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Puerto Rico Honeymoon Planner (Tips & Advice By a Local)

Having your honeymoon in Puerto Rico is nothing but a dream come true! 

As a Puerto Rican and someone who worked in one of the most prominent hotels in San Juan, I’ve seen hundreds of couples arrive from all over the world to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Rico during your honeymoon, whether you want to spend it on the beach or in the relaxing countryside. And for whatever vacation you choose, you’ll find all kinds of hotels and resorts that suit your taste.

So if you’re planning to spend your honeymoon on the island, here is what you need to know. You can also bookmark my guide to things to do in Puerto Rico for couples.

Table of Contents

  • Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in Puerto Rico
    • Honeymoon Tip #1 – Choose the Right Season
    • Honeymoon Tip #2 – Check the Weather
    • Honeymoon Tip #3 – Travel During the Low Season
    • Honeymoon Tip #4 – Stay in San Juan
    • Honeymoon Tip #5 – Rent a Car
    • Honeymoon Tip #6 – Stay Outside San Juan
    • Honeymoon Tip #7 – Try Local Food
    • Honeymoon Tip #8 – Choose an All-Inclusive Hotel
  • Where to Stay for a Honeymoon in Puerto Rico
    • Best Puerto Rico Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts
    • Best Puerto Rico Honeymoon Neighborhoods & Areas
  • FAQs About Honeymoon Planning in Puerto Rico
    • Is Puerto Rico nice for a honeymoon?
    • How much does a honeymoon in Puerto Rico cost?
    • What can you do on your honeymoon in Puerto Rico?
    • Is San Juan a good place for a honeymoon?

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Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Honeymoon Tip #1 – Choose the Right Season

If you’re spending a honeymoon in Puerto Rico, make sure to choose the best season to visit. Autumn and winter are the high seasons for travelers, but they aren’t the best to enjoy the beaches due to the strong tides. 

If you truly want to enjoy Puerto Rico as a beach vacation, spring and summer are better for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Honeymoon Tip #2 – Check the Weather

If you’re saying for your honeymoon in Puerto Rico during the summer,  keep in mind summer is part of the rainy season in Puerto Rico. Depending on where you are on the island, you may face daily showers.

Check the weather constantly and plan your outdoor activities early in the mornings depending on the forecast.

Honeymoon Tip #3 – Travel During the Low Season

Although it’s sunny all year round, Puerto Rico has a low season both for locals and international travelers which goes from late August to November. Traveling during this season is the best if you’re doing Puerto Rico on a budget

Keep in mind these months are also the peaks of the Puerto Rico hurricane season, so hazardous weather can affect your trip.

Honeymoon Tip #4 – Stay in San Juan

Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan

If you don’t want to rent a car, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to if you’re staying in Old San Juan. You can explore the historical district on foot and enjoy popular San Juan activities like touring El Morro or sunbathing at Playa Peña. 

San Juan is also home to some of the best honeymoon resorts in Puerto Rico including Hotel El Convento, which was once a Carmelite convent constructed in 1646.

Honeymoon Tip #5 – Rent a Car

Renting a car in Puerto Rico is easy and necessary if you’re planning to explore the complete island. With a car, you can easily adjust your Puerto Rico itinerary and explore at your own pace.  

If you don’t want to rent a car, check out my guide to getting around Puerto Rico to learn how you can move around the island.

👉 Pro Tip: If you’re looking to rent a car in Puerto Rico, then the first place we recommend looking is Discover Cars. They’re awesome for comparing and contrasting your options.

Honeymoon Tip #6 – Stay Outside San Juan

If you want to experience the local Puerto Rico culture, find the best beaches, and explore the most mesmerizing wonders of the island, it’s best to stay outside San Juan. While there are many things to do in the city, it’s often crowded with tourists and isn’t always the most relaxing.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll find even more romantic destinations where to stay in Puerto Rico, like Vieques and Culebra.

Honeymoon Tip #7 – Try Local Food

If you and your spouse are foodies, then don’t miss out on Puerto Rico’s top plates. You can find great Puerto Rican food in San Juan Restaurants, but also in small food kiosks like the ones you can find in Piñones, Los Kioskos de Luquillo, La Guancha, and Boquerón. 

Honeymoon Tip #8 – Choose an All-Inclusive Hotel

If you rather stay inside during your honeymoon in Puerto Rico, then make sure to stay at an all-inclusive hotel, so you have plenty of entertainment options.

The island boasts a great variety of inclusive resorts not only in San Juan but in other cities and towns. Some of Puerto Rico’s top inclusive resorts include the St Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.

Where to Stay for a Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort  in Condado

Best Puerto Rico Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts

You’ll find all kinds of hotels in Puerto Rico, from luxury resorts to adult-only hotels. Most resorts in Puerto Rico boast a beachfront location with access to the beautiful Puerto Rico beaches.  

While the capital city offers some of the best hotels on the island like the Old San Juan hotel, El Convento, honeymooners will also find romantic resorts in less touristy areas. Hotels in remote Puerto Rico cities often offer amenities like a pool, spa, golf courses, and tennis courts.

👉 Here are some of the best Puerto Rico hotels:

  • Budget – Hotel Casa Blanca
  • Mid-Range – Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa
  • Luxury – St Regis Bahia Beach Resort
  • All-inclusive – San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
  • Historical – Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
  • With Spa – Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa
  • Boutique Hotel – O:live Boutique Hotel
  • With Additional Attractions – El Conquistador Resort
  • With a Golf Course – Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa
  • With Frequent Festivities – La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort
  • Remote Location – Royal Isabela
  • Close to the Airport – Fairmont El San Juan Hotel
  • Unique – Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve
  • Pet-Friendly – Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino
  • In Vieques – El Blok

Best Puerto Rico Honeymoon Neighborhoods & Areas

Condado Area in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Deciding which is the best city to stay in for your honeymoon in Puerto Rico is no easy task. San Juan is definitely one of the best places to stay, and visitors will find many tourist-friendly areas in the city. 

But, honeymooners can also find great neighborhoods with some of the best resorts in Puerto Rico in any town outside San Juan. Let’s look at some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Puerto Rico:

  • 👉 Old San Juan (Search apartments in Old San Juan) – Old San Juan is the historical district of San Juan. The area is entirely walkable and tourist-friendly, and it’s home to many Puerto Rico attractions, including El Morro. The cobblestone streets and colorful buildings make it a unique destination for a romantic vacation.
  • 👉 Condado (Search apartments in Condado) – Condado is another great neighborhood in San Juan for couples, home to luxury, all-inclusive, and romantic resorts like the San Juan Marriott Resort. Condado is walkable and it sports a great offer of beaches and restaurants.
  • 👉 Isla Verde (Search apartments in Isla Verde) – Isla Verde is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples that want to stay close to the airport. This area features many honeymoon resorts with beachfront locations. Isla Verde is also one of the areas in Puerto Rico with the best nightlife.

Sunset in Cabo Rojo

  • 👉 Cabo Rojo (Search apartments in Cabo Rojo) – Choosing a single neighborhood to stay in Cabo Rojo is hard, as the complete city is breathtaking. But, couples that are looking both for a romantic getaway, and a place with a lively ambiance will enjoy Boquerón. This area has a wildlife refuge, multiple beaches, and some of the best sunsets in Puerto Rico. 
  • Culebra (Search apartments in Culebra) – Culebra is the perfect destination for a Puerto Rican honeymoon. Culebra beaches are solitary, without crowded beach resorts, or pricey beachfront restaurants. Instead, this tropical oasis boasts a tranquil romantic ambiance ideal to outwind on the coasts of the Caribbean sea.
  • 👉 Vieques (Search apartments in Vieques) – Vieques island is another Puerto Rico municipality outside the east coast. Considered a tropical paradise, Vieques features some of the most beautiful beaches to sunbathe, swim, or go horseback riding. But, the main attraction is the glowing waters of Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay.
  • 👉 Fajardo (Search apartments in Fajardo) – If you’re looking for some of the best honeymoon resorts along with a fun city with great things to do, stay at Fajardo.  This city is home to a breathtaking nature reserve with one of the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico, known as Laguna Grande. In Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve you’ll find beautiful hidden beaches that will feel like private beaches.

Bathe in El Yunque’s Waterfalls

  • 👉 Rio Grande (Search apartments in Rio Grande) – Besides the famous El Yunque National Rainforest, Rio Grande also hosts some of the best honeymoon resorts in Puerto Rico like the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort and Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa.
  • 👉 Isabela (Search apartments in Isabela) – This beach town on the northwest coast of the island offers great beaches for surfing and swimming. Most Isabela hotels have top-notch ocean views, without a crowded skyline. Besides the beach, other things to do in Isabela include hiking in the Guajataca Forest and visiting The Wind Cave.
  • 👉 Ponce (Search apartments in Ponce) – If you love San Juan, but you rather avoid all the crowds, stay at Ponce. This city also has a historical downtown with many Puerto Rico landmarks. From here you can take day trips to multiple Puerto Rico islands including Caja de Muertos and Isla Cardona.
  • 👉 Dorado (Search apartments in Dorado) – Dorado is one of the Puerto Rico cities tourists like to stay at. Not only does this romantic destination has pristine beaches, but it’s also home to the most insta-worthy hotel in Puerto Rico, Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.
  • 👉 Rincón (Search apartments in Rincón) – Located on the west coast, Rincón is the epitome of romance. This city features amazing beaches both to swim and do water sports, a lively downtown, and breathtaking sunsets. It’s also home to many of Puerto Rico’s budget-friendly resorts.
  • 👉 La Parguera (Search apartments in La Parguera) – La Parguera is a small fishing village in Lajas, Puerto Rico. La Parguera is ideal for a calm and relaxing honeymoon. Lajas hosts a bioluminescent bay, a coral wall outside its coasts that divers will love, and multiple cays you can visit during your stay.
  • 👉 Cayey (Search apartments in Cayey) – You may not find so many fancy resorts up in the Puerto Rico mountains, but you’ll find plenty of peace and panoramic views. Cayey is a great place to stay to enjoy a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature. Besides being less pricey than most cities in the north, Cayey also has a central location to explore Puerto Rico’s Ruta Panorómica.

📚 Continue Reading: Where to Stay in Puerto Rico Guide

FAQs About Honeymoon Planning in Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico nice for a honeymoon?

Puerto Rico is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. The island has hundreds of beaches couples can enjoy, restaurants with exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife. Vieques, Culebra, Cabo Rojo, and Rio Grande are some of the most popular destinations for honeymooners in Puerto Rico.

How much does a honeymoon in Puerto Rico cost?

A honeymoon of one week in Puerto Rico for two persons ranges from $2,400 USD to $5,200 on average, depending on the travel style, and the season travelers choose to visit Puerto Rico. Although most outdoor activities in Puerto Rico are either cheap or free, car rentals and hotels tend to take away most of the budget.

What can you do on your honeymoon in Puerto Rico?

Travelers on a honeymoon in Puerto Rico can do many things including visiting historical fortresses, walking through the streets of Old San Juan, bathing in beautiful beaches, hiking in El Yunque National Forest, or visiting Puerto Rico waterfalls. Vieques and Culebra are also some of the perfect honeymoon destinations in Puerto Rico.

Is San Juan a good place for a honeymoon?

San Juan is an ideal city for a honeymoon in Puerto Rico as the city has a historical site, multiple beaches, restaurants, and bars. San Juan also has some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico, as well as some of the best neighborhoods, to stay in when you’re visiting the country. Read my complete list of the top activities to do in San Juan to find out what you can do.


Thanks for reading my guide to where to stay for a honeymoon in Puerto Rico! To fill up your honeymoon itinerary, check out the best sites to visit in Puerto Rico.

Enjoy your Puerto Rico honeymoon!

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Puerto Rico Honeymoon — What to Do and Where to Stay

Destination Overview

Known as the “Isle of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico is the perfect honeymoon destination. Culturally diverse, easy to get to, with near perfect year-round weather, Puerto Rico offers extensive outdoor attractions, wonderful shopping, superb beaches and excellent accommodations.

Only 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, this small island is comprised of several distinct regions each one unique in its history and culture. In Porta de Sol deep sea fishing, golf, horseback riding as well as a variety of water sports awaits the adventuresome. Off to the east, newlyweds can experience some of the most luxurious resorts as well as boutique shopping. In the picturesque Central Region, you can explore places like the Carite National Forest where the island’s abundant natural wonders will make you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise.

The center of tourism and culture is the vibrant and bustling city of San Juan. Honeymooners are drawn to this capital city by the miles of exquisite beaches, great upscale resorts, as well as the romance and charm of Old San Juan. Shopping here is among the best in the Caribbean where everything from folk art to designer apparel can be purchased. Premier gaming establishments in San Juan also offers high-stakes gambling as well as exhilarating entertainment.

About Puerto Rico

At a Glance

  • Old San Juan: Here, you’ll step back in time to a place filled with narrow cobblestone streets and building dating back centuries to when Puerto Rico belonged to Spain.
  • Nestled on a small island on the north coast of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan is dotted with plazas and churches along with museums, outdoor cafes and restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. An easy way to get a feel for Old San Juan is to board the free trolley. For the more adventuresome, take a guided Segway tour! www.segwaytourspr.com/.
  • Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferre. An award-winning fine arts center located in San Juan. http://www.cba.gobierno.pr/
  • El Yunque: Covering over 28,000 acres, but only 45 minutes from San Juan, you can hike the trails here though lush vegetation and experience a spectacular view of the north east corner of the island from atop an observation tower. www.fs.fed.us/r8/el_yunque/.
  • The Plaza Las Americas: Known as the largest shopping center in the Caribbean, you’ll find over 300 stores here offering a varied array of merchandise including fine jewelry, pottery, and fashionable clothing. www.plazalasamericas.net.
  • Caribbean School of Aquatics. Located in Villa Marina in Fujerdo, couples can sign-up for trips to secluded tropical cays for beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling as well as sunset sailing excursions.
  • Mona Island: For those looking for a more off-beat travel experience, Mona Island is hailed as the Galapagos of Puerto Rico. A pristine island located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; on Mona Island you will discover giant iguanas, endangered sea turtles, red footed boobies and other birds. You’ll also find some of the most breathtaking diving in all of Puerto Rico. With extensive reefs, underwater caverns and Spanish galleon shipwrecks, experienced divers won’t want to miss the chance to see everything from rays and barracuda to parrotfish and dolphins. Call Adventures Tourmarine for a roundtrip day adventure. Tel: (787) 255-2525.
  • The Coastal Islands: For an adventure filled day at sea, travelers can charter a catamaran sailing trip out of the San Juan harbor and enjoy on-board refreshments in between anchored snorkeling spots. Some charters may also anchor at one of the beautiful coastal islands off the Fajardo coast to spend an afternoon on a private beach.

Fast Facts

  • AREA CODES: 787 and 939
  • AIRPORT CODES: SJU — Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan
  • TIME: Puerto Rico observes Atlantic Standard Time year-round.
  • PEAK TOURIST SEASON: Between December and April
  • TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: There are no passports or visas necessary for U.S. citizens. However, bring an official photo I.D. such as a driver’s license.Visitors from other countries must follow the same requirements needed to enter the U.S.
  • WEATHER: Puerto Rico has an average annual temperature of 80F (26C). August tends to be the hottest and wettest month, and travelers should be aware that hurricane season technically lasts from June-November.
  • TIPPING: Expected throughout the island, much as you would in the United States. 15% percent is considered appropriate in restaurants, 10% in bars, 10-15% for taxi drivers, and $1 per bag for hotel porters.

Honeymoon Hints

  • For those planning to marry as well as honeymoon in Puerto Rico, one of the most elegant places for the ceremony is located in beautiful Old San Juan. The Catedral de San Juan is one of the oldest churches in the Americas and continues to be an important place both spiritually and culturally. It is a church frequently selected to host some of the most elite weddings on the island.
  • To schedule a wedding at the Cathedral call (787) 722-0861 at least 3 months in advance.
  • DRIVING: You can drive around Puerto Rico in a day. If you rent a car to see the sites outside of your resort area, be sure to remember that the traffic signs will be in Spanish and expressed in miles per hour, but the distances will be posted in kilometers.
  • SHOPPING: For avid shoppers, bear in mind that while normal business hours are 9am-6pm, most stores hold longer hours on Friday, when shops are typically open from 9am-9pm.

Honeymoon in Cuba

Let a professional agency organize your honeymoon in Cuba and we will turn it into an unforgettable trip

The first trip with your significant other is a special moment, so make sure that organizing a successful trip is paramount. Place your honeymoon in Cuba in the hands of a trusted Cuban travel agency like ours, a honeymoon travel expert based in Havana , from where we can provide you with 24/7 assistance throughout your stay, if needed.

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Honeymoon in Cuba
© Alessandro Caproni

A honeymoon in Cuba of your choice is a challenge that we would like to take on, and what better way than to discover amazing places together rather than imagine them? To do this, we offer you our services in places such as Havana , where you can enjoy classic car rides, visit attractions such as El Floridita ( El Floridita ), Cathedral and La Bodeguita del Medio ( La Bodeguita del Medio ), as well as the excellent service of Havana hotels.

If you both love the sun and the sea, you will be amazed by the beauty of the main Cuban beaches: Varadero , Cayo Santa Maria , Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco , where, in addition to feeling part of the Caribbean environment, you can experience our craft, our culinary traditions and our unique culture. nine0005

But we have more to offer. If you love nature, we recommend you visit Valle de Viñales ( Valle de Viñales ). Here you will find
the most widely represented flora and fauna, and you can go on an adventure exploring the wonders of the island’s topography.

Feel free to contact us for help and tell us all about how you envision your honeymoon. Cuba and our agency are ready to turn you and your partner into the protagonists of our main destinations. nine0005

Why you should trust our team of professionals:

We are a Cuban agency based in several countries, which is an expert in organizing organized trips to Cuba , which allows us to offer:

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• organization of individual trips according to your wishes.

• secure and guaranteed payments without delays and inconveniences.

• 24/7 onsite assistance in Cuba, 365 days a year, before any changes you might want to make. To do this, we provide all our custom travel customers with a free mobile phone with a Cuban line so that they can contact our office in Havana during the whole trip. nine0005

Book Puerto Azul — — Canarias.com


This hospitable aparthotel, located in Puerto Rico, is an excellent choice for families. Since the aparthotel is located 1.5 kilometers from the city center, it allows easy access to all the attractions of the destination. Travelers can find the nearest golf course within 10.0 kilometers from the aparthotel. Clients will be able to easily reach public transport stops. The establishment is located at a distance of 1.6 kilometers from the nearest beach. Travelers can use the nearest airport located at a distance of 50.0 kilometers(s). Puerto Azul offers 387 bedrooms in total. Puerto Azul was completely renovated in 2001. Public areas offer both wired and wireless Internet access. The front desk is open throughout the day. Cots for younger guests are available upon request. Puerto Azul is a pet friendly establishment. nine0005

Booking phone: (0034) 922 715353
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