President of puerto rico 2022: President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Puerto Rico Emergency Declaration

Biden in Puerto Rico: ‘We’re going to make sure you get every single dollar promised’


President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden, and Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Deanne Criswell are visiting Ponce, Puerto Rico, on Monday – weeks after Hurricane Fiona ravaged the US territory.

In Puerto Rico, Biden received a briefing on the storm and met with individuals who have been impacted. He also announced $60 million in funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law to shore up levees and flood walls, and to create a new flood warning system to help residents better prepare for future storms.

“We have to ensure that when the next hurricane strikes, Puerto Rico is ready,” Biden said during his remarks at the Port of Ponce.

Biden hailed the people of Puerto Rico for their resilience and promised that as long as he’s president, the federal government is not leaving until “every single thing we can do is done.”

Hurricane Fiona, Biden said, has been an “all too familiar nightmare” for Puerto Ricans who survived Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“Through these disasters so many people have been displaced from their homes, lost their jobs and savings or suffered injuries – often unseen but many times seen – but somehow, the people of Puerto Rico keep getting back up with resilience and determination,” he remarked.

“You deserve every bit of help your country can give you. That’s what I’m determined to do and that’s what I promise you,” the President continued. “After Maria, Congress approved billions of dollars to Puerto Rico, much of it not having gotten here initially. We’re going to make sure you get every single dollar promised.”[email protected]» data-editable=»text» data-component-name=»paragraph»>
The Ponce region experienced significant storm damage and power had been restored for 86% of residents there as of Sunday evening.

Biden also participated in a pull-aside meeting with families and community leaders impacted by the storm.

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Behind the blackout triggered by Hurricane Fiona is a long-embattled history of Puerto Rico’s weak and outdated electrical grid

Biden’s trip to Puerto Rico comes five years to the day that then-President Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, where he was snapped tossing paper towels into a crowd gathered at a chapel where emergency supplies were being distributed. Trump repeatedly praised the federal response to the storm, but in the wake of a series of deadly hurricanes in 2017, FEMA issued a report saying it was underprepared and could have better anticipated the severity of the damage.

Throughout his travels on Monday, Biden expressed how his administration was aiming to do better than previous federal response efforts on the island.

On Monday morning, Biden suggested that the island has not been well taken care of following previous storms, telling reporters: “I’m heading to Puerto Rico because they haven’t been taken very good care of. We’ve been trying like hell to catch up from the last hurricane. I want to see the state of affairs today and make sure we push everything we can.”

During his speech at the Port of Ponce, the President also told Puerto Ricans, “You have had to bear so much and more than need be and you haven’t gotten the help in a timely way.”

And Criswell, who accompanied Biden on the trip, acknowledged the challenges the federal government has faced in gaining the trust of Puerto Ricans after the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in 2017. She said aboard Air Force One en route to Puerto Rico that “there may have been some issues in the previous administration” and that the people of Puerto Rico “finally feel like this administration cares for them.

Biden approved a major disaster declaration for Puerto Rico on September 21, a White House fact sheet said, and over 1,000 federal response workers were on the ground providing support with over 450 members of the Puerto Rico National Guard activated.

The Biden administration also approved a Jones Act waiver last week, opening up the potential for additional diesel to be shipped to Puerto Rico, following intense pressure on the White House. The Jones Act requires all goods ferried between US ports to be carried on ships built, owned and operated by Americans, but the Department of Homeland Security may grant a waiver when those vessels are not available to meet national defense requirements.

Biden has “been in regular contact” with Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, the White House has said.

The President will also travel to Florida this Wednesday, where he will survey damage from Hurricane Ian.

This story and headline have been updated with additional updates.

Biden to storm-hit Puerto Rico: ‘All of America’s with you’

PONCE, Puerto Rico, Oct 3 (Reuters) — President Joe Biden on Monday pledged more than $60 million in aid to help U. S. territory Puerto Rico and said more money was coming, as he sought to present a more compassionate image than his predecessor, Donald Trump, while surveying damage from Hurricane Fiona.

Soon after arriving with his wife, Jill Biden, the president met with victims of the hurricane, which left Puerto Rico without power for an extended period. Biden will travel to Florida on Wednesday to see damage from Hurricane Ian.

«We came here in person to show that we’re with you. All of America’s with you as you receive and recover and rebuild,» Biden said in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Biden alluded to the controversy surrounding Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria when it ravaged Puerto Rico in 2017, killing thousands. Some residents of the island said Trump was slow to dispatch aid in the wake of that hurricane. Trump objected to sending more money to Puerto Rico after the hurricane and froze billions intended for the island, a move Biden has reversed.

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«Yes, Puerto Rico is a strong place and Puerto Ricans are a strong people, but even so you have had to bear so much, more than need be, and you haven’t gotten help in a timely way,» Biden said.

Biden said the $60 million would help rebuild coastal regions. He was joined by Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Deanne Criswell.

The funding will help «shore up levees and flood walls, and create a new flood warning system to help residents better prepare for future storms,» Biden said in a Twitter post.

As an unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is neither a U.S. state nor a sovereign nation, and residents do not have voting rights unless they move to the mainland.

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi, speaking before Biden, said: «We want to be treated in the same way as our fellow Americans in the states in times of need. All American citizens, regardless of where they live … should receive the same support from the federal government.»

[1/5] U.S. President Joe Biden embraces Chairwoman Nydia Velazquez as he delivers remarks at Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico, October 3, 2022. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Biden listed recent investments in Puerto Rico’s roads, bridges, mangrove restoration and coral reefs included in recent funding bills from the U.S. Congress, and said more money was coming.

«I’m ready to deploy and expedite more resources from the Department in Energy and other federal agencies,» so that residents can get clean, reliable power, he said.

The Biden administration is monitoring the impact of Hurricane Ian on the insurance industry, Criswell told reporters aboard Air Force One. She said last week that the damages from Ian would be catastrophic.

Storm-ravaged residents in Florida and the Carolinas alone face a disaster recovery expected to cost tens of billions of dollars.

Hundreds of thousands of people have struggled without power since Fiona hit Puerto Rico some two weeks ago.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Sunday said that power had been restored to 90% of customers on the island.

«This is an important milestone, coming just 13 days after Fiona made landfall,» she said. «While we’re grateful for this progress, we realize the work is not over. Efforts to rebuild and help those impacted will continue.»

Last week the Biden administration approved a waiver of U. S. shipping rules to address Puerto Rico’s immediate energy needs.

Reporting by Jeff Mason; Writing by Steve Holland; Editing by Daniel Wallis, Gareth Jones, Mark Porter, Heather Timmons and Sandra Maler

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

The governor of Puerto Rico declared his desire to become part of the United States

04/18/2022 [11:31]

A +

Washington, April 18, AZERTAC

Puerto Rico will strive to become a US state.

As reported by AZERTAC with reference to the American media, this was stated by the governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Razón. «I have no doubt that Puerto Rico will become a US state and that we will be able to vote for the president and have representation in Congress,» he said. The Governor added that the people of Puerto Rico have made it clear that they are committed to this, and the struggle to achieve that goal continues.

According to P. Pierluisi, the Spanish language, which is one of the official languages ​​in Puerto Rico, as well as the culture, customs and heritage of the Spanish people, are not at risk as a result of such a step.

AZERTAC Washington Bureau

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In the USA they talked about Trump’s idea to exchange Puerto -Rico for Greenland — 07/13/2022

Trump’s idea to exchange Puerto Rico for Greenland was discussed in the USA

US President Donald Trump in 2018 voiced the idea of ​​exchanging Puerto Rico for Greenland. About it 19August, The Daily Beast reported, citing former US Department of Homeland Security employee Miles Taylor /meta[@name=’og:title’]/@content






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Trump forgot about Ukraine

because he was busy buying Greenland — The Guardian US President Donald Trump did not deal with Ukraine’s issues, in particular, the supply of weapons there, as he and his inner circle were preoccupied with buying Greenland from Denmark.

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