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Planet P Project – Levittown (Go Out Dancing Part II) (2008, CD)

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1 New Frontier, The 5:48
2 Levittown 4:30
3 White Sands 6:11
4 Saw A Satellite 4:13
5 This Is Heaven 3:59
6 In Babylon 5:34
7 Fremont Street 6:09
8 Where We Want You 5:13
9 All God`s Children 4:42
10 Waiting For You 5:20
11 Your Eyes 4:56
12 What We Did 5:39
13 Go Out Dancing 4:13
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – T-Toons Music
  • Copyright © – T-Toons Music
  • Copyright © – Tony Carey
  • Copyright © – Renaissance Records (3)
  • Distributed By – KOCH Entertainment
  • Mastered By – Daniel Fossum
  • Producer – Tony Carey


  • Barcode: 630428035126

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Levittown (Go Out Dancing — Part II) (CD, Album, Unofficial Release) Renaissance Records (4) RMED-0351 Russia 2008

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Levittown: Go Out Dancing Part II (CD, Album, Unofficial Release) Renaissance Records (4) RMED-0351 Russia 2008

New Submission

Levittown (Go Out Dancing Part II) (CDr, , Pre-Release Edition) T-Toons Music none Germany 2008
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10 Types of Dancers You See When You Are Out | Party Venue | Events Venue | Banquet Halls

December 13, 2022

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You have all seen them and you probably are one of these yourself (but it’s never the one you think it is). No matter where you go out to shake your booty, there are certain types of dancers you always run into. At every club, bar or dance floor, you will always find at least 2 of these types of dancers, if not all of them.

The Awkward Dancer Trying to Fit In

You know who I’m talking about. They look a little bit like they’re trying on their limbs for the first time and keep eye balling the room even when they are with all of their friends. Why? They’re trying to steal dance moves off other people. You go, awkward dancer!

The Ironic Dancer

Because dancing is fun, but making fun of people dancing is fun-er. This person will be seen dancing in spurts, almost always with a group of friends, trying to make the group laugh.

The Bopper

This type of dancer is very restricted in their movement. They usually will only bop their head or arm to the beat. The feet move from side to side a little. They usually hang out on the outskirts of the dance floor and are easy to spot.

The Surprisingly Good Guy Dancer

He seems a little goofy at first and there’s a lot of laughing and joking around, but, damn, this boy can dance.

The Good Dancer

There’s always one. And they always make you (and everyone else) look bad. We can’t all be Beyonce, dammit. Leave those body rolls at home in front of the mirror where they belong!

The Couple that Should Probably Get a Room

OK, we get it. You guys are attracted to each other. Bumping into everyone on the dance floor is not going to help your cause; go home already!

The Girl Group

Not sure if they practiced this or they are trying to show each other up? There is some definite twerk competition happening here or choreography? You really can’t be sure.

The Solo Artist

This person definitely dances to their own drummer and not because their rhythm is off.  This person will happily dance the night away all by themselves, even if there is literally no one else on the dance floor and they are fabulous at it. They have been infected by the beat. Can’t stop them now.

The Roaming Grinder

You never know when he will show up and you might not see him coming, but he’s always there. Dancing by yourself or with a group of friends, it doesn’t matter. The roaming grinder will find you and try to grind with you whether you like it or not.

The “This is My Song!” Dancer

They request songs frequently and scream “This is my song!” to multiple songs in a night. They also tend to look annoyed and shift to The Bopper when it is not their song.

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To be in time this summer: where to go if you want wine and dancing?

Summer is ending inexorably, but we also have good news — warm weather will last until September, which means there is still time to drink and dance on the capital’s verandas. Where to go next weekend — says ELLE gastronomic critic.

Wine Market. Dancing»

The institution is title, and therefore the most obvious. Unlike other points of the network (there are 7 Bazarov in Moscow in total), dances here are taken seriously, they are arranged according to the schedule (Thursday-Friday), they are in favor of warming up with sparkling, and therefore the dances turn into rhythmic swaying of the hips rather than active body movements. nine0003


The neighbors of the Wine Bazaar on Prechistenskaya embankment are older and wealthier people, with a more delicate taste for wine and a different attitude to life, but they are not alien to parties in the style of Ibiza clubs, which are held on Fridays on their white veranda.

Prosecco Bar

The bar on Pyatnitskaya dives into prosecco every weekend like it’s the last time. And he does it without fail to the music. Instead of chairs and armchairs, there are benches-perches, so you definitely can’t sit still. nine0003

PR 11

Prosecco bar on Sretenka hosts parties with Vitalik Kozak and Eva Vostroknutova. If you know these names, you will understand that the fun here reaches its maximum degree of recklessness. And how do they manage to dance so wildly in such a tiny place?

Twins Wine Space

«Every Friday and Saturday we have a lot of fun, and all because DJs burst into our enogastronomic idyll.» Well, how fun? It’s more like a pleasant relaxation, but you don’t need more in a place that is located in the St. Regis hotel and sells the most expensive wines in the world, albeit for the most ridiculous money by Moscow standards. The perfect place for a pre-party, by the way. nine0003


A Berlin-inspired bar with an unnamed wine list, with labels glued in instead. Indeed, why memorize the names of biodynamic babies if it is not clear whether they will be available in a week, not only in Moscow, but in Russia in general? But you can try a lot of things, get to know the students of Victor Melamed, who repaints a fresco every week in a bar, and dance from the heart if she asks for it.


The bar at Krasny Oktyabr used to be a Mecca for young creaks, but over time its fame has faded. This does not prevent the institution from throwing parties with a cool line-up, and for visitors to dance on them. It is true that wine or cocktails contribute more to this is an open question. nine0003

Ketch Up

A 24-hour burger bar with DJs on Kuznetsky Most — what else do you need to be happy when you are 17 years old? In Ketch Up, wine is obviously secondary. And here is the dance in full growth. Parties until midnight on Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays they burn until six in the morning.


Officially this is an evening bar above the Ugolek restaurant, in fact it is the best nightclub in Moscow. The public drinks cocktails here, but no one bothers to order wine (there was a good offer on biodynamics) or champagne. On the latter, by the way, it is easy to hold out in the rhythm of the dance until the morning! nine0003

Gridin Vladimir

11 bars in St.

Petersburg where you can dance


A whole network of bars called Nebar operates in different cities of our country, and its St. Petersburg branch has long been one of the main centers of nightlife in the cultural capital. The establishment prides itself on its image as a «tough» bar, where it is constantly loud, bright and damn fun. If you are not afraid of noisy crowds and constant movement, then Nebar is a great choice for an active Friday evening. nine0003

«Dance floor»

Another place from the creators of the Mishka bar is the «Dance floor» bar. As it becomes clear from the name itself, they love to dance here and do it quite regularly — half of the room with high vaulted ceilings is occupied by the dance floor. A lot of greenery and antique furniture make this place not only unique, but also very cozy.


The party place from the creators of the Apron cafe located on Liteiny offers two halls: one hosts various parties, and the other hosts football broadcasts. In the first, popular events are held almost every day, gathering a huge number of different people. Incendiary dances here are supported by signature cocktails, as well as draft craft beer and cider. And those who are hungry can always order burgers, which are quite good in this place. nine0003


One of the most original establishments in St. Petersburg, where you can eat delicious and unusual food during the day, turns into a place of crazy fun at night. Everything is great in this bar: from super-unusual food and author’s cocktails to the best DJs who are responsible for musical sets. In general, lovers of bold experiments should definitely come here at least once: an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.


The creators of 7sky very eloquently hint that staying in this establishment will take you to the seventh heaven. And they really did everything to make the guests of the bar feel, if not happy, then certainly quite satisfied. The bar and part-time karaoke club is located on the seventh floor of the business center «Kovensky 5» and delights guests not only with beautiful views, but also with cocktails from the best bartenders in the city. Therefore, if you want to not only drink a delicious cocktail, but also sing and dance, then you won’t find a better place. nine0003

Bar «SSSR»

On the first floor of the «SSSR» there is a dance floor and a contact bar, where it is always fun and noisy. On the second floor there is a bar counter and karaoke for all those who like to sing, as well as a hookah room with PS4, where, if desired, you can retire only with your own company. The third floor is completely given over to top house DJs: there is a large dance floor for fans of this musical style and a separate bar.

Vkontakte bar page
Mishka bar

The institution got its name in honor of the mega-popular like — a video with a charming dog that can say «I love you» has been viewed by millions of users. This is one of the main points of St. Petersburg for those who like to dance to the music of the best DJs of the two capitals: Moscow masters are frequent guests here. In addition, not so long ago the premises were renovated, so parties are held on a double scale in the updated interior.

Animal Farm

Cafe-bar is located right in the historical monument of architecture — the former stables and garage of the Nicholas Palace. During the day and during the working week, this is a pleasant establishment with affordable prices, and on Fridays and Saturdays closer to midnight, just like in a fairy tale about Cinderella, a serious establishment turns into a venue for enchanting parties. Moreover, in addition to local DJs, the organizers periodically bring musicians from other cities. nine0003


The success of the first Poison Bar prompted the creators to open two more outlets. They became famous for their excellent selection of songs — here lovers of singing will always find excellent samples of rock music. So if your inner rock star woke up on Friday, welcome to Poison!

«Hands Up»

The bar of the same name from the leader of the popular group «Hands Up» simply could not be included in this list! Sergey Zhukov managed to create a real corner 1990s right in the center of St.

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