  • cozy
  • casual
  • (15 more)

  • Sleek design place in the middle of “nowhere»! Excellent iced latté you can’t get in many places around P. R. Amazing home made carrot- and cheese cakes. Delicious!

  • Very very nice owners! Beautiful atmosphere. Great coffee. We didn’t eat but others who did raved about the food. Very close to rain forest. Perfect place to hit up for lunch after a hike! Free wifi!

  • Great owners with a wonderful concept and passion to see the city revitalized. Stop here en route to El Yunque for a great meal, meet some locals, and learn about the area. Very highly recommended.

  • Beautiful upscale feel with very cheap prices. Definitely stop by before or after El Yunque. Absolutely delicious coffee

  • Grab an iced coffee (or beverage of your choice) inside, and then eat delicious street tacos outside in the garden!

  • My favorite breakfast place! The coffee is amazing! Love to eat the breakfast burrito, waffles, guava pancakes!

  • Really great vibe with Salads! and juices. A nice break from the heavy food that abounds in Puerto Rico.

  • Thought place looks great, delicious food! A plus for selling local designs by Puerto Rican Artists.

  • Awesome owners very personable and amazing atmosphere. Great place to have breakfast or lunch before or after visiting El Yunque

  • It’s a very lovely place. Grate ambience, food and store. It is like a Zen place to eat breakfast and enjoy life.

  • The fritata (for two) is the perfect amount of fuel for a hike up to La Mina Falls.

  • Great food and excellent service. Highly recommended. Definetely coming back.

  • Their iced coffee is the best around, and the frittata is excellent.

  • Great little gem! Love the style and all of the baked goods are done in house.

  • OMG, the pineapple iced tea is the bomb.

  • Great for breakfast before a hike on el yunque. Great coffee

  • WiFi password is lluvia123 their cherry cheesecake is really good!

  • Everything is great! Great food, staff and ambiance!

  • Order the frittata (for 2) and the guava pancakes!

  • Very good pastries and wonderful owners. Great place to stop after exploring El Yunque!

  • Great place!! Great service!! Excellent food!

  • Breakfast tacos were amazing. Loved the food and service.

  • The coffee is to die for!

  • This place is gorgeous! I love it. ..

  • New wifi password os lluvia321

  • Rum shots and salads

  • Excellent waffles!!

  • Nice staff!

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Puerto Rico has a drone to restore communications

The American telecommunications company AT&T has begun using the Flying COW drone in Puerto Rico to restore cellular communications. According to ArsTechnica, the device is used to restore voice communication, exchange short text messages and access the Internet via an LTE network. So far, only one drone has been deployed in Puerto Rico, but there are plans to increase the number.

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. More than 30 people died as a result of the disaster. The islands have virtually no electricity, communications, or access to clean drinking water. The generators available in the country have been prioritized to provide energy to hospitals, and fuel shortages are growing. nine0003

Only 52 percent of cell towers in Puerto Rico have been restored so far. More than 30 percent of the country’s population is still without communication. One Flying COW device is capable of providing communication over an area of ​​up to 104 square kilometers with simultaneous connection to a flying base station of up to eight thousand subscribers.

The first tests of Flying COW took place in February this year in the USA. The drone is equipped with equipment for broadcasting and receiving a signal of the LTE standard. A drone can cover an area of ​​104 square kilometers from a flight altitude of 91 meter. The device is made tethered: the drone is controlled and powered through a cable.

The new drones are supposed to equip the vehicles of the AT&T repair teams. Upon arrival at a place that has lost cellular coverage, such teams will release a tethered drone, thereby restoring communication. After that, they will be able to calmly engage in the restoration of ground equipment.

Previously, Alphabet’s X division launched several Project Loon Internet stratospheric balloons in Puerto Rico to restore cellular coverage. It took Unit X just over three weeks to deploy the internet stratospheric balloons, including negotiating with the authorities and obtaining the appropriate permits. nine0003

Project Loon aims to create a communication network over large areas using balloon transmitters that float in the stratosphere. Loon can provide communication over vast areas around the world, in hard-to-reach areas, or, for example, during natural disasters. Signals from one stratospheric balloon can cover an area of ​​40,000 square meters.

Launch of internet stratospheric balloons in Puerto Rico jointly with telecommunications company AT&T. The devices provide LTE communication, but to a limited extent: devices connected to it can send SMS and connect to the Internet at a low speed; voice calls are not possible. nine0003

Vasily Sychev

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Smithsonian Institution: the world’s largest repository of exhibits, museum treasures and artifacts

Personality in Science

Smithsonian Institution Americans call it the «attic of the nation.» In this research and educational institution there are 19 main museums and 156 branches, 21 libraries, 9research centers and the zoo store all kinds of intellectual and artistic values ​​with a total of 137 million items. The world’s largest repository was started by the childless British chemist and mineralogist James Smithson, who bequeathed his entire fortune to the «foundation of an institution in the United States that will serve the development and dissemination of knowledge.»

The Smithsonian Institution was founded by an act of the US Congress on August 10, 1846. Originally it was simply «National Museum of the United States», but this name in 1967 has sunk into oblivion. It is funded by 2/3 of the US government, and another third of the organization’s annual budget of 1.2 billion is provided by private and corporate donors, membership fees, concessions and licenses, as well as publishing and commercial activities — mainly the release of educational and educational games, programs, video materials, as well as the sale of souvenirs. The Institute publishes Smithsonian and Air&Space magazines. Most of its institutions are located in Washington DC, with additional facilities located in Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pittsburgh, Texas, Virginia, Panama, and even Puerto Rico. Every year they are visited by about 30 million people, and completely free of charge. nine0003 Portrait of James Smithson, 1816.

The Smithsonian Institution owes its origin to James Smithson (circa 1765, Paris — 1829, Genoa, Sardinia). This English chemist and mineralogist, illegitimate son of the first Duke of Northumberland, listed the United States in his will as the second heir to his nephew, Henry James Hungerford. In 1835, Hungerford died childless, and thus James Smithson’s legacy of over one hundred thousand gold sovereigns passed to the US government on the condition that an institution be established in Washington to «increase and disseminate knowledge among the people.» At 19In 01, in the building, which today is an information center for everyone who visits the museum, the remains of Smithson himself were buried, transported from Genoa at the initiative of the then head of the institute, Alexander Graham Bell.

In 1865, a great fire broke out at the Smithsonian Institution, in which about two hundred manuscripts of James Smithson were lost, with the exception of one volume.

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