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U-Save Car Rentals: A Trusted Car Rental Partner

When traveling to a foreign location, transport is a big reason to worry. Whether the reason for traveling is a business trip, a holiday excursion, or honeymoon travels – the success of all journeys rest on the core factor of commute. Therefore, when opting for a car rental in an unfamiliar area, people wish to go for one that has been in the business for a few years. Thus, what better choice of car rentals to opt for when in Hungary, then U-Save Rentals? In the rental car business for over 30 massive years, U-Save Rentals prides itself on the ease and comfort it provides to its customers. Headquartered on 219 Industrial Drive in Ridgeland, Mississippi, U-Save Rental has since then made itself popular in the car rental genre by expanding to numerous countries of the world, while providing the same quality experience.

Pair U-Save Rentals with Auto Europe and it is a match made in Hungary! Been in the business for about 60 years, add the 60 year experience of Auto Europe and 30 years of U-Save Rentals, and you will never look for another car rental agency. The plus point of Auto Europe? Here you will find discounted rates, great packages, and even insurance details.

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Popular Locations to Rent a Car With U-Save Rentals

As the world gets technologically advanced, U-Save Rentals take the help of the internet to ease life of their clients. How so? Simply book your car rental online on the U-Save Rental website. Add the timing of pick-up and drop-off along with the dates. Enter the rental location of your choosing – be it the airport, a state, or county. Select the car you wish to rent from the wide choice of available ones, and behold, your rental is booked.

Seems easy? Book your rental now! U-Save Rentals is operational in approximately 19 locations and continues to expand its services worldwide.

Cities with U-Save Rentals:

Vienna — Autria Budapest — Hungary Vecses — Hungary
Acapulco — Mexico Cabo San Lucas — Mexico Cancun — Mexico
Guadalajara — Mexico Playa del Carmen — Mexico Puerto Vallarta — Mexico
San Jose del Cabo — Mexico Zihuatanejo — Mexico Carolina — Puerto Rico
San Juan — Puerto Rico Cluj-Napoca — Romania Otopeni — Romania

Airports with U-Save Rentals:

 Juan Santamaria Airport — Costa Rica  Liberia Airport — Costa Rica  Guadalajara Airport — Mexico
 St. Martin Airport

U-Save Car Rentals – Rental Fleet Options

U-Save Rentals continues to attract customers owing to the wide variety of car rental options it offers. From compact cars for less people to the mighty mini vans, there are many choices to choose from. Even if you are in the need for a truck, you can find that and other ‘different’ car rentals in the ‘Specialty’ section of vehicles by U-Save Rentals.

However, if you specify exact models of cars, they may not be available every time. While models cannot be guaranteed, U-Save Rentals takes it upon itself to provide the most suitable car rental for your purpose.

Car Rental Insurance Information with U-Save Rentals

When using a rented car, having car insurance is of utmost importance. While each country has its own set of laws for car rental insurance, Hungary makes it mandatory to have Fire and Third Party Liability insurance. This is the sort of required coverage available in all rentals. Third party liability insurance especially proves very helpful, from offering coverage of $1,000,000 up to $1.6 million in case of a massive accident or injury to any people or property outside of the car.

Getting the right insurance coverage may seem a bit confusing, however, Auto Europe comes to the rescue. While its rental rates include fire and third party liability coverage, they also allow for additional optional coverage of Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection in discounted rates.

Must-Haves to Pick Up the Rental from U-Save Rentals

Picking up car rentals is not a difficult procedure, and it becomes especially easy and smooth if you are aware of the required documents beforehand. When coming to pick up, bring with yourself:

1. Credit Card in the name of the One who will drive 2. A Valid United States Driving License 3. International Drivers Permit (required in some countries – click here to check now if yours makes the cut)

Frequently Asked Questions About Booking with U-Save

What is the cancellation policy with U-Save Rentals?

The beauty of U-Save Rentals is that the same way that customers can make online bookings, cancellation of bookings is also as easy, and free! Simply go to the option of ‘Cancel Reservation’, enter your email ID, and cancel your booking. It is prime if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the rental period.

How old do I need to be to rent a car with U-Save Rentals?

In Hungary, the legal driving age is 17 years and above. Thus U-Save Rentals follow the same protocol.

Does U-Save Rentals have automatic transmission vehicles to rent?

With a large variety of vehicles ready to be rented, there is a wide choice between automatic transmission vehicles. However, given the ease they promote, they are bound to get booked quickly. Thus, it is best for you to book yours as soon as you can.

Traveling has never seemed easier, courtesy of U-Save Rentals

Commute in a place like Hungary may seem overwhelming, however, with an insured rental car available at your service – there is no worry in the transport, only joy. For discounted packages, eased travel, and quality vehicles, book your U-Save car rental now, from Auto Europe.

U-Save Car and Truck Rental, Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico, 787-253-4008. Avoid USave for their false and deceptive business practices.

Posted on October 30, 2016 by puertoriconewcomer

It would be hard to find a worse car rental company in Puerto Rico than USave, aka U-Save.  Almost all of the reviews for U-Save give them the lowest rating, with many customers feeling swindled and ripped off.  Here at PuertoRicoNewcomer, we try to give you the best advice, to guide you, to protect you, to warn you.  One car rental company, U-Save, deserves special mention, in a negative way, to warn you to avoid.   To start, their name is misleading, because you will most likely not save money, not save time, not save frustration.  If you don’t take our word for it, look at all the negative reviews.  The business model of U-Save is built on dishonesty.  They lure you in with misleadingly low prices, but once you go to pick up the car, they force you to buy additional options in order to receive the car.  Since this is an off-airport location, you are somewhat stranded, left at the mercy of U-Save, which will show you no mercy!  For example, when you go to reserve, you will see many options that you can select.  Even if you don’t select those options, such as RSS, for Roadside Service, at the rental office, they will require you to buy RSS for $3 per day, even if you do not want it.  Another trick they do is forcing you to buy insurance for $10/day, even if you already have insurance coverage.  This happens if you forget to bring your primary car’s insurance proof, which many people keep in their car.   One more trick is offering to let you use their toll tag.  If you decline this service, but then accidentally end up going through a toll, which is easy to do for a visitor, since the roads are confusing, they will add on a $50 fee for using the toll, plus the charges for going through the toll.  In conclusion, the business model of U-Save is to rip people off, to deceive them, to trick them.

In the same room, just 8 feet away, you will find another desk with NuCar Rental, and next door, 20 feet away,  Sixt Car Rental which have similarly horrible reviews.  These 3 rental car companies may be owned by the same franchisee, as they also share the same shuttle vans and give off the similar unpleasant rental experiences, for false and deceptive business practices.

USave, U-Save Car and Truck Rental will try to rip you off
6777 Isla Verde Ave
Carolina PR 00979
8-8 all

U Save Car & Truck Rental Isla Verde – 11 Reviews – Car Rental – Isla Verde Ave, Carolina, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico – Phone Number – Yelp

11 reviews

Isla Verde Mall
Isla Verde Ave
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

(787) 253-4008

U Save Car & Truck Rental Isla Verde

Isla Verde Ave, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979
Get directions

It looks like we don’t have a specific address for U Save Car & Truck Rental Isla Verde, which makes giving directions tricky. This business might not have an official storefront, or it might move to multiple locations throughout the day.

  • Isla Verde Mall
    Isla Verde Ave
    Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

  • Phone number (787) 253-4008

Hotels & Travel Car Rental

The car was so dirty w stains on the… by jettsetter g.

Car interior was dirty with a broken… by jettsetter g.

I don’t think I can say enough to cover the shittiness of this company.  I returned the car and was informed that there was damage to the vehicle – I didn’t realize there was damage but I figured VISA would handle it.  Well, they charged me $500 at the time of return, and I will be getting back $62 because Visa is not looking to pay for:  $81 Loss of use, $235 diminished value and $125 Administrative costs.  These people pretend to be inexpensive, they are thieves and should be avoided at all costs.

Terrible customer service. We waited over 1 hr when we first arrived to pick or reservation up. Charged us 20.00 more than what was said when we booked it online. We also took the car through toll ways and accidentally drove through one auto express way. Instead of USave charging us the 1.20 for the toll they charged us that plus $50.00

Bad bad vehicles. They break down after an hour or so. Maybe they re-set the malfunction light long enough to get us out of the area. The tires are in bad shape, can’t hold air and the car was sticky, dirty and full of smoke.  Good luck trying to reach someone, they tell you to call back the next day. Then you call the next day, they tell you to call back the next day. ( no joking or exaggeration).

Loved Puerto Rico, 2nd time back and will never ever rent from here again. When we 1st checked in to them, we saw customers angry and leaving the place, we thought it was the customer being crabby? Nope! Now we see why . Don’t try it you will be like us.

And we were charged more for less car rental then the actual longer rental we actually had reserved for. After all the issues we decided to turn in the car and go elsewhere with our business.

Seattle, WA

Horrible company.  A car that themselves said was $101.97 “including all taxes/fees/surcharges said my invoice” ended up costing us $192.28.  They said those were the fees and their own website doesn’t state them. We could just leave if we didn’t want to pay is what they said.  Being as this was at a pickup location off the airport I had no choice but to get the car.  The car itself was beat to hell.  Hole in the bumper, dent/scratches everywhere.  Power nothing.  It did start/run so I suppose that’s what all the added fees are after they’ve got you stuck there.  AVOID this place!!  We ended up going to Thrifty the next week and got a car around the same price which was in much better condition and new everything.  They did add an additional 11.5% that their invoice did not include in their price as well however. To top this all off i”ve been calling for 2 weeks to rectify this and I’ve not gotten one return call.  The email to [email protected] bounces back!!  This company won’t be around for long.

Complete scam business. Worst experience ever. Operates as/with NU and SIXT.

DON’T rent a car here. Really bad cars. Ours was dirty inside. Bad brakes.  It’s worth it to pay a little bit more n not making notice on every single stop n have people Staring at you.

First off we had to call to have the shuttle come and pick is up from the airport instead of them already being there waiting on us.  Then we get to the place and it doesn’t not look appealing from the get go.  We get there and it was horrible service,  they didn’t have too many options as far as cars went even though we already had a reservation for one, we end up having to pay way more than it was even expected which we were not happy about, but we were exhausted from the long flight and just went with it.  After that hassle we finally get a look at the car and it was somewhat ok looking from the outside, but the inside was horrible!!!!  This place is a joke.  We had one problem after the next with them.  Do not go here, you will regret it and it will take up your vacation time dealing with those idiots.

Shuttle took over 50 minutes to arrive at the airport, and that was after trying to call the office for 20 minutes and calling the U-Save corporate phone line to get an alternate number.  When I did get through the guy was super rude and acted put out to have answered the phone at all. Other rental car agency’s shuttles passed us multiple times. I think the shuttle guy just naps somewhere until someone calls to complain. The car was disgusting and poorly maintained. We had the misfortune of running into a bit of rain, only to find that the wiper blades were shredded. The brakes were worn out and noisy and the alignment was completely crazy. Even returning the car was a nightmare. DON’T RENT HERE! You will regret it.

DO NOT USE U-SAVE CAR AND TRUCK RENTAL!!  We got charged an extra $52.35 dollars for their rip off toll road e-pass when we paid for all tolls after driving around the island for 1 day.  They try to charge an extra 5 dollars a day for this service when, after paying every toll!!  They automatically charged us without consent and after signing the car back in.  Awful business practice and buyer beware!!

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