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  • By 757gegeb

    not worth the hike at all! a 20 minute muddy trek from Flamenco beach. Carried all our snorkel gears thinking it was going to be amazing… we arrived and it was wavy, dirty and super windy. Maybe… 

    not worth the hike at all! a 20 minute muddy trek from Flamenco beach. Carried all our snorkel gears thinking it was going to be amazing… we arrived and it was wavy, dirty and super windy. Maybe… 
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  • By 2murfs69

    Today, we ventured from Tamarindo Beach to the secluded Carlos Rosario Beach. While we took our snorkeling gear, for us it was more about hiking to a secluded beach and basically having the beach to….. 
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  • By elenab91

    Due to construction on Flamenco beach we couldnt go through the normal path that starts at Flamenco’s parking lot. Instead, we started at Tamarindo beach and hiked for about 30 mins along the rocky. .. 

    Due to construction on Flamenco beach we couldnt go through the normal path that starts at Flamenco’s parking lot. Instead, we started at Tamarindo beach and hiked for about 30 mins along the rocky… 
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  • By Yuichi Chika

    3.5 stars.
    It may be beautiful if you could see a sunset. However, it’s hard to go to this beach. You need to walk from Framenco beach in 20-30min. There is no car access beach.


  • By David smith

    The trail starts at the Flamenco Beach entry booth. Go on the outside of the parking lot fence until you see a tsunami zone sign and a gate with a chain. Go thru the gate and follow the single file walking gpath for 25 mins. Not too steep, but your bare legs will get brushed by several plants. The reward?: rays, turtles, fish and corals. Fabulous. The reef is only 20ft to 50ft off shore. No need to go further out — except to look for turtles and rays in the sea grass. Look at other reviews to see where to enter the reef.


  • By Kamellia Natalie

    Absolutely beautiful. We were able to explore without interrupting the reef. The snorkeling and diving was amazing. We saw the reef and fish 40 feet under. Taking a tour made the experience even greater. #East Island excursion~ you rock


  • By Corrie Davidson

    The path to this beach is accessible from Flamenco Beach parking area. Duck under the chained gate and follow the narrow truck rut up and over, across this part of the island. The path has been cleared of any unexploded ordinates but the surrounding area may not have been so keep to the path. Bring only what you need and wear shoes you can move in (I’d avoid flip flops). After a hot 20 minute hike on a narrow rut with shrubbery scratching you along the way you are rewarded with a small, rocky beach area with great snorkeling. The path dead ends at Carlos Rosario. If you take any of the little paths off to the left you will encounter Tamarindo Grande ( not to be confused with Tamarindo). You can also take a snorkel boat tour here if you prefer not to schlep.
    For snorkelers, if you go all the way to the right, there is a wall/shelf with some big fish hiding under ledges and ok visibility. The main attraction is well before that though. Walk to the right, to where the rocky area meets the sand. Then swim out straight towards the white buoy. Unimpressive coral with terrible visibility will be on your left. Once you get far enough out,turn left and you will deeper water with soft coral and lots of fish just hanging out (I suspect the tour boats feed them). We also saw jellyfish and two rays — one of which was a gorgeous, big spotted eagleray.


  • By Kathleen Duncan

    Hiked from Playa Flamenco. Took us about 25 minutes to get to the beach. Trail has a few steep spots but they are short. Recommend long pants as lots of sharp plants along the way.
    Beach was beautiful. Reef breathtaking.
    Worth the work!


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Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico — Culebra


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flight in time and space.

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Nomadic peoples

Ancient peoples of Europe

Ancient peoples of America

The Middle East and North Africa

Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece

Ancient India and Tibeta China, Japan and South-Eastern ASIA






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Thematic links


Galina Ershova. Ancient America: flight through time and space. North America. South America

This culture of the central coast existed for about a thousand years, divided into two equal periods:

early phase: 500 BC e. — 0
late phase: 0-500

For the first time, this culture became known after the discovery in the valley of the Chankai River of ceramic products covered with white patterns on a red background. The patterns were mainly lines, dots and zigzags. Among this ceramics one could find bowls, jugs, pots, vertical vessels and flasks.
The Cerro de Trinidad culture lasted a long time — a thousand years. However, there are not so many monuments left, and the life of these inhabitants of the coast itself was not very diverse.
It must be said that closer to the turn of the millennium, ceremonial centers began to appear here. One of them, at Cerro de Culebra («Snake Hill»), was a complex of platforms with courtyards and a pyramid in the center. The inner wall of the pyramid was covered with paintings made in red, black, white and yellow paints. It was an intertwining geometric ornament, as well as images of snakes and fish. To the west of this complex, arbitrarily called the «temple complex», there was a quarter in which the remains of a house with massive mud-brick walls were found. An economic zone was also discovered — pits for storing grain and even a pit with stocks of small fish. As always, the richest and most unexpected information about the life of these ancient people is provided to archaeologists by the dead.
During excavations at Cerro de Trinidad and Baños de Boca, the archaeologist Willy found several burials of this culture, most of which turned out to be children’s.
The dead usually lay on their side with their legs crossed — in the fetal position — and were covered with fragments of large vessels. Only in one case was the body laid on its back, but even it retained the fetal position. A strange double burial was also discovered: one of the deceased lay on his side with crouched legs, and the other was buried in his head, squatting. Both were covered by half of a large vessel. The main deceased was apparently considered to be “lying” — he was wearing a rich necklace of beads, and a metal mask on his face.
Usually the buried were accompanied by one or more vessels and sometimes things. Such burials belong to the early phase of the culture.
Burials of the late period were found both on the Cerro de Culebra and on Playa Grande («Big Coast»). The rite itself at that time underwent significant changes, which testifies to the changes that have taken place both in social life and in the ideology of society.
The dead, both adults and children, were now laid out in a stretched position and covered with a shield tied from sticks or reeds. They, as before, were accompanied by vessels — but significant differences appeared in the number and set of dishes. In addition, naked or poorly dressed bodies were found in two of the richest adult graves in poses that unequivocally suggest that they were buried alive! Thus, if in the early period social differences in the community were only determined, then at the end of the development of this culture, the master or mistress became the sovereign stewards of the lives of their servants or slaves.
In early times, there was a custom to put in the grave, next to the head of the deceased, the carcass of a bright tropical bird, most often a parrot. Birds were brought here for these purposes, probably because of the Andes. In the burials, there are also small vessels made of unbaked clay and wicker baskets covered with leather taken from the heads of slain enemies. Over the graves there are often fragments of a broken vessel and balls of cotton thread wrapped in hair. Small memorial pillars were placed on top of these graves.


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