Rio de san sebastian puerto rico: Rio Saltillo, San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

Catarata Gozalandia (San Sebastian) — All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

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Larry R

11 contributions

Wonderful day

Aug 2022 • Couples

Great place to spend some time, has two water falls with easy access, the smallest falls has a rope swing. You can swim at either fall. Kid friendly, full bar with great local food and great service. Prices are very cheap.

Written September 4, 2022

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Buford, GA3 contributions

Trip to Gozalandia July 2022

Jul 2022 • Family

The scenery is amazing. There were tons of little fish. I’m not a strong swimmer, so I stayed away from the center of we’re the waterfall is. It’s a swim at your own risk type of place. If you have little ones, there are shallow areas to chill at with them. I strongly suggest wearing water shoes as the rocks could get slippery and they hurt bare feet.

Written August 31, 2022

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Katelyn R

1 contribution

Romantic and kid friendly calming

Jul 2022 • Couples

This was sooo beautiful 😍 even with falling straight on my ass I stayed and continued to have such a great time. I would warn you to wear footwear don’t attempt barefoot although many have. I just found wearing footwear prevented me from falling twice slippery. There was a man I refer to as Tarzan jumped from top of water fall and was jumping from all areas of the water fall.

Written July 24, 2022

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Allison J

7 contributions


Jul 2022

Beautiful, beautiful setting and great swimming opportunity. I have seen a number of waterfalls in my lifetime (Mexico, Ecuador and Victoria Falls) and while this was not the biggest, the ability to get right in and swim in the waterfall was amazing. Also, if you go to the upper swimming hole, the erosion of the karst is just gorgeous. I felt like I was swimming in a secret fairy pool or something. The market in town on Friday is also a must-see.

Written July 22, 2022

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jason v

Saint Joseph, MI23 contributions

Beautiful waterfall

Apr 2022 • Family

We visited several on our trip including El Yunque- this was the best. It’s on the west end of the island but worth the trip if you can get there- no guide needed

Written April 6, 2022

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Hillsborough, NJ95 contributions

Viewed the falls, but didn’t go swimming

Apr 2022

We came right after a rain storm, so we weren’t able to swim in it, and the water was brown, rather than clear, because of the rushing waters churning up so much dirt, but it was still nice to see the waterfall(just because I love waterfalls), and also to take the short walk along the river up to the smaller waterfall where there is a rope swing (which we didn’t get to do), and view that falls. There’s $10 parking right by the falls. It’s a little hard to get to: small REALLY narrow, windy, and HILLY roads! That was an adventure in itself. So basically, we paid $10 to view waterfalls along a short, easy paved trail, but it was still nice outing, we probably spent only an hour there. If we were able to swim, I’m sure we would’ve stayed for hours.

Written April 3, 2022

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Sugar Land, TX29 contributions

Beautiful falls

Mar 2022 • Family

We had an open day on our vacation and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We’re staying in Dorado and decided to drive up and check out the falls. It was $10 a car. We went to the lower Falls first. My two teen boys really enjoyed climbing up and jumping off the top. The upper falls had a rope to jump in with. The only problem was it was a smaller area and there was a strong smell of weed. My boys jumped in a couple times and then we left. It was a beautiful area and I definitely recommend it if you want something different to do.

Written March 15, 2022

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Yvonne H

Beek, The Netherlands16 contributions


Feb 2022

Great day we had driving from old san juan to thiese waterfalls. It was very warm and we enjoyed swimming

Written February 11, 2022

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Bonnie C

Minneapolis, MN2,105 contributions

Great break on a hot day

Dec 2021

Know that this is a small place and is not a whole day destination, but it sure is great to visit on a hot day and to get away from the wind/waves — which kind of wore us out during the riptide warnings lately (seasonal, right?) We did this as the 2nd stop in the afternoon and are so glad we did! The afternoon was hot, we were wind burnt and salty from morning snorkeling. PLUS it was New Year’s Eve so not crowded at all. It’s a short hike to the lower pool and busier there. But then a longer hike to the upper pool — cooler, cleaner, less crowded w/ a swinging rope! Not sure about the quality of the water, but it seemed to cure all the ailments I was dealing with — bug bites, dry skin, etc. It was only $10 to park, the restaurant was nice and reasonably priced, the turtle pond was fun to watch — we actually saw a baby turtle hatch! Really fun few hours!

Written January 11, 2022

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Rincon, Puerto Rico10 contributions

Stunning Waterfalls

Oct 2021 • Couples

Beautiful place. The first waterfall is about 4 minutes away from the parking ($10) and the second waterfall is about a 15 minute hike (steep hill and stairs) but it is worth it. It is very slippery and the rocks might feel a little uncomfortable on your feet, so I recommend to wear shoes accordingly. The water can be a little cold but it is very clean. Definitely a must see and an experience you cannot miss.

Written October 29, 2021

This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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1 hour from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

19 km north of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:

Shacks Beach

22 km northeast of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:

Río De Camuy

23 km east of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:

Tanama River Adventures

21 km southwest of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:

Howard Johnson Downtown Mayaguez

Zoológico de Puerto Rico

La Ruta Panoramica



22 km west of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:


21 km northwest of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico:

Aguadilla Pueblo


Las Cascada Water Park

Crash Boat Beach

Rafael Hernández Airport

Pozo de Jacinto

55 minutes:   San German, Puerto Rico

54 minutes:   Utuado, Puerto Rico

52 minutes:   Rincon, Puerto Rico

50 minutes:   Camuy, Puerto Rico

45 minutes:   Maricao, Puerto Rico

41 minutes:   Arecibo, Puerto Rico

40 minutes:   Hatillo, Puerto Rico

39 minutes:   Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

39 minutes:   Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

35 minutes:   Anasco, Puerto Rico

34 minutes:   Isabela, Puerto Rico

31 minutes:   Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

24 minutes:   Aguada, Puerto Rico

22 minutes:   Las Marias, Puerto Rico

19 minutes:   Lares, Puerto Rico

These are approximate driving times in a radius from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. Search for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. There are many towns within the total area, so if you’re looking for closer places, try a smaller radius. If you’re willing to drive farther, try 1½ hours.

Not sure where to go? Take a day trip from San Sebastian, or if you have more time you can explore
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More cities around 1 hour away by plane

Here are more cities based
on a flight circle radius of 1 hour. These cities are much further than the ones above since now we’re looking at a 1 hour flight.

1 hour:   Constanza, Dominican Republic

1 hour:   Tamboril, Dominican Republic

1 hour:   La Mata, Dominican Republic

1 hour:   Moca, Dominican Republic

1 hour:   Azua, Dominican Republic

59 minutes:   Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

59 minutes:   La Vega, Dominican Republic

58 minutes:   Salcedo, Dominican Republic

58 minutes:   San Jose De Ocoa, Dominican Republic

57 minutes:   Bonao, Dominican Republic

57 minutes:   San Francisco De Macoris, Dominican Republic

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56 minutes:   Las Guaranas, Dominican Republic

56 minutes:   Bani, Dominican Republic

56 minutes:   Cotui, Dominican Republic

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Travel time from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

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within 150 km of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
200 km road trip from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
distance of 250 km from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
driving 300 km from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
350 km trip starting from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
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day trips from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico is at
latitude/longitude coordinates
18° 20′ 19″ N  /  66° 59′ 26″ W

Name Sebastian in Name.

Com. The meaning and origin of the name Sebastian.


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«venerable, respected; lofty; sacred; imperial».

2. Latin (Roman) — «Sebastian, from Sebastia (Sebastia — other Armenian city of the Roman Empire)». nine0015

Orthodox Name Day (Angel’s Day):

February 19 — Righteous Sebastian.
March 11, March 16, April 2 and April 28 — Martyr Sebastian.
June 5 — Rev. Sebastian, Poshekhonsky (Rus.).
December 31 — Martyr Sebastian.

St. Sebastian in Orthodoxy and Catholicism is venerated St. Sebastian (Sebastian) Mediolan, a Roman legionary, whom Emperor Diocletian ordered to be tied to a pole and pierced with arrows for his adherence to Christianity. After the execution, Sebastian was thrown, considering him dead, but he survived. Friends advised him to flee Rome, but he refused and went to Diocletian to testify of his faith. This time, Diocletian ordered Sebastian to be stoned and his body thrown into the city sewer. nine0015

In the Catholic tradition, Martyr Sebastian is considered the heavenly protector of archers, policemen, doctors, soldiers, bookbinders, gardeners and athletes, as well as the patron saint of Serbia and the cities of San Sebastian (Puerto Rico), Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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