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La Guancha Recreational and Cultural Complex in Ponce

The La Guancha Recreational and Cultural Complex is a sector located in barrio Playa in Ponce, Puerto Rico with family recreational and cultural facilities that opened on June 23, 1998. A highlight of the complex is La Guancha Boardwalk. It was developed during the administration of Mayor Rafael Cordero Santiago.


Originally La Guancha consisted of a road alongside a dike built close to the
easternmost shore of barrio Playa across Ponce Yacht Club. The
romantic area was frequented by families and sweethearts alike,
especially on weekends, for relaxion and bonding. During the
administration of Mayor Cordero, however, a number of facilities
were added to the La Guancha area at a cost of over $18 million,
developing it into a new recreational complex.

Reflejos — Cardéc @ Flickr


Seven new facilities were added to the exiting boardwalk

  • The Dr. Enrique «Coco» Vicens, Recreational and Cultural Center
    (Spanish: Centro Recreativo y Cultural Enrique Vicéns), which
    consists of an open-air area for concert-type facilities and
    seating some 30,000 spectators.
  • A rides and amusement park area, intended for the celebration
    of Patron Saint’s Day Festivals, fairs, and like festivities
  • The Jose Angel Zayas Colon Children’s Park, with over 40 games
    for the youngters, plus the (Julio and Geraldo)
    Chamorro-Franceschini Brothers Park, with facilities for the
  • A number of parking areas with close to 900 vehicles, and
    distributed throughgout the complex
  • A majestic fountain, as its main axis, displaying the city’s
    Coat-of-arms and its iconic lion
  • A multi-use building providing facilities for the Ponce
    Municipal Police, Medical Emergencies and Ambulance, and other
    related agencies
  • A nourished beach area with over 10,000 cubic meters of new
    sand that replenished and built up the previous beach area, and
    including five beach volleyball, gazebos, access ramps
    to the Caribbean Sea, and associated illumination.

This project complemented the recently inaugurated tourist pier
in the nearby Port of Ponce, and which saw an investment of $4

Sunset at the Beach — f.baezx.x @ Flickr


The project was developed by the Department of Community and
Economic Development of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce at a
cost of $18.6 million. The breakdown of the cost included $3.6
million in the acquisition of the Paseo
Tablado La Guancha, 6.5 million in the purchase of over
27 acres (110,000 m2) of land, $8.0 million in the
construction of the project, $0.2 million for the bidding process,
and $0.3 million for the upgrade of PR-12 (Avenida Santiago de los
Caballeros) as infrastructure leading to the new complex.


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Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club — mrkgllsp @ Flickr

Ponce Harbor — mrkgllsp @ Flickr

At Dock in Ponce, PR — mrkgllsp @ Flickr

Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club — mrkgllsp @ Flickr

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Puerto Rico — Andy Skuse @ Flickr

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20060603-184910-Yacht Port in Ponce. jpg — fred_frigerio @ Flickr

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große Tarponfische schwimmen im Wasser in La Guancha in Ponce, Puerto Rico

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La Guancha | Tenerife

The municipality of La Guancha is located in the northern part of Tenerife, between the municipalities San Juan de la Rambla, Icod de los Vinos and La Orotava . It is located on slope of Teide and extends all the way to the sea, covering an area of ​​23.78 square kilometers. The main economic activity of La Guancha is the service sector, represented mainly by small shops, complementing the tourist offerings Puerto de la Cruz .

According to the legend, the municipality got its name in honor of a beautiful girl that the conquerors saw when she was drawing water from a spring into a clay pot. The captain fell in love with this girl and ordered his soldiers to capture her. But she preferred death to captivity and threw herself off the edge of the gorge. Plaza Fuente de la Guancha in the historic center of the municipality is named after her. This story is also reflected on the coat of arms of the municipality: it depicts two local women with clay jugs in their hands, and the inscription on the ribbon, made in gold letters, reads «Water and woman gave you a name» . The coat of arms also shows Teide and forests growing on the peaks La Guancha .





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Bicycle routes are one of the best ways to explore the natural areas of La Guancha. You will not only enjoy sports in nature, but also visit the most interesting geographical sights of the area.

At Casa de la Padera four such routes start.

One of them ascends to the campsite Barranco de la Arena and then descends to the trail Fuente Pedro . The other route passes through El Lagar Leisure Park , Arenas Negras Park, Las Montanetas, Fuente Santa Trail , and then returns to the starting point. The circular route Casa de la Pradera — Icod de Alto — Casa de la Padera will take you to sights such as the Feente de el Barco and Los Campeches. Last route starting at Casa de la Padera , passes through Taona Park and leads to Los Toboganes and Pino Llorón. This route also includes the El Tubo trail towards Barranco de la Arena.

In the area Barranco de la Arena, another route begins, including part of the El Tubo trail towards Chanahiga and ending at Caldera de la Orotava . The length of the route is approximately 20 kilometers . Alternatively, you can take the TF-38 directly from El Lagar via Llano del Hospital to Chio. At the 15th kilometer, you need to turn onto the path leading to the Chinyero volcano, and turn right at the first two intersections. To return to El Lagar, turn left at the third intersection.





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