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Private 4 HR Old San Juan tour and Piñones African Heritage package — MBTION


Old San Juan and our African heritage sector Piñones in Loiza, arguably top 3 among all half day tours in Puerto Rico, one of our top 5 things to do in San Juan and top 10 things to do in Puerto Rico where you will see and learn about the San Juan National Historic site, San Cristobal, El Morro, The Capitol Building and Walkway Presidents, San Juan Bautista Cathedral and Paseo de La Princesa among many other landmarks.

This tour takes you to Old San Juan but also to the Loiza, where you will have the rare oportunity of visiting our Piñones village and learn about our African heritage and try it’s street food as part of an Old San Juan Package. There you see the other Puerto Rico, the one that strugles and is still under the slow developement the territorial clauses allows in our island. We will see the communitary center, the little and humble kiosks and even stop if you wirsh to try some of the famed Piñones street food as part of the tour.

Depending on the tour time Piñones will be the last part in the morning tours and first in the afternoon tours.

This tour matches our 2 HR Old San Juan Tour version and the one of the few opportunities to see our African heritage making it an 4 hour eclectic tour that will let you do a very complete exploration of the Old city learning where everything is and avoiding the walking and sweating under our tropical sun.

This Old San Juan city tour will take you through the old city comfortably drive in a A/C cooled vehicle avoiding hours of searching, sweating under our Old San Juan ‘s hot tropical sun, and you will be making six 15 to 20 minutes stops for taking pictures that will become lifetime memories.

Your advantage will be that our 2 HR Old San Juan tour is a learning experience about Americas’ oldest city and will show you every landmark and tell you the history and evolution of Old San Juan and Puerto Rico in a short but detailed way with the opportunity of taking that special picture you will treasure for ever. Your driver and personal Old San Juan guide will drive you through the cities narrow streets giving you valuable information that will help you explore the city or find that spot you want to visit and then take you back to the departing spot, criuseship or any spot you might choose as final destination within the route, because there is a lot more in Old San Juan National Historic Site than San Cristobal or San Felipe del Morro or El Morro how we call it.

How do we make better the best tour in San Juan?

Easy, we let you have time to take pictures and at the same time see and learn about:

Constitution Bridge (joins the main island to teb San Juan island)
The Capitol Building
Walkway of the Presidents
San Cristobal
Old Casino
Columbus Square
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
La Perla
Santa Maria de Paziz Cemetery
El Morro
Capilla San Jose
El Convento
San Juan Bautista Cathedral
Capilla del Cristo
La Fortaleza (Governor’s mansion)
San Juan City Hall
Puerto Rico State Department
Paseo de La Princesa
Cruiseship Port

Frequently Asked Questions About our Tours in Old San Juan

Is this tour what I am looking for?
If you are looking for a profesionally curated and proven Old San Juan Historic Site tour and also learn about our African heritage with time for instagram worthy pictures and learning, that guarantees you the most out of your time and money, this is it!

Where will I be picked and droped?
You will be picked up and droped off in Condado at 1055 Ashford Ave, in the Condado Vanderbilt Valet area, or behind Walgreens if coming in a cruise so you do not have to get a taxi or Uber to go to some spot in Old SJ and then guess where to find your guide or stand among hundreds of people coming off the ship trying to find your guide.

Will there be a language barrier between me and my guide?
No chance of that happening, you will get a fully bilingual professional guide during all the experience.

Will I see only a portion of the city and then be on my own?
The beauty of this tour is that it takes you to locate, see and learn about the 18 most important buildings and landmarks in Old San Juan and drive it main streets so you know where is everything.

What makes this tour different from other Old San Juan tours?
This tour gives you the 2 most importatnt things to do in the San Juan metroplex a s a tourist. Do an Old San Juan tour and visit our African heritage area: Piñones in Loiza. In this tour you get an unbiased script and expand the route to 2 hrs, so it’s designed to have a slow pace and have you learn about the history of the city and how was Puerto Rico under spanish ruling, but also learn how Puerto Rico became a territory of our nation, USA, and how have we flourished since 1898, while you avoid the long hours walking up and down hill and sweating under the Caribbean sun wasting your precious vacation time guessing to find Old San Juan’s main landmarks and buildings.

After that you will go to Piñones and visit the community center, see its beach and even try some of its famous authentic afropuertorrican street food if you choose to do so, to then bring you back to your departing spot.

Tour must have at least 4 passengers to start and we might consolidate tours on same day to get minimum. Maximimun capacity is 14 passengers.

7 days
9am $129.99
2:30pm $129.99

Pickup spot is the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel at 1055 Ashford Ave in Condado.


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La distancia entre San Juan y Puerto Rico es de 58 km.

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La mejor manera de ir desde San Juan a Puerto Rico sin un coche es en andar que dura 0 min y cuesta .

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Toma aproximadamente 0 min ir desde San Juan a Puerto Rico incluyendo transbordos

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Hay 28 + hoteles disponibles en Puerto Rico. Los precios comienzan desde €87 por noche.

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Puerto Rico for beginners: how do you see and direct

Puerto Rico is a South American bijou, which is still known to the Balgari maltsina.

The country of e cato kovchezhe with richness and ima from vsichko in many ways — ancient history, beautiful colonial architecture, incredible cuisine and hospitable choir.

If you are coming and visit the Caribbean island for the first time, here are some of the main places, which you see, and if you can, send them.

Explore old San Juan

Photo: iStock by Getty Images

San Juan is a city on the hill from 500 years old, which is an old city in color. Change the streets and color the facades on the historical fence of vikarat and look and see more and more. Once you die and get sick, sit down for a bowl of Puerto Rican cafes in some cozy place in an old city.

Oswien on foot, you can see San Juan and with free golf calls, called Garita Cart. From here you can reach the fortresses of San Felipe del Moro and San Cristobal or to the residence of La Fortaleza — a very old colonial castle, which is still crawling for its ancient purpose. Tosi is an exceptional palace with an incredible tradition, such as official dinners on their own in the light of candles.

See the sloped tropical mountain El Yunke

Image: iStock by Getty Images 28,000 hectares. Here you can see the local species of coca toad and unique birds. You can walk out of El Yunke on foot, with a guide, on horseback or on horseback, and you will lower the trolls along the mountain, some more show you burn the floors to the mountains.

Street storage in Piñones

Very close to San Juan You can also discover the coastal Afro-Caribbean quarter of Piñones, which is a paradise for street storage lovers. Leave your nose si da vie drive to the nearest fogon (van) or chinchoro (malki schandove for hapwane for meat), sell it all over from coconuts, plantain, scaridi, ratsi and straight riba, cook in different ways.

Swim in the bioluminescent sea of ​​La Parguera

Image: iStock by Getty Images

La Parguera is a village full of adventure.

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