Piña colada puerto rico: Best Places to Enjoy a ‘Unique’ Piña Colada

Best Places to Enjoy a ‘Unique’ Piña Colada

A perfect blend of pineapple juice, coconut cream, and ice! 

Have you had a piña colada yet? To immerse yourself in the «Colada Culture,» you must start your journey at Puerto Rico’s national drink’s birthplace – or birthplaces.  

The tropical cocktail has multiple birthplaces because of the long-running tussle between Barrachina and Caribe Hilton about who was the first to mix pineapple juice, coconut cream, and ice to present the world’s first piña colada.  

There are claims that bartender Ramón «Monchito» Marrero crafted the drink in 1954, capturing the unique flavors of the island after three months of experimentation. Meanwhile, a competing story credits another bartender – Ricardo García – at the Hilton. Some say that Monchito created the cocktail while he was bartending at Barrachina, or maybe it was yet another bartender, Ramón Portas Mingot, who mixed the cocktail for the very first time.   

The world may never know the truth, but at least visitors to the island can still explore the vast array of styles available. Here are a few to get you started on a piña colada tour of Puerto Rico.  

There’s no question that the best piña colada you´ll ever have will be in Puerto Rico, its birthplace. But have you ever wondered about the origin of our national drink’s main ingredient? Join us as we visit the pineapple farm in Arecibo, Campo Alegre, which produces around 350,000 boxes of pineapples a year. Let’s go back to our roots and honor the passionate Boricuas who put their hearts in Puerto Rico’s soil – our agricultural industry. Raise your piña colada and toast to them.

The flavors — and colors — blend well in Señor Paleta’s piña colada popsicle.  

Piña Colada Popsicle

Señor Paleta, San Juan

Does it get more refreshing than a tropical popsicle? If your answer is no, then be sure to try Sr. Paleta’s spin on the traditional drink. Inspired by the cocktail, the paleteros created a fun and light ice cream pop that blends fresh pineapple with coconut cream. The white and yellow tones evoke that Caribbean brightness and the alteration between the flavors stimulates the palate for a sweet, cooling treat. If you’re in Old San Juan, look for the sidewalk with the line growing as the day gets hotter.  

Does it get more perfect than a Caribbean sunset? 

Coco Pirata

Villa Cofresí Hotel, Rincón

Villa Cofresí Hotel in Rincón has served its iconic Coco Pirata (Coconut Pirate) for over half a century. Their unique take on the 1954’s original drink combines four rums, coconut water, evaporated milk, and a dash of cinnamon. At Villa Cofresí, every part of the coconut is used. The cocktail is served inside a coconut, making the fabric of the seed part of the formula. This cocktail has become iconic on its own, being recognized as the most famous drink in Rincón and the west region.  

A Mexican technique ìs applied to a Puerto Rican classic at JungleBird. 

Tepache Colada

JungleBird, San Juan

Giving a Mexican twist to a Puerto Rican classic, the mixologists at the all-star cocktail bar Jungle Bird in Santurce created the Tepache Colada, mixing the taste of the piña colada with other Latin American techniques. Tepache is made with fermented pineapple rinds baked with spices and piloncillo (sugar cane). The Tepache is mixed with the house’s coconut cream and Don Q Gold Rum, as Ramón «Monchito» Marrero used in one of the original recipes for the piña colada.  

Piña colada as dessert… can you say yummy? 

Dessert Colada

AC Marriott, San Juan

The perfect end to a tropical meal in Puerto Rico: piña colada dessert. If your sweet tooth is looking for an adventure, head to the AC Marriott’s rooftop. Chef Dennys Rosario Brignoni encapsulates the essence of the island with a dessert rooted in tradition. A bed of fresh pineapple compote sits beneath a ponqué or spongy vanilla cake topped with a refreshingly smooth coconut moose. All these ingredients are served in a cocktail-type glass and garnished with toasted coconut zest and a Maraschino cherry. Doesn’t this scream island vibes?  

The shrimp and piña colada ceviche at the San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel aims to be refreshing. 

Shrimp ceviche and piña colada custard 

San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel, Carolina

Combining typical Caribbean ingredients, chef David Negrón Torres created a shrimp ceviche that uses a piña colada base to tie in the elements of the dish. The plate aims to be refreshing and light, incorporating the pineapple juice and coconut cream – as one would do on a traditional piña colada – with other ingredients such as mustard, a little bit of lime, fresh cilantro, and chopped onion. The ceviche is served in a fresh pineapple.  

Serving custard as dessert is common in restaurants around the island. Known as natilla in Latin America, this milk-based treat resembles a crème anglaise. At the San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel, chef Negrón changed the universal sweet vanilla recipe to showcase Puerto Rico’s national drink in a more elevated way, topping it off with caramelized sugar. Did we mention you can taste it while overlooking the ocean?  

Mango Colada

Copamarina Beach Resort, Guánica

Dive into an eternal summer paradise with Copamarina’s mango colada. Making the most of the island’s offerings, chef César N. González set out to give the already-famous cocktail a sweeter kick, substituting pineapples with mangos. Aged Puerto Rican rum joins the mix for a more complex twist. You can head to the beach, where the breeze and crystal-clear Caribbean water help you cool off, or you can take a dip in the pools while sipping on your festive drink.     

Want to live the Colada Culture?

Puerto Rico’s national drink was created with simple Caribbean ingredients, but it’s much more than just a cocktail… it’s passion. Boricuas put their hearts in everything, and you can’t rush the heart. Enjoying a piña colada in Puerto Rico, the birthplace of this iconic drink goes beyond savoring the mix of pineapple juice, coconut cream, and rum. It’s basking in sunsets, cool breezes, colorful sights, and warm sand. It’s letting go of worries and making new friends. 

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Five spots in Puerto Rico to taste a truly authentic Piña Colada

The island of Puerto Rico is known for being the birthplace of the popular coconut cocktail – the Piña Colada!

Created in the heart and soul of the Caribbean using family-owned Don Q rum, the Piña Colada is a mix of rum, coconut milk and pineapple blended with ice –  a delicious creamy goodness perfect for sipping under the Caribbean sun.

Discover Puerto Rico rounds up five iconic spots across the island to taste a truly authentic Piña Colada.

Barrachina Restaurant 

Located in Old San Juan, just one block from La Fortaleza, the governor of Puerto Rico’s residence, sits Barrachina Restaurant – a local business that has been serving tourists and locals alike for over 40 years. Despite being labelled as the ‘King of Paella’, Barrachina is not only known for its delicious traditional food. In fact, the restaurant also claims to be the birthplace of the world-famous piña colada, created by Don Ramon Portas Mingot in 1963. Since then, the restaurant continues to provide the popular creamy and coconut drink, serving approximately 2,200 piña coladas a day. With pink stone walls that are hard to miss and magnificent tropical foliage, Barrachina makes a perfect day drinking spot, and continues to be a firm favourite amongst tourists.

Caribe Hilton 

Aptly situated on 17 acres of lush tropical peninsula near the Old San Juan district, Caribe Hilton is a stylish oasis that has been dazzling guests since 1949. The hotel boasts 652 recently renovated rooms and suites to kick back and relax in along with a private beach cabana where travellers can learn to scuba dive. The Caribe Hilton is the first hotel to lay claim to the tropical coconut drink, with bartender Ramón “Monchito” Marrer supposedly creating the drink back in 1954. Guests can head to the Caribar Bar to enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and a delicious tapas menu of culinary delights, with ocean views as the perfect backdrop.

Jungle Bird 

Located on the edge of La Placita de Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico, travellers will find Jungle Bird. A cosy and intimate tiki bar boasting bamboo furniture, lush green decor and tropical vibes, Jungle Bird offers a wide selection of cocktails and Taino-tropical drinks that are playful in name. A popular spot amongst locals and in-the-know visitors, the bar is the ideal location to sample a traditional piña colada with friends or Jungle Bird’s very own Tepache Colada – a creamy piña colada texture with an acidic flavour!

La Penultima 

Travellers can immerse themselves in the rhythm and melody of Puerto Rico at La Penultima, an industrial-chic, artsy spot with delicious cocktails and drinks. From seafood to beef hamburgers, La Penultima welcomes a range of locals and tourist visitors. In line with its urban aura, La penultima serves a modern take on the piña colada with their Islan Borinquen fizz. The cocktail is a creamy blend of rum, gin, coconut, pineapple and soda, making a perfect Puerto Rican drink. Travellers can also grab a bite to eat, sampling the bar’s renowned disco fries – a firm favourite among visitors. 

Senor Paleta 

Who said piña coladas have to come in a glass? The Senor Paleta in Old San Juan continues to change the way piña coladas are experienced today. Specialising in creamy and fruity desserts on a stick, Senor Paleta’s spin on the traditional drink is making history. Inspired by the traditional piña colada, Paleta’s popsicle fuses pineapple and coconut cream making a creamy white and yellow Caribbean popsicle – perfect for a summer’s day in the Puerto Rican heat. Visit Senor Paleta and experience the unique style of piña coladas Puerto Rico has to offer, best experienced on the Island.  


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PINA COLADA — Trade House «Aroma»

    A sweet cocktail based on rum, coconut cream (very similar to coconut milk, but contains less water) and pineapple juice. Pina Colada is usually served over ice and garnished with a slice of pineapple and a drunken cherry. The Pina Colada has become the official drink and symbol of Puerto Rico.

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