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May 20, 2022


Alberto Mielgo


Alberto Mielgo



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Jibaro (👂❤️❌) is the ninth and last episode of the third volume, and the overall thirty-fifth episode of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS.

3 Symbols:

  1. Ear
  2. Heart
  3. Cross


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A deaf knight and a siren of myth become entwined in a deadly dance. A fatal attraction infused with blood, death and treasure.


A group of knights travels on horseback through a forest, stopping near a picturesque lake. One of the knights, whose hearing is impaired, takes coins from the lakebed, alerting a bejeweled, submerged figure. While the rest of the knights pay tribute to the elite of their society, the figure emerges from the water. Its screams cause the men to descend into a frenzy, slashing at each other with swords and dancing madly as they try to approach the siren, only to drown under the weight of their armor and horses.

Being immune to the siren’s call, only the deaf knight is left to stare in bewilderment. The siren expresses interest in him as he flees the lake, and he takes a large cloth and his saddle from his horse, which was injured in the confusion. He stops to rest near a river, and the siren approaches him as he sleeps, examining him and eventually falling asleep beside him. When they both awake in the morning, the siren panics and runs. The knight grasps her arm but is forced to let go because of the shards of jewels and gold that dig into his hand as a result.

Chasing her upstream, the knight meets the siren at a waterfall and the two apparently give in to their arousal. Standing over her, the knight suddenly turns hostile, incapacitating her. He flays her, taking the riches covering her body, then tosses her down the falls. He departs with his ill-gotten fortune as the siren’s body is carried back to her lake. A mysterious flood of blood-red water washes over the lake and up the falls, and when the deaf knight washes his face in the river, his hearing impairment disappears.

Frantic and pained at the new sensations, the knight forgets his riches and tears his way through the forest, calming down by the lake. At the same time, the siren is reborn, only to wail in horror at its missing skin and tarnished beauty. Now able to affect the knight, she exacts her revenge, screaming until he joins the multitudes of corpses at the bottom of her lake.


  • Girvan ‘Swirv’ Bramble at the Internet Movie Database voices Jibaro


«Love, Death & Robots» Jibaro (TV Episode 2022)


Top cast

Girvan ‘Swirv’ Bramble

  • Jibaro
  • (voice)
    • Jerome Denjean(supervising creative director)
    • Jennifer Yuh Nelson(supervising director)
    • Alberto Mielgo
    • Alberto Mielgo
    • Tim Miller
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a work of art

This episode is literally a work of art to be watched in silence that leaves you speechless, the scenic rendering of everything is beautiful and in its strange seriousness you can also glimpse sudden parts that tear a smile, truly a work of art.



  • gianmarcoronconi
  • May 24, 2022

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  • Release date
    • May 20, 2022 (United States)
    • United States
    • English
  • Production companies
    • Blur Studio
    • Netflix Studios
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Technical specs

  • 17 minutes

    • Dolby Atmos

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What is the French language plot outline for Jibaro (2022)?


Mielgo, Alberto — Wikipedia.

(redirected from Alberto Mielgo)

Alberto Mielgo (Spanish Alberto Mielgo , born April 29, 1979, Madrid) is a Spanish director, artist and animator. He was the art director of the Tron: Uprising animated series [1] and directed the animated short films The Witness and Jibaro for the anthology Love. Death. Robots” [2] .

Winner of four Emmy Awards [3] and two Annie Awards [4] . Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (2022) for The Windshield Wiper.


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Alberto was born on April 29, 1979. His childhood and youth were spent in Spain. Alberto currently lives in Los Angeles, after living extensively in various countries in Europe and Asia [5] . In addition to his work in the field of animation, Alberto is engaged in painting [6] [7] .

Alberto’s first major projects were Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, The Beatles: Rock Band, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1″.

In 2013, Mielgo was hired by Disney as the art director for Tron: Uprising [1] . The director of the animated series Charlie Bean explained that the idea of ​​​​inviting Alberto to the studio was to create a special style for an animated show that no one had seen before on TV or in movies.0009 [8] . As a result, Alberto received the Emmy Award [3] and the Annie Award for Best Production Design for this cartoon.

In 2015, Alberto worked as production designer on the Sony animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In his position, he created the concept and test version of the film [9] . Initially, Alberto’s main goal was to explore comics, Spider-Man’s past, the possibilities of cinematography, the language and style of [10] . According to Daniel Keillor, one of the animators on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Mielgo’s animation was widely received by the team and inspired their work before they started working on the film [9] . The test work was never completed — only four frames were fully completed, which determined the visual language of the entire film [9] .

In 2019, Mielgo wrote and directed the episode «The Witness» for the series Love. Death. Robots” from Netflix, for which he received 3 Emmy awards [3] and the Annie Award. Alberto’s involvement with the series began when supervising director Gabriele Pennacchioli set Alberto up with David Fincher and Tim Miller, both fans of his previous work [11] . In 2020, Alberto filmed the «Point of No Return» cinematic trailer for the PC game Watch Dogs: Legion [12] . The visual style of the trailer largely repeated Mielgo’s previous work for the TV series Love. Death. Robots.

Also in 2020, Alberto was presented with another animated short film, The Windshield Wiper [13] , which tells about his personal vision of love and relationships between people [14] . The film won an Academy Award (2022) in the Best Animated Short Film category [15] [16] . May 20, 2022 in the third season of the anthology Love. Death. Robots” episode “Jibaro” was released, directed by Mielgo [17] .

  • In 2013, Alberto won the Emmy [3] and Annie [4] for Outstanding Production Design for Tron: Rebellion.
  • In 2019 for his work on the short animated film Witness for the anthology Love. Death. Robots Alberto won three Emmy Awards [3] for Outstanding Short Animated Program, Outstanding Art Direction and Outstanding Animation, and an Annie Award [4] for Best Art Direction.
  • Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (2022) for The Windshield Wiper [16] .
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  • The Windshield Wiper movie on YouTube, Short of the Week (January 19, 2022)

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9000 9000

Alberto Mielgo, 29 April 1979 • 43 years

Spanish director, artist and animator. He was the art director of the animated series «Tron: Uprising» and the director of the short animated films «The Witness» (The Witness) and «Jibaro» (Jibaro), filmed for the anthology «Love. Death. Robots.

Winner of four Emmys and two Annies. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (2022) for The Windshield Wiper.



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