Puerto rico best beaches: 12 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Best Beaches for Sunbathing, Swimming, and Surfing

No two beaches are alike in Puerto Rico. Balnearios are large, government-maintained beaches with bathroom and shower facilities, picnic tables, and snack bars. Some have lounge-chair rentals, lifeguards, and campsites. Expect to pay $3–5 per vehicle to get in, and be aware that they get crowded on weekends and holidays.

There are also many wilderness beaches, which are typically remote and devoid of development and facilities. Some beaches have big waves best suited to surfing, and others are as calm as bathwater and ideal for swimming.

One thing all the beaches have in common is their accessibility to the public. There is no such thing as a private beach in Puerto Rico.

Beach at Isabela, one of Puerto Rico’s top surfing spots. Photo © Mary Simpson/123rf.

Puerto Rico’s Best


Balneario La Monserrate

Balneario La Monserrate, commonly called Luquillo Beach, is considered one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. It features a wide flat crescent of sand, a shady palm grove, and calm shallow waters. A couple of food vendors sell fritters and piña coladas, among other refreshments. There are several picnic shelters, as well as toilets and shower facilities. Camping is allowed with a permit.

Balneario Sun Bay

Balneario Sun Bay is Vieques’s crowning jewel of beaches. Pull your car to the edge of a sand dune and mark your spot on the smooth sand. Shade is spotty here, so bring a beach umbrella if you plan to stay for the day. Modest picnic shelters, bathrooms, and shower facilities are available. Camping is allowed with a permit.

Playa Flamenco

Culebra is the lucky site of Playa Flamenco, one of “America’s Best Beaches,” according to the Travel Channel. The wide, mile-long, horseshoe-shaped beach boasts fine white sand and calm, aquamarine water. Unlike Puerto Rico’s other publicly maintained beaches, Playa Flamenco is home to two hotels—Villa Flamenco Beach and Culebra Beach Villas (the latter operates Coconuts Beach Grill, serving sandwiches and beverages to beachgoers). An abandoned graffiti-covered tank on the sand is a reminder of the U.S. Navy’s presence. Camping is allowed with a permit.

Balneario de Boquerónis

In addition to its long white beach and calm waters, publicly maintained Balneario de Boquerónis exceptional because of its excellent facilities, which are bigger, nicer, and more modern than those found at most balnearios. The property is quite shady, and in addition to the usual showers, toilets, and picnic tables, there is a huge events pavilion, a baseball field, and a cafeteria.

Balneario Cerro Gordo

Balneario Cerro Gordo in Vega Alta on the north coast is a large protected cove with calm waters and a pristine sandy beach surrounded by hills covered in lush vegetation. It boasts the best campgrounds of any of the balnearios because of its spacious location atop a hilly peninsula overlooking the ocean. There’s also great surfing to be had here.

Puerto Rico’s Best Wilderness Beaches

Bosque Estatal de Piñones

Bosque Estatal de Piñones offers several miles of gorgeous wilderness beach just minutes east of San Juan. Drive along Carretera 187 and look for sandy unmarked roads along the coast where you can pull your car right up to the beach and climb down the sand dunes into the water. For lunch, grab an empanadilla and coco frio from one of the food kiosks on the way. Plan on leaving by late afternoon because the sand fleas tend to attack when the sun starts to go down.

Playa Mar Chiquita

Playa Mar Chiquita in Manatí is a tiny little protected cove located at the base of limestone cliffs on the north coast. A coral reef nearly encloses the calm, shallow basin of water ideal for taking small children swimming. When you need some respite from the sun, explore the cliff-side caves.


It requires a boat ride to get there, but Culebrita, a cayo off the coast of Culebra, is the place to go if you really want to get away from it all. In addition to multiple beaches perfect for swimming or shore snorkeling, there are several tidal pools and a lovely, abandoned lighthouse. To get there, either rent a boat or catch a water taxi at the docks in Dewey.

Puerto Rico’s Best Beaches for Surfing

Although surf spots can be found all around Puerto Rico’s coastline, the most popular area is the northwest coast in the municipalities of Isabela, Aguadilla, and Rincón.

Playa de Jobos

Playa de Jobos in Isabela is an island favorite. The breakpoint off Puntas Jacinto is renowned for its right-breaking tube, and a shady parking lot right on the beach provides easy access. Within walking distance are a number of casual restaurants and bars. Happy Belly offers beachside service.


Rincón is the surfing capital of Puerto Rico, thanks to literally dozens of popular surf sites. By far the favorite is Domes, located in front of the green domes of an abandoned nuclear power plant known by the acronym BONUS. This easy-access spot features long hollow waves that reach a height of eight feet. Domes is often crowded, especially on weekends.

Tres Palmas

Tres Palmas is another world-class site in Rincón. The waves here are very long and fast, and require a 10-minute hike to access.


Aguadilla also boasts several outstanding surf spots. One popular spot is Wilderness, located on the former Ramey Air Force Base. Just drive right through the golf course to get there. Waves break right and left, and swells reach up to 16 feet in height. Nearby El Rincón Surf Shop is a great source of information on current conditions and hot spots.

Puerto Rico’s Best Beach for Snorkeling and Diving

Puerto Rico’s best snorkeling and diving is done offshore, but there are two beaches where underwater life can be explored.

Balneario El Escambrón

The publicly maintained beach in the San Juan neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra features a small crescent beach on a protected cove. On the ocean floor is a collapsed bridge that provides an excellent site for underwater exploration.

Playa Carlos Rosario

For easy access to a site rich in marine life, visit Playa Carlos Rosario, a narrow beach flanked by boulders and a protruding coral reef in Culebra. The underwater visibility is usually quite good here, and the coral reef, where you can see all kinds of colorful fish and coral formations, is teeming with marine life.

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Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a stunning island paradise. It’s easy to travel to this U.S. territory for fun in the sun, as it’s just a short flight from most places on the mainland.

Thousands of island visitors flock to the coast during their stay. But with so many options, it’s hard to decide which one to visit during your trip. Puerto Rico’s Northeast coast offers the best urban beaches, and the southwest coast offers the best beaches for surfing, whale watching, and sightseeing.

To help you choose the right beach for your next vacation, we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. We’ll also give you some tips on which documents you need to enter the country, such as the Puerto Rico ESTA.

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The most beautiful sandy beach in Puerto Rico: Flamenco

Flamenco Beach arguably has the best that Puerto Rico beaches have to offer. It was rightfully named the second most beautiful sandy beach in the world by the Discovery Channel.

The one-mile-long beach on the island of Culebra is surrounded by beautiful hills and exotic palm trees — a picturesque experience for visitors.

The crystal clear water has no rocks, only soft white sand, and small fish. If you’re lucky, you might even spot sea turtles.

The port of Flamenco is crescent-shaped, surrounded by low green hills and the finest sand. At the far end of the beach, you’ll see two brightly painted Sherman tanks, a reminder of the Navy’s occupation of the island.

The beach offers amenities such as restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and umbrella rentals. Children can snorkel safely in shallow, clear waters.

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Escape the crowds: Playa Peña Blanca

If you find yourself in Aguadilla, you should visit Peña Blanca, also known as Wishing Well Beach. This remote beach is hidden in a residential area and is a quiet place with clear waters. The water is the calmest in the summer and the best time to surf is in winter.

The fascinating thing about this beautiful beach is that the tides are constantly changing, so every time you visit, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing the beach for the first time.

If you really want peace and quiet, turn north after the concrete steps that lead to the beach and stroll on. The crowds that are there will disappear as you continue walking.

The beach is great for snorkeling, but it’s also ideal for relaxing to the peaceful sound of the gentle waves. You’ll enjoy the flowering tree that greets you upon arrival, the clean water, and the endless blue of the ocean.

Peña Blanca also has turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, and many enchanting fish to offer. So if you want to visit this beach, be sure to bring your fins and snorkeling gear!

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Nature’s finest: La Playuela

La Playuela, also called Playa Sucia, is one of the most visited beaches in Cabo Rojo, on Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast. This beach is part of a nature reserve and offers spectacular views and plenty of wilderness.

Although there is no hotel strip or other seaside facilities, this beach is a unique natural beauty because of its spectacular location.

It’s the perfect place to lounge on the beach and get a flawless tan. Parking at Playuela near Los Morrillos Lighthouse is limited, so come early.

This crescent-shaped jewel in the southwest will leave you speechless with its stunning sea and surroundings. To get there, you’ll have to hike a bit, but once you’re there, you’ll realize how breathtaking the dramatic scenery is.

La Playuela is ideal for either spending a lazy day in the sun or exploring the fantastic surroundings. With all these qualities and more, La Playuela certainly deserves to be called one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

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Ideal for family-fun: Playa Crash Boat

Crash Boat beach is another beach located in Aguadilla. It is popular with locals and tourists alike.

It features a stunning long and extremely wide coastline of soft sand that is well-protected from the breeze and is surrounded by large palm trees and rich flora. The sea is perfect for families with kids because it has shallow and crystal-clear water with calm waves.

Families, who enjoy camping under the many palm trees that flank the shore, frequently pack the beach, so you might find it very crowded.

However, in winter it turns into the ideal place for surfers. With a pier and fishing boats, it’s one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches. On a clear day, the surrounding mountains offer a breathtaking view of the pristine coastline and the setting sun.

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Easy access: Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay beach is one of the easiest beaches to access without a car. You can reach the beach by taking the passenger ferry from Ceiba, on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It’s located in the southern part of Vieques Island and is considered one of the three most beautiful local resorts in Puerto Rico.

Sun Bay offers turquoise waters and golden sands surrounded by coconut trees and other tropical flora and fauna.

This beach is popular with families, especially on weekends, but the beach is big enough to accommodate everyone. It also has plenty of facilities, such as bathrooms, lifeguards, and more.

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Local favorite: Ocean Park Beach

In the past, tourists were a rare sight in Ocean Park, most guests were San Juan residents. However, recently, the beach has become more popular among visitors as well, due to the lack of crowds and plentiful activities.

Unlike many other popular beaches, you won’t find any casinos or other crowd-attracting facilities here.

There is just a mile-long stretch of sand surrounded by shadow areas, palm trees, condominiums, private residences, boutique hotels, restaurants, and guest houses.

The fantastic offshore conditions and great swell are great for surfing, kiting, jet skiing, and windsurfing, or keep to the sand with some beach volleyball or jogging. There is ample parking in the area.

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Other amazing beaches in Puerto Rico

There you have it, some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. The island is a paradise for beach vacationers, and there are many more beaches to choose from. Here are a few other beaches that might be of interest:

  • Luquillo beach — Located next to El Yunque National Forest on Puerto Rico’s mainland, Luquillo beach has warm waters, and is a prime location for trying out the local cuisine.

  • Combate beach — Meet some locals on this party beach with golden sand, located on Puerto Rico’s southern coast.

  • Tortuga beach — This horseshoe-shaped beach has white sand and crystal clear waters. It is an excellent beach for swimming and snorkeling.

  • Seven seas beach — Snorkel in the waters of a nature reserve, at one of the most popular places in Fajardo.

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Do I need a visa to visit Puerto Rico?

Get ready to enjoy all the wonders and activities that Puerto Rico has to offer! However, you will need the right travel documents to enter the country. Puerto Rico has the same entry regulations as the United States.

US citizens don’t need a visa to visit Puerto Rico. For most other nationalities, a travel document is required before traveling to the country. You must apply for a specific visa or electronic travel authorization (ESTA) for Puerto Rico.

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Tenerife’s best white sand beaches for families with children

Tenerife is one of the most popular European holiday destinations. Throughout the season, the best beaches of Tenerife welcome their guests.

The Canary archipelago consists of seven main islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, Gomera and Hierro. The first two are the most popular among tourists. To Africa from the Canary Islands 108 km, to Gibraltar — ten times further.

The archipelago lies at the crossroads of the most important trade routes of the Central Atlantic, which explains the friendly nature of the locals. There is even a monument to an emigrant. The Canary Islands is a European year-round resort, where up to 10 million people rest annually. The high season here is in winter. From Moscow — seven hours fly.

Tenerife Island

This is the largest island in the archipelago and has a varied landscape: picturesque valleys, hardened lava, rocky walls of Tenerife bays and beautiful beaches (some of black volcanic sand). Interestingly, in the southern part of the island the climate is dry, and in the north it is humid.

The main natural attraction is the Teide volcano (3719 m). There is almost always snow on its top. The volcano itself is the centerpiece of Spain’s most visited National Park, the Cañadas del Teide. In the northwest of the island is the Orotava Valley Botanical Garden.

Here, among the banana plantations, is the ancient city of La Orotava, and on the coast, the oldest resort of Puerto de la Cruz with beaches of gray and black volcanic sand.

Near Loro Park with the world’s largest parrot colony, a huge aquarium and artificial lake Lago Maritanes. In the Anaga mountain range, the village of Chi-namada hid with residential caves carved into the rocks. North of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in Playa de las Teresitas, is the most beautiful beach with golden sand from the Sahara.

In the south of the island, colorful lava fields are impressive. The largest tourist centers here are Los Cristianos (1 km beach area) and Playa de las Americas (2 km coast). Most hotels are 10-15 years old. Gran Canaria abounds in volcanic profiles and green slopes, deserts and green lawns, pine forests and palm groves.

All the most luxurious beaches of Tenerife are located in the southeast, they unite the dunes of the Maspalomas mini-desert. The resorts of San Agustin, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas form a tourist area with a beach area 8 km long and 2 km wide, which is one of the hundred best beaches in the world.

In the southwest are the resorts of Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan, which specialize in water sports and sea excursions. Fuerteventura, with its excellent tourist infrastructure and wonderful ecology, impresses with extensive beaches (more than 50 km) and wildlife landscapes. The dunes in the north of the island are identical to those found in the Sahara. There is an international airport here.

Tenerife’s 10 best beaches

Well, now in more detail about each beach of the island with white sand for families and children. Their location can be viewed on Google or Yandex maps, but we will briefly talk about them.

La Tejita Beach

A half-hour walk is all that separates the kitesurfer El Medano resort in Granadilla de Abono from the largest and most natural white sand beach, Playas Tejita. This place is especially loved by nudists, but they will not disturb you, as they have chosen a place for their vacation in a beautiful bay, which is located under the mountain and is far from the main beach of vacationers.

But if you have a desire to join the rest in Spain without bathing suits, then you can fully settle down on a nudist beach, no one will be indignant.

Las Teresitas Beach

Playa de Las Teresitas. What a natural and amazing beauty of Las Teresitas beach. This palm-lined artificial beach is imported from the Sahara. A 10-minute drive from the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and you are already on the beach. Children will feel very comfortable here. San Andrés, a fishing village that adjoins the beach, is full of excellent restaurants with a fish-based menu.

El Duque Beach

Adeje — Playa del Duque. The Spaniards chose the beautiful name of this beach, which is located in the western part of Costa Adeje. The white sand beach is protected from the rest of this high quality resort by a rock that makes it feel even more exclusive. El Duque is a good vacation.

Fanabe Beach

Playas Fanabe. In 10 minutes from the city, you will find Fanabe beach. This is a beach that is more intended for sports recreation and if you want to try your hand at water sports, then this is the place for you. There are also glass bottom boat tours for those interested in the underwater inhabitants of the beautiful underwater world.

Beach El Bollullo

The dark-skinned beauties of this beautiful place will compete with any beach in the world. El Bollullo La Lejita is recognized as the prettiest and most natural beach on the island. On a tropical hike to this north coast on foot from Puerto de la Cruz, making your way through banana plantations, you will enjoy a view that is perhaps nowhere else to be found. In our opinion this is the best beach in Tenerife.

Extraordinary Los Gigantes Beach

Get ready to be eclipsed by the beauty of nature. In this western part of the island, you reach Los Gigantes beach surrounded by giant cliffs reaching up to 800 meters high.

Masca Beach

Playa de Masca, a mountain village, is one of the best preserved areas in Tenerife. Masca (Masks) — the beach, which is one of the mysterious places of the island. Moreover, a three-hour excursion from one end of the coast to the other passes along a magnificent and mysterious gorge.

Playa Jardin Beach

Playa Jardin. The beach of the Garden of Puerto de la Cruz should be thankful to its creator Cesar Manrique. He dreamed of creating an attractive coastal landscape. At the moment he looks exactly as imagined by Cesar Manrique.

Las Vistas Beach

Playa Las Vistas. Blue skies like a blue flag flies over this inviting light beach of Arona. The choice of Los Cristianos (Las Vistas) beach is a family vacation with a child and guaranteed safe swimming in the blue waters of the ocean.

Benijo Beach

Tenerife — Playa Benijo. Only in this part of the island you can watch the beauty of the sunset with a glass of the finest drinks in Spain, which is one of the simplest pleasures of life. The Anaga Mountains act as sentinels, protecting the modesty of nudists from any would-be and unwanted onlookers.

Benijo Beach A predominantly sports beach, stalls and tents on the road above provide refreshments and quick meals to help you recharge your batteries.

That’s all the most famous white sand beaches in Tenerife! Of course, there are other places for sunbathing, but believe me, these beaches are considered the best for families with children!

Best beaches in the Canary Islands | All the beaches of the world

The Canary Islands are a harmonious combination of the Atlantic Ocean and wild nature. This place attracts tourists all year round . Numerous beaches, black sand, fantastic sunsets and flawless tan have left no one indifferent.


  • Anfi Del Mar
  • El Socorro
  • Amadores
  • El Medano
  • Hardin
  • Maspalomas
  • Mogan
  • Puerto Rico

Playa Anfi Del Mar

Considered the perfect place for family holidays . Spread out in a bay with serene waters and white imported sand, it is harmoniously complemented by a fair amount of picturesque palm trees, thus reminiscent of the notorious Caribbean. Access to the beach is free. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can always rent a catamaran, jet ski and other “water toys” for a reasonable price.

You should go here in the period from July to October .

On your own from the international airport you can get to the resort by bus 39 . A more comfortable option would be a transfer provided by the hotel chosen for the rest.

El Socorro (Playa El Socorro)

Awarded with the international award — Blue Flag , Socorro Beach has been tempting tourists for many years with healing volcanic sand, crystal clear water, grandiose rocks and free admission. During the period of strong winds and high waves, mainly occurring in the winter months, surfers flock here en masse.

Its location in the municipality of Los Realejos is justified by the presence of a developed infrastructure, represented by numerous bars, restaurants and convenient parking lots.

The best way to get here is by car, leaving from the south to the northern route TF-5 . The latter will lead to the observation deck of San Pedro, where there will definitely be a sign to the exit leading to this beach.

Amadores (Playa De Los Amadores)

Blue flag, gently sloping entrance, bright turquoise water, imported golden white sand, free access — these are not all the features of one of the most sought-after beaches of the Canary Islands. The quality of services provided here is exceptional character . In addition to shopping centers, cafes, parking lots and rental of appropriate beach paraphernalia, the service for people with disabilities deserves special attention. At their disposal are buoys, bathing chairs, paths and fences for a safe stay in the water.

The most convenient way to get from the airport to the resort is by bus No. 66 . The trip will cost 4.05 EUR . For a taxi you will have to pay about 60 EUR .

Playa El Medano

It is considered the longest beach in Tenerife, one of the parts of which is protected by the state as natural reserve . Divided into two zones, El Medano allows you to choose between watersports and a relaxing time on rich, bright orange sand, which is not found anywhere else on the island. Contemplation of the blue waters of the ocean can be diluted with a walk along a long wooden promenade and gatherings in a cafe.

The beach is located on the south side of the island, which makes it reasonable to choose Tenerife South Airport. Here you can rent a car or take a taxi. Unfortunately there are no bus services.

Playa Jardín

The famous Canarian architect Cesar Manrique created this amazing place in the 90s. He divided Hardin into three sections, thus offering tourists a choice between relaxing on the black sand and surfing in open areas. Today, the embankment has numerous green gardens, playgrounds, terraces and cafes. Changing rooms, showers, umbrellas and hammocks are also present.

Buses No. 354 and 381 run from Tenerife Airport to the beach.

Playa De Maspalomas

This beach is usually divided into 4 zones , the total area of ​​which is 4 kilometers of land. The first zone is reserved for family vacationers, the second and fourth — for nudists, the third is satisfied with tourists of non-traditional orientation.

A large area of ​​the beach is considered nudist . She is separated from everyone else by special shields “swimwear at will”.

The «family» part of Maspalomas has the most developed infrastructure. However, it is advisable to stock up on provisions from coastal merchants, as cafes and restaurants are located on the opposite side of the beach. The true decoration and visiting card of Maspalomas are the golden sand dunes, stretching 400 hectares . They have also been declared a protected area.

The most convenient way to get to the place is by shuttle buses No. 5, 33, 66, 90 departing from Gran Canaria Airport. One way fare is 4.05 EUR .

Mogán (Playa De Mogán)

«Canarian Venice» — so called, located near the former fishing village of Mogán beach, whose length is about 200 meters . The coastline was created artificially and was paved with white sand brought from the Sahara. There are no waves and steep slopes, and the water temperature does not drop below +20.

A piece of paradise equipped with everything necessary offers tourists umbrellas, sun loungers and other equipment useful for recreation. There are always cool drinks and light snacks in the kiosks and cafes, while in the coastal restaurants you can taste delicious seafood and fine wine.

Tourists staying in hotels near the coast get here on foot. In other cases, you should focus on buses , plying from Gran Canaria Airport.

Puerto Rico (Playa De Puerto Rico)

Belongs to the category artificial beaches , the sand on which was brought from the Sahara desert. Nearby are two cozy bays, where there are no waves at all. This feature makes this place ideal for families with children . The volcanic origin of the island gave Puerto Rico high limestone cliffs, which subsequently created an amazing natural pool.

In a short period of time, a clean beach with expensive hotels and cozy restaurants was built on the site of a former fishing village. The entire embankment is full of souvenir shops, shops and cafes, from where live Spanish music can be heard in the evenings.

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