Carnival cruise to san juan: 7 Tropical Destinations To Visit on a Cruise from San Juan

7 Tropical Destinations To Visit on a Cruise from San Juan

  1. Barbados
  2. St. Thomas
  3. St. Maarten
  4. St. Kitts
  5. St. Lucia
  6. Amber Cove
  7. Grand Turk


A cruise to the Caribbean is always a fun and exciting trip, filled with possibilities for you, your family or friends to visit multiple popular cruise destinations. In fact, family and group cruises from San Juan offers great trips that suit your budget and provides your budget and provides activities for everyone to enjoy.

And if you’re wondering where to go in the Caribbean when you cruise from San Juan, don’t worry — Carnival cruise ships visit many ports of call. At each one, you’ll have the chance to explore these tropical destinations on your own or book some unique and memorable excursions.

There’s definitely no shortage of things to do in the Caribbean — check out some of the destinations you might visit…

1. Barbados

The island of Barbados is well-known for its beautiful, pink and white sand beaches and lush, tropical landscape. The local population is very friendly and welcoming, and the local island cuisine is delicious!

While visiting Barbados on a cruise from San Juan, you can also engage in a variety of fun activities, such as touring amazing limestone caverns, viewing shipwrecks and marine life while snorkeling and taking a 4×4 safari across the island.

2. St. Thomas

One of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a true Caribbean paradise. Featuring gorgeous beaches, an abundance of culture and history, lots of shopping opportunities and an exciting nightlife, this spectacular island is not to be missed.

All over the island you’ll find many amazing spots for photo opportunities, and there’s also numerous shore excursions to take part in. Spend some time on a legendary party boat in the harbor, go parasailing, view picturesque landscapes on a zip line tour and much more!

3. St. Maarten

The laid-back island of St. Maarten offers two distinctive cultural experiences, as one half is owned by the French, and the other half by the Dutch! Filled with secluded coves, lively resort beaches, exciting and flavorful cuisine and duty-free shopping, you can relax on a beach like the locals or go explore the fascinating landscape.

Sail on a catamaran and snorkel nearby the shoreline, go helmet diving, visit historical areas and forts or go horseback riding. There’s no shortage of unique and memorable activities on this island.

4. St. Kitts

The island of St. Kitts is said to have some of the best beaches in the world. It’s also a prime destination for nature lovers with lush rainforests and alluring waterfalls.

There are also shipwrecks, volcanic peaks and coral reefs. When you stop here, consider swimming with the dolphins, riding through the countryside on an ATV or touring some of the island’s most notable landmarks and locations.

5. St. Lucia

The captivating island of St. Lucia offers both plenty of action while on your family cruise from San Juan, and also some passion if you are on a romantic trip with your partner.

White sand beaches with crystal clear waters, authentic island dishes, colorful marine life, an expansive, scenic countryside and the remarkable Pitons are just some of what St. Lucia has to offer. Go on a zip line adventure, see St. Lucia by catamaran, or take a tour of some of the island’s 10 most exciting attractions.

6. Amber Cove

A paradise in the Dominican Republic, Amber Cove was founded by Christopher Columbus. This delightful port of call offers a variety of things to do in the Caribbean, including relaxing on the beach, shopping for island gifts and souvenirs, enjoying the local fare and, of course, exploring the tropical countryside.

Discover secret waterfalls, swim with dolphins, sharks and sea lions or visit historical museums, forts and rum factories.

7. Grand Turk

It’s a small island, but Grand Turk should definitely be on your list of where to go in the Caribbean. Featuring famous landmarks and attractions, as well as charming historic towns, serene beaches and stunning scenery, the island definitely doesn’t disappoint.

While here, take a scenic boat ride along the coast and go snorkeling, take an off road ATV adventure or take part in an unusual and exciting stingray encounter.

As you can see, there are so many things to do in the Caribbean no matter which ports of call you visit on your cruise from San Juan. And don’t forget, there’s lots to do on the cruise ship as well. From exciting shows and entertainment to amazing food served day and night, refreshing pools and activities for all ages, the fun never stops.

Right now is one of the best times to book a family or group cruise from San Juan, and there are cruises of various lengths to suit your needs and budget. Pick a cruise ship that visits some of the destinations listed above and you won’t have to think twice about where to go in the Caribbean — all the fun and adventure will be ready and waiting for you to arrive!

Port Provides Update on Why Carnival Cruise Ship Is Pulling Out


Mardi Gras will not call in San Juan for the coming two years. A Puerto Rico port official stated the move was made by Carnival to save fuel costs.

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Photo Credit: Puerto Rico Tourism Company

Carnival Cruise Line changed the itineraries for 21 cruises onboard its cruise ship Mardi Gras. Since then, there has been much speculation on why Carnival did this. The situation becomes much clearer in a statement from the Puerto Rico Port Authority. 

According to the local authorities, the changes have been made as a cost-saving exercise. Instead of sailing to San Juan, Carnival has opted for ports nearer to the cruise ship’s homeport, Port Canaveral, Nassau in the Bahamas.

Port Authority Clarifies Mardi Gras Itinerary Changes

Many guests who booked a cruise onboard Mardi Gras between the end of December 2022 and April 2024 got a disappointing surprise this week. Carnival Cruise Line announced it had removed San Juan, Puerto Rico, from the itineraries during this period.

Mardi Gras Cruise Ship in San Juan

While it’s not uncommon for a cruise line to make changes to an itinerary, removing one port for as many as 21 cruises was certainly unexpected. The cruise line did not give any reason for the changes, saying only the following:

“As we continue to refine our operational plans for your cruise, we have replaced our call to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a visit to Nassau, The Bahamas. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for a FUN and memorable cruise.”

However, the Port Authority has shed some light on the situation. In a written statement released by the authorities in Puerto Rico, Ports Authority Executive Director Joel Pizá said Wednesday that the Mardi Gras cruise ship itinerary changes from the Port of San Juan are not due to the recent formalization of a public-private alliance.

A pesar de la decisión de Carnival, hay un aumento en la presencia de otras líneas en el Puerto de San Juan: 12 cruceros nos escogieron como su homeport para esta temporada invernal. El 2023 sumará 2 nuevos, uno de Virgin Voyages y otro de Norwegian.@prdirpuertos @fortalezapr

— Autoridad de Puertos (@PuertosPR) October 26, 2022

Some might recall that San Juan recently entered into a service agreement with Global Ports Holdings. The company will be the port’s exclusive service provider and will also build a new dock. 

“In essence, the reason expressed by Carnival is of a financial nature, related to the cost of fuel, and others that they have been explaining to their shareholders, clients, and suppliers,” Pizá said.

According to the Port Director, Carnival had made their plans clear a few days earlier during the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (CCA) Annual Convention. 

Is San Juan Too Expensive to Sail To?

Given the rising cost of fuel, and in particular, natural gas, the reasoning given by the port director does make sense. According to him, Carnival’s management stated that saving fuel and preserving their profit margins are the main reasoning behind the move.

Joel Pizá further stated management had told him Mardi Gras would stop sailing 7-day itineraries and replace them with shorter 3-4-day voyages nearer to Port Canaveral. Keeping in mind that there has been no mention or confirmation from Carnival Cruise Line that it would be making a move in that direction.

Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line made a similar swap for Mardi Gras‘ San Juan calls with Nassau in February of this year; this latest change appears to be merely a continuation of that adjustment.

“We have had further conversations with Carnival, and we hope that their economic situation improves and that their business model can sustain more voyages with longer itineraries and more stops in Puerto Rico,” the official said.

While guests may not like these changes, there is little they can do about it. Cruise lines reserve the right to make changes to their itineraries for any variety of reasons without having to clarify these or give compensation for lost ports.

There is also no denying that Carnival Cruise Line has been hard at work to solidify its financial position. Changes were necessary with a stock price for parent company Carnival Corporation that has been at record-low levels in the past months. Removing San Juan is the next step in this process. 

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Cruise 7 nights from San Juan on Carnival Fascination

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Carnival Fascination

– Short itineraries, 4 to 7 nights in the Bahamas, ship well suited for beginner travelers.

— The ship underwent a renovation in February 2018, during which the decor was refreshed and several new establishments were added.

– The atrium’s open, colorful lobby spans six decks and is covered by a large domed roof, with a ship-themed setting inspired by Hollywood movies.

Carnival Fascination details

Deck plan of the cruise ship Carnival Fascination with 1028 cabins, entertainment and dining areas.

Select a deck and hover over a cabin for detailed information about it.

4 Riviera

5 Main

6 Upper

7 Empress

8 Atlantic

9 Promenade

10 Lido

11 Verandah

12 Sports

14 sun

4 Riviera
Inner cabin (4A)
Inner cabin with porthole (PT)
Cabin with window (6A)
Upper/Lower inner cabin (1A)
Inner cabin (4B)
Cabin with window (6B)
5 Main
Inner Cabin with Porthole (PT)
Cabin with Balcony (8A)
Inner cabin (4B)
Inner cabin (4C)
Cabin with window (6B)
Cabin with window (6C)
Cabin with Balcony (8B)
6 Upper
Inner Cabin with Porthole (PT)
Grand Suite (GS)
Grand Suite with Extended Balcony (ES)
Aft Balcony Cabin (8M)
Upper/Lower inner cabin (1A)
Inner cabin (4C)
Inner cabin (4D)
Cabin with window (6C)
Cabin with window (6D)
Cabin with Balcony (8B)
7 Empress
Inner Cabin with Porthole (PT)
Aft Balcony Cabin (8M)
Upper/Lower inner cabin (1A)
Inner cabin (4D)
Inner cabin (4E)
Cabin with window (6D)
Cabin with window (6E)
Cabin with Balcony (8C)
Cabin with Balcony (8D)
8 Atlantic
9 Promenade
10 Lido
11 Verandah
Junior Suite (JS)
Junior suite (limited view) OB
Inner cabin (4I)
12 Sports
14 Sun

★ 7 Best Cruises This Winter ★

  • Southern Caribbean (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Australia & New Zealand (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • South Africa (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Amazon (Prices)
  • Hawaii (Hotel Prices and Photos)
  • Mexico (Hotel Prices and Photos)
  • Mediterranean Sea (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Do you want to escape the winter cold this season? There are many fantastic cruises that will allow you to do this while enjoying a particularly memorable vacation.

Carnival CharmCarnival Charm

South Caribbean (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Fascination Carnival offers a 7-day cruise that departs from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Popular with all types of travelers, from baby boomers, honeymooners and seniors to families, new cruisers and single Gen-Xers. It has its signature Carnival WaterWorks, which includes a 300-foot spinning slide, racing slides and sprinklers, and an adults-only Serenity section filled with whirlpools, comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas.

Many other activities and attractions are also available. Carnival has long been known for its major staged shows such as Fiesta Latina and Far from Complete: The 80s. It also hosts a very popular talent show where passengers become Madonna or Frank Sinatra for the night, or at least try to be one. Other highlights include a casino, game shows, dancing, trivia contests, and an art auction. The ship even has a hairy chest by the pool. The route includes stops in St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.

Cruise through Akaroa Harbor, Canterbury Region of New Zealand’s South Island. Cruise through Akaroa Harbor, Canterbury Region of New Zealand’s South Island.

Australia and New Zealand (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Can you imagine sailing in Sydney Harbor while looking at the famous bridge and opera house? Or take a dip in the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef and explore New Zealand’s breathtaking Milford Sound? The Emerald Princess offers the ultimate cruise with stops in both countries including Sydney and Tasmania, Australia as well as Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Wellington, Akaroa, Dunedin and Fiordland in New Zealand.

The ship has a more relaxed atmosphere than most, and many passengers focus their energies on exploring the destination at hand. While dining is definitely more laid back, the ship has a glamorous nightclub that offers endless ocean views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. At the Lotus Spa, you can indulge in Asian-inspired treatments, including Thai herbal massages with poultices, scalp treatments, hot stone massages, facials, acupuncture and even teeth whitening. The adult-only Lotus pool offers a more private retreat by the pool. There are ballroom dancing lessons, ping-pong tournaments and Wii Sports competitions, as well as plenty of evening entertainment in addition to nightclub dancing, most of which focuses on live music, with vocal performances and musical melodies.

South AfricaSouth Africa

South Africa (Hotel Prices & Photos)

South Africa can also offer a cruise ship, such as a stop in Cape Town, famous for its huge flat-topped Table Mountain that provides stunning views of the city and picturesque beaches that serve as its playground. Cape Town itself is an enticing mix of historic neighborhoods, green spaces and world-class shopping. Some cruise lines offer the opportunity to add on land to a safari park stay or take a tour of the country’s wine region and the world-famous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. It is also worth visiting the southern tip of Africa – the Cape of Good Hope – Robben Island – the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Although MSC Cruises offers many options in this region of the world, reviews have been mixed. If you’re looking for the cruise of a lifetime, Nautica is renowned for some of the best food at sea and offers the 30-day cruise that includes Cape Town and a number of other fabulous destinations across Africa. Queen Mary 2 offers a 17 day tour of South Africa and Australia.

Holland America Holland America

Amazon (hotel prices and photos)

With most cruise lines, you have to fly to the Caribbean Sea before sailing to Brazil and one of the most iconic rivers in the world, considered a Mecca for wildlife lovers , and especially famous for its avian life, with macaws, toucans and hummingbirds among the 1,300+ bird species in the Amazon rainforest. But with Holland America, you can take off directly from the mainland, as the cruise line offers a 24-day Amazon & Carnaval Explorer Cruise that starts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Stops are at Half Moon Cay, Willemstad, Oranjestad, Port of Spain, Scarborough, Bridgetown, Devils Island, Equator Crossing, Icoarachi, Recife, Maceio, Salvador da Bahia, Ilheus, Vitoria, Ilhabel and Rio de Janeiro .

Passengers can also explore a very rich culture, including the regional capital of Manaus, famous for its well-preserved Portuguese colonial buildings and abundance of waterfront markets.


Hawaii (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Hawaii is a fabulous place for a winter cruise. On Oahu, you can visit the legendary Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and even try your hand at surfing or boogie boarding and pay your respects at Pearl Harbor. The big island of Hawaii is home to active volcanoes and gorgeous black sand beaches, while Kauai offers a particularly tranquil getaway with gorgeous gardens and plenty of waterfalls, and Maui is perfect for whale watching and plenty of water sports.

Princess offers a variety of 15 day cruises from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Los Angeles, California. It includes stops in Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui, with events and cuisine themed around the ship’s route.

Mexico CruiseMexico Cruise

Mexico (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Carnival Cruise Line offers many itineraries to Mexico during the winter, with cruises departing from Los Angeles, California and lasting two to nine nights, sailing to Baja , Mexico and the Mexican Riviera. Ports of call include Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and La Paz. The highly rated Carnival Miracle ship has a lot to offer, including an outstanding steakhouse, an onboard wedding chapel, museum-quality artwork and “designer” martinis, as well as casual dining and entertainment.

There are four swimming pools, a spinning waterslide and elaborate stage shows such as the high-energy mix of popular music from the last few decades called Legends and a Beatles-themed production. The casino is huge with plenty of slots and table games, and Sam’s Piano Bar offers live music every evening and a fantastic jazz trio in the Gotham Lounge after dining rooms.

Mediterranean CruiseMediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Sea (prices for hotels and photos)

Few cruise areas offer the same cultural and historical diversity as the Mediterranean By cruising here, you can enjoy discovering the Greek and Roman empires, exploring the remnants of the Crusades and Ottoman rulers, strolling through religious places cherished by Christians, Jews and Muslims, or just sipping a good glass of wine while watching the world. For cruises, the options are divided into Eastern Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean, with the Italian “boot” serving as the dividing line. The Western Mediterranean route usually covers Spain, France, the western coast of Italy, and sometimes Tunisia. On the east side, you can visit places such as the Adriatic coast, the Greek islands, Turkey, Egypt, the Holy Lands and Cyprus.

Viking, one of the top rated cruise ships, offers a 14-night Viking Sea cruise that provides an immersive experience without the high, luxurious price tag. Stops include Barcelona, ​​Toulon, Monaco, Corsica, Florence, Rome, Malta, Tunisia, Sardinia, Algiers and Valencia. The main focus of Viking ships is on destinations, with time at each port considered to be the most valuable. There are no water splashes or casinos, but Viking does provide local guides who speak English and know the areas they visit well. At least one excursion is included in each port, as well as a number of “premium excursions” that cost a little more but are usually worth the price of a hot air balloon ride. While Viking cruises tend to cater to an older group, the benefit is that the ship rarely feels crowded, allowing plenty of time to unwind and recuperate after a long day of sightseeing.

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