Best tours punta cana: The 41 best Punta Cana excursions 2023 – hand-picked and recommended tours in Punta Cana

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Private Airport Transportation


VIP Luxury Transportation


Best Price Private VIP Luxury Service Punta Cana Airport Round Trip or One Way to Hotels or anywhrere in Dominican Republic.

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Speed Boats Tours Punta Cana, Snorkel, Natural Pool, Bavaro bay, Best Price.


This tour is for the adventurous spirit, you will have full control of your own speed boat through the spectacular coast of Bavaro Bay.

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Saona Island


Saona Island is the best and most popular place to visit in the Dominican Republic, come and spend time in paradise.

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Saona Island Trip Private Transfer


Saona Island is the best and most popular place to visit in the Dominican Republic, come and spend time in paradise. This tour is for groups of 5 up to 15 travelers.

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Scuba Scooter & Snorkeling


Enjoy 3 activities for one great price, Scuba Scooter, Panoramic Glass Boat, and Snorkeling .

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Catamaran Cruise Punta Cana Coast


Enjoy the best 3 hours, Catamaran Cruise, Snorkel and Natural Pool in PuntaCana.

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Scuba Scooter & Snorkeling

62 Reviews

Enjoy 3 activities for one great price, Scuba Scooter, Panoramic Glass Boat, and Snorkeling .



Catamaran Cruise Punta Cana Coast

62 Reviews

Enjoy the best 3 hours, Catamaran Cruise, Snorkel and Natural Pool in PuntaCana.

$65 per person

Adventure Buggy & ATV Extremes Macao Beach

64 Reviews

This adventure tour is ideal for tourists in Punta Cana who want to venture off the beaten path on a buggy, ATV or Terracross, and don’t mind getting dirty.


Horseback Riding Tour on the Beach

62 Reviews

Enjoy a fun-filled day away from the resorts with this one or two hours horseback riding on the beach.

Private Punta Cana Airport Transportation to Dominican Hotels

83 Reviews

Private Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) Transportation to Dominican Hotels,

$42 per group (up to 6)


Saona Island Trip Private Transfer

65 Reviews

Saona Island is the best and most popular place to visit in the Dominican Republic, come and spend time in paradise. This tour is for groups of 5 up to 15 travelers.

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Our goal is ensuring that your vacation is a lifetime experience from the start to the end in style, from the moment you arrive in Punta Cana and until you reach back to the airport .

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Excursions in Punta Cana — Tours & Activities in the DR in 2023

The best tours and excursions in Punta Cana in 2023

Over the past few years, the Dominican Republic has acquired the honorary status of “one of the most visited and pleasant countries for tourism.” That is why a large number of various services and excursions have appeared here that can satisfy the desires of the most discerning tourists. And a huge part of terrific excursions you can experience right in Punta Cana!

Yes, this island has absolutely everything! No wonder the locals call their island the most unique place on Earth. Just imagine that on a section of 750 km from west to east and 350 km from north to south, there is such a huge number of unique and truly inimitable places. There are several climatic zones, arid deserts, lush tropical forests, wild jungles, high mountains, salt lakes, white beaches, ancient cities, rare representatives of flora and fauna, and much more.

The price starts at $89. For lovers of active vacation, there is a lot of entertainment. The main place for those who like to tickle their nerves will be Bavaro Adventure Park. The largest theme park in Punta Cana, the Jurassic park with full-sized mechanical dinosaurs, more than 15 activities such as segway, zip line, Dino World, climbing garden, bungee dome, and many more… But Zipline was the one that won the hearts of tourists.

What kind of excursions are there in Punta Cana?

1. Zipline

Initially, the zip-line was used as a vehicle in some mountainous countries for quite a long time. Even today, in remote areas of China, trolls are used as a means of crossing rivers. This is a breathtaking 35 km/h zip line over tropical beauty! This is an opportunity to feel like a bird soaring in the sky.

A zipline is an activity when a person slides over the ground along equipped zip lines. Ziplines consist of stationary platforms connected to each other by a strong steel cable. The total length of the zip line can be up to several kilometers!

Before you go to the zipline ride, you will be given a preliminary briefing and protective equipment. Programs of zip line packages can last from 35 to 60 minutes. And you can splash in the end right into the water!

2. Buggy

Another pleasure for extreme lovers will be a buggy tour. What is it? A dizzying ride on an all-terrain high-speed and maximum reliable vehicle on a tropical island along the ocean. Buggy is a light four-wheeled form of transport, equipped with either a car or a motorcycle engine, all-terrain, and designed for driving over rough terrain. The Buggy ride usually includes:

  • Transfer from the hotel. Buggy tour along the Atlantic coast or extreme offroad adventure. Caribbean views can’t be forgotten for the rest of your life!
  • Eco-tour of the stunning countryside, swimming in the waterfall pool, lagoon, or chilling on the white beach after. And of course a delicious Dominican lunch!

3. Surfing

The price starts at $30. In Punta Cana there’s one of the best surfing schools on the island, where you can learn from the professionals, or simply rent equipment and set off on your own surfing. Along the beach, you can find a place with shallow waves for beginners and for those who want to practice their jumping and maneuvering skills on the swirling waves. Pros of surfing in Punta Cana:

  • There are no reefs here to hurt yourself. Sandy bottom
  • Wave type allows you to stand on the board from the first attempts
  • No sharks in the water. Not crowdy
  • The comfortable temperature all year round, no need for a wetsuit

4. Horseback riding

The price starts at $99. Horseback riding and interacting with these stunning animals is a great way to spend time in nature and have an unforgettable experience!

5. Parasailing

It is special entertainment. A parachute flight directly over the sea. It is breathtaking even for those who are used to the extreme. Just imagine: you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and nature flying high like a bird. The price starts at $85.

6. Snorkeling & diving

What about swimming with dolphins, sharks, sea lions, and fur seals, and other ocean creatures? Or dive into the depths of the Atlantic waters? Present an unforgettable gift to yourself and your loved ones! Find out if sharks are really that dangerous? This activity will definitely leave your heart full of joy. The price starts at just $45!

7. Nightlife in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is always “buzzing” – during the day on the beach, and at night in the bars. Here you will find the most modern nightclubs with a unique design and live music venues. Punta Cana is literally a great dance floor for the young and tireless. The hottest Latin music is right here: reggaeton, salsa, bachata, merengue … The atmosphere of happiness, best discos, best drinks, and great prices! Price starts at only $50!

8. Historical & cultural

Prices start at only $69! This is a guided tour for all history lovers and those who want to experience the real Dominican atmosphere. Take a tour of Santo Domingo and explore the world of the Colonial City, explore Dominican culture from the inside out. Or head to the village of Altos de Chavon and stroll through its historic streets, feeling the atmosphere of a 16th-century village. What about a unique combination of local, historical, and eco experiences? Get Higüey Safari Tour to see sugarcane plantation, tropical fruit ranch. There’re so many places to see!

9. Yachts & boats

Did you know that the Dominican coastline is one of the longest in the Caribbean? A trip on a yacht or a boat is a great option for a family trip, a vacation for a fun company, or for a romantic date for two. In Punta Cana we offer our guests a wide choice of all kinds of boat excursions.

And the marine fauna will surely not leave you indifferent: in the Caribbean and Atlantic waters, you can often find a flock of dolphins, stingrays, large turtles, flying fish, and even Humpback Whales! Prices start at only $75!

10. Fishing tours

There are many types of outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic. But one of the most popular is still fishing in all its forms. In the Dominican Republic, you will do the coolest fishing of your life. Punta Cana is one of the largest and best blue marlin sport fishing spots in the world.

On this paradise island, you can practice not only deep-sea fishing on the high seas but also fishing on the reefs or from the shore. Without a doubt, fishing with a rod in the Dominican Republic will give you a new fishing experience! Prices start at $449.

11. Cruises

Ocean cruises are a completely unique type of vacation. Parties, drinks, entertainment, and lots of fun await you! Experience a real adventure in the waters of the Punta Cana resort! Awesome music, bartender, snorkeling, animators, stunning views of the coast are worth the try! The price starts at just $69.

Is it cheaper to buy excursions in advance?

No. If we talk about the price for the excursion, it depends on:

  • Trip duration, type of vehicle. Presence of a guide, group size
  • Additional options (private beach, lunch, drinks, special equipment, entrance tickets to museums and parks, etc.)

Group excursion or individual?

Tourists often prefer individual excursions to group ones. Of course, a group tour has its own pros, like, you can meet other vacationers, share your impressions with them. If you are traveling alone, you can ask to take a photo of you. However, the group excursion has a number of cons as:

  • A group trip presupposes following a certain schedule of the excursion, and sometimes you really want to stay in the places of interest for a longer time
  • Not everyone likes to get up early in the morning in order to travel by bus for a long time and collect the rest of the tourists for an excursion
  • Very often loud laughter and absolutely inappropriate jokes of other members of the excursion become a source of dissatisfaction and irritation
  • It’s impossible to find out all the details you want about the place of interest because the guide has timing and a lot of members in a group.

An individual excursion is so different. It does not have these disadvantages. You can fully appreciate all the pros of the excursion, which takes place in a comfortable car, together with an educated and attentive guide. In this case, the route and travel schedule is based only on your preferences. So, before leaving, a route is preliminarily made up, which, if necessary, can be changed during a tour.

An individual trip with your own guide is an opportunity to stop at any time in the place you like, relax and enjoy every moment.
The only cons of an individual excursion is the price. Of course, it will be higher than the prices for group excursions. However, it is not so high as to give up all its bonuses.

Is it worth taking excursions in Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is an absolutely exotic corner of the Dominican Republic. And we propose you discover it all! Dive into the local culture and life of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy our excursions in Punta Cana at reasonable prices. And explore the history of this charming country!

Check out the list of Punta Cana excursions that we offer and choose any you like. We are sure, you will never forget your holiday in the Caribbean after visiting so many terrific places here!

Popular excursions Punta Cana: prices and schedules 2023

Tours and tickets

Automobile and pedestrian

The capital of the Dominican Republic is the ancient city of Santo Domingo, founded in the south of the republic by the Spaniards. An excursion to the capital of the Dominican Republic is a «must have» for every tourist, otherwise you will not forgive yourself that you have lost the opportunity to see how the past intertwines with the present…

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By helicopter

An unforgettable trip to the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic – Salta La Jalda with a visit to the wild Esmeralda beach.

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On a boat

Saona Island can rightly be considered a paradise, because it was in this wonderful place that the advertisement for the Bounty bar was filmed. As you know, marketers actively used the phrase «heavenly pleasure»…


On a boat

Friends, have you been to the Dominican Republic? Resting, did you feel like God? There’s a proven way… Take a thrilling speedboat trip to Saona Island, a nature reserve that is part of the Eastern National Park and is home to dolphins, flying fish, marine…

More details

On a quad bike

Steep slopes, climbs and walls of impenetrable forests — all this indescribable beauty will be right in front of you. Add to this the speed, the roar of the engine and a drop of adrenaline, and you will get the brightest cocktail of impressions that you can get on your day off.

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By helicopter

This is an exclusive offer for those who value comfort and their time. In 30 minutes you will fly to the paradise island of Saona in the Dominican Republic, admiring the coast and the unique turquoise of the Caribbean Sea from a height along the way. ..

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Photos from excursions

Schedule of the most interesting tours of Punta Cana

The catalog contains 6 popular tours of Punta Cana with descriptions, prices and reviews of tourists. The cost of excursion programs and walks with a guide is from $90. Read about attractions, choose the best itinerary, check the 2023 schedule and buy tickets online.


1 excursion

By helicopter

2 excursions


3 excursions

To Saona

3 excursions


1 excursion

For children

5 excursions


1 excursion

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Last minute tours to Punta Cana an opportunity to visit the most famous resort of the Dominican Republic. In this region 32 km. snow-white beaches with a gentle entrance to the beautiful sea, which attracts lovers of the beauty of the underwater world. The hotels here are of the highest level and offer vacationers not only comfortable rooms, but also a variety of leisure activities.

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them on the site.

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We will help you find and buy last minute tours to the resort of Punta Cana, the price of which is reduced.

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