San sebastian festival puerto rico: Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián

Parade events in San Juan, Today and Upcoming parade events in San Juan

Parade events in San Juan, Today and Upcoming parade events in San Juan

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    The San Sebastian Street Festival in Puerto Rico / K-oba Eyewear

    The San Sebastian street festival, also known as “ SanSe” is a Puerto Rican festival celebrated in Old San Juan. The festival usually starts on the third Thursday of January and lasts until the following Sunday. The SanSe, which started out as a religious festival in the 1950s, has become an international staple in Puerto Rican culture and marks the end of the Christmas season on the island. 

    The internationally recognized festival hosts more 200,000 every year. People from around the world make the festival one of their top destinations and traditions. 

    The San Sebastian Street Festival is a great way to meet new people from all over the world and it also gives visitors an opportunity to learn a little about Puerto Rico’s cultures. 

    There are so many things that make this festival great. Here are just a few. 

    The Food

    During the San Sebastian Street Festival, visitors will find a plethora of Puerto Rican cuisine. From cod fritters ( bacalaitos ) to mofongo stuffed with shrimp. 

    The streets of Old San Juan are filled with hundreds of delicious options.

    Not only can you find local street foods, but most of the local restaurants will alter their operating schedules to accommodate the hungry crowds. 

    My street food of choice would be a pincho ( chicken kabab ) with a cold local beer, Medalla. 


    The Music

    Although the festival takes place on San Sebastian street, you will find music in every single corner of Old San Juan.   From local rock bands to salsa bands, you will find good music everywhere during the festival but the best music without a doubt has to be the improvised group of strangers gathering on a street corner playing Bomba y Plena.


    The crowd

    If you don’t like crowds, then avoid the festival at all costs, but if you like meeting people and making new friends then you can not miss this festival. Imagine thousands of people gathered all on one street trying to make their way to the next bar. It’s a great place to make a new friend. 

    Throughout the years, I have met a lot of interesting people from around the world. Many of the festival-goers that I have met come to Puerto Rico every year and use the San Sebastian Street Festival as a warm-up for Mardi Gras.


    The artisans

    Puerto Rican Artisans are renowned worldwide. These artisans showcase their works of art during the festival and can be found throughout the streets of Old San Juan. 

    You will find a variety of different art from paintings to sculptures depicting the Puerto Rico culture and heritage in a unique and beautiful way. These pieces of art are a great souvenir to take back and will be a great reminder of your trip to Puerto Rico.

    The hospitality

    The Puerto Rican people are very warm, generous and helpful. They will be more than happy to share some knowledge about the history of the festival or to point you out the best watering holes in the city.   Make sure you make a new friend.

    Tips when visiting the San Sebastian Street Festival

    • Dress as comfortable as possible. IT will be hot, and sticky, so make sure you dress in light clothing and sneakers. Avoid using flip flops.  It will be very difficult if you lose a flip flop in the crowds.
    • Hydrate. Again, it will be warm.  Make sure you alternate your adult beverages with lots of water. 
    • Bring cash.  Most venders will prefer cash due to the high amount of patrons.  They prefer to avoid having to process credit cards. Make sure you keep your cash in a safe place.  
    • Visit the official sites of the festival to learn about the many activities and transportation options.
    • If you will be attending during the day, bring a good pair of sunglasses.
    • Have fun and make friends.

    Have you been to the San Sebastian Street Festival? Are you planning to come down next year? Leave your comment below. We would love to hear from you.  



    San Sebastian — City Guide

    On the shores of the Bay of Biscay in the Basque Country lies one of the most beautiful cities in Spain — San Sebastian (Donostia-San Sebastian). The city is often called the cultural capital of Europe. And its beaches and developed infrastructure attract vacationers from many countries of the world. People come here for the ocean, amazing architecture reminiscent of Paris, magnificent views, Michelin-starred restaurants and amazing local cuisine. San Sebastian is known for its numerous festivals, pintxos bars and memorable holidays. nine0003

    All photos

    Map of San Sebastian

    San Sebastian Attractions

    Majestic castles and temples, sunny beaches and lush parks, wonderful surprises for guests, amazing cuisine — the city has a lot of surprises for guests. To see all the sights, it is better to make a tourist route around the city in advance.

    Ondarreta Beach

    Saint James Way

    La Concha Beach

    Museum Sanelmo

    Cathedral of the good shepherd

    Old city San Sebastian



    Palace Miramar

    Victoria 9000 9000 Constitution Square (Plaza de La Contience -Sebastian

    According to 2019 data, 187,415 people live in the city. Most of the townspeople are Spanish by nationality.

    Brief history of San Sebastian

    The history of the city begins with the appearance on these lands of the monastery of San Sebastian at the beginning of the 11th century. After 180 years, the surrounding lands were donated to the monks, and a settlement grew up near it. The favorable location on the shore of the bay and at the crossroads of trade routes to France led to the flourishing of the city, which became a large port.
    In the XIII century, the city was captured by the troops of Castile, and its port became the base of the military fleet of this state. A little later, the authorities of Castile allow the use of the port as a base for the Spanish fleet.

    The second half of the 13th century brought decay and frequent fires to the city. Especially terrible was the fire at the end of the 15th century, which almost completely destroyed San Sebastian. True, the city quickly revived, and new buildings in it were already being built of stone.

    At the beginning of the 19th century, San Sebastian suffered from attacks by French and then Portuguese troops. But ten years later it is being restored and turned into the country’s financial center.

    Gradually summer mansions of aristocratic families of Spain and France grow up on the city coast. At the end of the 19th century, the residence of the Spanish Queen Maria Christina of Austria appeared here. The city becomes a fashionable fashionable resort in Europe. nine0003

    The first decades of the 20th century are called San Sebastian’s «beautiful era». Spain remained neutral during the First World War. And representatives of high society from many European countries came to the resort.

    The city was not damaged either during the civil war of 1936 or during the Second World War. Thanks to this, San Sebastian has become a real gem of Spain, a favorite vacation spot for surfers and connoisseurs of ancient architecture.

    Travel budget

    Before the trip it is necessary to calculate the approximate budget, which will be needed for travel:



    Apartment 9000

    in a taxi 9000 9000 9000 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007 9007

    Average check in


    from 72 €/night from 157 €/night Landing — 6.01 €, 1km — 0. 71 € 1.31 €/liter 50 € for two

    Best time to go to San Sebastian

    The city has a mild maritime climate with high rainfall. Winters are mild and rainy. The average air temperature during this period is +5 ºС…+10 ºС. Summer is warm, with an average temperature of +23 ºС…+28 ºС. The water in the ocean warms up well only at the end of June. The beach season here is from July to mid-September. The best time to visit the city is from May to October.

    At the end of September, the city hosts one of the most significant events in Spain — the International Film Festival. It is the most prestigious competition in the Spanish speaking world. The festival prizes are the Golden Shell for the best film and the Silver Shell for the best acting and the best director.

    Sensual music lovers gather in San Sebastian at the end of July for the International Jazz Festival. During the week, all the streets, squares, beaches, parks and concert halls host performances by famous musicians and talented newcomers. As part of the event, the highest award, Donostiako Jazzaldia, is presented. nine0003

    Useful notes

    The most popular beach is Playa de la Concha, which is located in the city center. There is also a hydropathic la Perla, famous for its health and beauty treatments. For a quiet family holiday, Playa de Ondaretta beach with coarse yellow sand is more suitable. Among surfers, the youth beach of Playa de Zurriola is popular. There are surf schools, board rentals, sports grounds, bars.

    San Sebastian is a small town that can be explored on foot. But if you need to drive up, you can use the bus. The fare in it is 1.7 €. Also, a sightseeing tourist bus runs around the city, for an hour of travel in which you will have to pay 12 €. nine0003

    Taxis can be called by phone or hailed on the street. But you should know that his services here are the most expensive in the country. A popular mode of transportation is cycling. It can be taken at rental points throughout the city.

    When budgeting for a holiday in San Sebastian, consider the cost of food. A bottle of water 0.33 l costs 1.1 €, a bottle of beer 0.33 l costs 3 €, a cup of cappuccino costs 1.66 €. The price of a Mac Menu at McDonald’s is 7 €, lunch for one in an inexpensive cafe is 12 €. Dinner for two with alcohol in a respectable restaurant starts from 50€. nine0003

    What a tourist needs to do in San Sebastian

    • Climb Monte Igueldo. It is from its top that an amazing view of the city, mountains and La Concha Bay opens, which has long become the hallmark of San Sebastian. An old funicular of 1912 raises tourists to it. It departs from Ondaretta Beach. Another attraction of Igeldo is an amusement park from the beginning of the 20th century. It is surrounded by a railway and a river canal. Sit in one of the picturesque cafes at the top of the mountain and admire the beautiful panorama. nine0137
    • See the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. The majestic building of the 19th century was erected in the Neo-Gothic style on the model of Cologne Cathedral. One of the largest temples in the Basque Country consists of three naves. The height of the central one is 25 m. The lancet pediments of the building create a feeling of lightness, despite its massive size. The entrance portico is decorated with a spire-shaped bell tower, the height of which reaches 75 m. On the beautiful stained-glass windows you can see the figures of the apostles, geometric and floral drawings.
    • Admire the castle-fortress of La Mota. It was built in the middle of the 12th century and has withstood many sieges and attacks throughout its history. In the 20th century, a huge statue of Jesus Christ was installed in the center of the fortress, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. A stone staircase leads to it, originating from the Basilica of Santa del Coro. Inside the fortress is the Historical Museum of the city.
    • Get to know the exhibits of the San Telmo Museum. Its expositions are located in the former Dominican monastery of San Telmo. Visitors can see unique exhibits of historical, archaeological and art halls. Of particular interest are the rarest collections of Basque history. Here you can see memorial columns of the 15th-17th centuries, rare frescoes with scenes from Basque legends, antique furniture and household items of the indigenous people. nine0137
    • Visit the Palace of the Sea on the pier. The oldest maritime museum in Spain was opened in the first half of the 20th century. It consists of two expositions. The first is devoted to the history of shipbuilding and piracy, and the second is devoted to the fishing industry. But the most popular part of it is the aquarium with a viewing tunnel inside. The incredible underwater world fascinates not only children, but also adults. In addition to the main one, there are themed aquariums, a zone of tropical fish and tactile ponds.
    • Relax on the magnificent sandy beaches — the main attraction of the city. All of them have a developed infrastructure, well-groomed and comfortable. The coast of the Bay of Biscay is called a real paradise for surfers. nine0137
    • Try the local cuisine. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the famous pintxos — miniature sandwiches with different fillings. Order chuleton (a huge entrecote fried in a special pan), marmitaco (tuna stewed with potatoes, peppers and tomatoes), cod stewed in pil-pil sauce. For dessert, try a Basque pie or Idiazabal sheep cheese with quince jam and nuts.

    San Sebastian Hotels

    All San Sebastian Hotels

    Popular excursions


    3 HOURS

    3 HOURS



    9000 9000 3 HOURS 3 HOOT 3 hours

    2 hours

    6 hours

    2 hours 30 minutes

    5 hours

    2 hours

    9 hours

    Other cities in Spain 9003

    0002 Spain










    Palma de Majorca



    9000 Toledo



















    9000 9000





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