Ferry isla culebra puerto rico: Ceiba Culebra — Puerto Rico Ferry anchored by Hornblower

Important Tips for Riding the Ferry to Culebra

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One of the top places to visit in Puerto Rico is Culebra Island, which is located around 20 miles off the east coast of Fajardo. To get there you can either take a short flight from Ceiba or San Juan, or you can ride the Culebra Ferry, which takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Since my friend didn’t want to fly in a small plane, we decided to take the ferry instead. To get there it takes some planning and it was definitely a tiring day, but there are things you can do to make the journey go a lot smoother.

Below are my top tips for riding the ferry to Culebra:

Essential Tips for the Culebra Ferry Ride

Buy Your Tickets Online 

The best way to get your Culebra ferry tickets is to purchase them online on the official Puerto Rico ferry website before you go. Try to do this several weeks in advance, as they sell out fast. Tickets go online a month in advance and they’re super cheap – costing just $2.25 each way for non-resident adults. 

Payment can be made with your debit or credit card, as long as it’s a Mastercard or Visa card. Puerto Rico ferry doesn’t accept American Express. Once tickets have been purchased, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your booking reference and a QR code. If you want to make life easier, you can also download the City Experiences app and purchase them via the app.

When we went to Culebra, most of the ferries were sold out, so we ended up having to buy a ticket for the 3.30am ferry. This wasn’t ideal, since we arrived in Culebra at 5am and had to wait 2 hours at the ferry terminal until sunrise. Nothing was open and the breakfast places didn’t open till 7 or 7.30am.

If you’re planning to do a day trip to Culebra, ideally you want to catch the 6am, 6.30am, 7.30am or 9am ferry from Ceiba to maximise your time on the island. Then you can take the 5.30pm or 9.30pm ferry back from Culebra. (These times are correct as of writing, but always check schedules as they can change by season).

If the Ferry You Want is Sold Out, Keep Checking

If the ferry time you want is sold out, keep visiting the app or the website to see if they release new tickets online. Originally we booked the 9.30pm ferry back as that was the only time available, but the day before our trip I checked again and there were a few tickets available for the 5.30pm ferry. 

So keep checking back every so often to see if tickets become available. 

If You Do Want to Buy From the Box Office, Go Early

When looking for tickets you’ll notice that it also tells you how many tickets are available at the box office. If the ferry you want is sold out online, you can drive to the box office in Ceiba. Box office tickets also sell out quickly, and preference is given to local residents. 

If you do want to try your luck at the box office, try to go down the night before you want to travel, or show up at least a few hours before the ferry you want to take. You’ll have better luck on weekdays than you will on weekends. 

Pay for Luggage and Equipment

When purchasing a ferry ticket to Culebra, you can pay for extras like coolers, luggage, surf boards, umbrellas and other pieces of equipment. Make sure you add and pay for any additional items you wish to bring. 

Park Your Car at the Ferry Terminal

The ferry to Culebra goes from Ceiba near Fajardo, which is on the east coast of Puerto Rico. 

The best way to get there is by renting a car from San Juan and driving yourself to the ferry terminal. There’s a parking lot near the Ceiba ferry terminal, which costs around $11 per day. Once you’ve paid for parking, you’ll be given a ticket to display on your dashboard and then you can park wherever in the parking lot. There’s a shuttle that will take you to the ferry terminal, or you can walk (the walk takes around 7 minutes). 

Bring cash to pay for the parking, and to pay for taxis/snacks when you get to Culebra island.  

Rental car companies in Puerto Rico don’t allow visitors to take rental cars on the ferries, so you’ll need to leave your car in Ceiba and pick it up on the way back. 

Check Your Boarding Time

Once you’ve purchased your ferry ticket you’ll be given a boarding time. The passenger and cargo ferry starts boarding roughly an hour before departure, but if you don’t have a vehicle, it’s fine to show up about 30 minutes before departure. 

The ferry staff will scan your tickets using the QR code and then you’ll be invited into the pre-boarding area. This section is separated into residents and non-residents. Residents board the ferry first, followed by tourists and non-residents. 

The ferry terminal in Ceiba has vending machines selling snacks and drinks, plus porta potty-style toilets in case you need to go to the bathroom. 

Wear Warm Clothes and Bring Blankets

One rookie error we made was not wearing warm clothes. Dressed in bikinis, sundresses and flip flops, we weren’t prepared for the arctic conditions inside the ferry. We couldn’t really sit on deck because it was the middle of the night (and wet), so we were forced to sit inside. 

The AC is really really cold, and the locals were all wearing sweatpants and hoodies. Clearly they knew what to expect, and had even brought pillows and blankets. 

So come prepared wearing at least a cozy sweater.

Ride the Passenger Ferry

The website advertises a ferry time of 45 minutes, but what it doesn’t mention is that the cargo ferry takes much longer. The passenger ferry takes around 45 minutes, but most of the ferries are passenger/cargo ferries, which take around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Culebra. 

When the sea is rough, 1 hour 30 minutes feels like a lifetime, so try to get a ticket on the passenger ferry if you want to get there quickly. 

Consider Dramamine

I won’t lie, the ferry journey on the way to Culebra was pretty rough and we felt super sea sick. Since it was the middle of the night we couldn’t sit on deck, and the rocking movement inside made us feel really nauseous. If you get sea sick and don’t want to throw up, consider taking dramamine before you go. On Culebra island, numerous shops by the terminal sell dramamine.

Pack Snacks & Line Your Stomach

We had empty stomachs when we boarded the ferry, which made us feel pretty nauseous when the sea got rough. I’d recommend packing some snacks and some ginger candy to prevent motion sickness. 

Sit on Deck

If you suffer quite badly from motion sickness, try to sit outside on deck, especially if it’s a nice sunny day. You’ll feel a lot better if you can see the horizon and get some fresh air. It’s also much warmer outside than inside – just make sure to put some sunscreen on so you don’t get burnt before you get there. 

We sat on the top deck on the way back from Culebra and had a beautiful view of the sunset. 

Is Taking the Ferry to Culebra Worth It?

If I were to ride the Culebra ferry again I would definitely do things a bit differently. I’d buy tickets online well in advance so I could catch the most convenient ferry. I’d also opt to take the passenger ferry over the pax/cargo ferry as it takes only 45 minutes to get there. 1.5 hours felt a bit too long, especially with the 1 hour 15 min drive to/from San Juan. 

Our day trip to Culebra was pretty tiring, involving a very early start and a late finish. It was a long day, and next time I’d probably just take a flight from San Juan for the convenience. The ferry may be much, much cheaper, but you have to factor in the cost of the car rental, gas, parking etc to actually get to Ceiba.

Another option would be to take a flight to Culebra from Ceiba and then take the ferry back, although you’d have to organise a taxi between the ferry terminal and airport to pick up your car afterwards. 

Culebra was cool to visit, but I felt like Flamenco Beach was slightly overhyped. Yes it’s a stunning beach with beautiful turquoise water, but I’ve seen even whiter sands and bluer waters in places like the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. A day trip to Culebra was enough for me, and I definitely wouldn’t stay on the island for more than one night. Accommodation/restaurant options are limited and there’s just not a lot happening there compared to San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s main island has tons of beautiful beaches and towns to discover, so I probably wouldn’t head over to Culebra a second time due to the effort involved. It’s one of those places I’m happy to have ticked off my bucket list for the experience, but it involves quite a lot of effort to get there if you don’t want to pay for a $200 round-trip flight from San Juan. 

We picked our rental car up at 2pm on a Wednesday and returned it around 9pm the following day. The total was $120 with insurance, plus around $12 in gas, $11 in parking and the ferry ticket of $4.50 each round trip.

The car journey from Isla Verde took around 1 hour 15 minutes, then we waited around 1 hour at the ferry terminal, and spent around 1.5 hours on the ferry. So that’s a total of around 3 hours 45 minutes in travel time in each direction. 

If you get seasick, I recommend flying to Culebra or making sure you at least sit on the top deck of the ferry. The water can be choppy and the boat moves around a lot, so if you’re sitting inside it will probably make you feel sick!

I hope these Culebra ferry tips help! Also check out some of my other Puerto Rico articles, including this 3 day Puerto Rico itinerary and a list of all the things Puerto Rico is famous for.

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Getting Here — Culebra Divers — Scuba Dive Shop

Culebra Divers — Culebra, Puerto Rico

There are two ways to get to Culebra – by air or by sea. Check out our breakdown of options below to see which is right for you.

Fly or Ferry?

It is the age-old question of time versus money. How much is each hour of vacation time worth to you? Hopefully the Options below will help you decide.

Our shop is located downtown so we are directly across the street from the ferry terminal and just short of 1 mile from the airport.   Please note that Culebra Divers does not provide airport transfers, or transportation to/from the mainland or Vieques.

We do NOT recommend traveling the same day as your tour as transportation to Culebra can be challenging and we are unable to offer a refund if you cannot get here in time.

You may be able to book one of the limited online advance ferry tickets via the new online ticketing system (puertoricoferry.com).  Especially during high season (December – March, July), getting ferry tickets can be difficult. It is important to note that when the system says SOLD OUT ONLINE, that doesn’t mean the ferry is full, just that there are no online advance tickets left.

However attempting to buy a ticket same day  and “walk on” the ferry you risk missing the boat and possibly a day of your vacation.  The ferry system is poorly run and frequently divers are disappointed with the results.  **The CARGO or passenger/cargo combination does NOT arrive in one hour as listed on the ferry website.   It is a minimum of 1.5-2 hrs so please do not rely on that right before the morning tour.

The flights to Culebra are on small planes and they fill up fast, so make your flight reservations early.  A popular option is to fly to Culebra to kick off your vacation quickly, and then take the ferry back to Puerto Rico to save a few dollars and extend your surface interval if you’ve been diving.

**Our afternoon boat returns by 4:30 pm – we ask that you not schedule a departure near this time as you will be cutting the tour short for others and/or you could miss your transportation if our boat is late.


Some of the small regional air carriers partner with the major airlines, so when searching for flights try Culebra (CPX) as your final destination instead of San Juan (SJU) and see if you get lucky!

If not, the first step to getting here is to book a commercial flight to San Juan International Airport (SJU). Many of the major airline hubs have non-stop service. From there, you have several options on what to do next. Please note all times and fares are estimated, based on a single passenger, and subject to change without notice (last updated November 2022).   Culebra’s airport is roughly a mile away from our shop.  We are unable to pick up guests.

Option 1 (30 min ~ $79)

Option 2 (50 min ~ $115)

Option 3 (1hr 45min ~ $135)

Option 4 (3 hours ~ $92.25)

Option 1 (30 min ~ $79)

Option 2 (50 min ~ $115)

Option 3 (1hr 45min ~ $135)

Option 4 (3 hours ~ $92.25)

VIEQUES – Occasionally there is a direct ferry from Vieques to Culebra, Vieques Air Link periodically offers direct flights starting as low as $40, and Taxi Aereo provides charter service.

  • Ferry Tickets:  Limited availability/schedule
  • Vieques Air Link:  Limited availability/schedule
  • Taxi Aereo:  This is a charter flight that leaves on your schedule


Culebra Divers does not offer lodging, but we’ve compiled a list below from customer recommendations (sorted by distance from our shop). TripAdvisor is another great resource. We encourage booking directly with the provider when possible to save fees!

                                         **There is NO CAMPING at Flamenco until further notice**

  • Villa Boheme (7 min walk)
  • Villa Fulladoza Guest House (9 min walk)
  • Casa Sunny (20 min walk)
  • Abuelo’s Beach House (1.3 miles)
  • Island Charm Guest House (1.3 miles)
  • SeaGrapes Culebra (1.3 miles)
  • Secret Garden (1.3 miles)
  • Gypsea Mermaid Guesthouse (1.4 miles)
  • Hilltop Guest House (1.7 miles)
  • Club Seabourne (just under 2 miles)

If you fall in love with Culebra and never want to leave, check out these companies for current real estate listings: 

  • Culebra Real Estate Sales
  • Culebra Sunrise Real Estate
  • Island Realty

Car Rental and Bike Rentals

Renting a vehicle is the best option for getting around the island. Although small, Culebra has many steep hills and our our roads/sidewalks are not always pedestrian friendly. For multiple people, or multiple days, renting is more cost effective than using the Publicos (taxis) for island adventures and sightseeing. Here are links to some local rental agencies for both eBikes and cars:

  • Carlos Jeep Rental
  • Choco’s Bronco Rental
  • Experience Everything (eBikes)
  • Jerry’s Jeep Rental
  • UTV Rental (golf carts only)

We highly recommend that you reserve your transportation as soon as you book your flights/lodging as availability is limited and changes rapidly.

Diving and Flying

Granted, the flights from Culebra to the main island are low altitude flights; however, the experts at DAN still recommend 12 hours after a single dive and at least 18 hours after multiple dives or multiple days of diving. An option our divers frequently choose is to fly over to Culebra to kick off your vacation as soon as possible, and then take the ferry back to Puerto Rico to save a few dollars and extend your surface interval before flying home.

For further information on Puerto Rico tourism:

  • Discover Puerto Rico!

And don’t forget to purchase valuable travel protection for your special trip!

  • DAN Travel Insurance

Puerto Rico National Guard troops ride ferry

The 96th Transportation Company (TC), 553D Combat

ARABIAN GULF (Jan. 26, 2020) —

A U.S. Marine Corps MK23 Standard Cargo Truck from

171005-N-KW679-1039 DOMINICA (October 5, 2016) Air

Airmen from the 921st Contingency Response Squadron


C. (Aug. 21, 2017)

Sailors participate in crane operations during the

U.S. Army Soldiers work with contractors to unload

Aviation Ordnancemen assigned to the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) on load supplies while pier side.

Puerto Rico National Guard

Puerto Rico National Guard Troops

Citizen of the Puerto Rican National Guard — quartered soldiers

Citizen-Soldiers of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard

Citizen-Soldiers of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard

Puerto Rico Army National Guard Citizens

Citizen-Soldiers of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard

Citizen-Soldiers of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard

Puerto Rico Army National Guard Citizens

Puerto Rican National Guard troops ride a ferry to Puerto Rico’s Culebra Island on October 2, 2017 with an M1088 trawler loaded with 24 pallets of emergency meals. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Defense and other government agencies are coordinating the delivery of food and water to civilian authorities in Puerto Rico to support Hurricane Maria relief efforts. (Photo by US Army Headquarters. Elvis Umanzor)

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Culebra Island

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sergeant elvis umanzor

491st Public Relations Squad

army national guard delivering food to culebra island in puerto rico


ultra high resolution

high resolution


Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

https://www. dvidshub.net/

Public Domain Dedication. Public Use Notice of Limitations: https://www.dvidshub.net/about/copyright

Puerto Rico Army National Guard Citizens

Soldiers of the 247th supply company, 68th

US Army soldiers assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division

Coast guards from USCGC Venturous exited sector

US Navy Marines assigned to Naval Mobile Construction

AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico: American Airmen, Soldiers, Border Guards


S. Army Spc. Born Phillips, Infantryman

Soldiers of the 892nd Multifunctional Bridge Company,

YAUCO, Puerto Rico. Angel Lopez,

Soldiers assigned to the 602nd district medical service

USA Soldiers assigned to the 210th Regional Support Group

Several Caribbean soldiers and policemen demonstrate

Puerto Rico National Guard


Puerto Rico



San Juan

disaster relief


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federal support for puerto rico

Culebra Island

Isla de Culebra

sergeant elvis umanzor

49th Public Relations Detachment

army national guard delivering food to culebra island in puerto rico


ultra high resolution

high resolution

The Zhogorku Carib dexinin Zheacteri , diinөdөgү Myktylardyn kөpchүgүgүgүgүgүgүgүgүlү, alar Kөptөn adamdar үchүn nyeishishtin E. Sonuna өklhlү. Latyn zhyluulugunun arkasynda zhubailar, guardian baldar menen zhyrgalga batkan beyish bagy.

Mexicodan Venezuelaga, Dominican Republics or Costa Rica arkyluu ötүp, ak kumdun jana tunuk taza suunun ar bir chakyrymy es aluunun bir neche mүmkүnchүlүktөrүn koldonup: suerfuga sekirүү, zheekte seykte

Zhil Syyn Carib densinin Makers Zhana Zherleri Catalog Dolgon Rutingder Baro Bolso Dagi, Biz Alardyn Kaysyyynyna Baa Ba on Morn Eskin Eska Alyp, Carib dezgin tips (Uluu ANIM. baarynan mykty.

Karib denizinin en mykty beachdarynin ratings

chong Antil Araldary

1- Varadero Beach


Kubanin en tunduk chekitinde zhaygashkan Varadero beaches Gavanadan kiyinki araldagy negizgi tourist jai bolup sanalat.

«Kubanyn kok zheegi» dep dagy belgiluu, anyn kumu kundun batyshi tourism uchun zhakshy dayardalgan zherdin enmykty presentations. Bar.

2- Flamenco Beach

Zhaygashkan jeri: Culebra, Puerto Rico

Korgolgon bulunda zhaygashkan Playa Flamenco American tourist arasynda zhogoru baalangan zhapayy jana balyk uuloochu bashpaanek menen chekteshkendigi menen ayyrmalanat.

Puerto Ricodogu mykty beach dep eseptelgendikten, kөpchүlүgү үchүn anyn categories aldyga zhylyp, dүynodүgү en mykty plandardyn kataryn kiret. Munun airym sebepteri beachda jana zharatylysh shartynda sunushtalgan ish-charalar: tort bike tebuu, dariya kemeleri menen cruise or rafting or suuga sekiruu.

3- Paradise Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Cayo Largo, Cuba Bul zhyl boi orthocho tropical climate menen ayyrmalanyp turat.

Naturist tourist maalymdamasy, naturist same үstү-үstүndө zhүrүn adamdardy kөp kөrүүgo bogs. Anyn el aralyk airport jana jeti meymankanalar tarmagy bar.

4- 7 miles zheegi

Zhaygashkan zher: Negril, Jamaica

Turquoise denizi, taza jana zhyluu, egerde siz Jamaikada Rara — boulevard Karib denizindegi en ukmushtuu okuyalardyn kataryn kirbegen sayakat magazines.

Anyn 5 meymankana complexi bar jana ish-charalardyn katarynda biz kristaldai deniz arkyluu kayik menen sayakattaybyz same kundun batyshyn korup, kooz askalaryn kydyrabyz.

5- frenchman’s cove Beach

Zhaygashkan Geri: Antonio, Jamaica

Anyags Gan Emes, Bir Nechalardyn Ozunan Sharkyratmalar. Bul zher abdan taanysh jana zhakyn zher.

6- Bavaro Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Punta Cana, Dominican Republics

Higuey municipalityinde zhaygashkan, anyn bashtapky ishi koshuna tourist beachdardyn resort runun zhumushchulary uchun zhatakana shaarchasy katars kyzmat kylyshy kerek bolchu.

Birok, bul zherdin koozdugu köp ötpöy tunuk suusu, ak kumu jana palma daraktarynyn koozdugu menen Dominicandagy en belgiluu beach of the island.

Tynchtyktyn chynygy sүyүүchүlөrү үchүn meimankana complexteri kozөmөldөgҩn zherler bar, anda kөchө satuuchularynyn kirүүsүnө tyyuu salynat.

7- Playa Bonita

Zhaygashkan zheri: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republics

Dominican beyishterinin dagi biri. Bul kichinekei es aluu oazisinde, deңiz suusunun zhanynda oturup, kүndүn batyshyn kөrүp, duynudon azhyrangyz.

Tynchtyk izdegen tүgөylөr үchүn same serfdi sүyүүchүlөr үchүn idealduu, antkeni anyn tolkundary ishtin ushul tүrүno zhol takes. Zheektin ayagynda daryyaga baryp, anyn kooz mangrlarynan yrahat alynyz.

8- Grace Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Turk Zhana Kaikos Araldary, Uluu Britain Koozduguna karabastan, al turisterge tolo elek jana denizdin dobushu jana zhumshak shamal menen es aluu menen beypildikti tabuuga swamps.

Myndan tyshkary, beach taandyk araldyn aylanasynda duynudogu zhapadan zhalgyz dyikan kurchalgan farms. Al zhakka zhetүү үchүn AKSH, Uluu Britain jana Canadadagy terminaldardan uchak menen baruuga swamps.

9- Horseshoe Bay Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Southampton, Bermuda Araldary

Horseshoe Bay aimagynda zhaygashkan Bermudyn en belgilүү beaches. Kok jana turquoise kölökölörү bar ak kum jana suu menen, okmöt al zhakka zhetүү үchүn köptögön transporttuk karajattardy kamsyz kylat.

En chon toskoolduk, anyn ashykcha köp bolushu, airykcha amerikalyk tourist bolushu mukun. En mykty kenesh katars, zharatylysh poolderin paida kylgan too tekterine baruudan tartynbanyz.

10- Seven Mile Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Grand Cayman

Uzun saptagy marzhan jana kum zheegi menen tүzүlgөn «Seven Mile Beach» tendeshsiz coozduktu tartuuulait.

Grand Cayman beachdary koomduk menchik bolup sanalat, oshonduktan bul ratingdegi beachdardyn kөpchүlugүnөn ayyrmalanyp, biz ech kandai resortto kalbay, zheektin bardygyn aralay alabyz.

Kandai bolgon kundo dagy, bul keremettin zhanynda oturgan jana konok uchun chon kyzmattardy jana ish-charalardy sunush kylgan kymbat meymankanalar kөp.

11- Cable Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Nassau, Zhany Providence Aral

Araldyn oshol aimagynda zhaygashkan elitelyk meymankana complexterinen ulam New Providenstegi en shanduu beach.

Terenzhana crystal of suulara suuda suzuu үchүn idealduu zhana baldardyn koshtoosunda zhүrgөndөrdүn coopsuzdugu zhonndugu tynchsyzdanbaңyz.

Eger siz dagy ukmushtuu bolsonuz, anda idealduu variant — kemeni izharaga alyp, tereniriek suuga baryp, balyk uuloo menen mashyguu, araldagy en popularduu ish.

12- Kir beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Anyn atyna aldanbanyz. Oshondoy ele «La playuela» dep atalgan, boulevard Cabo Rojo korugunun zhanynda zhaygashkan en sonun zher.

Anyn өsүmdүktөrү jana tourist arasynda bargan sayyn zhogoru baalanyp zhatkan zheegin karap turgan lighthouse sizdi өzүno tartyp tursun.

13- Ancon Beach

Zhaygashkan jeri: Trinidad, Cuba.

Al Unescoun Butkul duinoluk murastar tismesine kirgen Trinidaddan 10 km alystykta zhaygashkan. Kөpchүluk үchүn bul tunuk suulary jana kumu menen zharatylyshtyn keremeti bolgon Kubanyn en mykty zheegi.

kichineki Antil Araldars

14- Eagle Beach

Zhaygashkan Geri: Aruba

Carib dexin Kepchykhүktuu Koma Akhoza Zhano Zhoniania Zhaeaginda Zhaeaginde

Bul suu sporttorunun ar tүrdүүluguү (ayrykcha motorluu) jana kooz kүn batyp, picnicterge dayardangany menen ayyrmalanat.

Airykcha es aluunu kaalagan or uy-buloluk es aluunu kaalagandarga sunushtalat.

15- Moncho

Zhaygashkan zheri: Virgin Gorda, Britanianyn Virgin Araldary

Anyn shamaly, idealduu temperaturesy, denizdin tonu same zharkyragan kumu bul zherdi ukmushtai sonun zherge ailandyrat.

Vulkandyk kelip chykkan too tekterinen granite tashtar menen akkum aralap өtүүnү sunushtaybyz. Eger siz kairattuuraak bolsonuz, anda suuda suzuu same suuga sekirүү syyaktuu suu ish-araketteri siz үchүn en zhakshy chechim swamps.

16- Maho Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Cruise Bay, St. John

Virgin Araldary uluttuk parkynyn zhanynda zhaygashkan zhysh osumduktör akkum menen tunuk taza suunun zheegin ogo beter kooz kylat.

Өsүmdүktөrdүn tabigy aimagynan tyshkary, Mahodo suudagy bio ar tүrdүlүkton yrahat alsaңyz swamps, al zherde tourister deңiz tashbakalaryn tүrkүn үstүү balyktardy suga tүr.

Bүgunkү kүngө cheyin al seyrek kezdeshүүchү zhai bolup sanalat, andyktan siz es aluunu kaalasaңyz, ushul zher betindegi Eydendi tandanyz.

17 Shoal Bay

Zhaygashkan zheri: Shoal Bay Village, Anguilla

Konshular menen bolgon ataandashtykka karabastan, Anguilladagy enmykty beach. Kok deniz bulununda zhaygashkan zhana beypildikti zhana zheke zhashoonu izdegen turisttin yngayluulugu uchun dayardalgan.

Aga el aralyk airport bar Sint Martinden ferry menen zhetүүgo bogs.

Egerde siz suu sportun zhakshy kөrsөңүz, anda bul tynch deniz zheegi snorkelde suuga tүshүүdө yngayluu swamps.

18 Trunk Bay

Zhaygashkan zheri: America Koshmo Shtattarynyn Virgin araldary uluttuk parks

Kөpchulүk adamdar үchүn ak kumdun, crystalduu suusunun jana bak-shaktuu өsүmdүktөrunnүn zhardamy menen al syikyrduu zhayga aylanat.

Agha zhakyn zhaigashkan zheektegi Magistraldyk Basy Mao Bichinin orthosunda chechim chygaruu kyiyn.

19- Mero Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Morrokoy uluttuk parks, Venezuela

Uluttuk seyil baktyn ichinde zhaygashkan ak kumdun jana osүmdүktürdүn karama-karshylygy bul zherdi Kichi Antildegi enzher ukmushtuu kyler. Anyn deniz florasy menen faunasynan yrakat aluunu unutpanyz.

20- Medina Beach

Zhaygashkanzheri: Paria zharym araly, Venezuela

Bul zhashyruun beyish, anda meymankananyn ancha-myncha sunushtary bar, bul konokko koburook kupuyalyk takes. Firuza kogүltүr deңiz jana өtө tynch, es aluu үchүn idealduu.

22- Kenepa Beach

Zhaygashkan jeri: Willemstad, Curacao

Tolugu menen koomduk ekendigine karabastan, ashykcha el bul beyishke zhete elek. Tazalyk okum sүrgөn kogүltүr suular jana ak kum menen kooz beach.

Baldardyn arasynda kayak menen suzuu es aluu en kyzyktuu ish bolgon es aluu zhayy.

Eger siz postcard turgan zherde sүrötүnңүzdu kaalasaңyz, anda Kenepa bolo turgan zher.

23- Paradise Beach

Jaigashkan jeri: Tulum, Mexico

Anyn ysymy any urmattait. Ailanadagy restorandar, pabdar, tunkү klubdar sooda dүkөndөrү syyaktuu ar kandai es aluulardy baikasak dagi, Riviera Mayadagy zheektegi en sonun nerse.

Hamaktar, palmalar, askalar jana kooz osumduktör duinosunun arasynda Tulumdun urandylary menen tsenottorgo baruunu unutpanyz!

24- Delfines Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Cancun, Mexico

El Rey archeology Boulany surfing zhana bashka ushul syyaktuu sporttun tүrlөrү үchүn idealduu enclave ailantat.

25- Isla Blanca Beach

Zhaygashkan zheri: Cancun, Mexico

Al Chimbot portunun janyndagy kichinekei archipelago ichinde zhaygashkan. Bull sporttun turu menen mashyguuga mүmkүnchүluk bergen atmosferalyk sharttar arkyluu mindegen kitserferler zholugushkan deerlik tyn.

26- Mamitas beaches

Zhaygashkan zheri: Tulum, Mexico

Egerde siz es aluunu kozdup zhatsanyz, anda bul en mykty variant tardyn biri. Playa del Carmende zhaygashkan, al biryuzaluu kok suusu jana ak kumu menen ayyrmalanat. Kөңүl achuuchu klubdary bolgonu menen, al exploitationlangan jana el köp toptolgon emes beach.

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