Ferry para culebra: Ceiba Culebra — Puerto Rico Ferry anchored by Hornblower

Informações da balsa de Culebra para a Casa Hibiscus

Vacation Rental Home in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Ferry Information


The ferry terminal is located in Ceiba, PR. It is approximately a one hour drive from the San Juan International Airport. The information below provides helpful information about our Puerto Rico Ferry to Culebra.

Discover Puerto Rico website ferry information: https://www.discoverpuertorico.com/ceiba-ferry-terminal/

Address: Ceiba Ferry Terminal  Marina Drive  Roosevelt Roads

Google Maps: Ceiba Ferry Terminal

Advance Ferry Tickets

  • Website: https://www.puertoricoferry.com/
  • Ferry schedules and daily itineraries are available on https://www.puertoricoferry.com/
  • Advance sales are not always available.
  • Purchase round trip tickets.
  • Tickets can sell out fast because there is a limited number of tickets offered for sale online.
  • The online booking tool usually lets you purchase tickets about 3 weeks in advance.
  • Start checking the online booking tool 3 weeks in advance of your departure date to Culebra to purchase available online tickets.

In Person Ticket Purchasing 

  • Ferry tickets are available at the Ceiba ferry terminal.
  • Ferry schedules and daily itineraries are available on puertoricoferry.com
  • Arrive at the ferry port at least 1 hour in advance of the departure time to purchase your tickets.
  • Holidays can be very busy so it is recommended you arrive a few hours before your departure time to purchase tickets.
  • Purchase round trip tickets.
  • Cargo ferry tickets, which include tickets for cars, are usually only available on the day of travel and must be purchased at the ferry terminal in person. These tickets are available for residents only.
  • Be aware that commercial vehicles and resident vehicles have priority boarding. Space is often limited. 
  • Afternoon tickets are usually more available than morning tickets.


  • Parking is available in Ceiba.
  • There is a daily rate for each vehicle.
  • The parking lot is located about 1/4 mile from the ferry terminal.
  • Shuttles run back and forth from the parking lot to the ferry terminal.


    • Toll free: +1 800-981-2005
    • Main: +1 787-497-7740
    • Culebra Ticket Office: +1 787-742-3161


    • The inside of the ferry can be very cold. I usually wear long sleeves, lightweight pants, and bring a lightweight blanket/sarong to cover up.
    • Be prepared for delays and cancellations i.e. charged electronics, snacks, and beverages.
    • There are two types of ferries. One is called the Cargo/Passenger ferry and the other is a Passenger ferry.
    • If you are planning on bringing a rental car on the Cargo ferry it is advised you check with the rental car agency to ensure bringing the rental car to Culebra is allowed by the rental car agency.
    • It is usually impossible to get someone on the telephone. The ferry staff is busy serving customers in person.

    Ferry To Culebra

    • «Also, sit at the top of the ferry outside to avoid getting sea sick.»(6 Tips)

      «beach chairs»(2 Tips)

    23 Tips and reviews


    • cute
    • scenic views
    • discounts
    • books
    • beach
    • ferries
    • taxis
    • friendly staff
    • (3 more)

    • On the way back, make beeline to the parking lot after offboarding to pay for the parking and avoid the long lines! DON’T pee or dawdle. Pay first so you don’t lose time. You’re welcome.

    • Buy your tickets both ways on the day that you arrive. Also, sit at the top of the ferry outside to avoid getting sea sick.

    • Don’t go on the weekend. We got in line at 620 in the morning and at 815 they announced the 9 o’clock ferry was full. Residents go to the head of the line so you may not get a ticket.

    • When in Culebra call the Homeless Dog Cafe. The best food on the island delivered to wherever you are at. Find them in Facebook.

    • Great views.. Helpful and friendly staff but definitely Sit up top in the back to avoid getting sea sick.. Learned that one myself

    • Remember to pay for the extra bags, coolers, beach chairs, etc. as you pick up your tickets at the booth.

    • If you want to get really early to Culebra you can ride the cargo ferry which departs @ 0600am.

    • Discover The best places in Culebra in The Foodiespr App

    • Book your #1 discounted taxi early 787-513-7685 Google Luquillo Taxi and check our trip advisor reviews

    • They previously had two ferries going to Culebra but now only have one. Avoid the weekend— we waited in line for over 2 hours and didn’t get a ticket and ended up taking the trip to Vieques instead.

    • If there are rough seas the boat feels like a roller coater through hell. Don’t have a full stomach or be drunk or hungover or you may be selling Buicks.

    • The worst! The most disorganized line ever! We went from 1st group in line, to end if the 2nd group in line… Luckily, we had a pregnant girl and a senior citizen with us in order to take advantage!

    • This place is a joke, arrived two hours early & could not get a ticket. The elderly, pregnant women & locals all get to buy tickets before tourists. Prepare to be lied to, then disappointed.

    • Avoid weekends, go on a weekday. Lines are hours long otherwise.

    • Really long lines on weekends. Arrive several hours early.

    • Beautiful ride over to islands

    • Not a great system arrived at 545am to purchase tickets at 8am at 805am they sold out we were 100 on line

    • Avoid Fri. & Sat. at all costs! We got there an hour ahead of the scheduled ferry and the line even to Culebra was out of control…

    • Avoid Fri. & Sat. at all costs! We got there an hour ahead of the scheduled ferry and the line even to Culebra was out of control…

    • Ferry can be way behind schedule!

    • Es mejor irte un día antes en el ferry de las 7pm (si estÁ disp).

    • Para las playas mas lindas del mundo, Culebra Beach 

    • El primer ferry sale a las 9am , recuerde estar una hora antes

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    Indeed. People were threatened with taking away the only thing they really valued. The opportunity to slip away to the fuckers from this madhouse — at least for a while.

    Despite the fact that 70% of Russians have never traveled to any foreign countries, the other 30% are very active around the world. You can drive into the full middle of nothing — and with a high probability you will meet a Muscovite there. I remember how amazed I was when I met the Russians on the ferry to the island of Culebra. Warm, straight from Moscow. No, well, where is Moscow and where is the island of Culebra. Well, you need to fly to the States — somewhere in New York — it’s still a day of flying. Then another flight to Puerto Rico — another four hours to fly. Then to get from the airport to the ferry is still a hundred kilometers, for a minute. Then a hundred years to wait for this ferry — three times a day it goes. And then finally. And it’s not like there was anything like that. No, it’s beautiful, of course. The beaches are luxurious, cacti, fish — nice. But what, closer to Moscow or something, there were no fish.

    But a wealthy Russian wants to travel around the world — this is his fundamental property. And then on the forums he likes to discuss how poor they are there in the States — they don’t go to Europe. The point, however, is that most of the inhabitants of the States have seen this same Europe in a coffin and in white slippers. At best, they want to go there once after college to see what Europe is like. Well, the descendants of the Irish and Italians (for some reason, mostly they) usually want to go once to the country of their ancestors to join the roots. And so, in general, the population is good where it is. The population sits in their house with a green lawn and comfortable toilets, fries meat and sausages in the backyard and drinks beer with neighbors. Once a year, it is ready to hit the road somewhere in Disney Land, on the coast, or visit relatives. Some even buy a motorhome and go to campsites in it. This pleasure is never cheap — gasoline and parking facilities cost a pretty penny, not to mention the price of this crazy bus. So the meaning of such a holiday is not to save on a hotel, but to travel in your own house. People like to invest free money in decorating and arranging houses.

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    New reality

    Top 10 beaches in the world according to travelers

    Top 10 beaches in the world according to travelers:

    1. Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil


    • In the Fernando de Noronha archipelago
    • The islands can be reached by plane from Recife and Natal

    Description/Special Features:

    • Rocks 70 meters high
    • Crescent-shaped beaches with the finest sand
    • Natural pools in hollows in solidified lava
    • Due to the remoteness of the mainland and the small number of tourists, the beach is always not crowded
    • To get to the beach, guests must follow the path and go down the stairs
    1. Grace Bay , Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


    • On Providenciales, the main island of the Turks and Caicos archipelago
    • Grace Bay — the main resort center of island

    Description/Special Features:

    • Grace Bay Beach is seven kilometers long
    • Upscale Resorts
    • Average temperature in winter around 21-26ºC, in summer 27-32ºC.
    • White sandy beaches are ideal for relaxing and swimming
    • Tourism began to develop only in 1984
    • Popular for diving, water sports and fishing (not in the beach area)
    1. Rabbit Beach , Lampedusa, Italy


    • South of Lampedusa, the southernmost of the Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean
    • Closer to Tunisia than Sicily
    • There is a ferry service from the island to Porto Empedocle near the administrative center of Agrigento in Sicily. There is also a year-round flight service with Palermo and Catania in Sicily, direct flights from Rome and Milan in the summer of
    • To get to the beach, you need to take a taxi or rent a car, and then go down to the sea along a rocky path.


    • Most of the beach is rocky with fine white sand near the sea
    • Despite the name, rabbits do not live on the beach. The name Rabbit most likely comes from the Arabic word ‘Rabit’ (‘link’), referring to the isthmus that connected this small island with a larger one (the isthmus has not survived to this day).
    • Every spring, sea turtles lay their eggs in the fine white sand on the eastern part of the beach. In August, little turtles hatch from them, which immediately go to the sea.
    1. Playa Paraiso Beach , Cayo Largo, Cuba


    • Located on Cayo Largo, a small resort island belonging to Cuba
    • Cayo Largo is located in the Caribbean Sea 100 miles south of Havana, the island is only 25 kilometers long and three kilometers wide.


    • «The beach is located in a protected nature reserve, and most hotels offer a free shuttle service to the sea (there are no hotels near the beach)
    • The sea is shallow and calm, you can move a few hundred meters from the shore, walking waist-deep in warm water
    • Beach umbrellas and a small bar are available for travelers.
    1. Playa de Ses Illetes , Formentera, Spain


    • Located on the island of Formentera, located in the Mediterranean Sea, six kilometers south of Ibiza
    • There is a ferry from Ibiza to Formentera. Throughout the year it can be reached by sea from Spain (Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia). In summer, there is also a direct ferry from Denia to Formentera.


    • Small hotels, notably behind Ibiza in terms of infrastructure development, although Playa de ses Illetes is one of the busiest beaches in Formentera
    • Excellent seafood restaurants nearby
    • A diverse mix of vacationers: day-trippers from Ibiza, wealthy locals on luxury yachts
    • The northern part of the beach is more free, nudists have settled here.
    1. Anse Lazio , Praslin Island, Seychelles


    • Located in the northwest of Praslin Island (Seychelles)
    • Located in the central Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar, east of Zanzibar and south of Socotra
    • You can get to Praslin by Air Seychelles from Mahe
    • To get to Anse Lazio, you need to take a local bus to Anse Boudin and then walk about 15 minutes to the beach.


    • Along the edges of the beach there are granite boulders. Like many other beaches in the Seychelles, it is protected from the ocean by a coral reef
    • Tall palm trees and takamaki grow along the length of the crescent-shaped beach, creating a feeling of total privacy
    • Facing northwest, giving travelers the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic beauty of the setting sun.
    1. White Beach , Boracay, Philippines


    • Located in the western part of Boracay, a small Philippine island

    about 315 km south of Manila.

    • Whether you get there by plane or by sea, the small town of Caticlanna on the island of Panay will be on your way. From there every few minutes boats with tourists leave for Boracay.

    Description/special features:

    • Approximately four kilometers long, divided into three sectors open to the public
    • The beach is protected from the wind. Smooth as glass, shallow and warm water is ideal for snorkeling and swimming.
    • Commercial center of the island (surrounded by hotels, restaurants, etc.)
    1. Flamenco Beach , Culebra, Puerto Rico


    • Located on the north coast of the Puerto Rican island of Culebra
    • Culebra is located approximately 27 km from the main island of Puerto Rico, 19 km west of St. Thomas and 14 km north of Vieques.


    • Stretched for one and a half kilometers along a horseshoe-shaped bay sheltered from the ocean
    • There are many representatives of exotic fauna, including parrot fish, blue tang crab ghost
    • The beach has bathrooms/showers, food/drinks and picnic tables.
    1. Whitehaven Beach , Whitsunday, Australia


    • Whitehaven Beach stretches for seven kilometers along the coast of Whitsunday Island, off the Queensland state of mainland Australia
    • The island can be reached by boat from the tourist ports of Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour, as well as from Hamilton Island.

    Description/Special Features:

    • A virgin beach known for its white sand. The sand is 98% pure silica, which gives it its bright white color. Local rocks do not contain silicon dioxide, so it is believed that this sand was washed onto the beach by sea currents over several million years
    • At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet, a stunningly beautiful bay where the movement of sand and water at high tide creates a delightful play of color. As the tide rises, the white quartz sand merges with the turquoise waters of the bay, creating an amazing whirlpool of colors.
    1. Elafonissi Beach , Elafonisi, Greece


    • Elafonisi is located in the most southwestern part of Crete.
    • The beach has an oblong shape and is often cut off from Crete at high tide, giving the impression that it is a separate island. At low tide, it can be reached from Crete on foot.

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