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USPS City Versus Census Geography

USPS City Versus Census Geography

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The U.S. Census Bureau relies on an accurate postal address and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to deliver census correspondence to most households. A postal address typically is composed of house number, street, city, state, and ZIP CodeTM. The mailing address for a residence is not used to assign housing units to the proper political jurisdiction or census geography. Instead, the Census Bureau uses the physical location of a housing unit to assign it to the proper geographic areas. The Census Bureau recognizes that the Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located. In addition, the “city” name(s) used by the USPS to identify a specific ZIP Code or Post Office may not be the name that residents serviced by the Post Office consider themselves to reside in.

Figure 1 above illustrates the approximate area (using aggregations of Census Bureau-defined ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)) of the Waterloo “postal city” based on the USPS’s preferred or recommended city name for that ZIP Code. This area includes most, but not all, of the legal boundaries of Waterloo city, and parts of Elk Run Heights city and Hudson city. In addition, this “postal city” includes area that is part of unincorporated Black Hawk County, including Washburn census designated place (CDP). Addresses in this area have “Waterloo” as the preferred city in their mailing address.

Figure 2 below shows the three ZCTAs (50701, 50702, and 50703) that comprise the Waterloo «postal city.» Although each of these ZIP Codes has a “Waterloo” mailing address, they do not follow legal city boundaries and frequently extend beyond the actual city limits of Waterloo. Census data are tabulated to the jurisdiction where the housing unit is physically located, not based on the city name used for the mailing address. For example, a housing unit located in Washburn CDP with a “50702” ZIP Code is included in the census data for Washburn CDP, not Waterloo city.

The USPS provides the Census Bureau with a data file, the City State Product, which identifies the preferred or recommended city name associated with each ZIP Code. Figure 3 below shows a section of the City State Product with the ZIP Codes and the preferred or recommended city name highlighted for the ZIP Codes shown in the map above.


The Census Bureau built and verified its address list for the 2020 Census using advanced technology, strong partnerships with tribal, state, and local governments, federal agencies like the U.S. Postal Service, and carefully managed census operations. During in-office and in-field census operations, housing unit locations were identified, verified, and assigned to a series of precise geographic codes, together called a “geocode,” using geospatial technologies. This geocode includes the census block and surrounding geography, including the municipality, tribal, or county code as appropriate. Data that result from the 2020 Census are tabulated using these geocode assignments for each household, not the «postal city» name in the mailing address assigned to the household. Therefore, each census tract, voting district, school district, tribal area, county, municipality, and other geographic area receives accurate results from the census.

In addition, the Census Bureau provided tribal, state, and local governments an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the address list we developed for their community through the 2020 Local Update of Census Addresses, or LUCA Program. Participating tribal, state, and local officials verified that the Census Bureau accurately coded each address on the list to the correct and authoritative geographic codes, regardless of the “postal city” name used by the USPS for delivering mail.

The USPS has ZIP Code lookup tools available at https://tools.

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How to Check a ZIP Code: Manual vs Automatic

What Is a ZIP Сode?

A ZIP code is a five-digit code that United States Postal Service uses to designate delivery routes and service areas. Based on the ZIP-code system, letters reach specific facilities for sorting mail. Sorting enables mail carriers to deliver high volumes of mail more quickly and easily.

In the United States, ZIP codes are used to deliver domestic mail. There are usually no ZIP codes for mailing to other countries.

A ZIP code is indicated alongside the address after the name of the city and state abbreviation. For example, the correct address format will look like this:




In this address, 70112 is a ZIP code.

How to Read a ZIP Code

The first three digits represent the sectional center facility connected with this code (e.g., codes starting from 1 mean New York). The fourth and fifth digits stand for the area of the city or town. 

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What is the zip code for…X? ZIP code Lookups and Map

If you want to know the ZIP code for a specific geographic location, you can use ZIP code lookups or the US map. ZIP code lookup tools automatically generate ZIP codes based on an address or city & state data. They can also do a reverse search and find cities by  ZIP code.

To manually find a ZIP code, use one of the following ZIP code lookups:

  • USPS ZIP code lookup services
  • United States ZIP Codes

To view what is the ZIP code for a US region, use this map:

Automated address data enrichment

If you run a business that depends on mail delivery, you will need to format and verify thousands of addresses automatically. Manual ZIP code lookups won’t work.

Inkit Verify is one of the automated address validation tools you can adopt. It autocompletes shipment addresses as users type them and also verifies your existing records. This tool adds ZIP code details if necessary and detects incomplete addresses. As a result, your address database is always updated and accurate.


  • Do ZIP codes represent geographical areas?

Even though sometimes ZIP codes and geographical areas overlap, ZIP codes don’t represent regions. ZIP codes are just delivery routes or groups of addresses.

  • Is postal code the same as ZIP code?

A postcode is a generic term, whereas the ZIP codes are used only in the US postal system. Besides, postal codes can consist of both numbers and letters, whereas ZIP codes include only numbers.

  • ZIP codes vs. ZIP+4 codes: What’s the difference?

ZIP+4 is a new ZIP code standard introduced in 1983 to enhance the accuracy of mail delivery. It uses the standard five-digit ZIP code plus four additional digits. These digits signify a small delivery area (e.g., street, city block, PO box). ZIP+4 codes are not mandatory and are usually assigned automatically at the mail sorting centers. Therefore, if you want to send a letter, a basic ZIP code will be enough for a post office to complete the delivery.

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Why does the ArcGIS Business Analyst web application return incorrect geocoding results for some zip code areas?

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Why does the ArcGIS Business Analyst web application return incorrect geocoding results for some zip code areas?


In some cases, attempting to geocode in an ArcGIS Business Analyst web application by importing an Excel file with zip codes returns invalid results.

Although zip code searches may return valid results from other sources such as Google, zip codes are not recognized by ArcGIS Business Analyst as valid addresses.

  Note  : Postcode zones are created for mail delivery, but are not standard census geographic areas for data reporting. Although these zip codes are associated with a city or place according to the USPS notation, they are not recognized in Esri datasets. 

For example, the zip code area ‘10981’ does not exist in the ‘United States ZIP Code Boundaries 2018’ layer in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.

In ArcGIS Business Analyst, searching for «10981» returns ‘Sugar Loaf, NY’. However, it is in a different postcode area — «10918».

In most cases, invalid postcodes are part of a larger area of ​​postcodes. Therefore, continuing the geocoding workflow by clicking button Add matches to map without correcting invalid zip codes does not affect analysis. ArcGIS Business Analyst creates a layer with all valid zip code areas from the imported Excel file.

  • ArcGIS Business Analyst: Importing an Excel file with geographic boundaries
  • ArcGIS Business Analyst: Zip code

0002 Article ID: 000024958

Software: ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App 9.1, 8.4, 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1

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Zip code 5: 92055 — CAMP PENDLETON, CA

Zip code 92055 is the ZIP code for CAMP PENDLETON, CA. In addition to the basic information, it also lists the full zip code and zip code address 92055. Moreover, there is additional information related to zip code 92055. For example, the nearest zip code is next to zip code 92055, etc. Country, County, City, FIPS, etc.

State County City Zip Code 5
CA — California San Diego County CAMP PENDLETON 92055

What is the zip code plus 4 for zip code 92055? See below for details.

92055 ZIP+4 Code List

What are the 4 digit extensions of the zip code 92055? The zip code 92055 has many plus 4 codes, and each plus 4 code corresponds to one or more addresses. Below we list all +4 zip codes and their addresses in zip code 92055. You can find the 9 digit zip code by full address.

Index 5 Plus 4 Address
92055-0001 1 (From 1 To 6) USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0002 16838 (From 16838 To 16842 Even) USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0003 1674 USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0003 1674 USPS BLDG 1674, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0004 210636 USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0004 210636 USPS RM 186, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0005 100 USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0005 100 USPS BLDG 100, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0006 1103 USPS, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
92055-0006 1103 USPS BLDG 1103, CAMP PENDLETON, CA
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  • ››

If you cannot find the zip code you are looking for 92055 plus 4 on this page, we recommend that you use the quick select feature.

Post office with zip code 92055

Postal code 92055 has 10 post offices. All post offices with zip code 92055 are listed below, including the post office address, phone number, post office services, and hours of operation. Click to view details.

Post office address City Phone Postal index
Pendleton Del Mar


760-725-2196 92055-0004
PENDLETON PX 1103 USPS BLDG 1103 760-725-5227 92055-0006
CAMP PENDLETON 16840 USPS BLDG 16840 CAMP PENDLETON 760-725-5029 92055-0013
16 AREA 16840 7TH ST CAMP PENDLETON 760-725-5687 92055-0206
14 AREA 1482 16TH ST CAMP PENDLETON 760-763-2294 92055-0200
CAMP LAS PULGAS 43507 BROWN ST CAMP PENDLETON 760-725-3370 92055-0202
CAMP HORNO 53507 C ST CAMP PENDLETON 760-763-2950 92055-0203
CAMP LAS FLORES 4153 NELSON ST CAMP PENDLETON 760-763-5414 92055-0204
CAMP SAN MATEO 62307 SAN MATEO RD CAMP PENDLETON 760-763-2947 92055-0205

CAMP PENDLETON 760-725-5227 92055-0020

How to write a US envelope?


  • First, you need to fill in the recipient’s postal information in the center of the envelope. The first line is the recipient’s name, the second line is the mailing address with detailed house number, and the last line is the city, state abbreviation, and zip code.

    Second, write the sender’s information in the top left corner of the envelope. If your mail cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the sender’s address.

    Finally, don’t forget to put the stamp in the upper right corner. Otherwise, the letter will not go into the delivery process.

    Here is an example of an envelope below.

What does each digit of the zip code 92055 mean?

  • The first digit denotes the national territory, which ranges from zero for the northeast to nine for the far west.

    Numbers 2-3 designate the object of the section center in this region.

    The last two digits indicate small post offices or postal areas.

Random address in ZIP 92055

Zip code 92055 has 166 real random addresses, you can click the picture below to get random addresses in zip code 92055. County, California consistent online electronic map. You can use the button in the map to move, pantograph. This map information is for reference only.

Postcode 92055 Nearby, nearby Postcode

The nearest postcodes are 92058, 92068, 92672, 92028, and 92088, you can find the postcodes within a 25 km radius around the 92055 postcode and the approximate distance between the two postcodes.
The data has a slight deviation for reference only.

Postal index distance (kilo-meters)
92058 10.651
92068 10.817
92672 11.097
92028 11.31
92088 15.232
92057 17. 555
92674 19.45
92049 19.469
92051 19.469
92052 19.469
92054 19.952
92590 21.158
92003 21.432
92056 21.891
92673 21.907
92562 23.651
92018 24.123
92083 24.617
92085 24.626

postcode hospital 92055

NH Camp Pendleton is the only hospital in Zip Code 92055. You can find the address and phone number as well as the type of hospital below. Click the link for more information on NH Camp Pendleton.

  • NH Camp Pendleton

    Phone: (760) 725-1288

    Type: Acute Care — Department of Defense

    Address: 200 Mercy Circle, Camp Pendleton CA 92055, USA

museum in zip code 92055

MARINE CORPS MECHANIZED MUSEUM is the only museum in Zip Code 92055.

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