Gozalandia san sebastian: Trek to Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian

Cascada Gozalandia (Waterfall) — San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Fun Adventure to Cueva del Indio & Gozalandia

Gozalandia, also known by “Las Cataratas”, “Gozalandia Falls / Waterfall”, “La Cascada del Guama”“Charca El Roble”, “Charca de la Leche”  is nestled in the verdant hills of San Sebastian, a municipality on the western region of Puerto Rico.  Gozalandia, one of the most accessible and paradisial waterfalls on the island, is so beautiful it was one of the filming locations of the Hollywood film “A Perfect Getaway”.  Actually, the name implies it is one waterfall, but there are two beautiful waterfalls in Gozalandia, both with their own unique personality and ambiance. 

Gozalandia Waterfalls ought to be on the list of top places to see for visitors staying in Rincon, Aguadilla, and Isabela, just under two hours from San Juan.  The route getting there from either San Juan or Aguadilla is a smooth easy ride and definitely worth the trip.

Depending on when you get there, you will either have a paradisial peaceful experience, a thrilling one…  or a perfect mix of both.  Be sure to take a little more time on this page, so you can plan your trip and enjoy the experience you desire.  Whatever your pleasures may be, Cascada Gozalandia is an easy and low-cost day trip everyone can enjoy, from romantic couples to families with teens.  With today’s technology, many parents wish to spend more quality time with their children and teens, Gozalandia is one of those places where the entire family can disconnect from wifi connections and re-connect with each other and nature as they explore this enchanting place.

Years ago, getting to the waterfalls was a bit challenging.  A few years back, stairs and cement walkways were created making this natural attraction one of the most accessible for the whole family to enjoy from young children to happy active grandparents wishing to enjoy nature with family and friends.

In Gozalandia, varnish clear waters sparkle over polished rocks making their way to its waterfalls through the lush tropical forest where one can refresh and renew in its cooling waters under a green canopy where sun rays shine through… making the forest come to life like a magical place.   Places such as these are one of the reasons Puerto Rico is called “La Isla del Encanto” The Enchanted Island”.

The First / Main Waterfall at Cascadas Gozalandia

This first waterfall is about 30 ft (9 m) wide and plummets 50 ft (15 m) into a beautiful blue-green milky satin plunge pool that you can swim your heart away or just float, relax and take in all of nature’s beauty.  A surge of chills will run through your body as the cold water gently caress you, Taino Natives believed these natural pools to have healing properties, you may feel the same way after the experience.  Families with children can enjoy bathing safely, both waterfalls have a shallow “natural pool” to play and refresh.

You can carefully make your way up to the waterfall and jump off from the cove behind glittered satin threads of water cascading down into the winsome pool.  Water shoes are recommended to help you climb up safely.  Observe locals where they jump for some safety pointers.

For the more adventurous visitors, there is an underwater cave off to the right of the waterfall, you’ll have to swim to it, once inside there’s a space above water inside the cave for air.   Please be mindful that the surface with air may or may not be there depending on the depth of the pool.  We mention this feature for information and beautiful features of Gozalandia, do not attempt to go into the cave alone or without supervision in case you need help.

The way to the waterfall

The first waterfall is located just 4 minutes from the parking lot and the trail to it is nicely paved. Although the wooden steps down to the first waterfall are helpful, take your time on your way down as it can get a little slippery due to moss and algae.  You will also find algae on the river rocks, which is natural and normal, so take some water shoes to help with traction and support.

Top Rated Tours to Gozalandia Waterfalls

The Second “Upper” Waterfall at Cascadas Gozalandia

The second Gozalandia waterfall is not as big as the first one, but worth walking there with its own peculiar beauty.  The feel is more intimate, and certainly very romantic for couples wanting a place to embrace each other, and truly enjoy the essence of the island.   This is a great place for photographs, we certainly love to, but be sure to put it away, take a long pause, relax, get immersed in the beauty of the surroundings, to enjoy all the fairy details that nature designed for your enjoyment.

There are beautiful rock formations of all sizes creating a mesmerizing riverscape.  For the more adventurous, there is a fun rope where one can swing and plunge into the refreshing basin.

The way to the second waterfall

Making your way to the second waterfall will feel much more like a hike, but still on a nicely paved trail, about an additional 1/4 of a mile from the main waterfall.  On your way up, you will enjoy seeing the natural beauty of the forest and mystical riverbanks.

If you happen to pass at the right time, you can find silver river fish and shrimps down the cool water streams and in the small pools that are formed along the river.

You’ll be tempted to take many photos along the way, but we encourage you to take a backpack, put all devices away and simply enjoy the journey.   You and your children can explore this small piece of paradise as you watch their eyes fill with wonder.

If you wish to explore more of the area, feel free to ask the staff or friendly locals for more information, there are other waterfalls and natural pools to enjoy through the unpaved hiking trails.

The Paradisial Side of Gozalandia

The Waterfalls of Gozalandia… a place so beautiful and peaceful to be that you can easily forget where you are, no cement structures or sounds of traffic… one is immersed in the melodic sounds of the forest that completely surrounds you and the flowing calming sounds of the water cascading down into a milky satin bliss-pool.  While bathing on the cooling waters, or simply sitting on a rock to admire the surroundings, you’ll feel more connected to this planet and certainly start a love affair with the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

The Paradisial side of Gozalandia can be enjoyed by waking up at dusk and heading to the mountains of San Sebastian in order to make it to the park as soon as it opens.   You’ll have a few hours to enjoy exploring the falls free of crowds. 

Once here, you’ll either want to stay longer or leave with a desire to explore more of the endless list of treasures in the verdant mountains of Puerto Rico.

Best Time to Go for Paradisial Experience:  Early in the morning and on weekdays.  After 10:00 am it begins to get busy.  Summertime is especially busy with both locals and tourists visiting the waterfalls.

The Fun & Thrilling Side of Gozalandia

  • Thrill-seekers will enjoy the main waterfall, where one can jump off the 30-foot high drop into the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall.
  • As previously mentioned, there is a cave on the first/main waterfall where you can swim into.
  • The second “upper” waterfall has a rope and some rocks where you can jump off, but not near as high as the main waterfall.  The upper falls attract a more mellow crowd that loves to relax and enjoy the journey and scenery.  

***Please be aware that you enjoy the waterfalls at your own risk.

Best time to Go for Thrilling Experience:  If you wish to jump off the rocks, it may be wiser to do it while more people are there for additional safety.  If you enjoy being around other people and a more lively environment, come later in the day, weekends are fun at Gozalandia with a more upbeat crowd.  Some locals love to play music, bring food and the whole family along for the day, so you’ll have the chance to mingle with fun, local families.

Need to Know Facts & Preparing for Visit

  • Gozalandia waterfalls are for all to enjoy with the proper safety shoes and precautions that come with visiting any natural river.
  • The walkways make it much easier to get to the falls, it is more of a walk rather than a hike, but the cement can be slippery, so proper shoe wear is recommended.
  • You’re free to bring coolers and refreshments.
  • Please bring a bag to properly dispose of trash.

Safety at Cascadas Gozalandia Waterfalls

  • Although you can visit on your own, it may be wiser to come with a tour guide that knows the falls well and will be available to assist you and your group in case you need help.  Visitors staying in the San Juan / Metro area will be the most to benefit from booking a tour that includes other fantastic attractions. (See tours below).
  • Teens and adults alike enjoy jumping off the rocks into the water.  Although locals are very friendly and helpful, you jump at your own risk.
  • If you planned on going to Gozalandia in rain season, is raining while you’re there, or there were heavy rain days before, we strongly advise that you postpone your trip or leave if you’re there while is raining.  Flash floods occur and they’re extremely dangerous and may cause loss of life.

Although you can visit on your own with a car rental, if you are staying in the San Juan / Metro Area and prefer for friendly knowledgable tour guides to take care of all the details, following are the top-rated tours by visitors like you.

Entrance & Services at Cascadas Gozalandia

  • When you get there you are greeted by a friendly staff member who collects the $10.00 parking fee and is helpful if you have any questions.  Most of the staff is bilingual or at least can manage a basic conversation in English, beyond that you are pretty much on your own.
  • There is a nice giant outdoor chair where you can take some fun memorable pictures.
  • At the entrance of the parking deck, there is a restaurant/bar, where you may use the restrooms.  while you enjoy some refreshments before heading down to the waterfalls, adults and children alike can enjoy spotting turtles in the lake.

Fees & Hours

Make your way to San Sebastián and enjoy these mystical trails and waterfalls that make you feel like you are definitely part of this enchanted island. It’s no wonder it is considered a hidden gem.

  • Fees:  $10.00 All day parking fee
  • Hours & Days:
  • Amenities:  Food and beverage kiosk, Restrooms
  • Seating and outdoor dining area

Tours Visitors Love in Puerto Rico

Gozalandia Waterfall — A Hit With Families In Western PR

About Gozalandia Waterfall (La Cascada del Guama)

Rating: 2. 5

Difficulty: 2

Hiking Distance: 1.2 miles round trip (both falls)

Suggested Time: allow 1 hour

Date first visited: 2022-04-17

Date last visited: 2022-04-17

Waterfall Latitude: 18.36143

Waterfall Longitude: -66.9833

Directions: Get to the waterfall

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Gozalandia Waterfall is perhaps the most popular waterfall in Western Puerto Rico (if not all of the island) thanks to a pair of notable falls that are great for families with kids as well as adults who are kids at heart.

The lower waterfall is the more popular one as it featured a tall 30m drop that was also unusually wide with a refreshingly cool plunge pool that was a hit with families, especially if they brought children.

The Upper Gozalandia Waterfall

Conversely, the upper waterfall is a bit shorter and more slender, but it featured a rope swing as well as a deep plunge pool, and this one attracted mainly adults since you have to hike a bit further for it.

Regardless, in my mind, both waterfalls were quite easy and straightforward to visit, and I can totally see why it’s popular.

The Gozalandia Waterfall goes by various names as I’ve seen it called Cascada Gozalandia, Catarata Gozalandia, and Cascada del Guama among others.

In any case, these waterfalls are accessed through private property, where we paid $10 to park.

The Lower Gozalandia Waterfall

There’s also a cantina by the large grassy car park, which served up some pretty fresh local food, including a pretty good mofongo as well as the freshest parcha (passion fruit) mojito that we ended up having throughout our Spring Break PR Trip.

Indeed, this waterfall experience was really all about lazing around in beautiful surroundings as opposed to being an adventure.

Our Gozalandia Waterfall Experience

From the spacious grassy car park, we pretty much followed a concrete path down past a building that appeared to have been damaged from Hurricane Maria before reaching a junction.

At this junction, we could go left and take a short two-minute walk down to the bottom of the Lower Gozalandia Waterfall, or we could go right and take a 20-minute or so walk up to the Upper Gozalandia Waterfall.

Descending the steep steps leading to the bottom of the Lower Gozalandia Waterfall

On the way down to the steep steps of the lower waterfall, there were some lookout platforms providing partial top-down views of the main waterfall.

There was also another path that kept going downstream, but that just looped back to the same trail that we were on (perhaps as an alternative if the steps were too steep for the acrophobic).

Once at the bottom of the descent, we could then cross the creek and find a spot to chill out in the shade against the intensifying sun though most people here just went right into the refreshing plunge pool to cool off.

Back at the trail junction above, I also took the paved path further upstream leading past some intermediate waterfalls and swimming holes before eventually reaching the Upper Gozalandia Waterfall.

The paved path leading alongside the stream towards the Upper Gozalandia Waterfall

This upper waterfall had a rope swing, and I hardly saw young kids here (if any) during my visit largely due to the fact that I had to hike to get here.

Another thing I noticed about our visit was that there were no boom boxes, no coolers, and no BBQs going on at the Gozalandia Waterfall.

Apparently, the owners here put a clamp down on the ambience of this place as well as perhaps pricing out locals since they did charge $10 to park during our April 2022 visit.

So it was refreshingly naturesque and less ear-splitting compared to say Luquillo Beach.

Closer look at the the adults chilling out before the Upper Gozalandia Waterfall

Overall, we spent a lazy 3 hours at the Gozalandia Waterfalls though we easily could have spent as little time as desired or as much time as we wanted here.


Gozalandia Waterfall resides in the municipality of San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. Parking and access to this waterfall is on private property. For the latest information, the owners have an Instagram page.

Route to this Waterfall

Accessing Gozalandia Waterfall is pretty straightforward (at least in my mind).

So I’ll describe how we managed to do the drive both from Arecibo as well as from Aguadilla.

Gozalandia’s car park was quite busy during our Easter Sunday visit, but it was also still quite spacious

From Arecibo, we exited the PR-22 for the PR-129, which we followed for a little over 15 miles to the PR-111 in Lares.

Then, we would take the PR-111 west for a little over 10 miles to the traffic light at PR-446 (note this is 3 miles beyond the colorful Salto Collazo road bridge).

From there, we followed the PR-446 for about 3/4-mile before reaching a residential street turnoff to the right (by now we noticed “Gozalandia” signs), and we followed that road for nearly another 0.7-mile to the gated entrance on the left.

If the gate is open, then we’d drive down over a steep ramp past a concrete ford before going back up the other side before reaching a manned grassy parking area, where we paid the owner to park.

Looking back across this pond towards the cantina from the start of the short trail leading down to the waterfalls nearby the car park

From Aguadilla, we’d drive south on the PR-2 before its off-ramp with the PR-111.

Then, we’d head east on the PR-111 for a little under 11 miles to the PR-446 turnoff and traffic light, and then we’d follow the directions as given above to reach the Gozalandia property.

Overall, San Sebastián was about 24km (over 30 minutes drive) east of Aguadilla, about 43km (under an hour drive) southwest of Arecibo, about 31km (around 45 minutes drive) northeast of Mayaguez, around 72km (over 90 minutes drive) northwest of Ponce, and about 122km (under 2 hours drive) west of San Juan.

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Latin — LJ

I always treat my birthday calmly. Probably because I like giving gifts more than receiving them, and organizing a holiday is more fun than walking on it. Therefore, this time we decided to get out of the country and spend this day together where — according to statistics — the largest number of happy people. Everyone who is interested in numbers has already guessed that we are talking about Denmark. In our case — about the capital. Meet the new review from the «what to see and where to eat» series.

Why Copenhagen? I just had enough miles for 2 round-trip tickets SAS that were about to burn out. We figured out where in early June there should be good weather, a convenient flight schedule (Friday evening — there and Sunday evening — back) and a city that is interesting enough for the weekend, but not too much (for example, Barcelona has disappeared precisely because the weekend for it is not enough). Well, what points are not a pity for (for example, you can fly to Oslo for a penny, in Stockholm and Helsinki you can swim, and so on). In our case, Copenhagen turned out to be the best option. Moreover, Lena was not there yet.

True, a couple of weeks before departure, so many things and worries accumulated that we did not plan anything on the spot, except for the hotel where they promised a royal reception: Radisson Collection Royal Hotel . In fact, we have remained true to our tradition: spending the night near the station is very convenient from a logistical point of view. As for the hotel itself, it was clearly built in the era of the birth of skyscrapers, so now it looks a little comical and not at all royal, although the commemorative plaques with the names of its guests are impressive: all the past presidents of our country, a huge number of stars and public figures. I think so because of the good breakfast and proximity Tivoli . I have no other explanation. Our view was right on Tivoli .

I must say right away that we did not go there for various reasons. Firstly, Leva would not forgive us for this. Secondly, 65 euros for a ticket for such a rather modest park (we can see everything from above!) Is an obvious bust, thirdly, when you wake up in the morning and see this from the window, the desire completely beats off:

Therefore, we just went for a walk , fortunately the weather was just great: about 25, the sun, a light breeze … Among the sights there is the Town Hall Square

Monumental building of the state. a ship on which it is written that «the state must be built on the basis of laws» (or something like that)

And, of course, houses that are best observed from the water. So we boarded a ship and set sail for adventure.

It’s better to sit on the ship, because the bridges are very low

And some of them are also narrow

However, most of them are — at least — just interesting. Here, for example, is a butterfly bridge, which consists of three parts, while two of them rise, and one does not. Of course, in such complex interchanges, traffic lights are already needed.

There are many yachts along the canals

There are almost no boats, because, according to rumors, insurance here costs some incredible money, so not everyone can afford this pleasure.

But the most majestic yacht, of course, belongs to the royal family, and it simply does not fit in the canal.

By the way, the most famous attraction is the mermaid. To be honest, even after knowing the story (a rich man ordered a statue after he watched a ballet based on Anderson’s work, and the same ballerina posed), it is difficult to understand the hype around this statue. Therefore, they looked only from the back, they did not go to the place. But she even went on a world tour. At the same time, they sawed off her head and poured paint over her, i.e. there is little left of the original. Can someone explain this phenomenon?

It was more interesting for me personally to look at the opera house, which is also the most expensive building of its kind in the world, since the island on which it stands had to be erected to build it.

Or here — an ordinary residential building near the water

And for the sake of this, Lena was ready to move here and asked: «Why did you bring me here?»

Although such a dense building has its own difficulties

In fact, the Danes love the water and enjoy spending their free time near the water

Or in it

Kayak/canoe tours around the city are very popular here, but something tells me that the preparation takes more time than the tour itself.

But let’s talk about adventures. You know we can’t live without them, right? So what’s wrong with this photo?

Well done to those who answered: «Hmm, where is the helmsman?» The fact is that during the walk we … broke the tie rod. The ship became out of control. It is good that we were on a quiet course and were able to stop in a safe place in the middle of a vast expanse of water. In short, it was a pity that the pirate ship was so small and did not want to board us. Fortunately, half an hour later, the next ship arrived, on which there were still places, and we were transferred there. History is silent about whether everyone was saved and how long it took, since we were in the first group of «migrants» (as in the instructions on the plane? «First put on the mask yourself, and then help others»).

In general, the aura of the city was transmitted to everyone on board, so everyone was positive, and no one rushed into the water shouting «everything is lost! This is a terrorist attack!». Upon returning to land, we decided to continue to travel by land transport, since there was still something to see in the city.

Although, for example, we did not climb the building (exchange, like?). They say that in good weather you can see Sweden from it, but we have already seen it many times.

But about the Gefion fountain, for example, we did not know anything. This goddess turned her sons into bulls in order to «chop off» the land from the Swedes. I think that’s why these two nations had a very tense relationship for quite a long time.

Behind the fountain is a wonderful pond and fortification Kastellet.

The houses and fortifications are well preserved, but the history of creation is also interesting. It turns out that King Christian 4th ordered the construction of these structures to protect himself and his family. He was ready to surrender everything around, just to survive. But at some point he ran out of money. It’s strange why, right?

We were more fortunate than the king, because in the courtyard there was a festival of military bands.

While the British were performing, men in kilts were «warming up» nearby.

Such an event attracted even newlyweds. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine visiting Copenhagen without this place, especially since they also pour it there!

Getting there on foot, however, is not always obvious. Therefore, either a free bus from the station, or this house should serve as a good guide.

What is there? Of course, a huge collection of beer

Interesting historical information

An opportunity to get acquainted not only with the history of brewing, but also advertising

You can also find your own bottle among the Carlsberg family of brands, which now includes more than 500 items.

An interesting discovery for me was the fact that in the period from 1860 to 1890 each worker, instead of water, was given 4 liters of beer per shift. I wonder how this affected labor productivity?

The factory also has its own Mermaid, horses and, of course, a souvenir shop.

Yes, and beer is included in the ticket price! The museum itself is no more than 30 minutes.

We decided to walk to the evening restaurant. There were about 5 kilometers and we had an hour and a half left. And this was a mistake. Considering how much we had walked before, we barely hobbled. But on the way we looked at how ordinary people live.

It is interesting that even in the yard it is often harder to park a bicycle here than a car, because there are already 2 of them for each inhabitant!

Flags everywhere

Even in the city you can safely play football on the street

In general, they live well, with comfort

We dined at a modern Danish restaurant. Not Noma , because, firstly, it was closed (and the second version was opened, but so far without stars), and, secondly, there are no 3 stars, and the price is still the same: 300 euros with person, or 450 if with wine. So we decided to go to just a good place — Aamanns . And modern Danish cuisine (in terms of ingredients, not serving) looks something like this:

Actually, well, just delicious. And a wonderful combination of wines and dishes; Groten with truffle was remembered for several days…

Note to the traveler: Uber doesn’t work here, so I had to turn to the locals to call a taxi.

In fact, having completed the compulsory program, the next day we decided to limit ourselves to only the beautiful — and went to the city museum, where contemporary art is quite widely represented.

An excellent gallery, compact and does not take many hours to visit.

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