La airport name: How Many Airports Are There In Los Angeles? Here’s A List

How Many Airports Are There In Los Angeles? Here’s A List

If you’re thinking about traveling to Los Angeles and are looking at the different flight options available, you’ll most likely end up deciding on one of the ones that lands at its main airport, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). You also may want to look into cheap and affordable moving companies to help you along the way. Although this is the largest and most important airport in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, it is not the only one, as there are four other gateways to the city: Long Beach Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport, John Wayne Airport and Ontario International Airport.

The reason why most tourists, especially those who are traveling for the first time to Los Angeles and are not very familiar with the possible alternative itineraries, is that it is the closest to the city centre, that is, if you want to see the city and its urban centre proper, this airport is your best option without any doubt.

On the other hand, when a tourist travels to Los Angeles with the intention of visiting another place close to the area, such as Disneyland or the Inland Empire, the best thing to do is to study thoroughly their travel options from the other airports, since they will surely get much cheaper and save a lot of time.

Next, for all those who are thinking of traveling to Los Angeles in the near future and want to know all the flight options available according to their personal itinerary, we are going to explain the main characteristics of the five airports the city has, together with their pros and cons.

The answer is 5!

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LAX is located in El Segundo, on the west side of Los Angeles and just south of Marina Del Rey. This great airport is the center of operations of the main American Airlines, receiving annually more than 84 million passengers that decide to travel hiring the services of Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines or American Airlines.

Another of the great attractions of this terminal is how close it is to downtown Los Angeles and its main tourist attractions, such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, the beaches of the west or any other surrounding community; if you want to travel exclusively to see Los Angeles, this airport is your best option. In addition, the transportation options are many and very affordable, from public transportation, to taxi can take you quickly to downtown for a really affordable price.

The only drawback of this great airport is how crowded it is at all times. There are always long queues to board or to get to the exit of the terminals to get a taxi or to get on a bus; if you’re new to the area you’ll find it really stressful.

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Today, Burbank Airport is a favorite among business travelers, especially actors and movie executives, as it is only a few minutes away from the Los Angeles film and television studios. Among the peculiarities of this airport is that it only works with six airlines, as it is very small compared to others and its capacity is much more limited.

On the other hand, it is the only terminal that offers a bus service throughout the region and Amtrak and Metrolink in the Regional Intermodal transport Center. Of all the airports of Los Angeles this one is the most fluid and in which less times of wait we will have to do, given its little affluence of tourists and for the distance that is left from the urban center of the city.

However, if you are thinking of staying at Disneyland, visiting Universal Studios, Hollywood or the Magic Mountain of the Six Flags, this is your best option and the best combination of transport you will find.

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Long Beach Airport

This airport is located in Long Beach, south of Los Angeles and is the smallest and most limited of all resources. To begin with, it only works with companies that offer domestic flights, such as American Airlines, Delta or Jetblue. In addition, the LGB only offers public transportation service through its own line, the Long Beach Transit, which greatly limits the mobility options for tourists arriving in the city from this location.

Like the other airports, Long Beach also has taxi and limousine services, but the cost is usually higher because it is farther away from downtown and the theme parks.

The LGB is an option for those traveling to Los Angeles and heading to the Orange County area or to the theme parks, as long as they don’t mind paying extra for their transportation from the terminal.

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John Wayne Airport

John Wayne is the only airport in Orange County, being also the closest to Disneyland and the rest of the theme parks in the area. This place is named after the legendary actor John Wayne, which is why there is a large statue of this star near the baggage claim area, a usual place where most tourists always stop to have their picture taken.

The John Wayne is a small airport and only works with seven national airlines, including Delta, American or Alaska, but the number of daily flights offered are more than enough for the number of visitors who choose this terminal to reach the city.

For all these reasons, this airport is the perfect option for those who have planned a family theme holiday to visit the movie studios or the Disney or Universal amusement parks.

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Some people mistake this airport as belonging to the city of Ontario in Canada, but no. Ontario International Airport is located in California and is the main entrance and exit point for Southern California residents from Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Despite being one of the most remote and small airports, it has offers of flights from up to eight international airlines, such as Alaska, Delta, United, China Airlines and Volaris.

The main drawback of Ontario’s airport is that it is difficult for visitors to move around or get cheap and fast transport to their destinations, since the bus and ferry service it has does not always work and has very restricted schedules. Besides, getting to Disneyland or to events such as the Los Angeles County Fair can become a real chaos, since it is more than 20 miles away and the transportation options are quite complicated and very expensive.

All this makes this airport the perfect place for fans of the races organized by the Auto Club Speedway, but a very bad idea for those who are looking for fun at some amusement park.

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LAX Airport — Los Angeles Airport

Use this website to quickly find the most important information about Los Angeles Airport — LAX: Flights (Departures, Arrivals), Parking, Car Rentals, Hotels near the airport and other information about LAX Airport. Plan your travel to Los Angeles Airport with the information provided in this site.

Los Angeles Airport (IATA: LAX) is the busiest airport in California.

The airport is located in southwestern Los Angeles, 12 miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

LAX Airport serves as a hub for American Airlines.

There are nine passenger terminals in LAX Airport.

Los Angeles Airport (IATA: LAX, ICAO: KLAX, FAA LID: LAX), also known as LAX Airport is the main international airport serving the Greater Los Angeles Area and also the state of California.

The Airport is located in southwestern Los Angeles, 12 miles (30 km) from Downtown Los Angeles. LAX features for its extension, 3,500 acres (1,416 ha), and for its four parallel runways, being the largest international airport in the west coast. LAX Airport is the second busiest airport in the US.

Los Angeles Airport is known as the premier “Gateway to the Pacific Rim” for its deep connections to Latin America and Asia specifically.  


LAX serves as a hub for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Polar Air Cargo and United Airlines. It is also a focus city for JetBlue, Allegiant Airlines and Southwest Airlines. 


Los Angeles Airport handled 88,068,013 passengers in 2019.

During 2020 LAX Airport handled 28,779,527 passengers, an important decrease from 2019, due to coronavirus crisis. 

In 2021, LAX Airport registered 48,007,284 passengers. 

+ info

Los Angeles Airport consists of 9 passenger terminals. These terminals are arranged in horseshoe (UH) shape.

Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT): Exclusively hosts those international flights that aren’t hosted in Terminal 2. It has five levels.

Terminal 1: Operates with international and domestic flights.

Terminal 2: International flights, a hub for Virgin Atlantic and Southwest International passenger check-in.

Terminal 3: Reopened after the last remodeling works. Passenger check-in for Interjet, Avianca, Virgin Australia and Copa Airlines. It is Delta Airlines hub.

Terminal 4: Exclusively used by American Airlines.

Terminal 5: Frontier Airlines and other carriers operate in Terminal 5.

Terminal 6: Alaska Airlines and many other airlines operate in Terminal 6.

Terminal 7: Exclusively used by United Airlines and United Express.

Terminal 8:Used for mainline flights by United Airlines and United Express.

Lost and Found

Police phone for insurance purposes: +1(424) 646-6100 / +1(424) 646- LOST (5678).

Hours: 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Closed during most holidays and festivities.

Offices located at LAX Airport Police Lost & Found, 5600 W. Century Blvd., Suite 119, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Phone:+1 424-646-6100

Contact information

Address: 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

Phone: +1 855-463-5252

Emergency: (310) 646 – 7911 

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most famous city around the world. Located in California state, Los Angeles account with fantastic beaches and warm climate, that makes the city a perfect place to visit whatever time of the year is. 


When in Los Angeles, you shouldn’t miss Hollywood and Beverly Hills neighbourhoods, with the famous Walk of Fame.

Another must is Santa Monica Pier, Venice Boardwalk, Malibu, Rodeo Drive, Urban Light Installation, among others. 

Facilities and Services
+ info

Passengers can find the following services at LAX Airport: 

— Restaurants and cafes
— Duty Free
— Shops
— ATMs
— Currency Exchange
— Baggage Services
— Airport Police
— Mobile Charging
— Information desk
— Luggage Carts
— Shoe Shine Service

Inter-terminal transportation
+ info

LAX Airport connects their terminals through a Shuttle bus.

Shuttle bus: Terminals 4, 5, 6 7 and 8 are connected airside through an underground tunnel between Terminals 4, 5 and 6 and above-ground walkways between Terminals 6, 7 and 8. An airside shuttle bus operates among Terminals 4, 6 and the American Eagle Remote terminal. It is also available the transportation to/from LAX Parking Lot C (C Route).

Walking: There are different ways to move between terminals. 

Hotel & Parking Lot Shuttles: Please contact with your hotel.

+ info

Take a look at the means of transportation at LAX Airport:


Public Transportation: Metro Green Line Aviation Station offers free shuttle service to the station. Also, other public companies provide transportation from LAX Airport. 
See more information


Bus: Go to different destinations of Los Angeles and vicinities.
See more information


Taxi: Taxis wait on the curbside on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal. The trip to downtown LA takes about 30 minutes.
See more information


Rental Car: Renting a car is one of the best options of transportation in Los Angeles. 
Check the different options here!

90,000 La-UNION Airport (POP) Puerto Plates Republic

Country : Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic)

ISO Code of the Country : Do

City : Puerto Plata

000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 : La Union

IATA code : POP

ICAO code : MDPP


4 : -4.0 GMT002 America/Santoming0003 Height above sea level : 5 meters

The length of the runway : 3080 meters

Comes cheap tickets Puerto Code

Search for cheap air tickets for all airlines

La-UNION Airport



Longitude : -70.570000000000

Online arrivals and departures board of La Union airport (POP).

  • Arrival
  • Departure

Flight information provided by Avionio.

Weather in La Union

Weather at La Union Airport (Puerto Plata) now.

degrees Celsius are used for forecasting. Weather provided by

Hotels near La Union airport

POP which airport

POP airport name

Airport name: La Union (La Union) . The airport is located in the country: Dominican Republic . Airport city Puerto Plata . The IATA code for the La Union airport is POP . The IATA airport code is a three-letter unique identifier assigned to the world’s airports by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). ICAO (ICAO) La Union airport code: MDPP . The ICAO airport code is a four-letter unique identifier assigned to airports around the world by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Geographical coordinates of the airport La Union.

The latitude at which the airport is located: 19.760000000000, in turn, the longitude of the airport corresponds to: -70.570000000000. Geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude determine the position of the airport on the earth’s surface. To fully determine the position of the airport in three-dimensional space, a third coordinate is also needed — height. The height of the airport above sea level is 5 meters. The airport is located in the time zone: -4.0 GMT. Airline tickets always indicate the local time of departure and arrival of the airport according to time zones.

News of the Federal Air Transport Agency

Air navigation of the south switched to a new automated ATM system of domestic production

Air navigation of the south switched to a new automated ATM system of domestic production

Congratulations from the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko on Defender of the Fatherland Day in the field of air transport with the Embassy of Egypt in Moscow

Airport News

Russia’s unified air traffic management system is 50 years old!

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of domestic civil aviation!

Rostourism News

Rumors about the abolition of the visa-free regime for Russians by Serbia turned out to be false

How public control can improve safety on roads

The EU is creating an online platform for issuing digital Schengen visas

To visit Qatar, you now need additional medical insurance

Russia has suspended the issuance of international passports for 10 years

La Paz International Airport.

Order transfer, taxi

La Paz International Airport. Order transfer, taxi |

Airport to hotel
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La is located next to La Paz (only 13 km). To get to La Paz, you can choose public transport, taxi or bus, but the following problems may appear. It is highly likely that if you are going to choose public transport, keep in mind that public transport runs on a schedule and you will have to wait. Keep in mind that people take taxis very often, so expect to stand in line by choosing a taxi for your journey. There is a high chance that if you are going to choose a bus, very often there are no seats on the bus. Intui offers you an advance booking of comfortable transfers from reliable transport companies and convenient forms of payment: the order payment process is securely protected and your journey will start without problems and worries, you will not need to queue for a taxi, change currency if you ordered a transfer from / to La. Have a nice trip!

We will send you landing instructions for La Paz International Airport, local transportation company contact information, driver name and phone number.

Individual and group transfers
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All transportation is carried out by licensed carrier companies and with passenger insurance.

Range of vehicle makes and models
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Door to door
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No hidden fees
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List of areas

Transfer order La Paz International Airport

La Paz International Airport is located at the following geo coordinates: longitude -16. 508890 , latitude -68.176900.
The time zone of La Paz International Airport UTC is -4 hours, which is very important when booking a transfer from / to La Paz International Airport. Book in advance!
You can order a transfer from La Paz International Airport to cities and regions.
You can book a transfer from La Paz International Airport and a transfer to La Paz International Airport.
On the Intui website, prices are final, without hidden fees, payment by credit card or other available methods from 42 options.
HOW TO BOOK A TRANSFER La Paz International Airport ?
To continue, or select a city/area from the list on the page. Or use the search form. In the search form, specify in the Where field: Name of the city or district or the name of the hotel or the address of the villa or apartment.
Next, you will be offered cars to choose from, for transporting from 1 to 150 passengers and their luggage. You can order a private transfer from / to La Paz International Airport or a shuttle bus transfer from La Paz International Airport.

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