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Eight Breezy Beach Bars in Puerto Rico

Words by
Claire Nelson


island offering 483km of beckoning coastline, world-class rum
and plenty of tropical fruits, Puerto Rico has all the components needed for
that most crowd-pleasing of places: the beach bar. And, like the
island itself, these laid-back drinking destinations cater for all
kinds of visitors. Whether you’re seeking some coconut-infused
R&R, searching for a late-night reggaeton beat or just wanting
decent surf and a few beers, you’ll find somewhere on this tropical
island at which to kick back and watch the sunset, drink in hand.
Here’s a pick of our favourites.

Happy hour: the best beach bars in Puerto Rico

Ocean views at Tamboo, left, and beach bar, Numero Uno Beach
e. | Photo credit: Jacob Elwood

Numero Uno Beach House

Best for: the adventure curious

The watering hole of Numero Uno beach apartments, this
whitewashed bar and kitchen in Ocean Park is an enticing spot. Cool
off on the shaded terrace or grab a prime seat under one of the big
blue umbrellas right on the sand and order up some Ocean Lab
Brewing Co beers or chilled cocktails. It’s an ideal vantage point
for watching kiteboarders as they zip across the ocean — but if
you’re not content just being an observer, Numero Uno offers
kiteboarding lessons, too.

Calle Santa Ana 1, Ocean Park, San Juan 00911
+1 787 726 5010


Best for: the ultimate sundowner

A long-loved favourite in Puerto Rico, Tamboo has been here
since the early 80s, and shows no sign of going anywhere. Perched
right on Rincón’s Sandy Beach, the buzzy bar (with eight cosy guest
rooms) is spread across a sprawling terrace. Whether you’re dining
at the downstairs grill restaurant or having sundowners on the
upper level, these oceanside views are hard to beat. When the sun
goes down, that laid-back pace turns lively, with music and dancing
well into the night.

Carretera 413, Rincón 00602
+1 787 431 0379

Kai Beach Bar & Restaurant

Best for: taking it easy

Isabela is a sleepy, salty surf town blessed with beautiful
beaches and offering easy access to the Guajataca State Forest.
Thirsty visitors should make a beeline for Kai Beach Bar, on Playa
Jobos, which, much like its locale, is a place where people come to
kick back and unwind. Order some chilled house sangria, a plate of
mofongo (a popular Puerto Rican dish made with fried green
plantains, crispy pork skin and garlic) and pull up a seat on the
seafront veranda to soak up palm-framed ocean views.

PR-466, Isabela 00662
+1 939 291 0035

Much-loved Vieques bar Duffy’s, left, and spectacular shore
views. | Photo credit: Jacob Elwood

Duffy’s Esperanza

Best for: a room with a view

This much-loved Vieques bar and restaurant is all about fresh
cocktails and even fresher seafood. Brightly coloured and situated
right on the bustling Esperanza seafront, the bar is attached to
the upstairs Flamboyan Guest House, where four attractively
decorated guest rooms await. Whether you’re staying the night or
just for happy hour, Duffy’s Caribbean sunset views are not to be

140 Calle Flamboyan, Vieques 00765
+1 787 435 6585


Best for: elevated beach chic

For an oceanside sundowner with a subtle splash of elegance,
make tracks to Blue Sand Resort’s Cocoloba. The turquoise walls and
pink neon signage let you know you’re in for some good vibes, while
the tried-and-tested bar menu delivers refined Puerto Rican bites.
Drinks are top-notch yet unfussy: the house cocktail is an island
medley of coconut milk, rum, vodka, passion fruit and mango

PR-458, Borinquen, Aguadilla 00603
+1 787 692 0478

Mojito Beach Bar

Best for: cocktails that come to you

This famously casual open-air bar and eatery is located in
Guánica, in the island’s southwestern corner. As the name suggests,
the bartenders will sort you out with a mean mojito, but they also
play around with some wild variations, including (purists look
away) a fresh strawberry-coconut option. Best of all, their mobile
mixologists will happily serve you while you remain relaxed in your
beach chair.

Malecon Playa Santa, Guánica 00647

+1 787 538 7931

A sunset over Sandy Beach, Puerto Rico. | Photo credit:
Jacob Elwood


Best for: post-surf refreshments

If riding the waves is your thing, Boardriders — right on the
beach at favourite surf spot La Pared — is for you, allowing you to
go from breaks to bar in about a minute. Grab a craft beer or
frozen cocktail to sip while you peruse the food menu, which
includes nourishing poke bowls and quesadillas. At weekends, the
vibe lifts from chilled to party time, with live reggae and rumba

Calle Veve Calzada 25, Luquillo 00773
+1 787 355 5175
boardriderssurfbar. com

Caddy’s Calypso

Best for: live music

This place on Maria’s Beach has been a popular surfer hangout in
one conception or another since the 70s, and is famous for its live
music. In 2020, it was lovingly adopted and refurbed to keep it a
thriving social hub, while retaining its valuable character. The
kitchen cooks up great Caribbean classics, while the spacious bar
offers a range of thirst quenchers — all of which are best enjoyed
out on the patio.

PR-4413, Rincón 00677
+1 787 823 1626

The Lowdown

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Recipes for light cocktails for girls with alcohol.

The history of cocktails goes back about 200 years. And during this time, the consumer has a huge choice: strong, light, sweet, spicy, simple or complex. The enthusiasm of bartenders knows no bounds, and one or two drinks at the bar can turn into a whole show.

Let’s make a reservation right away that the concept of «female cocktail» is rather conditional. However, according to the experience of our observations, we can highlight the top classic drinks that will appeal to many ladies.

Pina Colada.

From the mere pronunciation of this name one can feel the sea breeze. Fresh and intoxicating, strong and velvety, this cocktail has long been the national drink of Puerto Rico.


  • 100 ml Roma
  • 20 ml coconut syrup
  • 150 ml pineapple juice

Beat all ingredients in a sondered ice. It will turn out such an alcoholic smoothie, Serve in a tall glass, aka highball.

Rum can be used both white and dark — it’s a matter of taste, but instead of pineapple juice, I advise you to take a fresh, juicy pineapple so that its pulp is felt in the taste. And another common mistake of our establishments: NO CREAM, THIS IS A TROPICAL COCKTAIL. This error appeared due to the fact that Coco Lopez coconut cream was used in the original recipe. But since such can not always be found in domestic open spaces, enterprising bartenders of the 90s tried to somehow solve this dilemma.


This cocktail appeared in the dashing 70s, but became famous only in the 90s, when Madonna was photographed with it in one of the New York bars. Later, this drink appeared more than once in the TV series Sex and the City. The taste is delicate, elegant, but do not underestimate it, the fortress in it is at the level of 35%.


  • Vodka 50 ml
  • Cointreau orange liqueur 30 ml
  • Cranberry juice 20 ml
  • 1 lime wedge

Shake well with ice in a shaker and strain into a cocktail glass.

It is better to use not ordinary vodka, but, for example, Absolut Citron, then the cocktail will sparkle with new colors. By the way, absolute vodka can be bought in our wine store.

Mai Tai

A cocktail that, along with pina colada, symbolizes the tradition of Tiki. Often these are drinks that mix several types of strong alcohol, as well as all kinds of fruits and fruit juices. Mai Tai, which translates as «the best» or «not of this world», is one of those.

Quite a simple long drink that appeared, like many similar ones, in the mid-80s. He became popular thanks to the series «Santa Barbara», whose characters sometimes tempted themselves with this cocktail.


  • Vodka 50ml
  • Strong Peach Liqueur 20ml
  • Pineapple and cranberry juice 50ml each.

Shake everything well in a shaker with ice and pour into a glass with the same volume.


It is difficult to say exactly when it appeared, because there is a whole family of drinks with the addition of orange liqueur and lime / lemon juice. In general, Tequila gained its popularity in the 70s, when the Olympic Games and the World Cup


  • Tekila Blanco
  • Liker Kuantro 30ml
  • 9ml 9ml 9ml

were held in Mexico.

Shake everything well in a shaker and strain without ice into a cocktail glass.

There are many fruit varieties, the most popular of which is strawberry. Just add 50g of fresh berries and a spoonful of sugar to this recipe.


One of the favorite drinks of the famous alcohol connoisseur Ernest Hemingway. There is even a personalized version with grapefruit and maraschino liqueur.

The classic version is simpler.


  • Light rum 50ml
  • Sugar syrup 1:1 20ml
  • Lime juice 30 ml

Shake with ice and strain into a glass.

Just like with margaritas, there is unlimited freedom for your own variations, whether with strawberries, raspberries or even bananas.


Not the most obvious guest on this list, but in the days when men beat dry martinis for lunch, it was Manhattan that was the choice of women. Strong, spicy and sweetish, in the first half of the 20th century it invariably emphasized the temper of women, modern and independent.


  • Bourbon 70ml
  • Sweet vermouth 35ml
  • Bitter tincture Angolature 5-6 drops

To make it pleasant to drink it for a long time in the glass with a large amount dilute. Then pour into a cocktail glass.

You can try replacing the bourbon with Scotch whiskey (a variation called Rob Roy after the famous national hero), which adds a noticeable smoky note.

French 75

We thought for a long time which sparkling cocktail to add to our list. Of course, I wanted something more interesting than belinni or mimosa. And we remembered the good old French 75, which was even mentioned in the legendary film Casablanca.


  • Gin 30ml
  • Lemon Juice 10ml
  • Sparkling 100ml

Just stir gently so that the wine does not fade. You can buy sparkling wine in our stores and on our website.

Brandy Alexander

Finally, we offer you a digestive drink at the end of the evening, which, in our opinion, is not deservedly forgotten by our «progressive public».


  • Cognac 30 ml
  • Cocoa liqueur 30 ml
  • Cream 20% 30 ml

We recommend buying cognac for this cocktail on our website.

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