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Press Democrat readers share New Year’s Eve traditions

People all over the world partake in traditions that help us bid farewell to the previous year — good, bad, or somewhere in between — and welcome in a fresh one.|

December 30, 2022

Each year, just before the sun sets New Year’s Eve, the Bazzano family of Santa Rosa races out to the Sonoma County coast.

Lying on a beach, the parents sip sparkling wine while the children take in the ocean scene and dream of the piping hot bowl of clam chowder they’ll soon enjoy.

The family’s tradition started in 1994.

“It’s our time to let go of the year’s disappointments or challenges and look forward to the new year,” Karen Clem-Bazzano, 54, said.

People across the globe celebrate New Year’s Eve with different traditions — some odd yet no less important. There’s the Spanish tradition of eating a grape with each of the 12 clock strikes at midnight to ward off evil in the New Year, or the Chinese practice of slurping long noodles for a long, prosperous life. In the Filipino culture, there’s a tradition of wearing polka dots before midnight for luck. And in Denmark, people throw plates at the front doors of family and friends.

New Year’s is an important holiday for LyndseyRose Burcina, of Santa Rosa, and her family of 12. They spend time cooking Japanese meals, including mochi, a rice cake, which is a tradition she learned from her great-grandmother, Miye.

“It’s our day to say, hi, and, I love you, to our ancestors,” Burcina, 22, said. “It’s a pretty important holiday to us.”

The family also makes staple dishes like sashimi and udon to ring in the new year. The dinner table is set with a red cloth to signify luck and abundance. Japanese rice balls, known as onigiri, and oranges are placed on an altar as an offering to their ancestors.

“We couldn’t always get people together on Christmas but we could always get people together for New Year’s Eve and day,” Burcina said. “It’s my time to step back and love my family, regardless of our differences.

Jane Aki, 43, of Sebastopol, turns to the first animal she spots while on a New Year’s Eve hike to determine the fate, or “mood,” of the coming year.

The animal she sees is considered her spirit animal, which some believe help guide or protect a person on a journey, she said.

“Last year, my animal was a wild turkey,” Aki said with a laugh. “I’ve been doing it for years. It’s a way for me to reflect on the new year. It’s strange but fun.”

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Mya Constantino

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Stories can inspire you, make you laugh, cry and sometimes, heal. I love a feature story that can encapsulate all of those things. I cover the interesting people that exist around us, art and music that move us and the hidden gems that make Sonoma County pretty cool. Let’s explore those things together.

TikTok Suggests Eating 12 Grapes Under The Table On New Year’s Eve


Plus, a pair of red underwear helps manifest love and romance.

by Hannah Kerns

LWA/Dann Tardif/DigitalVision/Getty Images

New Year’s Eve is a holiday full of expectations — including kissing someone when the clock strikes midnight. If you don’t have anyone to kiss, that moment might feel more uncomfortable than romantic. To welcome the new year with more positive energy, TikTok suggests incorporating a Spanish tradition into your New Year’s Eve plans. This manifestation technique is simple: Eat 12 grapes (representing the 12 months of the year) under the table, thinking about your intention with each one. Finish your grapes by 12:01 a.m. to claim good luck for the following year. Oh, and wear a pair of red underwear for an extra dose of romance.

TikTokers started posting about this particular New Year’s manifestation technique in November. Now, the hashtag #underthetable has 40 million views, and there’s a viral tweet explaining the tradition: “Eating 12 grapes under the table on NYE right when midnight strikes is said to bring luck in love and relationships. If you manage to eat the 12 grapes in time, you’ll have a prosperous and very lucky year.”

The trend really took off in December, when accounts started sharing how eating 12 grapes last year had worked for them, specifically helping them find love. One TikToker @lolkarli shared a video of her spending last New Year’s under the table, explaining, “Last year I ate my 12 grapes under the table.” Karli then added a compilation of photos and videos of her and her current partner. “Well it worked lol,” she wrote alongside the video.

Plenty of other TikTok accounts shared similar success stories of falling in love after doing this last New Year’s Eve. The rest of the app was quickly convinced this was the best way to ring in 2023. One user commented, “Considering this is the 10th TikTok I’ve seen, I’m taking it as a sign. See ya underneath the table in 2023!” Another wrote, “✍️eating grapes under the table. got it!”

According to those who have done it successfully, for this technique to work, you need to believe it will. As one account @helenguillen put it, “Most important thing to remember: you gotta believe it will actually happen for you 🥰.” One other helpful tip? The grapes should be green, not red.

So, um, where does the red underwear come in? It’s another component of this tradition that’s taken off on TikTok. Apparently, wearing red underwear — especially when it’s given to you by someone else — can help usher in a passionate year ahead. (For luck and prosperity, yellow underwear is the way to go, according to a similar Latinx tradition.)

As one TikToker put it, “My For You Page has bullied me into deciding that I’m gonna sit under a table at midnight on New Year’s this year in the hopes that I meet the love of my life over the next year.”

If you’re feeling the same, it’s a good idea to go grape shopping now, before they’re out of stock. See you under the table at midnight — and good luck manifesting the partner of your dreams.

New Year traditions in Spain.

our curiosities

Have you made all the preparations for Eva ?

Only two days left until Year End Party ! 😁

Want to experience it like a Spaniard?

So stay tuned, because in this article we will tell you all curiosities, rituals and New Year traditions in Spain. . 🥳

New Year’s Eve Dinner

¿When Eva Spain ?

It’s always December 31 , the last day of the year.

Remember New Year is the same as New Year .

How do we celebrate it?

Well, it’s okay that December 31 dinner be very special. Se celebrate with family or with friends .

Family New Year’s Eve Dinner

0003 Family New Year , el environment of course will be quieter than .

It is possible that price be made in the home of someone in the family and that many members visit: uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents. ..

If you have seen our article about Christmas in Spain , you will know that we had dinner Usually at Christmas.

Didn’t you read this?

Well, in that case, I’ll tell you. The most traditional food is seafood and meat lamb or pork.

Although there are a lot of recipes for New Year’s dinner, and each family usually has its own.

How long is this family meeting?

It is normal that it starts at nine o’clock in the evening and lasts at least until the tradition of 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve , that is, at twelve.

Then the family celebrates New Year’s Eve with kava, lots of hugs and perhaps the funniest ones turn on the music and encourage themselves to dance or sing Christmas carols.

¿When is the new year?

New Year’s Eve in Spain is just a day after New Year’s Eve, January 1st.

New Year’s Eve dinner with friends

Do you prefer to enjoy the parties at the end of the year with friends ?

I think it’s a good idea, in Spain we usually do this and there is always a special night.

There are several ways to make New Year’s Eve with friends :

  • Dine at a restaurant and then go to a party . If you do, know that you are going to spend a lot of money, New Year’s Eve prices in restaurants and nightclubs are high.
  • Are you going to New Year’s party in Valencia ?

A good plan would be to have dinner at a restaurant in the city center and then go to Plaza del Ayuntamiento for 12 New Year’s Eve Chimes and finally going out to a party in one of the nightclubs in Valencia.iantuz or some kind of macro party at the hotel.

  • Do you prefer to spend New Year in Madrid ? Many groups of friends are attracted to this idea because they see the chimes in Puerta del Sol and enjoy the party on the last night of the year in the capital.
  • What other plans? WhatWhere to celebrate the New Year in Spain?

If you have the quietest plans and prefer to enjoy nature, you can always rent country house in village or go to friend’s chalet and have a party there. This type of plan is very common on New Year’s Eve.

What do you think of these New Year’s plans in Spain?

As you can see, you have many options. Whether you’re celebrating in the city or heading out of town, the party is guaranteed. 🎉

New Year’s chimes

New Year’s chimes They are produced in many countries.

If you don’t know bell the sound that bells make when they hit: « Don! Don! Don! «. That sound. ????

¿ sound right in the last 12 seconds of the year . That’s why they are so exciting and everyone talks about them, because they are the door that closes the year and at the same time opens the new year

everything starts with them New Year’s Resolutions : Go to the gym, win, learn Spanish, be more social…

What about you? Have you already decided on your goals for the next year 2023?

In order to be successful in the coming year and to fulfill these decisions, it is necessary to do things well. Rituals for the New Year .

You may have heard that there are many superstitions about New Year’s Eve.

Do you want to meet them? If you are in Spain and want to have a good year, you have no other choice. 😋

Let’s see them!

Tradition of 12 grapes

La tradition eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is one of the tradition of Spain main.

And why are we doing this? Why do you eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve??

well they exist Two theories explaining the origin of from the story of 12 Lucky grapes.

The first theory dates back to 1909.

This year there was a huge harvest of grapes in Alicante and wanted to increase the sales of grapes in a massive way. How?

Convince the population that grapes were good luck for the New Year.

Second theory He goes a little further in time, to 1880.

Since this year, the population of the poorest classes in Madrid has begun to decline. Eat grapes at Puerta del Sol as a mockery of the bourgeoisie because they always drank wine with grapes at their private parties.

Now you can get an idea Where did the tradition of 12 New Year’s grapes come from in Spain?

Whatever the most accurate theory, the truth is that to this day it continues to be one of the most New Year’s Eve traditions the most expensive for all Spaniards. The whole country does it .

And why exactly 12 grapes are taken?

Because each grape represents a month in the year , if you pick a grape every second, you’ll be lucky that month.

So you already know! This New Year’s Eve, buy your grapes and if they already have peeled and pitted, is much better, so you will digest them well.

I recommend you do this New Year’s tradition in Spain and that you look at your friends’ faces when they have 12 grapes in their mouths. 😝

It’s a fun experience! New Year’s rituals

Do you want to know what it is?

I’ll tell you.

new and red underwear

One of these rituals is the tradition of wearing red underwear at the end of the year.

why those underwear colors on New Year’s Eve?

en la
Western medieval culture , the color red was associated with witchcraft and magic , and it was forbidden to wear clothes of these colors.

However, it was also believed that the color red gave good luck between white and gray tones cold winter

Hence the ritual of wearing red underwear arises, because it is hidden and not visible .

If you want to strictly observe this tradition, this linen must be new and you must put before the chimes. Otherwise, luck will not work.

What about the rest of the clothes? what How to dress on New Year’s Eve correctly?

There is no dress code that brings good luck, except for red underwear. It is normal to walk around in elegant clothes.

New Year’s Eve Colors The most typical are black, grey, brown or red for the most daring.

Cava or champagne toast

Another ritual is to make New Year’s toast after the chimes.

A toast is the action of raising glasses and chocarlas with all members of the table.

This is an action that takes place almost all over the world and symbolizes a sense of brotherhood and appreciation towards the people around you.

At the end of the year, Spaniards usually toast with cava or champagne. .

Pour gold into a toast cup

New Year’s Eve also good luck rituals with toasts .


put gold item in toast glass . The most common is ring .

But be careful not to drink! The line between success and failure can be very blurred with this tradition. ????

Kisses to family, couples and friends

When the chimes are over, we Spaniards first of all (besides digesting grapes) hug and give kisses to loved ones who joined us for dinner.

is our way to express our love to these people and to show how lucky we are to spend another year with them.

We Spaniards are very affectionate and physical contact is very important to us.

We always give our relatives two kisses on the face.

In your culture, are you so kiss ? 😙

Watch New Year’s programs on TV

Another typical New Year’s Eve ritual is to see TV show which is broadcast on New Year’s Eve.

These programs are always dedicated to music and feature the most famous Spanish singers.

These are very nice programs and usually will be in the background of at New Year’s Eve dinner while family members are eating, talking and having fun.

End of the year parties

In all parts of Spain you will find a party tonight, it will not be difficult.

We are going to give you detailed information about New Year’s Eve Party in Valencia because this is where our school is located: Hispania, escuela de español .

I mentioned at the beginning that the most common way to start a party with friends in Valencia is to go to Town Hall Square and grab some grapes there.

Here’s a little party with New Year’s music. Start around 10.30pm. , But ends early, around 02.00 . If you want to extend the night, I offer several alternatives:

  • Book tickets to the nightclub.

This is a very good option as there are many quality nightclubs in Valencia : Mia, Luna, Indiana, Play, Piccadilly…

Choose the area you like best and get out of line !

Of course, don’t forget book tickets in advance because they sell out very quickly and as the night of December 31 approaches, prices increase.

Another important thing you should know is that some discotheques and lenan many people tonight, so if you don’t like crowds, this might not be the most recommended option.

  • parties for El Carmen or Ruzafa .

The areas of El Carmen and Ruzafa are the most popular areas with a lot of leisure in Valencia at present.

There are countless clubs and venues of all kinds . These clubs are good because they are cheaper than discos, although they are also smaller and close earlier.

If you have not booked a ticket to any club and like to improvise, wander around these neighborhoods y dive into their lair This is a good idea.

  • Enjoy macro party with open bar and cotillion .

I think this is one of the best options, and I’ll explain why in the next section.

Enjoy a macro party (open bar and cotillion) for young people in Valencia.

These macro parties with open bar and cotillion are good options for their value for money .

There are private parties in hotels in which you have free bar (you can drink as much as you like) and cotillion . 🎉🥳

These parties usually last until early morning, have limited capacity so they are usually not crowded and you can dance with space. 🕺

What do you need to do to attend these macro parties?

Simply book and pay for your ticket in advance, just like in clubs.

Where can you enjoy these holidays?

There are many centers that organize them . Some of the most famous are:

  • Hotel Olympia.
  • Veles and Vents.
  • Dietrich Hall.
  • Mediterranean rooms.
  • Room.
  • Zeller Castro.

Not all of these places are in Valencia, some are in towns and you need a car or bus to get there. Find out well before booking your tickets.

Back home, churros and chocolate

We are sure that all of the above party options are interesting and that one of them will satisfy your needs.

Valencia has big parties, You must come and experience! ????

What happens when the music and the party are over?

New Year’s Eve traditions do not end, it remains to say goodbye through the front door… chocolate with churros . 😋

When the party ends and we return home, it’s normal for us to be hungry.

At this moment, nothing comes in better than sweet hot chocolate with churros to warm us up from the winter cold. ☕

New Year’s Eve came to an end and we We enjoyed and celebrated it the way they deserve. .

Let’s get back to the loads next year!

New Year traditions in other countries

Do you think we share New Year traditions with other countries?

There is something similar, but something else.

For example, did you know that in some countries like Italy they have a tradition of drinking lentils on New Year’s Eve? This is another way to find good luck.

Would you like to know more good luck rituals around the world ? I quote you some:

  • In Denmark they break dishes at the doors of loved ones.
  • In Chile, people sweep houses, and those who want to travel carry their suitcases throughout the year.
  • In the USA, kisses and ian eight are given.
  • In Brazil people wear white clothes.
  • In China, doors are painted red and dragon parades are held.
  • In Greece they play card games with stakes.

These are just a few examples.

I could go on forever, because in each country has its own rituals as interesting and traditional as we have in Spain.

¿ In which countries are the 12 grape varieties grown? except in Spain?

This tradition has spread to others. Latin American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia or Ecuador.

«To live with you, but without you.»

New Year’s Eve Vocabulary

Before I finish, I suggest you do this activity to practice New Year’s Eve vocabulary that we saw in this article.

In our cultural articles Our goal is for you to learn about the culture of Spain but also it is to learn new words related to the article.

So go ahead! You have the solution in the same exercise. Hope everything goes well. ✌️

What do you think of Spanish New Year traditions?

Do you like living with them in company?

Then come to Valencia and is part of Hispania, escuela de español . Here you can learn Spanish our Spanish courses face to face and in our or online Spanish courses .

At our school you will enjoy a Spanish Christmas with other ianTES students . You will definitely find new friends from all over the world.

We also usually make our own chimes with 12 grapes in class so you can immerse yourself in the traditions of the Spanish New Year. It’s fun!

Which of the traditions that I explained to you most attracted your attention and why?

Leave your comment and we’ll talk! 😉

Article written Carlos Martínez for Hispania, Escuela de Español

New Year’s traditions of countries — Interesting facts about the celebration of the New Year

We burn homemade scorels

Bel champagne, you wished your family and friends that «all the bad things remain in the outgoing year.» But if the Russians rely on higher powers in this regard, then the Ecuadorians solve the problem with their own hands. Every year, on December 31, he and his friends make a special scarecrow out of unnecessary rags, old photographs, newspapers and sawdust. Exactly at midnight, after the clock in Ecuador strikes twelve, a scarecrow with funny jokes is set on fire to burn to the ground and literally take all the failures and unpleasant memories with it into the New Year’s sky. If you wish, you can make exactly the same scarecrow, giving it the features of an unloved politician, a voiceless pop star, or a neighbor who carefully woke you up all year with the sounds of a working drill.

Photo: © Alexander Schimmeck/Unsplash

Let the “first foot” into the house

Sounds a little clumsy, but that’s how the word qualtagh is translated from the Gaelic. The Scots call the “first foot” the person who crossed the threshold of the house immediately after the onset of the New Year. Getting the «first leg» is considered a great success — especially if it is a dark-haired man with bread, coal, coins, salt and whiskey. Since it is quite problematic to find a dark-haired man with bread, coal, coins, salt and whiskey on New Year’s Eve, the Scots usually kick out a guest with suitable parameters to the street at 23:59, and at exactly 00:01 they joyfully drive him back. It is curious that redheads, blondes, women, doctors and ministers are not suitable for the role of the “first leg”. So, if you suddenly have a minister at your party, by no means kick him out into the street!

Photo: © Eugene Zhyvchik/Unsplash

Watch the giant potato fall

Who needs fireworks when there’s a giant flying root crop? Every New Year’s Eve, the inhabitants of the town of Boise, in the American Idaho, look with bated breath at how, in the light of laser beams and the flickering of strobe lights, a huge, made of polystyrene, slowly falls from heaven to earth (in fact, gently lowered with a crane). backlit potatoes. If you do not quite understand what the potato has to do with it and why it falls from heaven to earth at all, just know that this is a funny American New Year’s tradition. For example, in Pennsylvania, a cyclopean marshmallow falls from the sky, in New Mexico, an incredible chili pepper, and in Ohio, a giant fish named Wylie.

Photo: © idahopotatodrop.com

«Round up» everything around

Russians and Filipinos are similar to each other in much the same way that Vinho Verde is similar to aged Cabernet Sauvignon. However, we still have something in common — we incredibly love money. Moreover, the people of the Philippines love them so much that on New Year’s Eve they always surround themselves with a mass of round objects: according to local beliefs, the more around the round, the more money you will have next year. Everything that is possible is used — round cookies, round decorations, spherical fruits and even polka dot clothes. Do not forget about the coins themselves: put them in your pockets and try to jingle unobtrusively during New Year’s Eve, luring windy luck.

Photo: © Immo Wegmann/Unsplash

Throw white flowers into the ocean

If you happen to be in Brazil on New Year’s Eve, don’t be surprised to see the famous Copacabana covered in white flowers and candles. On New Year’s Eve, the descendants of Africans come ashore to bring offerings to the «Mother of Pisces» — the mermaid goddess Yemaya — and receive blessings and good luck from her for the whole next year. Yemaya is considered the most kind and caring goddess who helps in matters of love and fertility; however, those who doubt her kindness, she is always ready to atone in their own blood (very bloodthirsty). If bathing in blood is not in your immediate plans, be sure to throw white flowers, coconut cakes and watermelon into the oncoming wave on New Year’s Eve. As a last resort, throw it all into a full bath.

Photo: © Eleonora Patricola/Unsplash

Ring the bell 108 times

A beautiful Japanese tradition that wards off evil spirits and rids you of all sorts of passions along the way. 108 strikes on the bell symbolize 108 not the purest worldly desires: with each subsequent strike, you remove another sin from yourself, eventually entering the New Year as clean as a newborn baby. Don’t let the number of strokes scare you — 107 strokes should be stretched out for the whole day on December 31, and the 108th time should be rung exactly at midnight. Don’t forget to refresh yourself with special buckwheat tosikoshi soba noodles before the last hit — so that your life is as long as these noodles, and so that you are strong and strong, like a buckwheat stalk. Sounds like toast!

Photo: © Shutterstock

Fill up on sweet dough balls

In the Netherlands, on New Year’s Eve, it is customary to feast on olibolls — warm, deep-fried balls sprinkled with powdered sugar. This is not only an incredibly tasty treat, but also a great way to warm up on a frosty New Year’s night. However, even if you do not like sweets and sit in a hotly heated room, think about the fact that in the Dark Ages, olibolls were baked in order to protect themselves from the cruel goddess Perchta. It is believed that for 12 days after Christmas, this goddess flies with her wild retinue and looks for food, which she takes out of well-fed people, cutting their bellies with her sword. However, you can easily slip off Perchta’s sword if you eat something very fatty. Well, how about an oliball?

Photo: © Bern Fresen/Unsplash

Smash a pomegranate on the ground

The tradition of breaking a pomegranate at your doorstep on New Year’s Eve can be found among both Turks and Greeks. Given the long-standing and warm relations between these two peoples, it is quite difficult to determine who borrowed this wonderful custom from whom. However, we are more interested in why hundreds of thousands of unfortunate, innocent purple fruits are broken every New Year’s Eve in Turkey and Greece. Both here and there, the pomegranate is considered a symbol of life, fertility and abundance; both here and there they believe that the number of scattered pomegranate seeds is directly related to the amount of future good luck. There is only one difference: the Greeks break the grenade on the door, and the Turks in front of the house.

Photo: © The Miscellanista/Unsplash

Wear bright underwear

The easiest way to celebrate the New Year is in Latin American style. Forget about all those stereotypes with maracas and wide-brimmed hats: real Latinos celebrate the New Year in bright underwear! No, seriously: in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, it is believed that the color of underwear can set the coming year on the right wave. According to this belief, red, for example, brings love, yellow brings good luck and wealth, and those who seek peace and harmony should wear something innocently snow-white (the inhabitants of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay stand somewhat apart in this orderly row). who prefer pink to all other colors). In general, choose the appropriate option for your request and celebrate the New Year as it should be. And yes: underwear must be new! 9Pour melted lead into water and mummers. In Germany, during the New Year holidays, everyone from young to old is engaged in “melting lead”: still, who doesn’t want to know what the coming year will bring to him? Lead is carefully melted in a spoon on a candle flame, after which it is poured into cold water, and all those present together try to guess what the resulting figure looks like. If a drop of lead has hardened in the form of a ball, good luck awaits you, in the form of a crown — expect wealth, in the form of a star — get ready for great happiness, and if in the form of a cross . .. hmm, then you have a second attempt.

Photo: © Sten Riterfeld

Knock bread on the walls

Every new year in Ireland begins with the rhythmic sound of bread crusts: by tapping bread on walls or doors, residents of the Emerald Isle ward off evil spirits and call for good luck. Ideally, the bread should be prepared by the whole family, and then — again, all together — cheerfully tapping the humpbacks on the walls. If you don’t have bread (although it’s going to be a very weird New Year’s Eve feast), you can use pots, pans, or wooden spoons to scare away the spirits. However, it is not recommended to be particularly zealous in this: if you beat on the walls too zealously, next year your neighbors may remember the Ecuadorian tradition with a scarecrow.

Photo: © Franzi Meyer/Unsplash

Eat twelve grapes

Let’s say you don’t have lead on hand, new yellow underwear, or a dark-haired man with bread, coal, coins, salt and whiskey. Let’s say. But twelve grapes can you find? After all, that’s how many berries you need to celebrate the first of January in Spanish style.

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