Lancha de cataño: San Juan Catano — Puerto Rico Ferry anclado por Hornblower

El Boricua, a bilingual , cultural publication for Puerto Ricans

Cataño Ferry:
A Low Cost Ride & Quick Sunset Cruise

The Cataño Ferry, also called La Lancha
de Cataño, is a small commuter ferry that services one route —
from Pier 2 in Old San Juan across the bay to the ferry terminal in Cataño.
It is a quick 8-minute ride in either direction, and it runs in one direction
or the other every 15 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t go by any of the
«sites» of Old San Juan, but you can see the
old city wall, the San Juan Gate and El Morro in the distance. You also
can get a decent (though distant) view of the Bacardi Rum Factory and
Isla de Cabras (site of the small Cañuelo Fort).

The water in the San Juan Bay is almost always
calm, so the ride is very mild, but occasionally there are some small
waves. The ferries are 1-story catamarans, with no outside seating, that
hold about 100 passengers. The ferry is fully enclosed and does not have
air conditioning. However, it has large windows that are open to let in
some fresh air, it shouldn’t be too hot with the ocean breezes.

As of January 2009, the fare is $1 each way.
People aged 60-74 years pay 50¢ and seniors (75+ years) are always
free. You can buy your tickets at the ferry terminals.

Make sure you explain where you want to go as there are
2 ferries that depart from the Old San Juan terminal that go to 2 different
places (Cataño and Hato Rey). You can get your round-trip tickets
before boarding. The Cataño ferry waiting area is to the left and
behind the ticket window, the Hato Rey ferry waiting area is behind the
ticket window and to the right. Boarding and unloading is a fairly quick
and easy process.

Ferries run from 6:00am until 10:00pm 7 days/week. During
rush hour (5:30am-9:30am and 3:30pm-6:30pm) on Monday through Friday the
ferry it runs every 15 minutes. During non-rush hour, weekends and holidays
it runs every 30 minutes.

From the terminal in Cataño, you can take a taxi
to the famous Bacardi Rum Factory for a free tour. There are always taxis
available at the Cataño ferry terminal. Expect to pay about $3.00
per person each way for the taxi.

There is also a decent Puerto Rican restaurant right in
the Cataño pier area called Don Tello. The food is good and inexpensive,
and the restaurant has a great view!

Stay on board for the round trip if you’re not really
going anywhere. If you want to try for some beautiful pictures check the
sunset time for San Juan for the month your visiting.

So enjoy the ferry system and use it as you like — either
as inexpensive transportation to Cataño, or a quick and easy sunset


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